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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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 Apollymi Rowle
Apollymi Rowle
 Posted: Dec 4 2017, 04:28 PM

user posted image
Apollymi Rowle
16 | Slytherin | Straight | Single

Blurb: Apollymi is a naturally intelligent being, although she doesn't use her knowledge to boost her ego. She enjoys reading, singing and writing in her spare time. However, she carries an emotional wall which is hard for others to break down. She is mysterious, secretive and enjoys her own company. Apollymi doesn't belong in a big friendship group, as she prefers to limit her friendship to a couple of people she can trust.

Looking for:
Friends: Yes please!
Enemies: She will probably have a few!
Other: I'm up for anything else you can think of!

Reply (repeated for each character applicable)

[size=7][font=Broadway]Name & Name[/font][/size]
[b]Proposed Interaction(s):[/b]

user posted image
Thanks G for the art
Amber Elison
 Posted: Dec 11 2017, 06:41 PM

Apollymi & Amber
Proposed Interaction(s): Amber is a 7th year Slytherin, so they'd probably know each other, even if they aren't close.

Apollymi & Emily
Proposed Interaction(s): Emily is a 6th year Puff, so they'd probably know each other from classes.

Apollymi & Sasha
Proposed Interaction(s): Sasha is a 4th year Slyth, so they've probably seen each other around, but Sasha is a muggleborn, so...

If there's anything you see as a possibility, let me know! I have lots of others, but I'm not sure what we could do with them. If you think of anything, let me know!
Apollymi Rowle
 Posted: Dec 24 2017, 08:54 AM

Hey, Sorry for the late reply!!!

Apollymi and Amber: I have an idea that they could be allies or perhaps friends as they are in the same house and share the same views. Also, maybe Apollymi needs someone to back her up when confronting people (especially Killian & his friends)

Apollymi & Emily: I agree, they probably would just se each other around in class, but I don't think they would be friends. If Emily showed any pro muggle interest, Apollymi would show strong opinions against that.

Apollymi & Sasha: I agree, but Apollymi wouldn't take much notice of her but if Sasha was in trouble, Apollymi would stick up for her but wouldn't take any thanks for it.


user posted image
Thanks G for the art
Amber Elison
 Posted: Jan 6 2018, 07:51 PM

Amber isn't really the type to have friends, but she could work with allies. Let me know if you want to set something up.
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