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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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 Lysander Selwyn
Lysander Selwyn
 Posted: Jun 29 2017, 09:15 PM

Lysander Selwyn

user posted image

Full Name: Lysander Malachi Selwyn
Blood Status: Pure-blood
Nationality: British
Place of Birth: Selwyn Manor, near St. Ives, Cornwall
Date of Birth: September 1, 2060
Age: 16
House and Year: Ravenclaw, Sixth Year
Spoken Languages: English, French, Spanish
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Height: 6’ 2”

Look Description: Lysander is extremely tall for his age, though it – fortunately – seems as though he’s stopped growing. He wears his black hair cut short so it’s easy to maintain. His ice blue eyes shine with intelligence and cunning; and he has an easy, friendly smile.

Dressing Style: As much as he prefers the traditional wizarding robes, Lysander is comfortable wearing the more common muggle clothing that can be seen around the school more and more often over the years. His style of dress is most often predicated on what he is going to be doing and who he is going to be doing it with. It frustrates him, but he does have to suffer through glasses and he is reluctantly grateful for the muggle invention of contacts.


Character Description: Lysander is an easy going, laid back person; quick with a laugh and a joke. He is happy to talk to most anyone and will go out of his way to be helpful. This all covers up a much more traditional personality and belief structure. Like many of the purebloods, he pines for the day when things can go back to the way they were; the way they are supposed to be. He is content to play the game, fit in, and make contacts that can be used later – but he yearns for a return to the old customs and a sharp divide between the magical and muggle worlds.

Quirks: It takes a great deal of effort, but Lysander prides himself on not having any noticeable ticks or quirks. He sees things like that as a failing of self-discipline.

Strengths: Lysander is quick, both physically and mentally. Due to his bloodline, and their particular history, he comes from a great deal of money and the Selwyn family has maintained a great deal of its political influence. As well, Lysander is a credit to his House with particular talents in planning and research.

Weaknesses: Unfortunately, with his penchant for research and planning, sometimes he can be a bit slow to act. Also, with the privileges he grew up with he is more than a little bit arrogant; which can often times lead him to overestimate his own abilities.

Likes: Lysander likes music, and social gatherings. He loves to dance and enjoys intelligent conversation.

Dislikes: He is disgusted by muggles and by wizards who insist on believing that they inferior creatures are equal to wizarding kind. In the same vein, he is frustrated by magical folk who look down on the muggles but refuse to do anything to make their own world better.


Wand: 9” Cedar and Dragon’s Blood

Strength: Lysander has a particular gift for Transmutation, and a natural talent for Potions.
Weakness: Unfortunately, he is objectively awful at most forms of magical travel, including brooms, and he has a bitter distaste for magical creatures, so he spends little time improving in that area.

Family and History

Father: Malachi Leonin Selwyn
Mother: Danielle Alessia Burke
Siblings: None

Pet: Great Horned Owl named Victor

Background: The Selwyns are one of the few dark-aligned Pureblood families that have maintained their money and influence through the second rise of the Dark Lord and the war that it caused. During Voldemort’s first rise, several members of the Selwyn family were ardent supporters of the Dark Lord. Likely, the family would have fallen into the same trap as so many of their ilk if those same supporters hadn’t been killed in various conflicts against the Aurors and Dumbledore’s Order. Since there were no suriviving people to say otherwise, the family succeeded in claiming they were under the Imperious Curse and fled to France, intending to stay away from Britain until the cloud had settled.

As such, they were not in Britain for Voldemort’s return and there were no marked Death Eaters to be called back into service. They rode out the second war across the channel and watched in horror as the Dark Lord’s plans exploded in his face a second time. Almost before the body was cold, the Selwyns returned to Britain and took an active role in helping to stabilize the Government. They maintained their Ancestral Seat on the Wizengamot and – in fact – increased their fortunes. Delores Umbridge, by claiming to be a kin of the Selwyn family, found herself worse off than just her stay in Azkaban as the Selwyn’s took all of her family’s remaining capital in compensation for the damage that had been done to their reputation by her actions and lies.

Lysander was born and raised on the family estate in Cornwall, making friends with the Purebloods of his generation and looking forward to attending Hogwarts. Finally, the time came and he joined his friends on the train. The hat offered him a chance in Slytherin where several of the others had gone, but Salazar’s House still had a reputation that he was looking to avoid and so he found his home in Ravenclaw Tower.

For the most part, his years at school were peaceful and mundane. He did his best in his classes and tended to place near the top in each of them. He griped along with the other students as Muggle Studies was added to the required list, though he sucked it up and struggled through catching up with where he should have been for his year. It wasn’t until the attack on Maz Cowan that things began to change for him and he started to take a more active role. Her attack led to the downfall of several of the muggle lovers in the Ministry and their hangers on – he hoped that there would finally be a swing back toward the center. Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be and a more radical Minister was installed and it became clear to him that without clearer, more convincing voices in the Ministry and Wizengamot, nothing was ever going to change.


Thanks for the arts, G!

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