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It is March 2077.
This month brings highs of 8°C with lows of 3°C. Sun sets at 5pm while it rises at 7am. Snowfall is no more than light sprinklings as the gales continue.
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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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April Glenn


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Feb 13 2016, 04:45 PM
April very rarely ever went up to the Owlery on her own accord, she hated being by the filthy birds and it always smelled up there. But her Grandmother wanted letters home like clock work and wanted to know every detail about what she was doing. April was pretty sure her grandmother was trying to destroy any glimpse of her happiness at school. And of course one of the main reasons she was up there, her grandmother wanted to make sure she was in no way talking to Tim. The thought of him made April shudder. In the back of her mind she kept telling her self that it would be easy to avoid Tim and his little group. But April had a feeling Amber wouldn't let happen.

Once her letter had been sent off, April stood for a moment watching the owl fly away, hoping perhaps the owl would return and say her her Grandmother had died or something like that. laughing at the the thought. Quietly though, as she was not the only one up here and she could hear a group students making there way up.

Wanting to leave before the Owlery got busy, April headed out and almost made it but instead she ran into the one person she was wanting to avoid. Amber. She scowled at the girl and tried to push past her but there wasn't really an exit point past the other Slytherin and her group of friends.

"Oh great. It's you." Was all April could say.

Amber Elison
Jan 27 2016, 10:36 PM
The Graphics Team (Aliana, April, and Maya) Will be doing Yearbook snapshots.Snapshots will include small memories your C has had throughout this school only, so don't pick something that happened while at the C's house or from two years ago. DEADLINE for Submission's is Feb 29th. Below are the rules:

- Only one per C
- Pick something easily accomplished, keep in mind theses are small snap shots
- Try to be creative
- Submit Snapshots to ANY Graphic Team member, or just comment below.

Thank You,
The Graphics Team

I think in this aspect, we really want a written description of what your C was doing, not so much the size as The Graphics team and Amber will later worry about that ourselves. So for right now just a description. It would be up to you on whether or not you want to be really descriptive or simple. Just remember we will have a lot to do so please try and not make it too complex.


Description - "Amber with Tim and Maz Hanging out at the lake, enjoying catching up."

Sep 13 2015, 12:39 AM
April was still upset about the events of the party, she had given herself a couple days to calm down. Completely avoiding Tim, Amber, and Lottie. Which was pretty hard to do, she had to admit. Now that she was avoiding them, they seemed to be every where. A few times she had tried to muster up the courage to confront Tim but he always seemed to have Amber tied to his hip or vice versa.

April sighed, trying to just block out the matter entirely from her thoughts, but as she headed down to the common room. She could here laughing and she was pretty sure she knew who it was.

As she had predicted, April found Tim sitting in a chair, by the fireplace with Amber in his lap. There was literally was no avoiding them. She would have to walk right passed him to get to the door that leads out of the common room. And there wasn't any groups in the room for her to hide behind. Of ALL times the common room had to be barely empty.

Taking a deep breath, April tried her hardest to wipe all emotion from her face. If she was going to confront Tim; now was the time. One more deep breath and April started walking towards them. "Tim." She said, to get his attention. "I want to talk to you about something.."

Now that she had his attention, it was getting harder to keep her cool. With both him, and Amber staring at her. She was getting a little unsettled. Why did he have to make her so nervous with just a look. "I saw you at the party kissing that girl, Lottie or what ever her name was. You can't just flirt with a girl and act all interested..." By now she was starting to yell. And the words just kept flooding out, everything she had tried to hold back, just burst out and she honestly felt better. "It's not okay, you act all sweet and then go around kissing other girls at parties. Honestly I don't care anymore, but don't go making a girl feel like you're into her, if your not okay?! We held hands, in front of a fireplace for heavens sake. I thought there was something there. Obviously I got the wrong impression. Next time a guy holds my hand in that way, I'll be sure to ask if it platonic! "

"So what IS Amber one of your girls as well? Do you go kissing her too?" April's face was red and the emotion she had been trying to hide was now gone. "Watch out Amber, it might be platonic, wouldn't want you getting your heart broken as well!" April remarked, turning her attention to Amber. And without her even realizing it she found her self a little too close to them both, then she would have liked. Not sure if she should move back or stay put, she stood frozen. Waiting for a response.
Jul 27 2015, 07:41 PM
Your name/nickname: April
Your affected characters: All characters in my signature below.
Reason (optional): I am not saying I am going to be absent, but I am not sure when a decent post will come out me. This whole month has been nothing but writers block. Mainly due to lack of sleep and stress. My posts will be slow. But I will try to get them out. I am moving, switching jobs, switching doctors, switching utilities, and packing all at once this whole month and it has been stressful trying to figure everything out and set everything up. So please I apologize that my posts are coming out so slow. I am trying though. I hope you all understand.

Lots of Love, April *hugs*
Jun 10 2015, 05:24 PM

Nos Semper Vigilantes

Burkes Family Home
London, England

Loretta Burkes Home
(April's Grandmother's Home)
London, England

Burkes Family Tree
Blood Status: Pure Blood

Family History: The Burkes Family History is very private. All of it is chronologically ordered and resides in the Burkes Family Home. Only a member of the family and a few close friends are allowed to see it.

Important Information:

- Extended Family is not listed on the Family Tree.
- Burkes Family is British
- Glenn Family is Irish and French, mainly Irish though.
- Martin has a Older Brother who took in Christopher Burkes (April's younger Brother), due to Martin going insane after his wife's death. They both reside in the Burkes Family Home.
- April lives with her Grandmother on her father's side.
- Martin also has come to live with his Mother.

Deceased Family Members:
- Grandfather Burkes - Killed in duel.
- Grandfather Glenn - Died of a heart attack.
- Grandmother Glenn - Died shortly after her Husband from grief.
- Laura Marie Glenn (April's Mother) - Unknown. Some suspect Poison.

Is this Family open for use: No.
Family Owner: April
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