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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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 Sloping Off, Maz/Tim
Maz Cowan
 Posted: Apr 19 2018, 12:26 PM

It was a strange version of Maz that listened to the Headmaster’s announcement without passing comment and then walked all the way to the egg hunt without uttering a single word. Dressed all in black with the hood of her jumper pulled over her head it was obvious to her fellow Hufflepuffs that the Head Girl was not available for company that day. Maz was in a mood, mostly at herself and just a little at others for having the cheek to exist.

Even as she argued with Dusty during the Minister’s speech she didn’t seem her usual self. For one thing she never raised her voice once and nor did she threaten the boy as she tried to convince him to cover for her. She also spent far too much of her time looking around with narrowed eyes as if she expected something to happen.

“Ah’ve covered fur every wan eh you.” She told the boy quietly as the speech came to an end and she turned away from the Prefect. “Dae it or don’t. Ah fail eh give a fuck.”

With her hands shoved into her jeans pocket Maz kicked her booted feet as she walked back the way they’d just come. She didn’t care if she got caught, she didn’t care if she got into trouble. She was leaving the field and that was that. The pub beckoned.

Luck was on her side as she made it out of the field and back to the village without being stopped. She glanced around herself, looking once at The Three Broomsticks before setting her course for The Hog’s Head. A much less pleasant establishment but one that suited the mood she found she couldn’t shift.

It didn’t take long for her to reach her destination walking with her hands still hidden and her head bowed. She didn’t bother taking her hood down when she reached the bar, it wasn’t needed in such a place. After ordering a beer, bottle not tap Maz sat at the table in the corner of the room furthest away from the bar and the other customers. Staring into a bottle of beer wasn’t as good as staring into a pint but she supposed it would just have to do.

Timothy Morrigan

user posted image
Timothy Morrigan
 Posted: Apr 25 2018, 03:07 PM

While Tim had hoped to be able to avoid the Easter celebration that the Ministry had decided to throw, he couldn’t honestly say that he was surprised to find that attendance was going to be mandatory. It briefly crossed his mind that he should just duck out and hang around the school; however, the odds that there would be too many other people around told him that would probably be boring. Then he caught sight of Maz lining up with the others and he knew staying back was out of the question.

She was dressed in a manner that he almost hadn’t recognized her – she was sending out massive warnings that she just wanted to be left alone and he was all set to ignore them completely.

Tim mingled with the Slytherins as they waited for the Minister to open the ‘festivities’ and ignored the man along with most of the rest of them. As the group was finally freed to go and have fun, Tim brushed off Melissa – the girl he’d been spending some time with recently – to trail after his friend. Maz had gotten a sizeable head start; and, by the time Tim had arrived in the village, he couldn’t spot her.

Given the way she was dressed he figured that she’d headed for one of the pubs – and he doubted she’d picked the Broomsticks. It was a more active location and she didn’t seem like she was in the mood for a crowd. He ignored the voice in his head that pointed out that she clearly hadn’t been after company either and entered the Hog’s Head.

Maz was just settling in with her beer as he arrived. He ordered one to match and then crossed to join her at the table. With a slight grin, he took a sip from his bottle and then asked, “I thought the plan was to do shots?”

Maz Cowan


Thanks for the arts, G!

All Characters:

Maz Cowan
 Posted: Apr 25 2018, 07:43 PM

Maz’s view of friendship was a strange thing, but a view she thought that everyone else got, at least when it came to friendship with her. The view was a simple one, easy to follow - it was all on her terms. If she wanted company she’d find you, not the other way around. Of course that didn’t stop people approaching her if they saw her in passing and felt she was in good spirits. It did stop them from seeking her out on those occasions when she chose to disappear though.

She spotted the feet and attached legs coming her way and was just thinking what would be the best way to tell the owner to fuck off when Tim spoke. Maz sighed. The one and probably only person from the school that she wouldn’t send away with threats ringing in their ears just had to be the one who came to find her.

“Technically it’s not a Hogsmeade day.” Maz answered his question and kicked the chair across from her out from under the table. “An’ this is neither a clean nor comfy pub. Nae agreement has been broken.”

Maz sat up and pushed her hood back with one hand before pulling out her hair that she’d tucked down the jumper. “Anyway am tryin’ eh brood here as sad an’ pathetic as that is it’s whit am doin’. Shots is nae good fur the broodin’.”

“Also...” She sat forward leaning towards him. “If ah keep pullin’ ye away fae lassies fowk’s gaunae start tawkin. It’s too close tae exam time fur me eh be worryin’ aboot knockin’ heids in.”

Timothy Morrigan

user posted image
Timothy Morrigan
 Posted: Apr 26 2018, 03:48 PM

“That’s fair,” he agreed as he settled into the seat across from her, his arms resting on the table, “A technicality though.”

A smile flashed quickly across his face, vanishing just as fast, as she explained that she’d come to the bar to do some brooding. She’d been so matter of fact about it that it just struck him as funny. Generally, Tim prided himself on not being the sort to intrude on someone’s personal space when they wanted to be alone and wallow, and here that was exactly what he’d done; inadvertently or not.

“Well, I’m not going back to the stupid fair they set up but I didn’t mean to intrude on a good brooding session. They’re important from time to time.”

Pointing over his shoulder with his thumb, he asked, “Would I be too close if I just moved over to the next table?”

“You’ve only done it twice,” he replied with a laugh.

