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 Hadley Baxter
Hadley Baxter
 Posted: Jan 27 2015, 06:09 PM
Hadley Baxter
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27-January 15

Hadley Baxter

user posted image

Full Name: - Hadley Baxter
Blood Status: Half-blood
Nationality: English/French
Place of Birth: Swansea, Wales
Date of Birth: Feb 21 2060
Age: 14
House and Year: Ravenclaw 4th year
Spoken Languages: English - some French
Relationship Status: Single, but who has time for that anyway?

user posted image

Eyes: Hazel green
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'6

Look Description:
Hadley is a very pretty girl, though she doesn't act like she is. Her appearance for the most part is something she tends to as a necessity, not out of vanity. She is aware that she is attractive in the eyes of some, but it doesn't really matter to her one way or the other.

She has wavy dark brown hair that is lightly highlighted with lighter shades of brown. Said hair falls to the middle of her back and frames her face nicely, which she generally wears down unless she is in potions class, flying, or running, and then it is only up in a ponytail until she is done. Her eyes are a bright hazel green that tend to change shades depending on her mood or what she is wearing, they are fairly almond shaped and are not overly large. She has thick long lashes and she does keep her brows thinly trimmed, as she really can't stand bushy eyebrows. Of all her features, her eyes are probably her favorite.

She stands right at 5'6 and weighs in around 125 pounds, and doesn't expect to get much taller. She doesn't mind being short though, it does have it's advantages. She is well toned and has decent muscle in both her arms and legs, for her age, mostly due to her running a lot and flying. She has a slender body so the muscles do show some, as do the curves of her hips and chest.

user posted image

Dressing Style:
Hadley prefers casual clothes and for the most part wears muggle clothing for this reason. Unless there is some kind of a party at school, she can usually be found in jeans, t-shirts or other nice blouses, and she generally wears sneakers or other casual flats. If there is a reason to, she can and will dress up and is rather fond of dresses and heels, especially higher heels.


Character Description:
Hadley is an all around nice girl to know, though she doesn't go out of her way to trust everyone she meets, she will at least speak. Where she is fairly friendly she also doesn't have a lot of patience for people who talk constantly or who don't take their schoolwork seriously, and for Merlin's sake try not to bother her when she is studying. She does like things to be a certain way, and as such does her best to remain very organized. She likes to keep her area of the dorm clean and everything in it's place, notes done a certain way, things like that. She can also be a bit stubborn when she has the mind to, generally this would concern breaking school rules that might have greater consequences than detention or something she simply doesn't feel like doing, or on the other hand, something she really wants to do and is told no.

She is often tenderhearted, in that certain things will leave her with hurt feelings or feeling slightly insecure. This bothers her a great deal but she is the sort that wouldn't question what was said right away, always wanting to think it was a misunderstanding. Once the matter is settled however, she rarely thinks on it again.

She is very protective and caring by nature, which her father says will be very helpful to her goal of becoming a mediwitch. She tends to do her best to defend people when they are being attacked or bullied, although she really doesn't care much for confrontation, she doesn't like to leave people to fend for themselves.

She doesn't like to goof off too much until all of her school work is done, the exception being for Quidditch practice or games. Once done however, she is right back to her schoolwork and then once finished she will find time for other things. This isn't to say that she is all work and no play, Hadley does like to spend time with her friends doing other things, she just prefers to have her school work done first, or at least most of it. She simply has a goal for herself in mind and that has to come first, keeping up with her grades is the most important thing for that goal right now. Hadley is still fond of all the things most teenagers like to do, dancing, exploring, playing exploding snap, and collecting chocolate frog cards. She will even join in a harmless prank every so often or sneak out to the kitchens at night, if properly persuaded.

Chews the inside of cheek or lip, depending on the situation
Wrinkles her nose sometimes when something amuses her
Will frown when concentrating on schoolwork, or just lost in thought.


