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 Ian Chesterfield, University Professor
Ian Chesterfield
 Posted: Mar 12 2015, 07:43 PM

Ian Chesterfield

user posted image

Full Name: Ian James Chesterfield
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Nationality: English
Place of Birth: Ballymena, Northern Ireland
Date of Birth: June 7, 2009
Age: 64
Spoken Languages: English
Relationship Status: Married


Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light brown with bits of grey in between
Height: 6’4”

Look Description: Ian looks good for his age, not terribly old but definitely aged. His hair is still a soft, natural brown, but as the years progress streaks of grey grow more prominent. He is tall compared to the majority of his colleagues, usually towering over them. Ian looks rather gruff, a result of his no-nonsense attitude, and comes off as somewhat intimidating. However, his blue eyes express a strong fondness for teaching that most do not expect from him, which allows him to come off as approachable and sometimes even friendly.

Dressing Style: Ian is always dressed nicely, usually he can be found wearing some form of formal wear. He prefers to wear a button-down oxford and dress pants for his everyday wear, although he is not against a tux. Ian will never be seen in jeans and a t-shirt as he finds them dreadfully uncouth. Although he prefers formal clothing, his shoe preference is vastly different, instead preferring chucks. The reason for this is because formal shoes always hurt his feet and he prefers comfort over price.


Character Description: Ian is a strict person, always following rules and regulations. He is a creature of habit, preferring to do things in the way he has always done. In fact, Ian does not take kindly to people trying to tell him to do things differently and generally reacts negatively when someone attempts to do so. He is prone to anger outburst and has been known to yell and occasionally hit a wall. However if someone shows continued dedication, Ian can be extremely patient and is always willing to explain something repeatedly. However he also refuses to put up with any form of nonsense or goofing off. He is left handed and rarely smiles. Ian also takes his health very seriously, eating a strict diet and exercising often.

-When Angry he will insult species (usually doxies or people)
-Whistles loudly to regain the attention of his classroom
-Mutters to himself (although it is generally directed to his wife)

-Strong Willed
-Eidetic Memory

-Quick to Anger
-Set in his way
-Usually very grouchy
-Often insulting to those who do not share his views
-Opinionated to the point of annoying others
-Firm believer of no second chances and generally will not offer them.
-Comes off as abrasive

-Going on Runs
-Eating Asian Cuisine
- Teaching
-Reading Texts on Magical Law

-Watching telly
-Eating junk food
-Missing a run
-Mouthy students

Boggart: Someone telling him his daughter is dead.

Patronus: Hawk

Patronus Memory: His wife walking down the aisle


Wand: 10 3/4", Oak and Kelpie hair, reasonably springy

Strength: History of Magic, Herbology, Arithmacy
Weakness: Divination, Astronomy, Care of Magical Creatures


School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, 2020-2026
House: Hufflepuff

University: Beauxbatons University, 2048 - 2052
Major: Magical Law


Position: Law Professor at Hogwarts University, 2069 – Present

Former positions:
-Auror for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement in Great Britain, 2027-2047
-Magical Attorney for the Ministry of Magic in France, 2052-2068

Family and History

Father: Isaac Chesterfield (Deceased)
Mother: Julianna Chesterfield (Deceased)

Wife: Olivia Marie Chesterfield (nee Chambers), 62
Children: Rowan Renee Chesterfield (Missing, presumed Deceased)

Ian Chesterfield grew up with two loving parents, who despite working often always made time for him. His parents were both professors at a local university; his mother a Creative Writing professor and his father a History professor. When Ian first learned how to read his parents were pleased to learn that their son had an eidetic memory and encouraged him to read as much as possible after that discovery. However, Ian did not like reading all that much, and so after a few chapters a day he grew bored. With no siblings to distract him from boredom Ian often ended up exploring outside.

While on one of his many childhood adventures he met Olivia Chambers, a girl a few years younger than him. In the beginning they seemed to have gotten along, but as more people began commenting on the strange things that happened around him—and the more Olivia started standing up for him—their friendship became strained. Ian began teasing her and claiming that she was just a girl and he didn’t need her to defend him. Ian immediately regretted what he said, but his words could not be retracted and thus they ultimately ended their friendship. The only way Olivia would ever talk to Ian was when he picked fights with her, so Ian normally teased Olivia in attempt to gain her attention. His teasing resulted in many fights between the two, at least until Olivia moved away when she was eight. Ian was not sure what to do now that Olivia moved, a large portion of his time out of school was spent with her, even if it was just to tease her. Thankfully the answer came in the form of a Hogwarts Letter. A visit from a professor not only explained more about the school he never heard but also why strange thinks kept happening around him.