“And I don’t think there’s anyone at this school – teachers included – that would be willing to cause issues for you this close to graduation. You don’t have enough left to lose, and they know that there’ll be hell to pay after exams – if it’s not a bad enough infraction to deserve immediate correction.”

Maz Cowan


Thanks for the arts, G!

All Characters:

Maz Cowan
 Posted: Apr 27 2018, 11:58 AM

“That’ll be why ah chose tae use the word technically then I suppose.” She paused a second and took a drink from her bottle. “Anyway, dinnae see you living up tae your agreement.” Maz sat back crossing her arms as she did. “Really ah should be disappointed, never did realise yer such a slacker.”

Maz glanced at the window when Tim said he wasn’t going back. She would have looked out if it weren’t for the coating of filth blocking the view. “Cannae say a blame ye. Some’hin’ aff aboot that… the air feels aw thick an’ tense. Some’hin’s brewin ah reckon.” She did more than reckon, she knew. She just didn’t know exactly what was going to happen and was annoyed at herself for choosing the pub over the hunt where she might be able to help when things did go tits up. On the other hand though she was sick of her need to help and the last time she’d put herself somewhere she felt she shouldn’t be because nothing was clear to her she’d ended up in the hospital wing for months. She was so not doing that again.

“Stupid, Morrigan, they are stupid.” Maz really didn’t like when she got herself into a mood and she never did bother to hide that fact. “Ah need tae dae it though… got a mood ah cannae shift by usual means. So ah thought ah’d take some time, sort shit oot in mah heid then move onwards.” Another pause as she took a drink and when she spoke again it was clear she was reciting words spoken to her. “Cannae live a whole life oan impulsiveness alone.”

“Kicked the chair oot din’t ah?” Maz scowled playfully. “Yer here noo an’ if ye move ah’ll hit ye.”

“Twice? Is that aw?” Maz frowned as Tim laughed. “Whit wur they…” she trailed off, her gaze wandering to the side as she thought. It had been something that had come up in the common room before - Maz and her habit of ignoring girlfriends whether potential or solid. “Ah done it tae that long haired Ravenclaw aswell noo that he’s much nicer lookin’ way shorter hair… ah pull Dusty away fae fowk but he’s mah bitch so totally allowed… couple eh Gryffindors… another Ravenclaw...” Finally a smile broke. “Whit the fuck else am ah supposed tae dae when ah want attention? Ask politely? That’s boring!”

“You continually underestimate the stupidity of people mah dear naive Tim. If people were really smart they widnae piss me aff ever but then life would be so dull.” The girl shrugged before taking another sip of beer. “Exams is another reason ah need this shifted. Ah freaked oot a bit way the O.W.L.s withoot any’hin’ weighin’ oan mah mind.”

“Ah’ll dae it though… am determined as fuck an’ am probably makin’ issues bigger than is warranted.” Mostly Maz already knew how she was going to sort it out, mostly she was working up the will to do what she needed to while she huffed about having to do anything. A couple of potentially awkward and difficult conversations and it should all be fine… or so she hoped.

“How come ye urnae way some lassie anyway?” Maz asked putting of one potentially awkward, difficult and possibly revealing conversation since it was one she had to have with Tim. “It’s no like you eh come an’ find me. It’s most peculiar.”

Timothy Morrigan

user posted image
Timothy Morrigan
 Posted: May 1 2018, 03:08 PM

It had sounded fine in his head when he’d replied, good even, but then came Maz’s momentary pause and it struck him that he’d basically just said exactly what she had. This was another one of those moments where he just wished he could inhale and pull the words he’d spoken right back out of her ears. Feeling like a massive idiot, Tim sighed and took another drink from his own bottle as she pointed out his mistake.

“See, that’s a bit of your mistake then, I’ve always been a slacker.”

His mind raced as he tried to think of what agreement he was in violation of, but the only thing that had come to mind couldn’t really be what she was talking about. They joked around a lot, but he had real trouble – especially with her – determining where the joking ended and where she was serious. Once again, he found his mind drifting back to the possibility of actually trying to hook up with her.

A small voice in his head wanted to try, just to spite Amber. However, he knew that his friend didn’t deserve that. Then, another voice, which had been around a long time – since before he’d hooked up with Amber – that was truly interested in trying. The dichotomy between the two just left him kind of confused and uncertain when it came to his oldest remaining friend.

Tim hadn’t really felt anything off, other than concern about his friend, but at her proclamation, he became a little nervous. Her feelings about this sort of thing tended to be more spot on than most; his memory drifting back to the riot in Diagon Alley when she’d come rushing out of nowhere to find him and the others, as though she’d known right where they were going to be. It was always a little bit disconcerting, but he’d long since come to accept it as a part of her.

“Something’s always brewing,” he agreed quietly, knowing she meant something more immediate, “even more now with the Ministry and my grandfather apparently deciding that dueling events are the way to go.”

A grin flashed across his face as she railed against the mood that she’d admitted she’d come to the pub to indulge in; at least she had a plan to get past the feeling. He snorted at the last statement, “I don’t know that’s true. Planning is fine, but it impulsiveness is what always gets stuff done. You shouldn’t underestimate that.”

“Merlin knows I wouldn’t want you to hit me…” he chuckled, “although, that can be fun sometimes. So, all the same, I guess I’ll just stay put.”

Her exclamation made him laugh.

“You’re not wrong,” he agreed with a bright smile.

Just as he was about to reply that life would be so boring if there weren’t people around to piss them off, she seemed to hit upon the same idea. He laughed softly and amended, “I don’t know that I underestimate them – but sometimes I appreciate the break from the boredom.”

