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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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 Timothy Morrigan
Timothy Morrigan
 Posted: Sep 10 2014, 04:34 PM

Timothy Morrigan

user posted image

Full Name: Timothy Alexander Morrigan
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Nationality: Welsh
Place of Birth: Caer Morrigan, Wales – just west of Cardiff
Date of Birth: August 12, 2059
Age: 17
House and Year: Slytherin, 4th
Spoken Languages: English, Welsh
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Height: 5’7”

Look Description: Tim is a little bit tall for his age and moves with the awkward motions of one in the middle of their growth spurts, as though he wasn’t quite used to his body just yet. His skin is very light, almost pale and he has a quick, easy smile, generally shaggy black hair, and ice blue eyes that sparkle with laughter most of the time.

Dressing Style: Tim has a fascination for Muggle clothes. Whenever he has an option he prefers to wear jeans and a t-shirt, even to the point which that is what he usually wears under his school robe. When he is forced to attend more formal events he prefers to wear Muggle suits to formal dress robes. He tends to wear dark colors whenever possible and the vast majority of his wardrobe is made up of black and blue.


Character Description: Tim is almost unfailingly friendly and polite. He grew up in a family with questionable connections and fading wealth and prestige. It has been drilled into him just how important it is that he acts the way people expect him to and to be what they want him to be, so long as it won’t bring attention or trouble to the family name. With all that in mind, he treasures moments that he can let go and truly be himself – unfortunately, those moments are few and far between. It is tiring having to constantly put up the appropriate mask, but it is vitally important to him to attempt and recover his family name.

Quirks: He doesn’t really have any noticeable quirks as it is important to him to not stick out in any potentially negative way.

Strengths: Adaptable, Likable, Tactful, Cunning, Ambitious

Weaknesses: Egotistical, Judgmental, Meddlesome, Remorseless, Intolerant

Likes: There are a lot of things that Tim likes; foremost among them would probably be Magic. He also enjoys his friends, and learning new things, and doing well in the things that he does. Tim also enjoys a good book or moments to himself or with close friends.

Dislikes: More than just about anything else, Tim can’t stand Muggles. In his opinion, they are so much worse than animals in that they insist on expanding, and destroying everything around them. They have a sense of superiority about them that they definitively do not deserve.


Wand: 11 2/3” Blackthorn and Dragon Heartstring

Strength: Tim is innately talented in Charms, and does well also in Defense against the Dark Arts and Potions.
Weakness: Regardless of how much time he puts into the class, Tim is legendarily bad at Transfiguration. Even the simplest spell has a tendency to go horrifically wrong in his attempts.

Family and History

Father: Alexander Richard Morrigan
Mother: Annabelle Louise Morrigan
Siblings: Blythe and Trystan Morrigan (Younger Brother and Sister)

Pet: Gray Owl named Aron

Background: Timothy Morrigan was born in Caer Morrigan just outside of Cardiff, Wales, the first child of Alexander and Annabelle Morrigan; this children of Richard David Morrigan. He has very few memories of his parents – but those he does have are of a loving couple who were deeply devoted to each other and all too dismissive of him. They were constantly worried about other things and frequently left him in the care of his Grandfather or various nannies. He has vague memories of arguments between his parents and his Grandfather; arguments that got noisier and noisier before his parents seemingly just packed up and left on his fourth birthday – neglecting to take him with them.

From that point, he was raised by his paternal Grandfather, Richard Morrigan – a member of the Wizengamot and philanthropist. While they never wanted for money or material goods, the home he grew in spoke to a much greater history than they were currently enjoying. As much as he hated his Grandfather’s strict stance on so many things he couldn’t help but come to care for and respect the man. Both for raising him and supplying him with the grounding he would need to do well in school when it came time for him to attend. Seemingly at the same time, his hatred for his parents grew for leaving him behind when they ran off for points unknown.

The years passed quickly and on his eighth birthday Richard began hiring tutors for Timothy – making it clear that he was expected to do well in everything they attempted to teach him. If that was not the case there would be consequences; Tim knew that his Grandfather was not a kind man to people who had failed him and he decided that he would not be forced to put up with the punishment that would inevitably follow – so he threw himself into his studies. It was also at this point that his Grandfather began taking him out to various social events and began trying to introduce him to other children of similar standing – and introducing him as the Morrigan Heir.

Unfortunately, the gatherings that Richard took Tim too were always a little too much for him. They were always too much, too over the top; it consistently felt like the people that were throwing the parties were trying too hard to prove they were still the kings of their domain and it they were just failing. It was several parties before he found a reason to enjoy attending the blasted things; as he was hanging around the outskirts of the room and trying to keep out of the way of all the adults, as they mingled and joked, he ran into the daughter of a newly arrived couple to Wales and the Pureblood scene. He and Amber hit it off immediately; spending time with her was always the highpoint of the excursions into society for him and the only reason that the outings could even remotely be considered worthwhile as far as he was concerned.

Once his grandfather had started to take him out into public, he’d also started to make more of a point of explaining to him more about the society he’d be joining once he came of age. Richard was more than vaguely disgusted by the willful blindness of so many of the other Purebloods and their blind adherence to the belief that so long as they continued on as though nothing had changed, everything would go back to the way it was. They were generally incapable of recognizing that things were changing and if they didn’t make real efforts to alter the course of their country then things would fly completely out of hand.

As far as Timothy was concerned, the years passed far too slowly. He spent as much time as he could with Amber, who had quickly become his best friend, but due to the obligations of their guardians that was not nearly as much time as he would have liked – and almost always coincided with some ball, or gathering, or another.

