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It is June 2076. The sun is sticking around and with it the early rises and late sunsets. This month has highs of 15°C and lows of 7°C. Rain becomes rarer while one or two thunderstorms will occur. High pollen count and high humidity start to become issues.

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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Persephone DeVilaine

School Staff

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Oct 14 2016, 02:31 PM
A ) Identify at least 5 plants correctly and give the scientifically correct reference to the description.

B ) Which plant
- can be digested directly to experience its magical effects?
- is highly toxic to the touch?
- is supposed to live forever?
- can be used for wand-making?
- can be grown neither in a lake nor an ocean?

C ) Which plant is a main ingredient of:
- Snuffle's All-Cleaning White Scrubber Potion and similar cleaning potions
- Beauty products
- Gravitesomnus potion and similar sleeping potions
- Muffling Draught
- a very tasty salad

You may use any book in the classroom and work in teams of two.

Please start as soon as you are ready.


At the door of the classroom, a large sign informed all fifth year students that their lesson today would be held in greenhouse 7 - the most distant and least used one which usually only served as a better storage shed.
But today it was transformed into a fantastic underwater world. Clever spells held the water back so that several corridors allowed for dry passage, but the rest was filled to the rafters with water and a myriade of plants. Carefully arranged tableaus showcasing one plant or a small community of plants were separated from each other by seemingly random piles of rock, wooden planks reminding of a ship's hull and in one case even a swirling little maelstrom. Every corner was filled with magic so strong that the more sensitive could see little sparkles dancing up and down the walls of the corridors. Near the entrance, the water was bright and clear, with small, strange sounds and gentle currents, but the further you went in, the darker the water got, until it was so dark you could no longer see your hand before your eyes and all noise had given way to a deep, nearly oppressive silence - only to come suddenly to a large space filled with a melodic, seductive murmur that seemed to be domed by gently swaying seaweeds with large glowing seed sacks.

Next to the entrance a small table was pushed against the wall; it held several copies each of some common guides to plant identification, guides to magical ingredients, and - rather incongruously - a catalogue for Heliotrope's Hermetical Haberdashery. Also on it was a sign with instructions and a sheet of parchments which listed at the top the questions again and provided spaces to fill in the answers.

Persephone herself was not in sight - she had cast an invisibility spell on herself and taken up a position in the darkest corner. She had spend a lot of work building this display, even going so far to enlist the help of several other teachers, and she was rather proud of the result. Also, she was quite curious how the students would react - if nothing else, they would have a lasting memory of the beauty of water plants and hopefully an enjoyable lesson in a rather stressful term. Also they would need to use all they had learned about identifying unknown plants and looking up properties, which would give them a good reminder of proper procedures for their exams later this year.

She couldn't help but grin when she remembered the little jokes she had included - one very plant-like speciment was not a plant at all, but actually an animal (and the students who actually realized that would get a generous amount of extra credits), another display had one snakelike stem of silver midnight kelp wind its way through a forest of bright green seaweeds. One wall of stones looked stunningly like the faces of former headmasters, and a handful of dubloons - only fools' gold, but blinking very prettily and embossed with the Hogward crest - waited to be discovered.
Sep 17 2016, 02:50 PM
Persephone stumbled slightly when she apparated on the vast castle grounds that seemed to surround the home of Dorjan. The path was beautifully kept, but it was gravel, and that required a certain amount of balance - she had never before really appreciated how her legs had immediately adjusted any the new floor. Slowly she walked up the drive, straightening her evening dress (she had decided to appear in formal, but not official attire - politeness towards the host combined with precaution against unnecessarily prejudicing him).

She was glad she had elected to arrive in the late evening - the big flower beds were coming to life before her eyes, and she stopped more than once to bend down and inspect one of the flowers, or to breath in the smell of a rosa fusca. She had not exactly been nervous - the vampire seemed to be a very sensible person and would know that seriously hurting her would bring the people with torches sooner to his doorstep than he could suck her dry - but the flower beds put her more at ease.

When finally the big entrance door was looming before her, she took a deep breath, than rang the bell.

"How do the Muggles say? Here goes nothing!", she mumbled, then put on her best society face.

Sep 15 2016, 04:30 PM

Muggle herbology

- How does Muggle Herbology differ from Wizard Herbology?
- Which plants play an important role for both worlds?
- How did Muggles deal with the magical effects of plants?
- Why is non-magical plant lore important?

Homework: Find the effects commonly attributed by Muggles to a common plant and compare them to the effects modern Herbology ascribes to it. (1/2 scroll)


Persephone had opened the classroom doors quite some time before the class was supposed to start. She had put a reading list on each desk, made sure that the appropriate number of chairs were present, the blackboard showed only the bullet points for this lesson, and that the door leading to the greenhouse was unlocked. In short, as far as she could see, she had prepared well for the class that was to come. She had even taken the time to read up on the students - not that the rather superficial official paperwork helped all that much.