He could completely empathize with the concern about exams coming up. It wasn’t as if he really needed to do well on them to have a decent life. Any job he took would be about the activity, not the money. Still, he didn’t really want to end his tenure at Hogwarts by bombing all of the exams. Then she mentioned that she was probably making the issues seem bigger than they were and he nodded.

“That is generally how that goes.”

“Hey now, I come and find you plenty; and look at you, all dressed in black with your hood up in the middle of spring… if that’s not a cry for help, I don’t know what its…”

Then he shrugged, “As for why I’m not with anyone else, Melissa’s starting to talk summer plans. She’s still a sixth year, so I’m not about to make any long-term plans there. That means it’s time to cut and run.”

Maz Cowan


Thanks for the arts, G!

All Characters:

Maz Cowan
 Posted: May 2 2018, 06:44 PM

“Well am most disappointed then.” Maz told Tim as she drained some more of her beer.

“Maybe yer feart. Am that awesome an’ ah know it kin be quite intimidatin’ like. Or!” She’d quickly seen the potential for a bit of a daft guessing game. “It’s actually really wee doon there an’ ye dae magic oan fowk whit fur whitever reason disnae work oan me. It lists tae wan side? Ye’ve four nipples… This is actually quite fun. Whit else could it be… A woman’s arse! Yer half goblin! Yer pubes grow straight! Ye wur born way a tail! Crack acne!”

She stopped to drink down the beer ready for another one.

“Or ye just dinnae want tae.” She added lowering her voice as she leaned towards him. “An’ ah wiz right an’ you’d make yer cute wee sad face.” Maz pouted in demonstration as she tilted her head to the side.

Maz’s problem with her and Tim hooking up had gone into a whole other line of issues. She’d do it. She’d have done it before, eventually, if he hadn’t gone and turned all serious about life. While the agreement had been a joke she also hadn’t been joking. Actually she still wasn’t sure how much of it was a joke, it varied, changeable depending on what she was feeling at the moment.

“‘Nother beer?” Maz asked before standing without waiting for an answer. She went to the bar where she got into a discussion with the barman about what beer he had on offer. At one point she hopped up and leaned across the bar, her feet dangling above the ground. Names of beer escaped her but she’d know one she hadn’t tried when she saw it. When the man sitting at the bar joined in the conversation Maz glanced his way before saluting then sliding back to her feet. A choice had been made.

Soon she was sitting with Tim again and handing him a beer. “Apparently it’s nice and rich.” She took a taste herself and nodded. “Not bad.”

“Aye, but it feels like it’ll bubble over the day.” There was a seriousness about her that showed the sincerity behind her words.

“S’no me whit needs telt.” Maz informed her friend. “It’s the others.” She waved a hand around vaguely even though her others were five people at most. “It wiz fine when ah impulsively signed up fur uni.”

Maz grinned at him when he said he’d stay put. She didn’t expect any different of course but it was nice that he was staying. Even in her huffy state she enjoyed Tim’s company.

“Ah never am.” She returned his bright smile. “An’ isn’t it funny how naeb’dy complains when ah drag lassie’s away.” Granted that happened a lot less often since Maz was rarely interested in gossiping with the girls or anything else they wanted to do. Sometimes though she thought that a good gossip or general chat about boys was exactly what she needed.

“Maybe ah need a fight?” Maz wondered as the talk of people pissing her off brought the thought to the front of her mind. “Good wee battle sounds a rare ‘hing right noo.”

She nodded her agreement with his statement. It was how it generally went. She knew that. So why didn’t she just stop the brooding and get on with getting on.

“Ah find you mair.” Maz shot back playfully then regarded him with a quirked brow. “Well it’s no fuckin’ that anyway. Am perfectly capable eh helpin’ masel in life.”

Maz laughed, louder than before much more like her usual self than when she’d walked through the doors. It wasn’t that she was over her huff and more that she was generally a happy person, even in her brooding moments she could laugh. “Ah bet they aw ‘hink ye want tae settle doon. Yer a longhaul boyfriend now mate, aw tagged an’ labelled… they look tae the future they see wedding shite an’ poopin’ babies. But sadly nae naked Sundays.”

With her mood lightened a little and laughter still about her face Maz had one of her ‘Oh fuck it’ moments. Though she became serious her eyes didn’t lose their light - a good sign that she wasn’t slipping back into brooding. She glanced around to make sure no one was close enough to listen. “You kin help me the day. Ah’ve some’hin’ ah need tae tell ye… some’hin’ ah should’ve telt ye months ago… maybe years.” Maz shrugged. “Ah dinnae know. It’s just wan eh they ‘hing’s ye dae it long enough an’ it sticks an’ it’s whit ye always dae.”

Maz had often thought over the years that keeping what she could do a secret was stupid. She’d been told to do so since she was old enough to understand though, before she’d encountered any of the prejudicies and mocking scorn reserved for those with her abilities. She liked to think she could handle it now if everyone knew she was a seer, what she didn’t consider was the fact she might not be able had she had to handle it years before.

“Anyway…” she paused for another drink. “Ah kin find stuff and… people.” She told him as she sat the bottle down. “It kin take a while but if there’s a connection tae kindae zone in oan… aye, ah kin find it or them. If ye want some’dy findin’ then...” She let it hang there. It may not be clear it was an offer but that’s exactly what it was.

