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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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 Richard Morrigan
Richard Morrigan
 Posted: Sep 12 2014, 09:57 PM
Richard Morrigan
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10-September 14

Richard Morrigan

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Full Name: Richard William Morrigan
Blood Status: Pureblood
Nationality: Welsh
Place of Birth: Caer Morrigan, Wales
Date of Birth: 3 November
Age: 53
Spoken Languages: English, French, Spanish, Welsh
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Gray
Hair: Black/Gray
Height: 6’1”

Look Description: Richard is a tall and well-built man. His hair has given way to more gray than the black that it was in his youth, though his gray eyes still shine with intelligence and humor. He moves with an easy grace of a dancer or a duelist.

Dressing Style: He dresses very well, preferring formal clothing to casual clothing at any time. With the changes in society he has taken to wearing suits and tuxedos rather than robes unless the situation specifically requires it.


Character Description: Richard is a very calculating person. He knows what he wants and doesn’t shy away from anything that could get him where he wants to go. He is particularly adept at getting other people to dance to his tune, and it is something he still takes a great amount of joy in. He comes across as very friendly and has very carefully cultivated a reputation for compromise.

Quirks: Richard has no distinguishing quirks.

Strengths: Ambitious, Determined, Imaginative, Practical, Visionary

Weaknesses: Cold, Elitist, Meddlesome, Selfish, Stubborn

Likes: Richard loves all things magical; he reveres and almost worships magic as though it were something divine. Also, he derives a great deal of entertainment from plotting and scheming against people that annoy him or stand in the way of his goals. Very rarely do his plots end in someone’s death but it has been rumored to have happened before – though nothing has ever been proven.

Dislikes: Richard despises muggles, they are nothing more than a resource in his eyes. And like all resources, their sole purpose in life is to be used and spent in the furtherance of goals and for the betterment of Wizarding society.


Wand: 11 1/3” Acacia and Dragon Heartstring

Strength: Dark Arts, Charms, Occlumency/Legilimency
Weakness: Potions, Healing


School: Hogwarts (2031-2038)
House: Slytherin

School: Hogwarts University
Major: Warding/Curse-Breaking


Position: Wizengamot (2061-2073)
Former positions: British Delegate, International Confederation of Wizards (2046-2061)

Family and History

Father: William Patrick Morrigan (Deceased)
Mother: Brigitte Rosier (Deceased)
Spouse: Theresa Yaxley (Deceased)
Child: Alexander Richard Morrigan (Disowned)
Ward: Timothy Alexander Morrigan

Pet: Many animals including cats, dogs, owls, and horses.

Background: The Morrigan Family is an ancient line and was at one time extremely well respected. That respect along with their influence has waned and all but dried up since Harry Potter’s defeat of the Dark Lord. Ancestors of the Morrigan family tied their fortunes to a young and charismatic Pureblood named Thomas Riddle and were among the founding members of his Death Eaters. They were careful to stay generally clear of the illegal acts and violent rebellion of the first rise to power but by they were partially responsible for financing it. There was enough distance between them and the Death Eaters after Voldemort’s first fall that while they were looked on questionably they escaped largely unscathed.

They were not so lucky the second time. William Patrick Morrigan was among the Death Eaters captured at the Battle of Hogwarts – he had attempted to flee when Voldemort and Potter had their encounter in the Forest and he was spotted and Imperioused by one of his companions. That companion died in the battle and the fact that he could honestly claim to have been under an Unforgiveable during the final battle saved him from Azkaban even though it did nothing to save his families reputation.

The burning desire inside him to not only right what he saw as wrongs in the world but also to regain his families place in the world was passed on to his son Richard. Even with the discrimination that had swiftly turned against them, William and Brigitte did their best to keep their heads down and provide a stable and loving home for their son. As Richard grew older they began providing tutors both in magic as well as etiquette for him so that when it came time for him to go out into the world he would be able to represent them and their family well.

Everything continued in this vein until his eleventh birthday when he received his invitation to Hogwarts and they spent the last year drilling him on the basics he would need to start school and continued up until the day he left to board the train and leave for school. It was a surprise to nobody when he was sorted into Slytherin House and he fell in easily with the other Purebloods that he was rooming with.

