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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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 Amber Elison
Amber Elison
 Posted: Sep 10 2014, 01:04 PM
Amber Elison
7th year
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4-September 14

Amber Elison

Full Name: Amber Dawn Elison
Blood Status: Pure-blood
Nationality: American/Welsh
Place of Birth: South US
Date of Birth: July 10, 2059
Age: 17
Spoken Languages: English, Welsh
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Hazel eyes that appear to change color with her mood, although they usually appear brown. At times of extreme anger, her eyes darken almost to black. On the other hand, at time of extreme happiness, which only happens rarely, her eyes lighten almost to a blue-green color.
Hair: Brown
Height: 4’11’’

Look Description: She actually appears to be quite innocent in looks, a fact she often uses to her advantage. She looks dainty as well, being petite, at 4'8" and only ninety pounds. Don't let that fool anyone though.

Dressing Style: No one style, she wears whatever she’s in the mood for. Strangely enough, she prefers muggle clothing, because she finds it more comfortable and easier to move around in. As far as she’s concerned, clothing, and now knives, are the only things muggles are good for making.

Quirks: She loves to tease her friends.
She’s very sarcastic and has been called cynical, but prefers realistic.
She can be playful.

Strengths: Fast learner, fast thinker, cool-headed.
Can hide any pain felt once she knows how bad it is.
Accepts the consequences of her actions, no matter what they may be.

Weaknesses: Keeps her heavier and more serious emotions inside, so may often snap or lash out.
She’s very impatient.
Often sees herself alone in the world.
Has a low self-esteem, but hides it well under a conceited mask.
She tends to jump into things with both feet.
She has a quick temper.

Likes: Her friends, practicing her spells, having fun, flirting, and learning. (Knowledge is power.)

Dislikes: Feeling out of control, liars, backstabbers, stupidity, idiocy. MUGGLES!


Wand: 8 and 3/4in, Mahogany and Phoenix Feather (You are a fearsome being to tangle with, and so is your wand. With a dark and secretive nature, your wand can be put to the best use in using the Dark Arts. Beware your own power.)

Strength: Offensive Magic, Potions
Weakness: Defensive Magic, Astronomy

Family and History

Father: Lorcan Elison
Mother: Jaycee Keegan
Siblings: None

Pet: An Owl named Boadicea. (She doesn’t much like animals.)

Background: Amber grew up with very disinterested parents, to the point that she'd never seen them until she was three. As both were younger siblings, they had no need for a familial heir and had never planned on having a child. Amber was an unpleasant surprise for them. They promptly handed her over to the house elf Mimsey and seemed to forget about her.

The raising of Amber was left to her beloved house elf Mimsey. Amber didn't even realize she was a human girl until she was six and horrified her parents by acting like a house elf at the one and only family dinner she'd ever attended in her own home. This was the start of a train of human nannies. The nannies never lasted more than a few months, in an effort to keep Amber from getting attached to them.

She had a grandmother who loved her, until the older woman died when Amber was eight years old. The most she remembered about her grandmother was that the older woman paid attention to her, reading and playing, when she visited. She has no memory of her grandmother's death, only knowing that she was with her grandmother when it happened. After her grandmother died, Amber could always be seen playing with a locket the older woman had given her.

The train of nannies ended after her grandmother’s funeral when she was eight. Her parents learned that her mother had inherited one of her grandmother’s dower houses in Wales, where the old woman had originally lived until she’d gotten married. Her parents decided it would be a good time to move. So, the house elves were tasked with packing up the American mansion and the whole family moved to a dower manor in Wales.

For Amber, the only change seemed to have been that she got less human attention since there were no more nannies. She felt just as lost, just as invisible as she had in her old home. No, it wasn’t a home. She’d never had one of those. It had just been a house, just like this one was. It didn’t matter how big it was or how much money her family had. How could any of that matter when her house elf was the only one who noticed her presence?

One day, even Mimsey didn’t notice her absence, having been put to work on a dinner party that was going to occur that evening. Not that Amber cared. She wouldn’t be attending. She never did after that one time. That day, she’d decided to go for a walk and got lost. She didn’t realize she’d left the property at first, and by the time she did, she knew there was no way she could find her way home. With no other ideas of what to do, she huddled as close to a tree as she could and tried not to cry.