Timothy Morrigan

user posted image
Timothy Morrigan
 Posted: May 3 2018, 03:49 PM

Again, he was stuck wondering at just how bad he was when it came to reading his friend. While he’d meant his response more as a joke than anything, he couldn’t tell if she’d taken it in the manner that he’d intended, or not. The last thing that he wanted to do was truly disappoint his friend. Ah well, since they were there brooding he didn’t want to go spending time making it worse so he didn’t bother to press for clarification and, instead, joined her in another drink.

At least, that was his intention, but he ended up choking and sputtering at her attempts at guessing just why he’d been putting anything off. It took several moments, but he finally managed to get his breathing back under control and he sputtered, “Damn it, she’s on to me…”

“Whatever will I do now that she knows all my secrets…”

“I could see guessing one… but all of them?” he finished with a grin.

Tim smiled softly and added, “I can assure you that it wasn’t that I didn’t want to. We have joked about this a lot over the years, but it’s always seemed mostly like joking. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested – I’m more than interested – but I wasn’t quite as sure that you were.”

“Normally I’m a bit more assertive when it comes to this stuff,” he chuckled, “but I can count my friends on one hand and I don’t want to press or expect anything that would have messed things up between us. It seems I’ve done that once, and that’s enough for me.”

Then his smile brightened, “If you’re telling me that you’re truly interested, then I’d say let’s get out of here. The castle will be mostly empty at this point and we can do something to get your mind off of this bad feeling you’ve got.”

“Please,” he replied setting his empty bottle on the table as she rose, gone before he’d even gotten the word out. His mind raced as he watched her chat with the guy behind the bar, and even with the customer sitting there. He tried hard not to convince himself that there wasn’t any reason to be nervous about her departure and that she’d be right back.

He smiled brightly as she rejoined him and took the bottle from her, looking it over and – unsurprisingly – finding that he hadn’t heard of it before. They kept a fair amount of alcohol around the Caer, but Richard wasn’t a huge drinker of beer. Tipping the bottle toward her, he took a sip and agreed with her, “It’s good.”

Then they were back to the seriousness of the day and he couldn’t help but worry even more. She wasn’t letting go of it and that likely meant that there was going to be a serious issue. Suddenly he found himself thinking back and trying to remember if he’d seen any Aurors stationed around the field. Normally, he wouldn’t have thought there would be anything major that they’d need to be involved in, but one never knew; and things really had gotten strange recently.

Tim didn’t think he’d heard about her signing up for University, “Oh yeah? What did you sign up to study?”
Her observation surprised a laugh out of him – mainly at the direction of his thoughts – and he shrugged, “Of course the guys wouldn’t complain. Our minds all immediately fall into the gutter when that sort of thing happens.”

“I haven’t had a good duel since Amber left. I’d absolutely be game…”

There wasn’t anything to do but nod in agreement; she really did find him much more frequently than he managed to find her. A playful grin spread across his face then and he asked, “Are you sure? Because I’m more than willing to be your knight in shining armor if you need it…”

“See? That’s the deal breaker right there,” he smiled as she laughed, “I might be able to put up with the rest for a bit, but not without naked Sundays.”

“What’s that?” he asked curiously. It didn’t seem like her, at least not like the ‘her’ that he knew, to have held back from telling him something that she thought he should know if she believed it was important.

“You can find stuff… Isn’t that why you got sorted into Hufflepuff? Aren’t you all supposed to be good finders?”

He recognized the offer she was making – even if he only vaguely understood how she was offering – but it wasn’t something that he felt he should, or even wanted, to take her up on. Amber had left of her own free will. Trying to chase after her and drag her back wouldn’t help anything. Their relationship had always been based on being on the same page and wanting to do things together. Trying to force her back would change that; it was better to let her live her life and he would live his; and they would just have to see how everything turned out in the end.

Maz Cowan


Thanks for the arts, G!

All Characters:

Maz Cowan
 Posted: May 6 2018, 12:35 PM

Maz grinned when Tim played along with her moment of silliness. That was why she’d always liked spending time with Tim. The two went along with whatever line the other was stringing without question and had a laugh while they did. She held her arms out. “Whit kin ah say? Am just that good.” She noted smugly.

His tone softened and Maz smiled. Tim often struck her as very formal and sometimes it tickled her as it did then. With her elbow on the table Maz rested her chin in her palm as she listened to him. Her smile took on a smirking quality for a second as he finished while she considered messing with his head just a little more. It’s what they did to each other, what they’d done for a long time - he’d just said so.

She changed her mind at the last minute and instead she took a sip from the bottle. “Okay then, aw jokin’ aside… ah want tae as well. Wanted tae that time in the hidden room an’ that time in the courtyard ah just…” Her hand dropped from her face as Maz became much too interested in peeling the label off the bottle she held. She didn’t even glance up at Tim as she admitted. “Ah shat oot it an’ while ah didnae quite run away ah kindae sped walked way style.”

“But ah’ve decided enough’s a-fuckin’-nuff.” She could hold his gaze again though she still picked at the label. “So whit if ah turn oot like Jen an’ cannae walk by a randomly wankin’ tramp witoot jumpin’ him? That’s just some’hin’ ah’ll huv tae learn eh live way.” Even as she joked she was speaking a true worry she held. It wasn’t the main but it did weigh on her mind from time to time. “Ah mean ah’ve fuck all against sleepin’ aroon’. Boaby daft’s fine by me but it’s the standard comes intae it”

“An’ it’ll no mess ‘hings up cause - an’ am bein’ honest here - ah’ll be usin’ ye. But ah figure that’s fine since you collect notches an’ ye’ll be gittin’ wan ye’ve wanted fae whit; third or fourth year? A mutual kind eh usin’.” Maz paused a moment with a frown in place before it cleared and she added. “Ah fancy ye in that yer a right good lookin’ guy but am no crushin’ oan ye or fuckall. We’re no gaunae git aw odd way wan another. An’ anyway, ah came eh this school intendin’ tae flit aboot makin’ nae friends an’ then well… you.” She scowled playfully at him. “Yer in this friendship fur the long haul, Morrigan. Ah like ye so ah plan oan keepin’ ye aroon… whitever that might entail.”

