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 Pavon Basilius Sannesley, Student, 4th year
Pavon B Sannesley
 Posted: Oct 10 2014, 01:48 PM

Pavon B. Sannesley

user posted image
3rd year

Full Name: Pavon (Pavonis) Basilius Sannesley
Blood Status: Pure-blood
Nationality: English
Place of Birth: Wales, Gwydir Estate, later lived at Bodiam castle, East Sussex, England.
Date of Birth: 16th August 2060
Age: 14
House and Year: Slytherin, 4th year
Spoken Languages: English, German, French (just enough for light conversation)
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Relatively short, swept back and to the side, kept neat and tucked behind ears where needed. The colour used to be somewhere between light brown and honey blond. But for the new year at Hogwarts he had dyed it rather dark brown.
Height: 5''6, while hoping to grow even taller, he's rather happy that he's no longer 5''2.

Look Description: He carries himself with an air of importance and maturity even at the age of 14, or at least he believes he is achieving the desired effect. His hair is at all times kept tidy, although without anything artificial to keep it in place. While a year ago his physique was still fairly lean, Quiddich practice, work and a little something had filled him out a little in that department. The robes with their not really form hugging attributes make this less obvious. When he does not wear them his preferable colours for coats – tailored and buttoned over at the front – are anything from green, blue, gray, white and black. He will not be found wearing pink nor any of the similar hues, nor is he too keen on too brightly coloured clothes with uncomfortably 'loud' colours. His cheekbones are somewhat more prominent, lips relatively average in width, while his nose is straight and of average width and length. His skin is paler and will burn if exposed to the sun for too long. He doesn't really tan much but will freckle.

Dressing Style: Pavon prefers robes to casual clothes. Although not as well off as in the past and with an actual budget to consider, he will attempt to still dress to impress. Fine properly tailored clothes may be presently few and far between, but he prefers a small number of quality pieces to a great number of frumpy ones. Being often cold, he has a pair of woolen gloves in his pocket – in house colours - and will often wear them even if the temperature does not require it. Another detail that he feels keeps it all together, are the scarves, often intricately woven. These do show wear however.


Character Description: Pavon tries to present himself as a calm, aloof individual. While wishing to appear unfazed by the fact that the present is certainly not as glorious as it once was nor as it should be, his temper often betrays him. He is not unsocial and actually quite enjoys the company of others. He enjoys lingering in the common room as late as they are allowed and will usually seek out a spot where he has a good view of the whole room, while also a good amount of warmth from the fireplace. When the opportunity arises and he finds a way to have others do things for him or instead of him, he will certainly try to exploit it. Since he had to earn some money fast in his 3rd year, he began doing favours for people, in exchange of money. While he had to actually do work, he was still exploiting their willingness to pay for it. He is not generally lazy although it may appear so. He will study diligently and try his best to do well in classes, especially those that require magical skill. Surprisingly he does enjoy classes that deal with magical creatures and beasts, whether hand on, or in theory. His attitude towards muggle-borns is reserved. He does not trust them and generally has a poor opinion of them.

He will sweet talk himself out of trouble if he can and sulk, when he fails to succeed. Sarcasm is not beyond him either, though he might try the far too polite and friendly approach, especially with teachers. He would be playing the innocent when guilty, the poor victim, when a perpetrator. Of course, this doesn't work, when the opponent is Mickey Crawford. He has tried it, failed it and had to work the rest of his summer away, while the other boy got rewarded with all sorts of things - at least that is what he is convinced of. He can be stubborn and set in his ways even when all evidence points to the contrary.

Quirks: Wearing wool gloves when it isn't cold as a sign of his now much more imaginary status. He likes to 'dramatically' swish his robe when nobody's looking.

Strengths: (Minimum 5)
- Loyal: If he finds someone he considers worthy to be loyal to, he will stand by their side no matter what. However he still considers most as close or distant acquaintances.
- Sweet talk: He can pretend to be polite, proper and sweet and pull it off quite well. He will try this mostly with teachers and where he needs to divert attention from himself to someone else, and if they get all the blame, so much the better.
- Manners: He certainly knows how to act properly at the table, any table, especially those that require a separate knife for every dish deserved. He can dress for the occasion, and he will not be an embarrassment in public if his temper doesn't betray him.
- Dealing with creatures: He has an affinity for the danger that has claws, beaks, scales, fur or anything similar. He may not charm every beast into liking him and he will know better than to march up to any of them, thinking he is safe just because. However he can pick up on the signs and read their body language well enough to know when it's safe to approach and how to change his own to deliver the right message back.
- Can keep secrets: While he might be willing to use certain secrets to his advantage, he is quite capable of keeping them too. He will act quite ignorant, his silence on the subject even more certain when he feels pressured to betray what he knows. He will also attempt maneuvers such as steering the conversation in completely random directions and will lie if he feels that will end the interrogation sooner. If the secret is from an acquaintance and it benefits him more to tell it however, he might weigh the pros and cons of both options and choose one that will be in his own best interests.

Weaknesses: (Minimum 5)
- Physical strength: He is lean and relatively short and can be easily overpowered in a fight. If pinned down, he will probably have more success cursing at the person in question, than anything else.
- Desire to be social and recognised: He will forgo some of his pride if it means he can be included in some group thing or other. He might attempt to impress even if it means doing something he should not be doing and getting in trouble for it.
- Pride: He is proud of what he is and rather bitter of the current situation which he believes to be unfair and wrong. If he or his family is insulted or made fun of, he will act before thinking, throwing caution to the wind.
- Stubbornness: If he believes he is right, he will not apologise, he will not step down and will not change his belief for anything. Even if he realises he may have been wrong, he will rather 'ignore' that it ever happened than to apologise or voice his new retaliation.
- Cold: He loathes it. While he will soldier through much its the cold that might convince him to give in. He will claim the spot closest to the fireplace, he will argue for it and it is for the best that no one dares to hide his blankets. That would be one prank he would not understand.