Between years his parents kept up his tutoring which enabled him to all but coast through his classes at or very near the top of his year; especially in Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts which he showed a remarkable talent for. During the summer between his third and fourth years his parents introduced him to Theresa Yaxley and informed him of the betrothal contract between them. With the new Ministry betrothal contracts were generally not recognized by the Government, but they were even more widely used among the Purebloods as they fought to keep their lines from falling in the new times.

Richard found that with all of his tutoring, he didn’t need to spend as much time studying as the average student. He was able to concentrate most of his time on networking and making friends among the pureblooded students and staff. By the time he graduated he was extremely well respected and had served as a Prefect as well as Head Boy.

As soon as they’d graduated, Richard and Theresa were married and she set up their home in a family townhouse outside of London as he attended Hogwarts University and worked on a Mastery in Curse Breaking. Their son Alexander was born just before his Senior Year at the University and Theresa happily watched over him as Richard finished his schooling. Once he graduated with his Mastery he started work on his resume to begin work for Gringotts.

Unfortunately, as fate would have it he never got the chance – an outbreak of Dragon Pox rolled through the country and despite the best efforts of St. Mungos Theresa, as well as Richard’s parents and grandparents were among those that succumbed to the disease. Instead of making his own way in the world and enjoying his time with his family, Richard – at the age of twenty-four – found himself taking over his family’s seat on the Wizengamot as well as raising an infant son alone.

While he could never officially prove it, Richard found enough evidence to convince him that during the outbreak Pureblood patients were afforded lower importance than others and there was a correspondingly high mortality rate among them. His once mild distaste for Muggles and Muggleborn wizards, shifted quickly into a bitter and lasting hatred.

He was forced to hire nannies and rely on the family House Elves to raise Alexander, and he was convinced that everything was continuing as it should. While he didn’t get to spend as much time with his son as he would have liked, the time that they did spend together always went well. Like his parents before him, Richard supplied plenty of tutors for his son as he prepared to go off to Hogwarts. When the time finally came, Richard made a point to be there to see his son off to school – and was utterly shocked when he found out that night that Alexander had been sorted into Gryffindor.

Their relationship deteriorated from there. It seemed that regardless of what Richard did to try and recover things with his son, Alexander – or Alex as he insisted on being called – became more and more disrespectful each time he came home. It culminated in the summer after his fourth year when he brought home Annabelle Chase – a muggleborn – and introduced her as his girlfriend. Richard lost his temper and Alexander left to spend the rest of the summer with Annabelle and her family.

Richard didn’t hear from his son again until the boy’s sixth year when he was contacted by the Matron at Hogwarts to inform him that Alexander had managed to get Annabelle pregnant. Both of her parents worked full time jobs and they did not have enough money to hire nannies, so when the child was born Richard found himself once more raising a child alone. Timothy was a much quieter child than Alexander had been and Richard made a point to be around more for him.

By the time Alexander and Annabelle had graduated from Hogwarts, Richard had bonded strongly with his Grandson and volunteered to watch over him as the two went to University. Annabelle ended up following in Richard’s footsteps and working on a degree in Curse Breaking while Alexander attended school to become a teacher. In yet one more surprising twist they approached him during their graduation and requested that Richard adopt the boy so that they could continue with their careers. Richard snapped up the opportunity and went with Alexander to the Ministry to complete the transfer of parental rights from them to him.

As soon as that was done and the paperwork signed and approved, Richard started the paperwork to disown his son leaving him with Timothy for his heir. Not being willing to make the same mistakes twice Richard arranged for a proxy to hold his votes and keep him informed and he stayed home to work with Timothy as he grew. Richard trained him personally and was consistently and constantly around for the boy until he came of age and left for Hogwarts. During one of their outings his grandson met the daughter of the Elison family – a Pureblood family from America – and the two seemed to hit it off. A plan began to form in his mind and he did everything that he could to encourage their friendship.

Once Timothy was off to school Richard returned to the Wizengamot and took up his seat again. During the year when Timothy was at school Richard concentrated all of his efforts on expanding his influence and making connections as a plan began to take a more defined form. While Timothy was home for the summer Richard did what he could to continue the boy’s training and couldn’t help but smile as it seemed his friendship with Amber was coming along nicely as well – given the opportunity he began including her in the training as well.

With them heading off to their fourth year at school he found himself returning to the Wizengamot to continue his work.


Thanks for the arts, G!

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