Image and video hosting by TinyPicAfter a long period of time working in conjunction with muggle law enforcement the Aurors have taken the instigators of this summer’s riot in Diagon Alley into custody. Goddard Brooke, Neil Elliot, and Elroy Bryce were arrested by Aurors in the city of York. In an effort to escape justice, they had cut ties with their families and retreated into the muggle world. Were it not for the Ministry’s willingness to work alongside the muggle government they might have escaped all together.

An emergency session of the Wizengamot was called by Chief Warlock Saunders and the accused stood trial before the Court. In a nearly unanimous decision, all three were convicted and Elliot and Bryce will be spending the remainder of their lives in Azkaban Prison. Brooke will receive the Dementor’s Kiss for his part in the deaths of the Morrigans and the injuries of several others.

In addition, Robert Goethe, the ex-Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement has been convicted of Manslaughter and Criminal Negligence in his failure to ensure that the Law Enforcement Patrol was adequately staffed for the needs of keeping our people safe. Director Norwood, in partnership with the Minister and the Chief Warlock, have taken steps to nearly double the size of the Patrol as well as to increase the funding for the Aurors and the Hit-wizards to be certain that nothing like this ever happens again.