Likes: Antiques, money and luxury, warmth, sun rays, fire, many of the magical creatures and beasts, snakes, birds and several non magical creatures as well, attention is also something he quite enjoys having, especially if adoration comes alongside with it, Potions, Defense against Dark arts and Transfiguration, mansions, gardens or parks, chocolate frogs, scones with cream and strawberry marmalade..

Dislikes: Muggle-borns, muggles, loosing money, rainy and cold days and having to go out during that time, every flavour beans – he's gotten the bad tasting ones one too many times, Ministry of magic, Aurors, screaming vegetables, lice and mosquitoes, the press, especially when his family is being the one slandered.

Boggart: Auror


Patronus Memory:


Wand: Hawthorn, Phoenix feather, 12 3/4

Strength: (Strong area of magic) DADA, Potions
Weakness: (Weak area of magic) Divination, Astronomy

Family and History

Father: Perseus Pallas Sannesley
Mother: Cassiopeia Ceres Ponsonby
Siblings: Older brother Perseus Percival Sannesley who is at large – three years and counting.
Pet: Saw-whet owl Greif: Due to her size she is really more of a pet and is usually not used for post. Although she is small, she can peck quite painfully and will aim for face and eyes, if angered. She adores her master, and will sometimes 'preen' his hair even if against his wishes. One of the toots that she makes resembles a saw being sharpened on a whetstone and if ignored she will happily toot her heart out until she gets what she wants. Of course there are other more pleasant vocalisations too. She was a gift from the Ponsonbys on his fifth birthday.
The family's owl is a barn owl called Fay. More regal, this owl accepts the existence of Greif but doesn't much care for it.

Background: Once a rich and influential family the Sannesleys suffered a chain of unfortunate events which left them with a diminished fortune and a house that easily reflects their downfall. Their present residence is much smaller with aged windows and doors, bricks that have seen better days and a roof that at least does not leak. The house may still feel large for most people, but for the Sannesley's it feels much like as if they had moved into a small cottage with barely room to turn.

Their life had not looked so bleak at first. The great grandfather was 40 at the time of Voldemort's demise, the first son 16. He perished during the fighting and the second oldest was destined to continue his blood line. They still had influence, power and money. Then began the first inquires and investigations. The Sannesley clan was quite fortunate at the time. The Aurors did not come. They had many convicted criminals that they needed to catch, a good few families against which evidence was mounting. The Sannesley family chose to lie low. Their role in the whole scheme had not been proven even several years later. Perhaps it had been that the witnesses to it were no longer able to point accusing fingers at them, or that they truly had done very little to allow for a persecution. Sons married eventually. The next boy was born in 2021. His name was Perseus Pallas. In 2045 he married Cassiopeia Ceres Ponsonby, whom he met once before entering Hogwarts. They had their first child Perseus Percival in year 2050 and their second much later in year 2060.

They had moved to Gwydir Estate just a little before Pavon was born. The reason for the visit was not merely to have some clean, fresh air and a change of scenery, but more so, some peace and quiet, as the pressure on the family members had escalated unexpectedly. New evidence had surfaced that not only connected the great grandfather and his sons to the events 75 years ago, but that suggested that the family still had ties with some of the escapees and their families and was no better now than they had been decades before. They made no secret where they were going, more for fear that they would also be accused of running and thus condemning themselves as guilty.

They were perhaps fortunate that the whole process took much longer than they had first anticipated. Things began turning for the worse again eight years later. At the time they lived in Bodiam castle and kept their socialising to the barest minimum for fear that the next meeting might be with one of the people the Aurors were keeping tabs on. Perseus Pallas was taken for questioning about his present dealings and that of his elders. His great grandfather had since passed away at age 105, still particular interest was shown in his background and the rule he may have played 75 years ago. Of course there was no secret that the grandfather had been taken for questioning at about the same time. Next came the interrogation of the wife, then their elder child. In the end their grandfather was arrested. Most of the estates were confiscated, access to most of their accounts blocked, which forced the Sannesley family to move to their final and present location. It was three years later, when Pavonis received the letter that he was to attend the school of Hogwarts that the Aurors insisted on paying them their next visit. They demanded to see Perseus Percival, since his name had popped up in one of their more recent investigations. The older brother had left home days earlier however. Interrogations followed nearly up till the day that Pavonis left for school. Nobody knew where he was. No letters were received since, no indication whether their son was still alive, where he was and what he was doing. Perseus Percival was as good as gone from the world. The black mark on the family remained.

The family has since been struggling to regain their status and fortunes.

Pavon's 3rd year was rather eventful. From progressing from foe to friend with a Hufflepuff pureblood girl Maz, who he ratted on at the Halloween dance, and who later saved his life when several older boys wanted to dangle him over the staircase after which he would have gone splat on the ground and break his neck, to working for Kynthia and earning himself a coat, and a collar for his cat, to meeting an Auror whom he did not consider a complete monster, for the first time. He was teased by Amber rather cruelly in their common room, had a fight with Mickey on several occasions, and even had some other exchanges, usually negative, with other Gryffindors, such as Thomas, Aliana, Imogen etc. He even had a fight with a Slytherin in which his cat did a noble job of scratching her bloody. He made sure that said cat received a big reward for that.
His most important achievement however was ensuring his brother's safety while he tries to figure out how to prove that his brother was an innocent man. This goal continues into his next year.

During the summer camp a werewolf attacked him and Maz, and he was made aware that they - who, he does not know - were watching.

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