Tender Hearted

Music - muggle or magical it doesn't matter

Being cold
Bullying in any form
Being bothered when studying
Lightning/Thunder that follows

Boggart: Werewolf

Patronus: Swan (note- if someone has swan already, please let me know i'll change it. I just haven't looked at every profile)

Patronus Memory The day her father came back. She was so happy to see him alive and back in her life that she had hugged him for what seemed like forever, to just be sure he was really there. She had been so sure she would have practically been an orphan that seeing him will forever be the happiest moment in her life.


Wand: Willow. Phoenix Feather. 7 1/2'


Divination - Who came up with that mess anyway?
Offensive Spells

Family and History

Father: Grayson Baxter - Pureblood/Werewolf - Alive - Ex-Auror
Mother: Adalyn Baxter (Dupont) - Muggle - Alive - absent
Siblings: None that she is aware of.

Pet: Ransuil Owl - Mixie

user posted image

Hadley was born to parents who had once been very much in love, though her mother is a muggle. Unfortunately her father made the mistake, of hiding from her mother, the fact that he was a wizard until after they were married. Her mother was really unable to deal with that for long, and one day when Hadley was three she packed up her daughter and left. Her father had no idea where she went, as he had been away with his job when she left. He had made every attempt to find them, but Adalyn had fled to America and lost herself there. Essentially Hadley grew up as a muggle and without her father until she was nine.

However it wasn't to last, as strange things had started happening around her whenever she was upset or overly emotional in any way. Her mother tried to ignore it, or make excuses for it, however when Hadley had accidently sealed her mother's lips shut because she had been yelling at her, that was enough. Once someone from the Ministry came and fixed her mother, she packed up her daughter, flew back to Europe to hunt down Hadley's father. She was unceremoniously dumped there with the man she no longer knew, in tears because she was hurt, scared, abandoned, and very confused all at once. That, unfortunately, was the last time she ever saw her mother.

Her father had been overjoyed to see her again, it had been six long years afterall. However, they did not know each other and Grayson had had no other children, so heartbroken over the loss of his wife and child as he had been, he had thrown himself into his work instead. As such, he had no idea what to do with a child, and Hadley was afraid of him because, even though her mother had briskly told her he was her father, he was a stranger to her. She hid from him every chance she got, but he finally won her over when she saw him perform magic one day. It had been his last ditch effort to get her to come out from behind the sofa one night. He had charmed a small toy to dance across the floor to her. She had been so amazed that she forgot all about being afraid of him and told him all about the things she had done, that had made her mother mad. From then on they were nearly inseparable, unless he had to go away for work, and those times she stayed with her aunt.

They still had some things to work through, for one Grayson had no idea the kinds of things girls liked or needed, and was frequently calling on his sister for help in the matter. Things had settled down quite a bit over the year, but tragedy struck not long after her 10th birthday. Her father, being an auror for the Ministry had gone away for quite some time to do something very important. Hadley was with her aunt when they received the news that her father had been gravely injured and was away for medical care. Only her aunt had been given the truth of the matter. He had been attacked by a werewolf, and though he had survived the attack, it was yet undetermined whether or not he would actually live.

Her father did in fact survive the transformation, but had specifically requested his sister take care of his daughter until he learned how to live with, and manage his new condition. As such when Hadley received her letter from Hogwarts, she still had no idea whether her father would live or die from whatever it was that caused him to be away and needing medical treatment.

Hadley was fairly disheartened when she arrived at the train station for her first ever ride to Hogwarts. This was mostly due to the fact that after everything her father had told her about the school, he hadn't been there to see her off. Once she got there however she found many things that lifted her sadness, starting with the train ride itself, as she had never ridden one before. Her aunt had given her some money to be able to purchase snacks for her journey as well. She was very shy and awkward from the moment she found a seat on the train, so she didn't make any friends right off the bat, but she did talk to a few people. Once she got to the school she found she was so busy looking at things, that she didn't have time to be sad or scared, though she did have to be given an encouraging shove when her name was called for sorting. She had been sorted into Ravenclaw, and though she wasn't sure she would make a good fit she was welcomed and greeted happily. She actually found that she was a perfect fit for the house, as even in her first year she spent most of her time studying and trying to find her way. There was just so much to learn! She managed to make a couple friends as well, which helped her relax some.

