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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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 Taren Rayne
Taren Rayne
 Posted: Apr 3 2018, 09:27 AM

Taren Rayne

user posted image

Full Name: Taren Rayne
Blood Status: Fey
Nationality: Seelie Court
Place of Birth:Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Spoken Languages: Taren, like most Fey, can communicate in all mortal languages, though he feigns fluency in English, French, and German.
Relationship Status: Unknown


Eyes: Most of the time, Taren’s eyes are a brilliant sky blue, though they darken as he becomes angry. In the depths of his rage they present as a dark gray, and if you look close enough they appear as rolling clouds.

Hair: Blonde
Height: 6’3”

Look Description: Taren is tall and willowy, though his slight frame hides a remarkably strong body. He is quick and graceful, and wears his hair long.

Dressing Style: Despite not seeming to have a job or any means of support, he always dresses extremely stylishly, and mostly to show off his form.


Character Description: While, most of the time Taren is easy going and quick to laugh, he also has a hair trigger temper and can be easily offended. He is also quick to help others, though he always remembers a favor given and will collect at some point.

Quirks: His laughter is deeper than one would expect, sounding almost like a rumble of thunder.

Strengths: Taren is clever and resourceful. Due to the extreme length of his existence, he is also remarkably experienced. In addition, he is charming and widely considered attractive.

Weaknesses: On the other hand with all of that experience, Taren is remarkably stubborn and proud. He truly believes that he knows best and anyone who disagrees is a fool. He is meddlesome and a troublemaker at the best of times and these are not the best of times. As well, he appears and presents himself as a human, though he is not. His desires are not the same as the mortals around him and he is remorseless when it comes to using them to achieve his ends.

Likes: He loves thunderstorms and will go out of his way to have the chance to enjoy them. Mortals entertain him, both magical and muggle, and he is always looking for a challenge.

Dislikes: Taren detests being trapped inside or being bored. If he finds himself getting bored, he will find a way to make his own fun.


Wand: As a Fey, Taren doesn’t need to use a wand to access his magic, though he is in possession of several that he is capable of using just fine.

Strength: Illusions and charms
Weakness: Dark Arts, especially Blood Magic

Education There are no records of Teran Rayne every attending a magical school.


Position: Teran Rayne has never held a job in the mortal world.

Family and History

Background: Almost nothing is known of the man known as Teran Rayne. There are no records of him for any who care to look. This is because it is the mantle chosen by a Fey known as Taranis. As a Lord of the Seelie Court, Taranis hasn’t walked the mortal world in generations. His attention has been focused elsewhere but things have been shifting in the mortal realms recently and it has caught his attention and brought him back to the realms of men.

user posted image
=Art by G=
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