But at least she had an idea how many students to expect. And they were just students. She had no reason at all to be nervous - she had dealt with psychopaths before without blinking. Surely a bunch of teenagers could not compare to that?

Still, she felt inexblicably ... uncomfortable. This was, after all, the first step towards a possible new career, and while she greatly enjoyed the subject, the students might turn out to be intolerable, and then this would be over before it had begun.

Trying to set the right athmosphere, she sat down behind her desk, carefully leaning her ebony cane against her chair, and put on the calmest, most aloof expression she could muster.

When the first students finally began to drift in, she allowed her eyes to rest on each for a moment, but otherwise did not react at all to them. Once all were settled, she stood up - it would be uncomfortable, but it simply conveyed more authority -, speared anybody still moving their things around with a sharp glance and waited till the last whispers had died down.
Sep 15 2016, 04:58 AM
[Open for all]

Breakfast had not even begun on the first day of the new school year, when a dignified older house elf appeared in front of the Herbology class room, unrolled a large piece of parchment and neatly fixed it to the wall next to the door. He briefly tucked at the edges, obviously testing whether it was securely sticking on and safe from student mischief, then nodded, satisfied, and disappeared again.

The parchment, covered in a bold, slanting hand, read:

Curriculum 2075
P. DeVilaine, professor
Office hours: 10:00- 12:00, Monday-Friday, or by appointment

#First year#
**General introduction to herbology**
- Commonly used techniques (cutting, planting, upkeep, storage)
- Safety and best practice
- Most common magical plants
- *Field trip: St. Mungo's pharmaceutical garden*
- *Class project: grow a patch of shrivelling pumpkins*
- *Partner subject: Flying*

#Second year#
**Descriptive herbology**
- Plant description
- Plant identification
- Tree lore
- *Field trip: plant identification in the wild*
- *Student project: present a noted herbologist*
- *Partner subject: History of Magic*

#Third year#
**Commercial applications of herbology**
- Medicinal plants
- Preparation and storage of components
- Fungi
- *Field trip: large company or institution, commercial plant growing and preparation*
- *Class project: grow all components for a simple remedy*
- *Partner subject: Potions*

#Fourth year#
**Muggle herbology**
- Muggle herbologist lore and practice
- Soil lore
- Optimal growing conditions and magical helpers
- *Field trip: muggle medicinal garden*
- *Student project: grow a simple plant and present it with both muggle and wizard lore*
- *Partner subject: Muggle Studies*

#Fifth year#
**OWL preparations**
- Underwater plants
- Force growing, herbology in the Dark Arts
- Poisonous plants
- *Field trip: diving expedition*
- *Student project: plant propagation*
- *Partner subject: DaDA*

#Sixth year:#
**Advanced herbology:**
- Highly toxic plants, safety and emergency procedures
- Magical upkeep of difficult plants
- Natural habitats, feeding plants, parasitic plants
- *Field trip: class decision*
- *Student project: own choice*
- *Partner subject: Charms, Care of Magical Creatures*

#Seventh year:#
**NEWT preparation**
- Adjusting plant properties by selective propagation and hybridisation
- Destroying plants, countering magical attacks on plants
- Preparation of wand wood
- *Field trip: class decision*
- *Student project: own choice*
- *Partner subject: Transfiguration, Arithmancy*

Assistant positions are open for students from the third year onwards. Please apply in writing, stating your motivation, your qualifications and the time you can safely spend on the position. Students struggling in core subjects may not apply without the approval of the teacher whose subject they are likely to fail.

Students from fifth year onwards will be allowed private lab time. The greenhouses are closed from 18:00 to 5:30. If you require access during that time, arrange this well in advance with a member of the staff!

Students taking NEWTs in Herbology will be allowed private working space in the greenhouses and are expected to offer tutoring.

All student projects must be cleared by the staff. Supplies may only be taken after signing them out in the supply book. Please be considerate with school resources.

To promote a broader view of Herbology and a better understanding of its practical applications, all students are encouraged to choose their projects to mesh with current projects in other subjects.

**Do not remove any plants, parts of plants, soil, tools or supplies from the greenhouses without express permission by a staff member! Always wear appropriate safety gear!**
Sep 14 2016, 08:11 PM

Persephone Cassytha DeVilaine
39 | Herbology Teacher | Bisexual| Single

Blurb: Persephone is not actually looking forward to having to interact with other people. But if they are fairly intelligent, amusing and mostly able to get along without needing anything from her, she is willing to indulge them.

Looking for: Peace and quiet? And perhaps a few allies. Also everybody who seems competent enough to help her sort out her problems.
Friends: If friends include people you offer coffee too when they drop into your office, she supposes she has a few friends at the Ministry.
Enemies: Jack the Warlock. Everybody else qualifies as minor annoyance.
Other: She does not have the patience for a relationship. And probably not quite the self-confidence for one either at the moment. [OOC: She pretty badly needs tsomebody to shake her up, though. That accident screwed several things in her brain, and a few others were none too straight to begin with.]

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