The Auror’s didn’t know what to expect when they arrived at the Norwood house on Christmas Day. They certainly didn’t expect the scene of murder and muggleborn hatred that greeted them.

It is reported that on Christmas morning, ready for a day of family merriment Michael Norwood, Head of the Magical Law Enforcement Department found his father, Hogwarts Headmaster David Norwood, dead. Murdered; possibly, by one or more who hold the most unshifting of purist views. The authorities were notified immediately and the Aurors were on the scene within moments. Since the Norwood home was in a muggle neighborhood, a cordon was quickly put in place to assist the Aurors in dealing with the curious muggles who were milling around.

A source within in the Ministry who was one of the first to respond, reporting on the condition of anonymity, described the scene to us, “It was a mess! I’ve rarely seen anything so bad in all my working life. How a human could do what they did to another… ghastly. More than one person was sick before Auror Mitchell arrived to clear the scene.”

We questioned our source as to whether there was anything that stood out. Something that could point to a perpetrator the source told us; “Mudblood - it was written everywhere. Some of it in the man’s own blood.”

Other Ministry officials who wished to remain anonymous verified these initial claims and went on to point in the purebloods direction. Some of them described the other anti-muggle messages daubed on the walls; ‘Dirty blood’, ‘Not welcome’ and ‘Purity of Magic’ were the most repeated after the worst word in our world.

It has long been known that the purists in our small community would like nothing more than Headmaster Norwood removed and a person of their own choosing in his place. I hope that the Board of Governors will prevent them from having their way after this appalling first step was taken.

Reporters caught up with Head Auror Mitchell, he refused to comment on the scene but did allow himself to be quoted as saying; “The Auror Department will not rest until the person or persons responsible for this most despicable crime are caught and brought to justice."

The Prophet has to wonder - Is this the beginning of the fight we’ve long known is brewing? Will we soon have anarchy on the streets? That all remains to be seen and in the meantime we extend our condolences to the Norwood family and mourn the passing of a truly great man.

Norwood leaves behind his son Michael, three grandchildren Isla, Fraser and Iona as well as two great-grandchildren David and Tara. The family have asked that instead of flowers anyone wishing to show their respects donate to a charitable cause in the Headmaster’s name.

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