After a few hours of her being missing, Mimsey finally came for her and led her back, only to find that her parents were beyond angry at her. It seemed that while Mimsey had noticed that she was gone and began looking at her, a few other things hadn’t gotten done. Of course, she was at fault for this. The first time she could ever remember her mother touching her was a slap across the face so hard that she fell down. As another consequence, she was not to be allowed to attend the party that night. Well, she didn’t see that as a loss considering that she hadn’t expected to be allowed to attend anyway.

That night was actually a turning point for her. She’d been sneaking to the kitchen, hoping to talk one of the house elves into giving her a cookie or ten, when she ran into a boy. At first, she was scared because he was a lot bigger than she was, but then he smiled. They discovered they were the same age and he was good at whispering as quietly as she was. She led him to the kitchen, where cookies were given to both of them. That seemed to cement their friendship. Luckily for her, her parents had seen that children her age were expected to accompany their parents to parties and started taking her along with them, after extensive training in table manners. She and her very own friend Tim would naturally gravitate towards each other, enjoying the time they could spend with each other.

Time passed and Amber started coming out of her shell and acting less afraid of people in general. She was still terrified of her parents, who were never soft on what they called discipline, but she did her best to hide her fear behind a stony facade. Without knowing it, she was learning to build her public mask. One day, it would come in handy, though she had no idea because she’d never been out in public. She’d been kept within her parents’ new circle, barely meeting anyone outside it. The only ones she would say she knew were Tim and his grandfather. She loved going to visit Tim. His grandfather treated her just as nicely as he treated Tim and she soaked up the positive attention. Because of that attention, she never felt the need to misbehave as long as Mr. Morrigan was around.

Three years after their first meeting, Amber was off to school with her best friend. She was excited. She’d finally get away and be able to act like herself most of the time. Or so she thought until she was sorted into Slytherin. She didn’t mind the house, and she loved the colors. She just hoped Tim would be in the same house. She was ecstatic when he joined her.

First year wasn’t as good as she’d expected. She was used to being at the bottom of her parents’ concern, but being actively outcast because of her blood status hadn’t been anywhere in her expectations. She was afraid Tim wouldn’t want to be her best friend anymore because of it, but she soon realized he actually had it worse. Not only was he outcasted by her kind because of his half-blood status, but he was outcasted by his kind because of his grandfather.

Her size was not a deterrent to assorted bullies either. She was small. She’d known that, but even then, she didn’t think it would take a group of others to try to hurt her. When Tim saw what was happening, he’d jumped in, but that only caused them both to end up in the hospital wing. She hadn’t wanted anything to happen to him but she was happy he’d tried to help. As a result, some of the Slytherin upper years decided to help younger years protect themselves. It did help, but didn’t prevent her from trying to keep her head down and avoid trouble for the rest of the year.

She was actually happy when summer vacation came. She didn’t know it, but Tim must have told his grandfather what happened. Her parents shrugged it off, saying she should handle it herself and disciplined her for getting bullied in the first place. Luckily, Mr. Morrigan had decided to give them both lessons on how to defend themselves, as well as how to attack when there was an opening. As a bonus, he’d enrolled them in a class to learn muggle-fighting. She’d recoiled, but Mr. Morrigan had told her that she needed to learn the kind of fighting that the bullies might know so she could defend herself, and her friends, better. She and Tim were both quick learners, not in part because they knew they needed to learn. Summer passed with her practically moving into the Morrigans’ Manor.

Second year was a little better. The bullies had tried to mess with her and Tim again, but they’d quickly put them in their place. They managed to become friendly with some other students, not all of them being Slytherin. Her grades were much better, as was her in-class participation, because she was no longer afraid. She was still smaller than most of her year mates, and most of the new first years, but she’d learned how to use it to her advantage. She quickly started pulling ahead in Potions class, as well with the offensive spells in DADA. The defensive spells were very difficult for her.

The only other thing of note was when an older muggleborn decided to target her. She proved that her small stature wasn’t an indication of her willingness to take anything thrown at her. Because he hadn’t expected her to do anything, she managed to surprise him and get in a few lucky strikes, putting him in the hospital wing after he’d fallen down a few stairs. He was kept overnight, and that played right into her hands. Bringing Tim with her, they’d snuck to the hospital wing and cast a couple of spells on the sleeping attacker. He’d never tried to mess with her again, or Tim, by association.