“Cannae be the day though.” She shot him an apologetic look. “Am Head Girl. Ah should probably stay near so ah kin at least try eh lie that ah just nipped away fur a wee pee. Yer free eh find me later if ye want tae but.” She finished with a smirk.

After another drink she leaned towards him again. “Kin we stoap being aw serious an’ kindae formal aboot it noo though? Disnae feel the right vibe fur it.”

Maz nodded. “Aye. Am studyin’ magical creatures. Whit else wid a Cowan do?” Maz grinned. “Ah wiznae aware yours ever left the gutter.”

“Ah mean a fight fight. It might be worth punchin’ someb’dy. An’ ah dinnae ‘hink the good people eh Hogsmeade wid take too kindly eh us duelin’ in the street.” Normally, when drinking, she didn’t care what the good people of Hogsmeade thought but she was only on her second beer, she needed to put a bit more away before caring ceased being an issue for her.

“Suppose ah might be up fur huvin’ mah arm twisted.” Maz appeared thoughtful for a moment. “Whit ye up fur savin’ me fae? Like a dragon or an enlarged flobberworm? Ye up fur dressin’ fur the part?”

“Ah know, right! They’re a total must, maybe Topless Wednesdays as well.” She drained her bottle. “S’awright though, ye kin always visit me oan Sundays. An’ it’s your round.”

“Haha. Funny c**t you ur.” Maz narrowed her eyes to slits before she grinned. “Ah am the best eh aw the finders. Obviously.”

“Seriously though, ah huv mah ways an’ if ever ye want tae find her just geez a shout an’ ah’ll give it a go.” It was good that he’d made light of it. What she needed after all the time she’d spent dwelling on the issue. While she had been looking for an answer to her offer it already was enough that she’d made it. She’d done her bit and there was nothing more she could do until Tim asked her to, if he asked her to.

Timothy Morrigan

user posted image
Timothy Morrigan
 Posted: May 7 2018, 03:46 PM

“You are that…” he grinned at the smug look on his friend’s face, “Of course, now I’m going to have to obliviate you before you can go spreading my secrets… Unless you have some other method in mind that I could ensure you’re silence?”

Somehow, it surprised him that Maz matched his candor with their discussion. In fact, it threw him for a moment, as he had to formulate a way to respond. He’d truly expected her to continue the joke and to leave him in the dark even just for a bit of fun at his expense; especially considering the smirk she’d worn. Fortunately, she expounded on what she meant it gave him more than enough time to gather his thoughts.

It hadn’t occurred to him that part of her concern might have been her relationship with Jen. Granted, he didn’t know the Professor that well other than through class and a few times meeting her when visiting Maz, but he hadn’t realized she was quite that… active. With a smile he assured her, “It’s fun, I’ll grant you, but it’s not going to make you lose your self-control.”

“Besides,” he grinned before finishing, “if the urge gets to be a bit too much you can always come find me. I understand that I’m pretty addictive.”

Tim laughed at her comment about her being the one using him. This was precisely the way the he liked to be used and he wasn’t about to complain. With a smile he said, “That’s probably a good idea. In my experience, it’s always best to have your first time with someone who’s had some experience and I’m not too modest to say that applies to me.”

“Good! Now, I know this is going to be really hard – or, at least history has informed me that it is – but so long as you don’t go getting all hung up on me this should work out fine,” he teased then he smiled more sincerely and agreed, “but you’re right – you’re stuck with me regardless. It was never my intention to come to Hogwarts and make a million friends and I like to think I’ve succeeded at that.”

In fact, Maz was one of a very small number – possibly two – that Tim would actually consider friends. Even if he still counted Amber, it was only three. He’d happily talk to most anyone and work with them if it was called for, but it took something special for him to call someone his friend.

“I definitely want to,” he smiled again, “now that you’ve got this in my head – and it’s a thing that’s actually going to happen – I’ll be making a point to track you down as soon as possible. Not sure I can get into your common room, but if needs be I can send Trystan for you if you’re stuck up there.”

“I don’t know…” he teased playfully, “I take my sexy-fun-times extremely seriously…”

“Anything you wanted,” he answered honestly before smiling and amending, “though I don’t know that I really have any room to talk. I’m seriously considering attending as well and officially getting my Charms Mastery. My other option, at this point, would be pretty much going to work to help my grandfather, and I really don’t think I’m ready to do that.”

“There’s way more potential for fun at the University.”

Again, he laughed and agreed, “That’s true, but there’s always deeper gutter…”

This time he considered a bit more before nodding and offering, “I’ve never been as good at the physical combat as Amber was, but I can hold my own. The nurse never seemed to appreciate when we’d come to visit her after Amber needed to let off some tension.”

“At least, not when my normal tension relieving methods weren’t what she was looking for,” he finished playfully.

“I’m a Slytherin,” he reminded, “we’re all about saving our own hides so you might be on your own for something like a dragon. But I could absolutely manage an enlarged flobberworm… or… at least a normal one.”

