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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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 Logan Frank
Logan Frank
 Posted: Mar 16 2015, 04:37 AM
Logan Frank
Magizoology | 3rd Year
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16-March 15

Logan Frank

user posted image

Full Name: Logan Jackson Frank
Blood Status: Half-blood
Nationality: British/Australian
Place of Birth: Machester, England
Date of Birth: 11/10/56
Age: 18
House and Year: Hufflepuff, 7th
Spoken Languages: English
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Dark blue that occasionally lighten depending on his mood.
Hair: Shortcut, sometimes messy, dirty blonde hair.

Look Description:
Logan is your average good looking teenage boy and he knows it, though he doesn't get too carried away about it. His dirty blonde hair is kept fairly short but not cropped and brilliant blue eyes that shine when he smiles and darken when he is upset. He has a crooked smile that is fairly charming from time to time if the situation is right, otherwise his smile is just as friendly as open as he is.

He is decently tall and may grow a bit more but currently he is satisfied with his height. He is decently muscled throughout his arms and legs as he is decently active and does tend to work out from time to time when at home. His skin is clear and generally tanned, as he loves being outside, rain, shine, or snow it doesn't matter to him.

Dressing Style:
Logan is just as comfortable in wizarding robes as he is in muggle clothing. He likes his wizarding robes at school and even in Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade, but sometimes he prefers the casual jeans and t-shirts muggles are so fond of. He is most often found in either socks or muggle sneakers if he must wear shoes. He dresses up nicely as well and will wear a nice suit or slacks and a button down for dinner parties or holiday gatherings.

user posted image

Character Description:
Logan is an all around good guy, a little care free at times but very protective and incredibly loyal to those who have earned his trust. He could have very easily been a Gryffindor but there was something about him that the hat decided Hufflepuff needed, and he is just fine with that.

Logan is a pretty friendly guy unless there is reason not to be. He will greet anyone he meets and is always helpful to the younger years when they need it. He is a bit of an old world gentleman, in that he will open doors and carry things for his mother, help older witches or wizards carry things. He is just the sort to be courteous and helpful at all times if able.

Logan has an affinity for animals, in that he is drawn to them and most get along with him very well, trusting him easily with his open and caring nature. He never shows any fear with them, though he knows they deserve respect, and some more so than others. He doesn't care for cruelty towards animals any more than he does toward people, but some days he would rather have the animals than the people.

When it comes to his family he is dead protective of them all, regardless of how much he may tease them or pick on them. He is extremely close to his siblings, though he does sometimes show a bit of favoritism to Skylar, her being the only girl he might be a bit overprotective on occasion. That is not to say he is not protective over Mason, but he doesn't want Skylar hurt the way their mother was, so he tends to make "suggestions" to those young men who he sees trying to catch his sister's eye. He is quite happy in keeping her single at the moment, he will have to train Mason on how to continue the job once he is gone.

Being the oldest in the house he makes sure when he is home to take care of the things he feels his mother shouldn't have to. Even after so many years he is still very upset and angry about his father leaving them all behind and every time he comes home and sees things left undone, things his father should have been there to do, it raises his ire once again. He is often glad he hasn't seen the man again, he wouldn't trust himself not to try to hex him.

Will twitch his quill back and forth when thinking about what to write
Will often sniff his clothes to make sure they are clean
Will occasionally zone out for no apparent reason other than lost in thought

Quick learner

Short tempered
Doesn't trust easily

Storms - especially with lots of lightning
Teasing his siblings
Animals, magical or not
Being active
Flirting with girls

Blood prejudice
People messing with his siblings - only he is allowed to do that!
Being confined
Women being mistreated
Animals being mistreated

Boggart: His family dead and being left alone.

Patronus: Grey Wolf

Patronus Memory The first time he saw his mother smile a true smile after their father left. She smiled often before then but mostly for their benefit. When she smiled a true smile and he could tell she was honestly happy, which made him very happy, like a pressure off his chest, as it meant she was going to be okay, that they would all be okay.

user posted image

Wand: Chestnut. Phoenix Feather. 9 1/2 in.

Defense against Dark Arts
Care of Magical Creatures


Family and History

Father: Jackson James Frank, 45, Muggleborn, Former Gryffindor
Mother: Jasmine Maria Smith, 43, Halfblood, Former Hufflepuff
Siblings: Mason Robert Frank, 11, Halfblood, Hufflepuff & Skylar Michelle Frank, 14, Halfblood, Ravenclaw

Pet: Smaller sized brown hawk owl named Melody for the way she hoots.
user posted image

Logan is the oldest of three children, born to once loving parents in Manchester. He was a happy and healthy baby, who grew into a rambunctious and curious toddler. Even as a child he had a love of animals, and was only found trying to play with his parents pets. He showed signs of magic very early, just about the time his mother became pregnant with his sister Skylar. His first act of magic was vanishing the vegetables his father was trying to get him to eat. They were found the next day in his father's briefcase, much to his displeasure, but both parents were glad to see he had magical abilities.

When his sister was born he was very curious about her and thought she was just a beautiful baby, like his mother often said. It didn't bother him much that he had a sister, and though he liked to poke her and tease her to make her cry sometimes, he was very fond of her. Even as young as he was, he was very protective and watchful over her. Where ever she was, he usually wasn't far behind, though it wasn't always fun and games as he would have liked. When Skylar was 4 he had been goofing off, trying to use him magic like a big boy. He doesn't remember now what happened, or even how it happened but Skylar ended up with a broken ankle, and it was all his fault.

