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It is July 2077.
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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Leonardo Zabini


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Feb 18 2018, 08:01 AM
Character’s Name: Leonardo Zabini
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Feb 1 2018, 05:38 PM
Leonardo Zabini

Full Name: Leonardo (Leo) Zabini
Blood Status: Halfblood
Nationality: English
Place of Birth: Somerset
Date of Birth: 21st February
Age: 15
House and Year: Ravenclaw
Spoken Languages: English and Italian
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 5”8

Look Description: Leonardo has short black hair and a cheeky smile. He has a few scars across his back and upper legs from his mother which he often hides with make up. He has brown eyes which often show what he is really feeling, something he tries very hard not to let show.

Dressing Style: Leo dresses in anything that he finds comfortable. His mother, to ensure that no one suspects what goes on behind the door, bought Leo a range of fine clothing including robes, shirts and suits. However, Leo much prefers something simple, such as jeans and plain tops and tee’s.


Character Description: Leo covers the trauma of his past with a playful and cheeky attitude, always willing to play a harmless joke to gain a few laughs. There is always a smile lingering on his face, one he has perfected so much that it almost seems as though it is real. He hates paying attention to rules and always finds ways to break them, hating the idea of having to act ‘responsible’ or 'mature.’ Leo enjoys making people laugh, mostly by getting himself into trouble, and knows how to make friends but he never lets anyone get so close to him to find out why his smile never quite reaches his eyes.

He recites the ways to make potions, going through the steps, when stressed or anxious.

Thinks outside of the box to try and solve scenario’s
Photographic memory – He only needs to read something once to remember it

Uses sarcasm and jokes to protect people from getting too close
Anti-Social – Only when trying to make friends. He is happy to make jokes but finds it hard to speak to people about anything else and while he says he prefers his own company he does get lonely.
Trust issues

Learning new things
Making people laugh
His cousin, Demetrius

Talking about himself
Loud noises

Boggart: His mother

Patronus: (Optional for 3rd year and over)

Patronus Memory (Optional for 3rd year and over)


Wand: Willow, Dragon Heartstring, 9 ¾ “

Strength: Healing magic, Potions and defensive magic
Weakness: Charms and Hexes

Family and History

Father: Lucien Adam Emery
Mother: Circe Achlys Zabini
Siblings: None


A perfect childhood is something Leo knows nothing about, he knows not of the love of a mother. It was as though his mother hadn’t given birth to a son but to an on-call slave. From the young age of 8, Leo was tasked with most of the chores within the house, ranging from cooking to cleaning. It was as he started doing accidental magic that he learnt what his mother used as ‘punishment’.

It wasn’t long until most of his back was littered with scars, whether they were from his mother’s nails digging it or something harsher, such as her wand. All scars being caused on parts of his body that was easy to cover up, top of his legs, his back, stomach. It was why, as he grew, Leo chose to wear shorts in the hopes of dissuading his mother of causing harm there. Despite all of this Leo still believed that his mother loved and cared from him, living in a life of denial.

Leo was warned that should he tell anyone about what was happening the punishments would be that much more severe. Not wishing to go without meals, he stayed quiet about the abuse, putting on a child-like persona to cover the emotional scarring. It was during one of his mother’s night of heavy drinking that he learnt why he received such cruel treatment.

His mother spoke about how impure Leo was, how disgraceful he was. How he was the unfortunate product of a mistake. His mother, drunk, had slept with a muggleborn man and as a result had fallen pregnant with Leonardo. Due to the mixing of blood his mother was disowned by her family, shunned out.

The only family that took pity on her was one of her sisters, Carlyn. Carlyn gave Circe money enough to buy a house and have enough to live of for a few months. His mother was outraged that she was given pity money and almost refused, on principle, but had to admit that she hadn’t a plan on how to get by without the limited funds of her family.

After learning of the truth Leo tried to stay in his mother’s good books, working hard to get all his chores done before his mother returned from wherever she had gone the night before. As he got older he finally received his letter to Hogwarts, a spark of excitement and a hint of fear rushing through him. He would be out of his mother reach, free to be himself, but was worried about the reception he would receive at Hogwarts.

As his mother refused to go to Diagon Alley with him to buy his supplies, he was offered to come along with his cousin, Demetrius, which he thoroughly enjoyed. This was the moment that sparked a close friendship between the cousins, Demetrius had found out how his mother had treated Leo and had promised to try and change something after the school year was done.

At the end of his first year he made his way home to his mother, hating the first week with her as she seemed to make up for the whole year he hadn't been at home. It was during the middle of the summer holidays that he received an owl from his cousin and aunt who offered a place to stay at their residence. Leo jumped at the offered and, despite his mother's outrage, was whisked away from the abusive household and moved into Carlyn and her husband's house.

Carlyn had offered to adopt Leo so he would be able to pass off as a Pureblood but he refused, sticking with the name his mother had so that he had some tie to her. Whenever he was shown off to other families his aunt always claimed him as her son, explaining that he wished to carry on the Zabini line by taking her maiden name. It's a game that he's kept going from that point.

Now going into Fifth year, Leo wishes to come out of his shell a little, to be more daring like his older cousin. He just hopes he has the courage enough to try.
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