[Yesterday at 06:47 pm] Amber Elison -- Same here in Eustis FL...or at least my neighborhood.
[Yesterday at 03:52 pm] Thomas Lightfellow -- Currently in savannah GA didn't see anything from the eclipse cause it's raining
[08/20/17, 9:03 pm] Amber Elison -- Goodnight, world.
[08/17/17, 9:12 pm] Amber Elison -- Prolly won't be around tomorrow. Picked up a job for the afternoon and cleaning in the morning. Then bowling...last one! Yay!
[08/16/17, 9:22 pm] Amber Elison -- Goodnight, world.
[08/14/17, 9:18 pm] Amber Elison -- Goodnight, world. Sady, 5 AM comes REALLY early.
[08/10/17, 2:51 pm] Amber Elison -- I want to cry. AJ is off to Jacksonville for MEPS and Arielle is on her way home from her first day of high school.
[08/09/17, 8:38 pm] Amber Elison -- Got a headache and my first EARLY day of the school year. So, ni-ni!
[08/08/17, 10:31 pm] Amber Elison -- Goodnight, world.
[08/08/17, 3:47 pm] Amber Elison -- Poor TJ!
[08/08/17, 3:11 pm] Guest -- Also this is TJ
[08/08/17, 3:11 pm] Guest -- Sorry about the delay, I'm computer blew up. it's working now, just have to get it all set up again lol.
[08/07/17, 9:49 pm] Amber Elison -- Goodnight, world.
[08/07/17, 9:32 pm] Amber Elison -- When you post and everyone else went to bed so no one to read over it...
[08/07/17, 5:39 pm] Amber Elison -- Stupid kindle. I don't know why it changed that. *sighs*
[08/06/17, 4:44 pm] Ophiuchus Lestrange -- But, happy bday to your kid! http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif
[08/06/17, 4:44 pm] Ophiuchus Lestrange -- Wow! I'm so glad your airline has become a year older. Hope the flights are good! http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif
[08/06/17, 10:50 am] Amber Elison -- Airline's bday today. Can't believe she's trying to grow up. http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif
[08/05/17, 9:27 am] Maz Cowan -- Ben didn't settle well last night so I ended up in the bottom bunk... my back hates me... bunk beds are not cool!
[08/04/17, 7:54 pm] Amber Elison -- At the bowling alley...and in chat. Awesome!