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It is January 2077.
This month has highs of 6°C with lows into the minuses. The days are short with sunrise at 9am and sunset at 4pm. Snow is likely as is the wind that often accompanies it.
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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Jethro Lancaster

Hogwarts Staff

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Dec 2 2017, 04:56 PM

The picture on the blackboard behind Jethro wasn't the best drawn image but he had tried and had gotten most of the winter constellations up on the board. Today was actually one of his favourite lessons, as it was always fun to see which students could find the constellations within the night sky. He had warned the students in the previous lesson to be wrapped up warmly for the following lessons as they would be using the telescopes outside. He did hope that they remembered that and didn't come in without anything warm on.

Of course he could cast a warming charm on the balcony that they used but the students wouldn't get the full immersive feel if they were provided with easy warmth. That and he did enjoy seeing how smart his students were in bundling up and could he be blamed if a few of them went back shivering due to their inability to use their brains?

Pleased with his set up he sat on his chair, already bundled up in a scarf, hat and a stylish winter coat. All that was left to do was to wait for his students.
Nov 9 2017, 06:04 PM
This would be one of Jethro's favourite lessons and while it wasn't something that was interesting as such, not 'what happens to the magic in the world if this happens', it had always fascinated him. Waiting at his desk, arms folded across his neat desk, he waited for the students to trickle in. On the board behind him was written;

Planets and their Moons
Mercury - 0 Moons
Venus - 0 Moons
Earth - 1 Moon
Mars - 2 Moons
Jupiter - 67 Moons
Saturn - 62 Moons
Uranus - 27 Moons
Neptune - 14
Pluto - 5 Moons.

It was fascinating to him how many moons some of the planets had and some of the ones for Jupiter weren't even named. Honestly it could take someone years to study the planets and they would still learn new information about them each and everyday. It was brilliant.
Oct 7 2017, 10:12 AM
With a swish of his wand Jethro placed the last planet in the correct place, a small, pleased smile on his face as he looked around his newly transformed room. All of the tables and chairs had been pushed to the corner of the room, leaving a wide berth in the center of the room. In the middle of the room was a replication of the sun, with added affects to look as if the star was on fire.

Around the sun was the other planets, each planet an exact replica. They were all slowly spinning around the sun. It was actually pretty amazing to look at, at least that was what Jethro thought. He, however, was perhaps a little biased.

With his work done he walked backwards until he was resting on his desk, leaning back and waiting for his students to enter the classroom, wondering what they would think of the planets that were currently spinning around the room. Today he hoped would be an exciting lesson, despite the late hour of the lesson, as it would be including going outside to look through the telescopes to see if the children could pinpoint the planets they saw here.

On the board behind him was written;

Planets Through The Telescope

The planets and how close they are to the sun


Your task is to see how many planets you can spot, by studying the planets in the room and then observing the sky through the telescope. You will all be provided with a sheet of paper in which you will write down what planets you think you spot and why you believe they are that planet. This could be because of their size, surface or identifying marks. (Such as the rings around Saturn)
Sep 27 2017, 07:18 PM
While it was a job that Jethro loved, the difficult children and all, he was finding that his first month back was one of the hardest things. Being out of work for so long had made him, not lazy, but complacent in a sense. He was sure that he would slowly get back into the swing of things but as of right now, he was tired and he needed a drink. The problem with that, however, was that the pub is so far!

Jethro had resorted to grabbing a bottle of Odin's finest mead, shrinking it to hide it from the prying eyes of his students, to take to the Staff room. There was the option of heading straight to his room and he wasn't sure if he was actively looking for company or if he just didn't want to sit in his room alone, but the staff room seemed a better place to crash.

A few of the staff that he had been on speaking terms with had left, being replaced by a few different faces. While he didn't know them by face a few of them he did know by name, namely because they were in Hogwarts with him. Unfortunately none of them were in his own house, but he wasn't being too picky.

Finally making it to the staff room he pushed inside and immediately collapsed onto one of the couch, letting out a long groan. It felt good to just sit and relax. He'd been dealing with first years today and they could be both the best and worst, especially when it was a late lesson where they had to look at the stars.

"Well. First month gone." He took back his bottle, changing it back to normal size and taking a swig from it.

Billy Longbottom
Sep 25 2017, 01:04 PM
"I'll be back soon." He called out to his sister, little Anna running up and clutching to his right leg as she looked up with a wide eyed expression. A fond look overtook Jethro's face as he lifted the little girl up into his arms, immediately having her arms wrap around his neck in a tight embrace. She was still so young and while he trusted his sister with her, he did often get a nagging feeling of guilt whenever he left her.

After rubbing her back and explaining that he wasn't leaving her, just going out to meet a friend, he had finally reassured the toddler. Content to put her down without the worry of being held hostage again, he placed a kiss on her head and left the house. He was looking forward to this meeting with Kynthia, having missed his oldest friend, and hoped she would approve of the restaurant he had chosen for their meet up.

Brushing down his grey suit, forgoing the tie that Juliet had tried to make him wear with a smirk, he apparated to the restaurant. The place he had chosen was run by a family of wizards but did cater to the muggles who wandered in; it did make the place very hard to book, getting easily full.

After glancing down at his watch, of which didn't have numbers but had stars, moons and sun, he determined that he was right on time. With a smile he made his way to the restaurant, he had given Kynthia instructions to ask for Lancaster when she arrived. Jethro did prefer to have a table ready for his friend.

"Afternoon. I have a booking for a table for two, under the name Lancaster." He watched the man flick through the reservations before nodding and leading Jethro to a rather nice area. It was, perhaps, too bright with the glaring red chairs and a dim orange wallpaper to match, but it would do.

With a word of thanks to the man who had led him to the table, he took his seat and perused the menu.

Kynthia Marsden
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