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Loughlin Chevalier


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Mar 29 2017, 01:37 PM
Loughlin Chevalier

Full Name: Loughlin Ailin Donovan Chevalier
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Nationality: Irish
Place of Birth: Aghalee, Northern Ireland
Date of Birth: January 13, 2064
Age: 12
House and Year: Hufflepuff 1st year
Spoken Languages: English, Irish Sign Language, British Sign Language
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Dark blue
Hair: Brown, Messy
Height: 4’ 9”

Look Description: Loughlin is a pale, wiry boy with a mop of messy brown hair on his head. He has wide, expressive blue eyes and a heart-shaped face. His posture leaves something to be desired. He’s a sloucher and a leaner, tending to utilize nearby perches to their fullest extent. His hands, when not stuffed into the recesses of his pockets, are in constant motion.

He is a lithe boy, and though not very tall, he gives the appearance of having elongated limbs, due in part to his thinness. His fingers especially are long and thin--pianist’s fingers, his mum used to say.

He has a bit of a limp in his right foot from the accident, and scars that run from midway up his foot to midway up his calf on both sides of his right ankle. The limp is especially notable when he is going up and down stairs, though if the stairway is thin enough he places his hands on each railing and props himself down them.

Dressing Style: Loughlin dresses for comfort. When not in his school robes, he tends to wear jeans or sweatpants and t-shirts or hoodies. He’s not against wearing colors and patterns, but neither does he see particular need for them. He’s much more interested in wearing clothes that show off his favorite teams or quotes or telly shows.


Character Description: Loughlin has a quiet, observant personality. He isn’t a shy boy, but in a family as large as his, he learned that sometimes it was easier to listen than to speak. He is a family-oriented boy, a trait which has been strengthened since the accident. His relationships to the people around him matter to him, and he cares about those relationships. Because of this, and because of a deep-seated desire not to rock the boat, he tends to go along for the ride where his friends and siblings are concerned. He’s the sort who will not suggest a hair-brained adventure, but neither will he dissuade people from embarking, and with a gentle tug he might find himself participating as well.

There are limits to that, of course. Due to his history, Loughlin has a particularly hard time with people using recreational drugs, and would be apt to get quite angry about it. He’s also supremely against bullying. He is not an ends-justify-the-means person, and when it comes to certain moral decisions, he sees things as very black and white.

Loughlin thinks that his history makes him an old soul, less naive than some of his peers, but it’s not really true. He’s quieter than many peers, but he’s still fairly innocent to the ways of the world. When he does get excited, he tends towards over-excited--at quidditch games, for example, or when playing video games at home. And though he’s usually even-tempered, when he does get upset, he’s been known to throw a strop.

Loughlin is not uninterested in school, but he’s not a nerd, either. On a sunny day he’d prefer to be outside than in class, but an interesting teacher can make him interested in a subject. He’s not particularly great at magic--he tends to get too excited for results and pay little attention to theory. He likes herbology the best out of everything because of how hands-on it is, followed by potions.

Quirks: His slight limp is probably most notable, especially in the wizarding world where such things are less common. Additionally, when he talks he is in the habit of signing simultaneously, a family-known mix of British and Irish sign language. In his family, the expectation was that you would sign along with speaking--it was considered rude not to, like purposefully leaving key members of the family out of a conversation others were privy to--and Louglin has always done so.

Strengths: Loughlin is a great listener. He is a true, loyal friend who cares about the people around him. He’s great with animals and children. Because he grew up in such a large family, he is used to turn-taking and sharing, and he doesn’t often find himself jealous of others. He’s resilient, and even with his history he is not prone to melancholy. He is an eternal optimist, destined to find the bright side in a situation. He is fun-loving, has a good sense of humor, and thinks of life like a blessing.

Weaknesses: Loughlin is a people-pleaser, which means that he often gives into peer pressure, even against his better judgment. He’s also a peacemaker and puts the desires of others above his own desires, often neglecting his own mental and intellectual growth in the process. He’s given to hiding his emotions behind a facade of joy, which his therapist and his dads both tell him is terribly unhealthy. Because he’s quiet, people tend to expect him to be studious, but he’s not. He has a hard time focusing and a terrible memory. Things often go in one ear and out the other with Loughlin. Although he has a strong moral compass, he’ll never be accused of being the brightest bulb in the drawer.

Likes: Video games, quidditch, comic books, cartoons, hanging out with friends, playing pretend, being with his siblings, fire, explosions, food

Dislikes: Recreational drugs, cars, being indoors, homework, bullying, funerals, anything that reminds him of his biological parents, being cold, wearing shorts (they cut him funny)

Boggart: The deaths of anyone else in his family

Patronus: N/A

Patronus Memory N/A


Wand: 10 ½” Alder w/ Unicorn Hair

Strength: Herbology
Weakness: Transfiguration

Family and History

Father: Ardan Donovan, Biological Father, Farmer, Muggle, Deceased
Edmond Chevalier, Uncle/Adoptive Father, Women and Gender Studies Professor, Squib
Waylon Carthe Chevalier, Uncle/Adoptive Father, 3D Animation Professor, Muggle
Mother: Samantha Carthe, Mother, Farmer, Pureblood, Deceased
Siblings: Saoirse Donovan Chevalier, Sister, 17, 7th year
Chloe Donovan Chevalier, Sister, 15, 5th year
Cian Donovan Chevalier, Brother, 15, 5th year (Deaf)
Kiernan Donovan Chevalier, Brother, 14, 3rd year
Niamh Donovan Chevalier, Sister, 13, 2nd year (Deaf)
Erin Donovan Chevalier, Sister, 11, pre-Hogwarts
Eoin Donovan Chevalier, Brother, 11, pre-Hogwarts
Rory Donovan Chevalier, Brother, 9, pre-Hogwarts
Mia Donovan Chevalier, Sister, 6, pre-Hogwarts

Pet: None


Samantha Carthe hated her magical education. Magic was a part of her--as much a part of her as her blood or her hair--but while she understood the need to learn to control her magic, she hated the magical community. She came from a pureblood family, and worse than that, she came from a lower-middle-class pureblood family. Her ancestors hadn’t had any role in the Wizarding war, and yet because she was a pureblood, Samantha found herself facing oppression and discrimination.