“That said, we’re also super into the drama and spectacle of it all – you’ve met us, drama queens every one – so of course I’d dress the part.”

Tim laughed and replied, “I would be down for a Topless Wednesday too,” as he rose and went to gather the next round. The bartender and the customer didn’t seem nearly as interested in chatting him up as they had been with Maz so he returned quickly, setting a bottle down in front of her and reclaiming his seat. Taking another pull from his bottle he said, “You never know – if we’re both at the University, maybe we’ll end up rooming together… or maybe we’ll get so fed up with our roomates that we’ll be compelled to get our own place.”

“Of course you are, whatever could I have been thinking?”

Another drink, and he replied, “I appreciate your offer and maybe I’ll ask one day. But, until then, she’ll be found when she wants to be.”

“So,” he asked, fiddling with his bottle, “if you’re this concerned about something going badly at today’s affair, do you think maybe we should actually go be a little closer? Not that I don’t like being here drinking with you, but if we might be needed…”

Maz Cowan


Thanks for the arts, G!

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Maz Cowan
 Posted: May 8 2018, 08:38 PM

“So that’s how it is, is it?” Maz questioned as she narrowed her eyes. “Ah keep yer secrets fur years then just cause you come eh know whit ah know ah’ve tae be obliviated?” She shook her head. “Ah’ll just no be tellin’ ye aw yer other secrets ah know noo.”

“Well you wid say that. You wur brought up by a normal person.” Maz waved a hand as if to shoo away Tim’s pesky words. “Ah’ve made mah peace.” She let out a long suffering sigh.

She too finished with a grin. “Ah’ll bear that in mind.”

Maz bobbed her head in agreement to his point. “Well if am doin’ it ah may as well be doin’ it right.”

“Don’t tell me whit tae dae.” The scowl she shot his way quickly turned to a frown. “Wait a minute. How’s it only me gettin’ hung up oan you whit’s the worry? Yer the wan punchin’ above yer weight, Morrigan. Ah tell fowk ah’ve been way you an’ they’ll be like - Awrite. Good fur him.” You tell fowk ye’ve been way me an’ they’ll be aw shocked like - Whit? You! Way they ears! Yer jokin!.”

She returned his sincere smile with one of her own when she’d finished teasing.

Maz let out a laugh and shook her head at his plan. “Ye cannae send Trystan! That’s no nice that sendin’ a wee brother eh git the lassie yer want tae bang. Yer a right wideo sometimes.”

“That’s why am plannin’ oan usin’ you an’ no wan eh the others.” Maz noted with a smirk.

While she had smiled at his honesty and appreciated the sentiment. The problem was she still didn’t know what she wanted to do. She’d gone through life assuming that she would eventually but there was just too much she could do. The choice to study creatures had come about because she’d decided she’d much rather deal with animals than people.

“Dae it! Git it done now!” Maz told Tim seriously. “Git up tae that University an’ sign up. Ye dinnae want tae git stuck way aw the stuffy twats at the Ministry afore ye absolutely huv tae. Come an’ hae fun way me.”

As she laughed too Maz nodded. There was always a deeper gutter. She believed Jen had been stuck in it for years.

“Ah’d ah kicked both yer arses… same time. Nae bother.” She was proud of the fighter she was. It had always been more important to her than dueling. Up until she’d turned seventeen it had been more useful to her too. “The nurse anaw. Fuck it!” Of course she was also joking, even if she did believe what she said.

“Well that’s no so good… just a wee flobberworm.” She paused for a moment of thought. “We’ll just huv tae ‘hink up some other roleplay.” She was back to teasing Tim.

“Course ye wid. Mair fun fur you eh look than it is fur me.” Maz told him as he left the table. She grinned when he returned and took a sip from the bottle as soon as it was in her hand. When Tim spoke his suggestion Maz looked at him like he’d just had the best idea anyone ever had.

“We should dae that!” There was a tempered excitement in her tone. “Cause ah’ve been ‘hinkin’ am done sharin’ a room. Jen says ah kin stay at her bit, actually ‘hink she believes ah am but fuck that.”

“Ah dinnae even care that yer jokin’, that is the best idea. Cause as much as ah like mah ain company it’d be weird tae live oan mah own.” Which was why she hadn’t already looked into getting her own place, and why she wasn’t even considering going home. “Ah could tolerate you. An’ am a fuckin’ delight so obviously it’d be awesome fur yersel as well.”

Shrugging she shook her head as she smiled. “Ah keep tellin’ ye ye underestimate people… me included.”

“Okay.” It was only then that it struck Maz that Tim hadn’t asked why she believed she could find Amber or anyone else for that matter. She could go along the thinking that he didn’t actually believe she could. She didn’t. To save her anymore time dwelling on the issue she chose to believe he believed and that he didn’t need to know why or how. The thought made her smile as she drank some more.

“Ah suppose we should.” Maz answered with a quiet sigh. “Go be responsible an’ shit.” She made no move to get up though. Her beer wasn’t yet finished and she was reluctant. “Am warnin’ ye though - these types eh days ur bloody awful. It’s aw so pit oan. Naeb’dy actually wants tae be there but they act like they dae an’ their smiles git really weird.”

There had been times through the years when Maz had been dragged along to events in the village near Jen’s. Sometimes they also went further afield depending on Jen’s boyfriend or circle of friends at the time. There had been times she’d enjoyed the days out but they’d become less enjoyable as she’d grown.

