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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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 Lottie Cane
Lottie Cane
 Posted: Oct 1 2014, 01:12 PM

Lottie Cane

user posted image

Full Name: Charlotte (Lottie) Sue Cane
Blood Status: Halfblood
Nationality: English
Place of Birth: England, London
Date of Birth: 1st July, 2060
Age: 17
House and Year: Slytherin, Seventh Year
Spoken Languages: English, Welsh
Relationship Status: Single

user posted image


Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5"2

Look Description: Her shoulder length dirty blonde hair is normally kept in plaits or ponytails as to keep it away from her face but falls in curls down her back when not tied back. Her eyes are a glittering blue which she has always been fond of but has a hint of green mixed in. She has a dainty face with soft curves and makes her look rather sweet.

Dressing Style: She dresses in whatever she feels comfortable in, preferring jeans and a t-shirt than anything else. She is rather fond of hats and has a rather large collection at home. She isn't a fan of robes and would much rather parade around in her casual clothes than robes.

user posted image


Character Description: Very polite to those she trusts or respects but once she is angry she will do her very best to hurt whoever she is arguing with. She is very protective of people she cares about and would defend them to the world. A lot of her traits come from her mother, who was also in Slytherin, but she has a softer side which she believes she inherited from her father. One major trait that she has 'inherited' is her stubborn nature, often not accepting apologies straight away just to watch them stew.

Quirks: Scratching the back of her neck when she is nervous. When she is angry she grits her teeth a lot as if trying to ground her words to a halt. Another quirk she has is tapping when she is bored or waiting for something, this could be her wand, quill or finger.


Holds a grudge

Likes: She loves animals, having had kittens when she was younger. She also loves potions and finds that it is her favourite way to pass time apart from reading which she likes as well. She also has a playful side and loves to pull pranks and jokes on people; sometimes her jokes can get out of hand and get her in trouble.

Dislikes: When a ‘friend’ stabs you in the back, she doesn't trust easily but once she does and you break the trust she won’t forgive you easily. People who pretend to be stupid for attention and she has a strong dislike of vegetables, especially brussel sprouts.


Wand: Apple, Dragon heartstring, 12 1/2 in, Slightly springy

Strength: Potions and Charms
Weakness: Transfiguration and History of Magic

O.W.L Results:
O - Astronomy
EE - Charms
A - Herbology
EE - History of Magic
A - Muggle Studies
O - Potions
EE - Transfiguration
A - Ancient Runes
O - Care of Magical Creatures
A - Divination

Boggart: Her mother's corpse
Patronus: African Hunting Dog

Family and History

Father: David Sam Cane (Half-blood)
Mother: Aeres Catherine Cane (Pureblood)
Siblings: Lukas Martin Cane
Apollymi Leonie Rowle
Alexandros Tomas Rowle

Pet: Striped Owl, Caru

user posted image

Lottie grew up in a loving family even if it was slightly protective over her, what with her being the youngest girl in the family. Lukas, her older brother, was who she had always felt closer to and would do almost everything with him. He was the one who taught her basic potion making and spells she could practice once she reached Hogwarts age. Her mother, working in magical law, wasn't often around and when she was she mostly spoke about how unjust the law was.

Due to her mothers demanding work her father, who was an aspiring author for both the muggle and wizarding world, would often be the one at home looking after the kids. David, having been put into Hufflepuff during his time at school, was hoping that his children would be doing the same and was disappointed when Lukas got into Hogwarts only to be sorted into Ravenclaw house. He placed his hope of Lottie to carry on the Hufflepuff trend.

Growing up Lottie looked up a lot to her brother and her aunt (From her mothers side), Kendra, who was the coolest person to Lottie. Kendra was a cursebreaker for the ministry and always had cool stories to tell whenever she would come over to the Cane house. Stories that would enrapt Lottie from when she was young right up to her present day self. Lukas, on the other hand, found dragons more interesting and as soon as he passed his NEWT's went straight back to Wales to study the Welsh Green.

Although Lottie was brought up in London, her mother having moved there when she met her husband David, the family was often over at Wales to visit her mothers side of the family. Her grandmother, Katherine, always made Lottie feel at home with the smell of warm cookies that she steal and get away with it. Lottie adored Wales and was always happy to visit her grandma Katherine and grandpa Tomas. Both her grandparents would teach Lottie about the pureblood customs, Grandma Katherine going into details about Dark Artifacts that she had come upon.

What made visiting her Grandma and Grandpa's house even more special was being able to spend time with her cousins, Apollymi and Alexandros, who she adored. The cousins would often sit and listen to their grandparents talk of the olden days where Purebloods were respected and it caught all the cousins attention. It had been pure coincidence that both Aeres and Selene fell pregnant around the same time, the cousins all being of similar ages and therefore being able to be at Hogwarts in the same year.

On her 11th birthday she finally got her letter to Hogwarts. Her brother had just left Hogwarts the year prior a fact that sadden Lottie yet pleased by the knowledge that she would have Apollymi and Alexandros with her. She was very excited about finally learning magic and especially about the thought of making friends who she hoped would share her love of all things magic.

Once she got to Hogwarts she gave her father more disappointment by being sorted into Slytherin house, something her mother was pleased about. Despite her being focused on learning she did bond with a few of her classmates and found that it wasn't as bad having friends than she thought it was. Especially when they helped her pull pranks on the other students. Her first year seemed to go by fast and soon she was heading home with new spells running around her head and stories to tell to her family but most importantly it was a chance to see her brother again, something she had missed terribly when she was at school.

The summer was great, Lukas took her to Wales for a few weeks to show her the dragons and she was amazed by how big there were and how they could keep them quiet from the muggles. When her time with her brother came to an end she went back home to London and spent the rest of her time practicing her potions, her love for the subject growing from her time at school. Soon the holidays were over and it was back to school for her second year.

Her second year wasn't much different from her first, a few of her friends had given her the cold shoulder but over what she didn't know. Those who did she just ignored or sent a sneaky tripping hex when they least expected it, she didn't need them. This incident, however, made her become a little less open to those she still considered friends and those who tried to engage with her. Trust was becoming something of an issue and she didn't give it out easily, using a cold exterior to protect her from that happening again. The year ended and it was something of relief when Lottie could go home to her family.

The summer was more exciting as her mother and father took both her and her brother on a holiday to France, touring the city and just being a family. What happened at school with her 'friends' was only shared with her brother, not entirely sure what her parents would do if she told them. They spent the rest of the holiday back at London while Lukas went back to Wales until she started her third year of Hogwarts.

Her third year was an eventful time. She still had to put up with certain people putting her down for her half-blood status but that she got used to very quickly, she did become a little more 'friendly' towards a fellow student, Amber. That would be what she called the highlight of her year and it definitely made everything else worth it.

During the middle of her fourth year her mother got into a devastating potion accident, her father pulling her out of school to home school her while her mother recovered. She finally got her father to reconsider homeschooling her when she would be starting her sixth year and she is looking forward to returning to both her school and to her friends.


user posted image
~Thanks G for the amazing set!~
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