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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Ophiuchus Lestrange


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Jun 29 2017, 04:38 PM
Ophiuchus Lestrange

Full Name: Ophiuchus Reginald William Lestrange
Blood Status: Pureblood
Nationality: English and French
Place of Birth: Medsford Park, Lancashire
Date of Birth: June 7th, 2059
Age: 17
House and Year: Slytherin, 7th
Spoken Languages: English, French, Romanian.
Relationship Status: Not interested.


Eyes: Peridot
Hair: Black
Height: 6'1

Look Description: Ophiuchus finds himself at an enjoyable advantage of being quite tall; quite often he finds himself towering over the other children at Hogwarts and even some adults in public. Although, he isn't obscenely tall but, nevertheless, it adds to his confidence. Bearing the trademark, black Lestrange hair, he often combs it back to keep it from his eyes. His face is rather shrewd and cut into sharp angles, and his eyes rarely ever meet his smile and remain quite cold. Most should and would find him to be both intriguing, visually, and rather handsome. His build is rather lithe and nothing too imposing.

Dressing Style: When not confined to his Slytherin robes, Ophiuchus is fond of wearing an assortment of clothing styles. With a blend of something out of an Oscar Wilde novel and Jack the Ripper, he's fond of long, swishing jackets and blouses of any pale colour, though most often lavender. As for casual wear, again, he'd enjoy any sort of vest or button-up shirt. His normal colour scheme is a combination of blacks, greys and the occasional mauve. Ophiuchus wears a signet ring on his left little finger.


Character Description: To the untrained eye, Ophiuchus might look a bit disinterested or rather tired, but in reality he's quite attentive and very fond of the little details of things. He often takes the time to memorize and remember things, even with crowds he doesn't usually run with, but, this stems from his strict childhood rule of always being polite.

Unfortunately, he doesn't always follow his parent's rules; being an outspoken purist, he carries himself with a sense of regality and privilege, often times looking more like a conceited prince than a wizard. While he is pragmatic and resourceful, Ophiuchus' temper often can get the best of him; he's rather indulgent and enjoys showing off not only his blood status and wealth, but also bullying others he deems below him.

The older he's gotten, the more restrained he's become. As a child he was a terrible bully, spewing his opinion and attempting to be a king. With age, Ophiuchus has become a more refined and toned down person; while he carries himself with a sense of regality, he is less likely to act impulsively and physically, and prefers enticing others to do so instead by insult and jeering.

Quirks: Ophiuchus is a fond lover of fencing.

Strengths: Charismatic. Resourceful. Intelligent. Pragmatic. Handsome.

Weaknesses: Smoking. Strong-headed. Proud. Deep thinker. Temper.

Likes: Smoking, friends, chess, violin, fencing, Defence Against the Dark Arts.

Dislikes: Those against him and his family, rules, and the thought of death.


Wand: Walnut, Dragon heartstring, 13 ¾", obsequious.

Strength: Possesses a flair for curses and hexes.

Weakness: Often finds a deep discomfort and loathing for the art of herbology and has set more than five mandrakes aflame. Also isn't fond of transfiguration.

Boggart: Being inferior.

Patronus: N/A; Ophiuchus has failed countless times to produce a corporeal patronus.

Patronus Memory: N/A

Family and History

Father: Charles Reginald Lestrange
Mother: Henrietta Mathilde nee Morter
Siblings: None

Pet: None

Background: The Lestrange family dates back to 14th century France as one of the most prosperous and highly respected pureblood families in the Sorciers Fédération, an early French equivalent to the British Ministry of Magic. The Fédération was lead by a system of ancient families and reigned until the coming of the muggle revolution in 1789, which had both wealthy wizarding and muggle families uprooted and destroyed.

The family found itself cast across the channel to the United Kingdom where it quickly took haste in embedding itself into the magical community. While most surviving French families languished and eventually fell to further ruin, the Lestrange family did not. They quickly took root in the English soil and raised an admirable house in northern Lincolnshire and later called it "Medsford Park."

The family's prospects greatly changed three years after their settlement, when it had finally succeeded in integrating itself into the English wizarding society and was invited to sit on the Wizengamot, albeit in a lower position. By 1796 their popularity was at an all time high, and the family matriarch, Madame Iréné Lestrange, was named Junior-Chief Warlock until her death in 1801. Her son, Ganon Lestrange, went on to hold her seat on the Wizengamot, but was not made Junior-Chief Warlock. Ganon's brother, Reginald Lestrange III was given a position on the Wizards' Council until his death in 1821.

The family experienced little drama in it's tenure in the spot-light, though in the mid 1830s, it was rumoured that the Lestrange family had an ancient library containing various dark texts and artefacts. Of course this rumor was squashed by the iron first of Ganon Lesrange--he opened Medsford Park in the spring for a grand ball, where his library was thoroughly paged through by guests curious over the whispered gossip.

Through the centuries, the notable family was known both for it's pure line and unnaturally silent stance on the thought of blood purity, though most assumed they were staunch purists, but this went unproven. Medsford Park has housed many little Lestrange children and taught them well that the family is only to be poised with regality and honour and never anything the opposite. All those who had, or were on their way to doing so, were quietly erased from the family tree.

Unfortunately, some stains cannot be lifted. Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange, in the later years of the 1900s, became notable dark wizards, along with the former's wife, Bellatrix, and became iconic criminals, making the Lestrange name synonymous with radical blood purity. The family, however, did not attempt to distance themselves from the brothers, and remained in the United Kingdom until after Lord Voldemort's defeat in 1998. Following the demise of the Death Eaters, the remaining family uprooted themselves (the cousins of the brothers), and relocated to Normandy.

Waiting for the storm to ease and their reputations to be repaired, they returned to Medsford Park in 2030, and with a large sum of money and numerous charity events, the Lestranges distanced themselves from the rumours of their staunch purist veiws and regained a foothold in wizarding society, and reclaimed their seat upon the Wizengamot.

Ophiuchus Lestrange is the son of the current family patriarch, Charles, who operates as both Wizengamot seat holder and owner of the Maidstone Morgens professional quidditch team. While he initially sent his son to Hogwarts and sorted him into Slytherin, Ophiuchus took a year abroad to Romania to spend his summer and sixth year of schooling at Cocajaru, a private academy of only 68 students, buried deep within the Carpathian Mountains. Of course there he learned a vast selection of archaic, darker magics, though returned home after turning seventeen in June.
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