Timothy Morrigan

user posted image
Timothy Morrigan
 Posted: May 9 2018, 02:55 PM

With a mischievous grin, he shrugged and replied, “That’s the way it is. And it’s cute that you think I haven’t already obliviated you several times. Though, I would be very interested to hear just what secrets you have on me that you think I don’t know and approve you knowing… maybe we can come up with a deal after all…”

“I love my grandfather, I really do, but I don’t know too many people that describe him as normal.”

It was true. Richard Morrigan was a politician though and through, with all the attendant etiquette and lack of actual-defining morals. Tim wouldn’t have traded his childhood for anything but he never would have described it as normal either. His little family had been remarkably close but also extremely damaged.

“Be sure that you do,” he smirked at her grin, “if you’ve already given into the idea that you’re going to become irretrievably hooked, then you’ll want to remember that I’m here for you.”

Again, her words surprised a bark of laughter from him and he agreed, “How convenient, that’s my motto for this topic as well.”

Laughter sparkled in his eyes as she caught on to what he’d said and replied indignantly. It was pretty much exactly the response that he’d been hoping for and he was glad to see it. Maz wasn’t one, as far as he knew, to really get on a good mope, but he was still glad to see her laughing and joking again. He’d been a bit concerned when he’d seen her wandering off on her own.

“I suppose we’ll see, but you seem to have a really high opinion of yourself about something that you’ve never done before…”

Tim grinned and shrugged, “I’m not saying I’d tell him what I wanted to see you for. However, it might be good for the kid anyway. His dad seems to shelter him something fierce.”

“Then my reputation has done its job.”

Her emphatic and instant response hadn’t quite been what Tim had expected and he blinked at her demand. Without Amber, he didn’t really have any particular urge to enter the dueling circuit, which was one of the primary things they’d been discussing. Earning his charms mastery seemed as good a thing to do with his time anyway, and – by all reports – the University could be a lot of fun. Knowing that he’d be attending with Maz tilted his decision a little bit and he found that he was now just assuming he’d attend.

“I’ll get that done next Hogsmeade weekend, today seems a little busy to be the day. Right?”

“You keep thinking that,” he taunted, “but you’ve never seen us fight. I don’t have enough close friends remaining at the school to risk putting you in the hospital wing, so I think we can just pretend you’re right this time around.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, I have a good imagination for this sort of thing and I’m sure I can come up with some fun games for us to play.”

Another grin spread across his face, “I don’t know… Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that you’ll be amazing to look at but I’ve been told I’ve got a lot to offer too…” Even sitting at the table, and knowing that it would look even more ridiculous in this position, Tim flexed for her. In the effort, he almost knocked over his bottle and looked just about as stupid as he’d expected.

Her excitement surprised him a bit and it took a moment to figure out just what it was that she was so worked up about; he grinned when he remembered what it was they were discussing. Tim could only nod in agreement about how done he was with sharing a room. While he hadn’t minded over the summers with Amber, it was something different to move from the crowded dorms of Hogwarts to a smaller room with some other person who he wouldn’t know anything about until it was too late.

“Won’t she be staying at the school?” he asked curiously.

“Or she was offering to let you stay in her quarters here at Hogwarts? Because I would think that would get sketchy fast; and as much as I loved my time here, I kind of can’t wait to leave it behind.”

She was right that he had originally said it as a joke, but the more she talked about it, and the more he thought about it, the more he felt he might have been on to something. With another laugh, and a smirk, he said, “Ok, I think this could work. Though, unless you’re planning on ignoring our terms and trying to keep me all to yourself, we might want to set some terms about visitors.”

“I don’t know if that is true. About you – I have a very high opinion of you – but of the others. How can I underestimate them if I have no specific expectations?”

Her understanding was exactly spot on. If she told him that she could do something he’d come to believe her. Tim couldn’t particularly care less how she would be able to do the things she offered; unless she wanted to share it with him, it was her secret. Keeping the confidences, and allowing the secrets of his friends and allies, was one of the lessons that his grandfather had taught him well.

“It’s moments like this that I’m disappointed that I’ve been made a Prefect. I can only imagine how much worse it is for you as Head Girl.”

Much like her, he made no effort to bring their conversation to an end or to rise. When it was time, he’d go along with a minimum of fuss – especially since it had been his idea, but he didn’t want to go either.

Maz Cowan


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Maz Cowan
 Posted: May 11 2018, 10:59 AM

“How dae ye know it’s no me alterin’ your memory though? Maybe we’ve had this conversation afore, maybe ah jist like messin’ way ye. Lit ye ‘hink you’re the wan in the drivin’ seat.” It was her turn to shrug.

“Compared tae Jen.” Maz stated as though it should have been obvious. “Honestly ye’d git a right fucked up novel oot eh mah life way Jen… So long as it wiznae done fae Jen’s point eh view. That’d be porn.”

“This is why we’re pals. We matchin’ mottos an’ every’hin’’.”

“Ur you sittin’ there doubtin’ me, Morrigan?” She asked with one brow quirked questioningly. “Huv we no talked aboot this underestimatin’ kick eh yours afore?”

While Maz had to agree that yes, that day was a bit of a busy one she certainly wasn’t happy about admitting it. “Fine, yer right.” She muttered and added as she took a drink of beer. “Stupit, good fur nuhin Easter.”

“Ye huv tae dae it though.” She told Tim seriously. “Ye cannae lit me ‘hink yer gaun then no bloody go an’ leave me way aw the wallopers. That’d be extremely unfair ae ye if ye did that an’... ah widnae want tae like but… ah’d be forced tae hurt yer member.”