Summer rolled around and Amber was happy to learn that she was staying with the Morrigans. She didn’t miss her parents at all. Mr. Morrigan kept her too busy to think about, even if she’d wanted to. Mimsey was allowed to visit, and that was all she needed and cared about. Sadly, it was found that Mimsey was visiting, and her parents decided that meant the elf had a greater loyalty to Amber than to them. That could never be allowed and Amber’s precious nanny elf was killed and Amber was told by a careless letter. She threw herself into the lessons Mr. Morrigan was giving so she wouldn’t have to think about it.

She barely noticed summer passing until they were taken to buy their school supplies. Luckily for Amber, her school vault was in her name since her parents hadn’t seen her at all to get any money from them. Soon enough, it was time to get back on the train for school. She had no idea how, but Mr. Morrigan even somehow got her Hogsmeade permission form signed for her.

Third year was easier than the last two years. Only a few of the older years gave them any trouble and that seemed to be trying to prove a point more than anything. She wouldn’t say she and Tim won, but they did well enough to be left alone. All of these attacks did have one consequence though. She was pretty sure she could do without the muggleborns at the school, even if she had no motivation to actively hunt for them and give them trouble.

The new electives could be fun as well. Ancient Runes and Aritmancy were both interesting and she enjoyed the challenge they presented. Amber was happy for Tim when he joined the Quidditch team but wasn’t good enough to try herself. As soon as he was an official chaser, she started bugging him to teach her so she could try-out next year. The slight jealousy she felt wasn’t enough to keep her from cheering for her best friend. There was one other new thing she was learning. She was learning that with a bit of flirtation, she was able to get some things she wanted. If she took it a bit further, she could get more out of someone. She only wondered how far she would go if there was something she wanted bad enough. She wasn’t sure at this point though. She didn’t think she wanted to go further than she already had, which had only been verbal.

She decided to think more about it over the summer and get Tim’s thoughts on the subject as well. It didn’t occur to her that such a conversation could be awkward. He was her best friend and she’d never kept anything from him before. But, in the end, she didn’t talk to him. Something about talking to him about it just felt wrong. She wasn’t sure why exactly. Then again, without any other distractions, she was happy with them being how they were.

The summer was more of the same, lessons and lessons and more lessons while she stayed with Tim. She didn’t want to face her parents, and hadn’t actually seen them since she left for school before second year. She was glad no one wanted to force her. And the lessons were getting more and more interesting. Too soon for her liking, it was again time to go school shopping. She’d always hated that because of all the crowds.

Then, it was time for school and fourth year. Some things changed, others stayed the same. She started branching out with acquaintances, though only one of those she considered a friend. Lottie, a third year girl in her house, became the closest to a romantic relationship Amber had. They acted like they were together physically, but weren't so they both still had their freedom. They enjoyed teaming up to tease others as well, especially guys.

The bad parts of fourth year had to do with Tim's biological father and his biological sister. Amber didn't think she'd ever meet people that inspired so much hatred, but it happened. It made things very difficult. She had thought that it would be easier if at least one of them would leave, but she was proven wrong.

The summer was normal, with Mr. Morrigan arranging extra lessons. Until she was called back to her parents. She hadn't heard from them since before second year. After overhearing their plans for her, she snapped and killed her father. Terrified of what would happen next, she stunned her mother and went to Mr. Morrigan for help. He helped her get her mother charged with the crime.

It seemed strange to go back to school after that, but as no one knew she was involved, that's just what she did. Fifth year was academically horrible. Muggle studies was now a required course. She skipped the classes as a protest and failed. Towards the end of the year, her mother passed away in Azkaban. In a strange series of events, that was the catalyst that caused her and Tim to admit their feelings for each other.

The summer was spent in yet more extra lessons. But instead of fun ones, they consisted of muggle studies.

Sixth year arrived and wasn't much better than fifth. The only saving grace was her relationship with Tim. Maz was attacked and spent months in the hospital wing. The only good thing about it was that she had time to make up a muggle studies notebook. Amber and Tim used it to test out of the course. Amber still knew almost nothing about the muggle world, despite that.
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