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 Maz Cowan
Maz Cowan
 Posted: Sep 12 2014, 06:57 PM
Maz Cowan
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7th year
Head Girl
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5-September 14

Maz Cowan

user posted image

Full Name: Mazzabelle Krystal Cowan
Blood Status: Pureblood
Nationality: Scottish
Place of Birth: Scotland
Date of Birth: July 25th
Age: 17
House and Year: 7th year Hufflepuff
Spoken Languages: English
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Dark blue
Hair: Dark brown with honey flashes
Height: 5'10"

Look Description:

Maz always looks her best even when she’s feeling her worst. Her long hair is almost always left hanging loose down her back. Her eyes are a dark blue with constant small light bags underneath. She has full lips so red it would make a person think that all the blood in her body has pooled there, her nose is straight and her skin is smooth. She looks older than she is, much to the annoyance of some of her peers.

Scars: Maz has a very prominent scar that runs across her back diagonally from her right shoulder to the left of her hip - a result of a werewolf scratch when she was a child. She also has lightly scarred knuckles and the typically scarred knees of a child who would just not stop climbing.

Tattoos: Inked on the lower right side of her stomach is the Hogwarts motto written in a circle joined by a feather, inside a purple dragon sleeps. Being a magical tattoo there are smoke curls coming from the dragon's nostrils and, if tapped with a wand the feather will tickle the dragon which will rear as if to attack.

Dressing Style:

Ever the original and do it my way type of person Maz’s dress sense is a bit out there. She always be found in a corset/corset style top and boots. She loves boots; short boots, long boots, white boots, black boots… well, you get the drift there. If wearing a top she’ll twin it with a pair of skintight jeans or a skirt. Though mostly, weather permitting, she’ll be found in one of her short corset style gothic look dresses with, of course, boots.


Character Description:

Generally Maz is a happy, outgoing loud type of person who just wants to enjoy her life while she’s living it. She doesn’t care what others think of her so she isn’t held back from saying exactly what she thinks. She’s loyal and if she befriends a person they will have found a friend who will fight to the death for them if needed. She doesn’t care about your silly little problems and troubles but if you insist on making her listen to them you’re like to get the best advice since Maz will simply tell you what’s what even if that will hurt your feelings. She loves to sing and will often hum her father’s songs to herself when things are quiet.


Maz hates awkward silences and will often fill them with the first thing that pops into her head no matter how stupid the thought may be.


Maz has more confidence than any one person has any right to have and she gets strength from this. She’s also a highly intelligent individual who always had to put very little effort into learning. She fast becoming an excellent dueler and is already there when it comes to street fighting. She can perform all the different arts of Divination expertly and is rarely wrong in what she see’s…when she is mistaken it’s usually because things change, Maz will be the first to tell anyone that the future is not set in stone. Maz is a pretty good flyer. Good with animals.


Since she doesn’t care what people think Maz’s mouth will often get her into trouble and could be seen as a weakness. She can exhibit spoiled brat tendencies at times even though she hasn’t been the spoiled brat since she was six years old. Potions are a big weakness of Maz’s. Maz will not set foot outdoors when there is a full moon, she has a chart that she carries everywhere with her to make sure she never forgets. She’s stubborn and can be considered ‘cold’ a lot of the time. Maz's go to emotion is anger, if she can't deal with something she gets angry at it.


Having fun


Being bored
Boring people
Old people, she never wants to get old and quite frankly pensioners freak her out
Her aunt and any of her boyfriends (except Danny, he was alright)

Boggart: A full sized adult werewolf, brown in colour with red eyes.

Patronus Scottish Wildcat

Patronus Memory: Her last Christmas with her parents. It was a typical Christmas night that found the three cuddled on the couch under a shared blanket watching some muggle films on their huge TV.


Wand: Larch with centaur tail hair core, long.

Strength: Defensive magic
Weakness: Transfiguration

Classes Taken
History of Magic

Care of Magical Creatures

O.W.L Results
Astronomy - A
Charms - O
Herbology - A
Potions - D
Transfiguration - D
Arithmancy - A
Divination - O
Muggle Studies - A

Family and History

Father: Jake Cowan. (Maz's father was the lead singer and guitarist in the successful wizarding band The Oath Breakers. One of their hits - The Unbreakable Vow - even made it into the Muggle World and was a one hit wonder there.)
Mother: Krystal Cowan nee O’Neill
Legal Guardian Jen Cowan
Siblings: None

user posted image

Pet: Small German rex mimosa named Mike. Mike is two years old and very small. Fully grown now he can still sit in Maz's palm or perch easily on her shoulder. He has the same kind of temperment. They differ only in the fact that as a cat Mike can be extrodinarily lazy at times.

user posted image

In the summer before her fifth year Maz, with extra gold in her pocket decided it was time to get another pet. The school rule didn't worry her and she was always hiding things from Jen so why not! She had intended to buy a big owl, great for postage but instead left the shop with the tiny elf owl she named Colin. He's an energetic little thing completely taken with his owner. He loves perching on her shoulder as she goes about her day, sleeping in her pocket or backpack and generally being made a fuss of.