Worse than that, Samantha found herself separated during her school years from her twin brother and best friend, Waylon. Unlike Samantha, magic was not a part of Waylon: He was a squib. While Samantha found herself discriminated against in the magical world, her brother was sent to Eton for his education. She hated it, and she hated the way their relationship withered, dying from daily interaction to a letter a week to, by the time they graduate their respective boarding schools, a letter every few months. Though she and Waylon would remain on good terms, they would never rekindle their childhood closeness. Waylon would continue on to university, while Samantha travelled Europe, eventually settling in Ireland with a muggle man named Ardan.

Ardan was deaf. He spent most of his time in seclusion, preferring the company of the animals on his farm to the company of humans. In him, Samantha found an escape from the prejudices of the wizarding and muggle worlds alike. She’d always been gifted in herbology, and she kept a magical garden on the farm and sold supplies to potions masters by owl-mail.

Together, Samantha and Ardan had and raised ten children. Ardan was from Northern Ireland, where both Irish sign language and British sign language were commonly used, and so he used a portmanteau of both, which his children learned to use alongside spoken English. Twins ran on Samantha’s side of the family, and by the time their family was complete, Samantha and Ardan had two sets, and three children who were deaf like their father.

On their farm, prejudices weren’t permitted. They kept their children secluded from those who may judge them and find them wanting. The children were home-schooled and unschooled: Samantha believed they should be able to explore their interests, whatever those may be. When their Hogwarts letters came--and they did come--Samantha would buy them wands and begin to work magic into their homeschooling, but she did not permit them to leave home. She thought she was protecting them.

Louglin was the sixth born of the ten children. From an early age he learned stories about magic, and quidditch--which fascinated him--but his family was, for the most part, kept secluded from it. They were similarly excluded from muggle culture, though occasionally they would go into town and Loughlin would play football with the other children. His siblings were his best friends and worst enemies rolled into one--though for Loughlin, the peacemaker, they were friends more often than not.

He spent his whole life protected, but nothing could have protected him for how it ended. It was October, a month after he’d gotten his Hogwarts letter and his parents had told him, just as they’d told his older siblings, that he wouldn’t be attending. They waited until the other kids were in school to take Loughlin to get his wand--they said that it would be easier once the crowds died down. Louglin and his parents piled into his father’s beat-up truck, leaving Loughlin’s eldest sister in charge of the younger kids. They had just pulled out of town and onto the highway when it happened: Another driver, driving under the influence of recreational narcotics, came at them the wrong way. Loughlin’s mother fumbled for a wand she hadn’t used in years, but the crash came before she could do anything.

Loughlin’s parents died on impact, as did the other driver. Loughlin was in the back of the truck and had been saved from the worst of the crash, though his foot, which he’d had propped on the console in front of him, took a hit.

Bits of knowledge came to Loughlin, slow, as if falling through mud. The first bit of knowledge was this his foot, which was facing the wrong way, was surely broken. The second fact was that his parents were dead. And the third was that he couldn’t think about those other two things because he’d just learned about shock online, and if he thought about them he’d surely go into shock, and he had to be the one to call an ambulance. He dialed 112 on his father’s battered track phone, and if his voice shook a bit when he placed the call, he figured that was okay.

Loughlin spent that night, and the following morning, in the ER. He had surgery to put his foot to rights, and in the meantime his uncle Waylon--his closest living relative--was called in from France where he lived. Waylon and his partner Edmond took the kids in without a question. In the coming months they would purchase a larger house, take all 10 children to therapy, and cart Loughlin to two separate surgeries for his ankle and a slew of physical therapy. They applied for adoption, not because they wanted the kids to forget their birth parents, but because they wanted them to feel safe and secure in their new home.

Loughlin grieved for his parents. He had survivor’s guilt. And then he pushed those feelings aside, refusing to acknowledge them, throwing himself instead into the belief that he was entirely happy with Uncle Edmond and Uncle Waylon and his new life. And yet the more Loughlin suppressed his emotions, the more apparent they became. Bouts of accidental magic became more and more common, and finally his uncles, not knowing what else to do, contacted an old family friend Waylon had kept in the wizarding world. The friend convinced them that Loughlin needed magical education--yesterday.

Waylon and Edmond contacted Hogwarts, and because of the special circumstances, Loughlin and his siblings were given leave to attend the school after the holidays. Although Edmond and Waylon were particularly concerned about Loughlin, who had zero magical education, they also wanted the older children to go to Hogwarts where they could further their magical education as they wouldn’t have a chance to with their muggle and squib uncles.

Loughlin was sorted into Hufflepuff, and has been here for three months. He settled quietly into the school, without a lot of fanfare. Being a semester behind his peers hurt him both academically and socially, and for the most part Loughlin found himself hanging around his siblings or outside, by himself. The accidental magic became less apparent, however, as he learned other ways to expel his magical energy, and he loved watching quidditch matches and being around people.
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