His parents had rushed her to the hospital and although he was told she would be fine she was fairly well inconsolable for hours, eventually crying himself to sleep. When he woke the next morning to find his sister had managed to heal herself he had been so happy he had picked her up and spun her around, promising to never pick on her again. Of course little boys promises only last so long and a few weeks later he was back to being a big brother, but he was very careful never to try and do magic again near her.

Three years after that their parents had Mason and the cycle of sibling torment started all over again. Being six, and all grown up mind you, Logan took it upon himself to take care of both siblings as much as a six year old could, while Skylar did most of the teasing toward Mason. He had taught her so well! Not on purpose though. Ever the older brother and the protector of the two, should either of them get hurt or start to be upset for any reason, he did his best to fix it before having to run for his mother to make it better

There wasn't too much in the way of excitement again until Logan received his letter from Hogwarts. He had been so excited that he finally was able to go to school that he accidentally burst the kitchen light. Luckily no one was hurt by the incident.

Once in Diagon Alley the first thing his mother purchased for him was a wand. It had taken about 12 wands, and a lot of patience, before one chose him, he had almost given up but luckily his mother wouldn't let him. After that she took him to get his robes then was given a small amount of money and was allowed to take his siblings around the Alley while she purchased the rest of what he needed. Other than an ice cream, he spent the money on chocolate frogs and toys for Skylar and Mason.

Once at school he was sorted into his mother's house, Hufflepuff, after some serious deliberation by the Sorting Hat. Apparently he was a close candidate for Gryffindor as well, but eventually the hat settled on Hufflepuff, for which he was glad. He looked forward to writing to his mother to tell her that he had been sorted into her house.

His first year, like most first years, was spent avoiding being harassed, picked on, steered in the wrong direction, and getting lost of his own accord. He quickly figured out that most of the class work came easy, though he had trouble with his wand at times when trying to do charm work and Transfiguration was a nightmare for most of the first half of his school year. Apparently his wand was a bit more temperamental than he had originally thought which caused a very interesting battle of wills on occasion, it was almost too much for the 11 year old Logan to deal with. Luckily he still managed to pass all of his classes and was able to move on to the next grade.

His second year was fairly similar to the first, though he didn't get lost anymore and made a few friends. During the next summer break however, for reasons unknown, their parents started to fight, a lot. He didn't understand why but he knew it scared his sister and brother and as it had always been a self appointed protector, he would take them both outside, or up to one of their rooms and hide until the fighting was over. He would read his school books to them, or they would play games if they were inside. He would spend the time telling his siblings all about the castle, classes, and professors. If they were outside they would hunt garden gnomes or play on toy brooms, anything to avoid their parents and to stop them from thinking about it.

[3rd]Things didn't seem to get any better while he was away at school for his third year for his parents, and he worried a great deal about having had to leave his siblings behind. He sent letters home as often as possible, directly to Skylar since he was never sure what was going on with their parents. For his third year he chose Care of Magical Creatures first, as he knew he would excel in the class and already knew what he wanted to do after Hogwarts. He also chose Ancient Runes, as it seemed the least likely of the remaining classes to hurt his brain.

Going home for the summer holidays was usually a time of great fun for the Franks, but as in prior years things were not well at home with their parents. Sadly the fighting continued, and Logan continued to shield his siblings from it the best he could. Since Skylar received her letter they celebrated by themselves and he told her more of what she could really expect once she stepped on the train with him. Unfortunately that meant leaving Mason home alone with the fighting, or so he had feared. One night their parents told them they were splitting up and that their father was leaving them behind. All of them. Logan was hurt and angry, and had it not been for his siblings and the stress his mother was already going through, he would have spoke up. As it was he held in his anger and redirected it to comforting his mother, Skylar, & Mason. He never saw his father again after their parents divorced, and he was perfectly okay with that. He hadn't wanted to leave for school that year, but he had to go, he had to watch out for Skylar. At least his mother wouldn't be stuck fighting every day with their father.

[4th]Once on the train he relaxed some, reveling in the amusement he felt at watching his sister enjoy her first ride to school. He was a little disappointed that she was sorted into Ravenclaw, but he knew she would be alright. Those Ravenclaws were pretty smart and she definitely fit in from what he could tell. He caught up with her as much as possible and made sure people didn't mess with her as much as he could, but different houses kind of caused some issue there. He was glad she made friends quickly, because during her second year he had so much homework and studying to do for his O.W.L.s, that he hardly had any time to spend with her.

Nothing of great interest happened during his fourth year, except for wanting to pull his hair out from studying for his O.W.L. exams. He spent as much time as he could goofing off with his friends, trying to stay out of trouble, and hanging out with his sister, just to relieve the stress of classwork, homework, and studying.

Fifth year saw more studying, as he thoroughly enjoyed his classes, especially his Care of Magical Creatures class. The more dangerous the creatures, the more he liked learning about them. The same was generally said of his Herbology class, though he did get himself bit my a Fanged Geranium while trying to re-pot the darn thing. He still has a scar on his right hand from that, though it is faded slightly. He had a hard time spending time with Skylar that year, he had so much homework he barely saw the inside of his eyelids, luckily she understood, for the most part. At the end of the year he was relieved to have earned O's in three of his classes, including CoMC and Herbology, both of which he needed for the N.E.W.T. level classes of the same subjects.

Logan's sixth year was pretty busy schoolwise, but he had a bit of breathing room to hang out with friends and his sister, especially on Hogsmeade trips. Nothing overly exciting happened during the school year, though he made it a point to tease his sister about the electives she had chosen her third year and took to lovingly calling her Brain.

Mason joined them for his first year as Logan entered his seventh year, and though he was sorted into his own house, he saw little and less of him as he was preparing for his N.E.W.T.s. He did his best to catch up with his siblings at least once a week however, so in between classes, homework, more homework and studying, he hung out with them.

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