While at Hogwarts Ian was placed in Hufflepuff. He grew comfortable in the Castle, knowing that he was not strange and others could do similar things. Ian discovered he had an affinity for History of Magic, Arithmacy, and Herbology while attending the school; but divination, astronomy, and anything to do with animals were classes he barely managed to scrap by on. The rest of his classes he was proficient enough in, some required more dedication to studying than others. Thankfully with his eidetic memory, reading textbooks helped with the studying process. The application of spell work, however, proved to be more difficult.

Once he graduated from Hogwarts Ian decided to follow his friend’s into Auror Training. He grew to love the strict training regime and dedicated the majority of his free time to improving his physical strength. After two years on the job, Ian ran into a familiar face—Olivia. Apparently the petite redhead stumbled upon a group of drunken wizards, shooting off spells at anything nearby. Normally Ian would not have been on that run since it would have been the Department Magical Accidents and Catastrophe’s jurisdiction, but one of those wizards were on the DMLE’s wanted list and thus Ian and his partner had to go.

Ian told his partner to go take the prisoner before walking over to Olivia. He immediately wrapped his arms around Olivia, calling her his wife. The petite woman looked at him wide-eyed, but said nothing to contradict him; allowing Ian to prevent the Obliviator from having to wipe her memory. Ian knew that what he did could have been considered illegal, but at the same time he had wanted to apologize to Olivia since he was 10 years old and figured it would be better to explain if she actually knew magic existed. Once her statement was given, and Ian promised she would not say a word—after all she is use to confidentiality being married to an Auror and all, he joked—he took Olivia to her home in Manchester. Once home, she slapped him. With a red cheek and a bruised Jaw, Ian explained and apologized to Olivia. He proceeded to tell her that she must remain quiet about any and all magic, because otherwise she will get her memories wiped. Olivia agreed, although hesitant, mostly because she did not like the idea of someone else playing with her memories.

Ian left the Manchester home on friendly terms with Olivia once more. They two continued to keep correspondence until Ian eventually asked her out. Since she already knew about magic, Ian often told her various tidbits about his life, only leaving out details on work. After a year and a half of dating, Ian finally proposed to Olivia; the two got married three months later.

In 2030, their daughter was born and Ian and Olivia could not have been happier. They raised Rowan in the Muggle world only, although Ian often told her tales of Magic at bedtime. As Rowan grew older, and still showed no signs of magical capabilities, Ian and Olivia were happy that they kept their daughter from knowing that all of her bedtime tales were real—it was better that she thought it was just a fantasy tale. As far as Rowan knew, her father was just a police officer who worked long shifts and could not always make it home. But he did spend any time he could with his family and always tried his hardest to make it to all of Rowan’s school functions; those he could not make, Olivia filmed.

Ian’s world turned upside down when Rowan, now seventeen, moved to France to attend University. She had aspirations to become a dancer and her parents were more than supportive of that goal. However, half way into her first year of University, Rowan disappeared. Olivia and Ian had heard nothing from their daughter in over three weeks. After contacting her roommate and a few of her friends, none of them seeing her either, the parents grew worried and immediately contacted the French DMLE. Yet nothing came up in their search. Ian quit his job and moved to France with his wife, hoping to search for their daughter. Ian attended University, studying Magical Law in hopes of using the legal system as a way to help find his daughter. Yet as the years progressed, and Ian graduated with a Law degree, there were no signs of Rowan. The longer his daughter went missing, the gruffer Ian became.

Olivia and Ian continued to search for their daughter, searching for anything that might point of her whereabouts, in their free time. He practiced magical law, helping other people in similar circumstances to at least find closure in the whereabouts of their loved ones.

In 2068, Olivia has grown tired of living in France—the place her daughter was last seen. The two have long since come to terms with never seeing their daughter again, after all if she was alive surely she would have contacted them by now. The couple now just wanted closure and to be able to give their daughter a proper burial. But Ian agreed with his wife that perhaps it was time to move back to the UK. So he moved them back to their hometown of Ballymena and Ian got a job at the University as a Law Professor.

To this day Ian and Olivia still keep a look out for news about their missing daughter, yet no new information has come forward.


Thanks, April!

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