Maz was born in the highlands of Scotland in the very home her family had owned since it was built. Her parents were over-the-moon after having tried to have children for a while.The three lived mostly in happiness in the large manor house. But every now and again a niggling doubt would surface in one of their minds. Was there something wrong with their child? From the very day she was born Maz was a bit odd; too quiet and far too alert. Then later she talked about things that had happened before she was born in more detail than simply over-hearing could explain, knowing when someone was coming to the house and other little things.

It was when their daughter was four that they got the biggest shock. Maz was found one morning sitting in the living room staring into the fire as if it was a TV screen. A small pad sat in front of her with many shapes and symbols drawn on it. With a far away look she had turned to her parents. “Who was the bad man?” she asked. “The man with the scar that hurt mummy. He‘s coming.” Her parents, exhibiting the same attitude they would later ignored what had gone on and pushed it from their minds. Just one month later the ‘bad man’ who was in fact Krystal’s father and head of their clan turned up at the house. Maz was sent to her room and didn’t know what went on, she could hear the shouting but not make it out and when the fighting hit fever pitch she’d withdrawn to the attic where she played. She was found there later fast asleep. When she woke she told her parents that she didn't want to hear all the shouting again so had gone as far away as she could. That was the day that Krystal had finally realised her daughter had inherited the ‘gift’ that had all but passed her by.

For the next two years her worried parents watched as her gift strengthened to the point where Maz was telling them what she was getting for Christmas and birthdays, stopping accidents about the house and always happening to be there when one was upset and needed cheering up.

Two months before her sixth birthday Maz's father testified in a werewolves trial. The werewolf was found to be guilty and his pack swore revenge on all who made it so. The very next full moon what was assumed to be the only revenge took place. Ever the explorer, Maz had snuck out of the house away from her annoyingly close parents (usually she was left alone when she wanted to be). She only wanted to go to the new camp she had built. It wasn't far so she didn't see the harm in it. A werewolf had gotten onto the grounds and positioned himself close to the house. He followed Maz and when the change came on him Maz was an easy, near target.
The attacker got close enough to lash out and scratch the childs back but no more. The Aurors knew the risk Jake had taken and had him under protection. Maz's absence hadn't been noticed straight away but it had been noticed and a search started.

This 'miss' as they called it (why hadn't Maz seen it? was a question asked often) may have been the reason why her parents didn't listen to her when she told them four months after she turned six not to go into the woods on their land. She screamed, she cried fake tears and she lashed out. But still they wouldn’t listen to her. Not even when she told them they wouldn’t ever come back. Later that same month, on a night her aunt was visiting Maz awakened from a dream that even in her young mind she knew was real. She knew her worst nightmare was happening soon. She’d seen her parents deaths, watched as they were mauled by a werewolf.

A change came over the child then as she became quiet instead of out-going and more likely to be on her own, but always, if someone would just reach out a little the bright smiling girl from before would return.

Not that that happened much. Being an orphan Maz had to go and live with her squib aunt. Her squib aunt who was jealous and resentful of her niece for many reasons. Jealous because Maz inherited everything that as a Squib her aunt couldn’t. Maz’s great-great-great grandfather using magic unknown had made it so that only a pure-blooded magical person could inherit the Cowan home and all that went with it. Resentful because Maz was everything she had wanted to be; a witch. She also feared her niece, feared what she could do with seemingly no effort. The way her niece always seemed to know when she was thinking something bad about her and the way that she knew things that had been and might be. She was so scared of this that she tried to stop Maz from using what she could do, telling the child that it was wrong and that she was a freak. Her aunt would often strike out at Maz but recently the little girl isn't so little anymore and has started fighting back.

School was to be her life saver. She looked forward to the day she would go since she was a small child and was happier than she’d been in a long time when she first saw it.

At school she's content and often happy. It doesn't matter to her that she doesn't actually belong to any one group; the purebloods accept her because she is one of them (and more importantly, from one of the few families that kept the wealth) and the rest because, much to Maz's confusion, people tend to like her. Flitting in and out is much better than having to deal with the same people all the time. Her grades are excellent if we ignore Potions and she still loves to learn. To her Hufflepuff is the perfect fit because she doesn't really belong anywhere. Not in the thick of anything (though she often is) but rather on the sidelines, watching.

user posted image
-Mega thanks to Court for the set-
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