Then came the owls with the long awaited invitation to Hogwarts; Tim had been looking forward to attending the school ever since the first time he’d heard about it. His enthusiasm was matched by Amber’s, his best friend, and he couldn’t wait for them to get to the castle so they could start making their own way and picking out their own friends rather than constantly following along after their guardians.

The sorting was more nerve-wracking than he would have guessed. His grandfather had told him about the different houses but Tim had always sort of assumed that they would get to choose their own House. Once the hat had sorted Amber into Slytherin, Tim had to stand around with the other first years till they got to his letter and his hands were sweating by the time he took a seat on the stool and the hat was dropped on his head. After a brief discussion – which was one of the strangest things that he’d ever done – the hat finally gave in and sorted him in after his friend. He took a seat beside Amber with a bright smile as their new House cheered them on.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t known that things were stressed in the world outside of their home – Richard had spent a lot of time explaining about the way things were – but it had come as a surprise to be confronted with it the way they were at the school. Even with the explanation that the Houses were supposed to be like families, Tim was disappointed to find that the fact that his mother had been a muggleborn – even though he had very few memories of her – meant he wasn’t really accepted by the rest of Slytherin House.

To make things even more complicated, he wasn’t really accepted by any of the muggleborn or less pure students in the school for his grandfather’s reputation as well as his friendship with Amber. Fortunately, his friendship with Amber remained as tight as ever and everything else – while annoying – wasn’t really a big deal to him. At least, it wasn’t until one day after class when he happened across a small group of muggleborn students shoving Amber and making fun of her. One had slipped around behind her and was about to do something when Tim decided he had to step in.

In his head it was a noble and valiant defense of his friend. In actuality, it bought her a couple of seconds and roped him into a beating as well. He would have done it again every time to do what he could to help Amber, but that didn’t make the brief stay in the hospital wing any less awful. The only good to come out of it was that taking a beating to help her had bought him a surprising amount of credibility and a welcome amount of acceptance with the rest of his House.

Even better, a couple of the seventh years took it upon themselves to start teaching some of the first years to fight so that they could defend themselves as well as the honor of Slytherin House.

From that point the year went relatively smoothly, if slowly. It wasn’t as exciting as he’d built it up in his mind but the classes had been engrossing, if a little bit difficult, and he found that he was definitely looking forward to going home again – even if it was just for the summer. Vacation became even better when he found out that his grandfather had decided to take it on himself to continue their training to defend themselves and several tutors were hired. Amber’s disbelief at the recommendation for them to learn how to physically defend themselves made him laugh.

Having Amber over for almost the entire summer was incredible. He loved his grandfather and appreciated the time they spent together, but Richard was old and having someone around who was his age was unbelievable.

Second year started similarly to the year before – the muggleborn generally tried to make nuisances of themselves and once again Tim and Amber found themselves beset by a small gang who wanted to “show them their place.” Fortunately, this group was younger than the last group – if still older than the two second years – and Tim and Amber made a much better showing of themselves sending the bullies off for treatment of their own.

After that, the pair tried to reach out and expand their circle of friends, even being surprised to find several kids from other Houses that they were able to get along with. With the increased confidence that came with new friends Tim found that the entire school experience became better, even enjoying classes more than he had. Like Amber, he showed an aptitude for Potions, but where she excelled in DADA Tim’s experience with the year before was confirmed as he took to Charms like a duck to water.

When the year ended he was almost sad to see the train. Richard was there to meet them at the train station and informed them that he would be taking both of them back to Caer Morrigan for the summer as Amber’s parents were busy with several events and had given in to his request to continue her training from the summer before. Most of the lessons that he gave were in the subjects that they’d had trouble with in an attempt to get them back up to speed and he slowly began introducing the basics of Occlumency.

The summer seemed to fly by and all too soon they were gathering their supplies and boarding the train to return to the school for their Third Year. This time armed with signed permission slips to allow them to attend the Hogsmeade Weekends as they rolled around.

Third Year started off well – their misadventures the year before had earned them enough of a reputation that the bullies tended to give them a wide berth. Some of the older students seemed to take it as a challenge, but they were few and far between and Tim and Amber always managed to get in their licks even if they tended to lose those encounters. None of their defeats were as bad as their first year’s had been and that was at least a good start.

Adding the elective classes to their curriculum increased the amount of work they were all presented with but a lot of the new classes were really interesting. He never would have expected it, but Tim was particularly taken with Ancient Runes. As though the new classes weren’t enough, Tim also made the Quidditch Team this year as all three of the Chasers had graduated the year before. Each of the games became less and less nerve-wracking as they came and went and he managed to get through without humiliating himself.

Almost too quickly, the year was ending and they found themselves headed for home once again. Having Amber around all the time was awesome, and Tim was very glad that her parents had allowed her to come and stay with them again. For a couple of years it had been a lot like having the sister that his parents had taken away when they left. It was the summer between third and fourth year that he noticed those feelings had started to change. At fourteen he knew what he was feeling and he had to keep consciously trying to keep his eyes from tracking her whenever they were together. Developing a crush on his best friend had not been remotely what he’d been expecting, but there wasn’t really anything that could be done about it. She wasn’t acting any differently around him than she always had so he could only assume that she didn’t feel the same way – and that meant that telling her could only screw up a good thing.

For the first time, a summer seemed to actually drag and by the time September started to creep closer he was truly ready to get back to school.


Thanks for the arts, G!

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