“Brother-dad’s kin be like that ah hear.” She tried to explain the sheltered life Trystan had led.

Her smile was wide and bright at his taunting. “Naw, but ah’ve seen the fallout whit’s left when ah fight.” The confident tone was there backing up her words. “Keep hospitals in business so ah dae.”

Maz choked back a laugh at his flexing attempts leaving just a thin-lipped, stretched smile as evidence of her amusement. “Very sexy, mate. It’s a good job am sittin’ cause am aw weak at the knees noo.”

“Ye dinnae want tae follow in yer brother-dad footsteps an’ be a professor wan day then?” Maz asked just because she didn’t like to miss an opportunity to mention the brother-dad thing.

“An’ naw, she wiznae offerin’ her quarters though the chair there is quite comfy.”

It was a complicated relationship Maz had with her aunt. The two seemed to love and hate each other in equal measure. They both thrived on their love to hate the other but could and would be supportive if a situation called for it. Jen had always been most supportive during Maz’s troubled nights and had offered space in her room if Maz felt in need of it.

“She meant at her hoose. Ah’ve been dreamin’ eh the day a leave there fur years. ‘Hink ah sent oot the wrang message way no movin’ oan mah seventeenth like ah’ve always said ah wid but… well, ah just wisnae quite ready.” She shrugged, it was true. When the time had come, as bad as life at Jen’s had sometimes been Maz just hadn’t wanted to leave. “Ready noo though.”

“That’s easy.” Maz waved away his concern. “Nae shaggin’ in the shared areas unless it’s shaggin’ wan another. Ah’ve lived a life eh wurryin’ aboot sittin’ in stranger juices when am eatin’ mah cereal an’ ah refuse tae dae it again.”

Maz shrugged. “Dinnae know but you manage it enough.”

“Am oan the way oot mah mood so am no even gittin started oan that.” She looked annoyed as she narrowed her eyes at the table. “Mair trouble that it’s been worth.”

After downing what remained in her bottle Maz slammed it on the tabletop. “Suppose we should git movin’.”

As they left she asked Tim, “So where dae ye want tae live?”

Timothy Morrigan

user posted image
Timothy Morrigan
 Posted: May 26 2018, 05:15 PM

Again, Tim laughed. With a shrug and a grin, he allowed, “I suppose that’s possible – but it would be really funny if that was what did us in, in the end. We turned our brains into mush because we spent too much time obliviating each other because we can’t let the other know what’s going on…”

It always made him feel badly that she was forced to spend with her Aunt when the two clearly didn’t get along that well. While there would always be a part of him that wondered what things would be like for him if he hadn’t been abandoned by his parents, he would never complain about the way things had ended up. As far as he was concerned, Richard was everything that a parent should be and he couldn’t imagine a better childhood.

“There’s nothing wrong with a good porn,” he offered with a playful grin, “after all, there are times that you just have to take care of business and there isn’t anyone around to help.”

“I knew there had to be a reason,” he added with a chuckle.

“We’ve talked about it before, but you’ve apparently yet to win me over. Maybe someday Cowen, but not yet.”

It was a rare occasion when Maz was forced to admit that he was right about something and he could only smile smugly. Much the same as when she managed to get an admission out of him; although, he was aware enough to admit – to himself – that those situations arose a lot more frequently. Ah well, he considered as he took another drink, that was all the more reason to enjoy them when they came up.

“I will,” he assured her.

“I’ll send an OWL on Monday and stop in to visit, if I have to, on the next Hogsmeade weekend. I promise that I won’t be abandoning you to deal with it all on your own. Especially not with that threat hanging out there – I have no idea what I would do if that wasn’t working properly.”

With a frustrated sigh he grinned and nodded, “I’ve heard that about them too. At least I only have to deal with him tangentially – and in just a few weeks the amount I’ll have to put up with him will reduce even more.”

“Yeah,” he teased, “I’m sure there’s a lot of need to keep the healers busy with the brushes and scrapes that you deal out.”

Tim chuckled again and took another drink, “I’m sure they are. You’re lucky I’m not too keen on taking my shirt off in public…” he took another drink and grinned at her, “at least not when I’m not about to do something fun.”

“You couldn’t pay me enough to come back here and teach,” he replied emphatically.

For the life of him, he couldn’t understand how she would know whether or not her Aunt’s chair here at the school was comfortable. He could understand becoming acquainted with the furniture back home, but at Hogwarts there always had to be somewhere better that she could go. There shouldn’t have been any need to sleep on a chair. Though, if she had to do that for some reason, at least it was comfortable.

“It’s got to be nice to know that you have somewhere to stay if it comes to it – but if we’re going to be staying together we should get our own place. After all, it’s not like we can’t afford it – between the two of us. Hell, we could afford to have a place specifically built if we can’t find something that tickles our fancy.”

“That sounds like a plan that I can live with.”

Then he grinned mischievously, “And, if nothing else, I can swear that I won’t shag anyone on the kitchen table even if we get carried away.”

More trouble that it was worth… that had seemed like a common thread in a lot of things in Tim’s life recently. It was a shame to hear that it was something she was dealing with as well. He always wished better for his friends. With a shake of his head, he polished off his own drink and rose, “Whenever you are…”

“We’ll have to do some looking around,” he answered as his eyes roamed the village. He wasn’t too fussed about where they stayed if it was somewhere nice and private. It was something they could think about later though – for now, it was time to head back to the festival and see just what it was that had Maz so on edge.

*Fade Scene*


Thanks for the arts, G!

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