Where she did not go home for the holidays that year, when summer came she found a wonderful surprise waiting for her at home. Her aunt had picked her up, but instead of going to her home, she took Hadley back to her house, which left the girl very confused. She had the worst feeling in the pit of her stomach and her aunt nearly had to drag her into the house. She didn't want to go in, in the event it was because her father had died. Needless to say it was quite a happy shock to see her father standing in the den. She had been in such a shock that it was several minutes before she moved, and then she was all tears and laughter. It took her a long time to release her father so that he could move freely, but she had missed him so much. She could see he was still sick, so she tried not to ask, but she couldn't help herself. Later that evening she learned what had happened to her father, and she was afraid all over again. He assured her that he would be alright, he had a supply of the wolfsbane potion that would help him during his transformations, but he would still not be anywhere near her when it happened.

She had spent the summer not afraid of her father, but more afraid for him. She also spent the summer going through her school books and pestering her aunt for information on werewolves. There was nothing that she could do then, but she did find out that her father was going to have a terrible time going forward, as no one trusted a werewolf. Through some miracle, he was allowed to maintain a ministry job, though he was no longer allowed to be an Auror, safety precaution and all that, was the official reasoning. He was given a position within the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, provided he took a full week off every month, budgeting was the excuse there. He was put in charge of relations with werewolves and other undesirables, he didn't much care for it, but he was grateful just the same. He was at least able to care for his daughter then, though he did have his sisters help throughout the year, until Hadley went back for her second year of school, properly seen off by her father.

Second year was a bit better for her. She made a couple solid friends and kept to them mainly, though she was still friendly and open to anyone who spoke to her. She found she liked her potions class very much, and knew that eventually she would learn about the potion her father needed. It would also help her in her endeavor to become a mediwitch, something she had decided on when she had to be seen by the school's mediwitch for a cold. She was very mindful of what she said, even with her closest friends, about her father or family in general. She was very private and closed off when it came to her family, but honestly, she kind of had a good reason. Ditched by her mother, and a werewolf for a father. How much more dysfunctional could it get?

When she went home for summer she found that her aunt had moved out again, but she wasn't far away if she was needed. She was constantly worried about her father, he seemed so much older when she came home, and there were times when he was very tired and almost weak. Between what she had learned in school and from her books, what he had told her himself, and things her aunt had told her, she knew they needed a routine while she was home. She learned quickly to recognize his symptoms when the full moon was coming, and as such payed close attention to the moon so as to have as much warning for her father's mood swings as possible. They took care of each other the best way they could, he doted on her every chance he got, and she was there before and after his transformation to help pick up the pieces. She grew up a lot that summer.

Her third year came too quickly and she was once again leaving her father behind. She knew he would be alright, but she worried about him just the same. On top of her constant studies, she decided to try out for the quidditch team. Her father had played as keeper, so she wanted to play as well. Turns out she was a decent flier, and though there wasn't a place for her as keeper, it turned out she made a really good chaser. Her father had bought her a new broom when she had written to tell him she had made the team. Other than that, her year was pretty standard. She did find out, that on top of her other weak subjects, that she had no mind or patience for Divination and actually though the class was a complete waste of time. Luckily she had chosen Care of Magical Creatures as well to offset it, but she wished heartily that she had chosen Muggle Studies instead.

The summer after her third year was excellent, as her aunt carried her off to France for two weeks. She had a great deal of fun, just sightseeing and learning about the magic school there, but she also felt bad that her father wasn't to join them. The full moon week was the second week they would be gone however, and he would not risk it. She often wondered if her aunt had planned their trip that way on purpose, but hated to think ill of her. As always the summer had gone by too quickly, but on her return from france, her father had a surprise for her. When he took her to get her school supplies, he also purchased her an owl. The one she chose was just adorable to her, she had tufted ears that she wiggled about from time to time. Her feathers were soft and a variety of earthy colors, so she had named the owl Mixie.

Too soon she was off to another year of study and learning. She had said her goodbyes to her father and aunt at the station, and joined her friends for their trip back to school for her 4th year..

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