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 Alyssa Penrose
Alyssa Penrose
 Posted: Sep 24 2014, 12:35 AM
Alyssa Penrose
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2nd year
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22-September 14

Alyssa Penrose

user posted image

Full Name: Alyssa Leanne Penrose
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
Nationality: Welsh Irish
Place of Birth: Herefordshire
Date of Birth: 4/24/2057
Age: 16
House and Year: Slytherin, 6th year
Spoken Languages: Main: English Lesser used: Welsh, Rarely used: Gaelic
Relationship Status: Single - Are you brave enough?


Eyes: Large and expressive hazel eyes, that tend to float between colors.
Hair: Medium brown, falls to the middle of her back, generally with waves and large loose curls framing her face and falling over her shoulders.
Height: Aly stands at 5’4” and weighs around 110 pounds.

Look Description:
Aly is a very pretty girl for her age, and she knows it. She has hazel eyes that are almost a honey brown at times, other times they seem to be green with highlights of brown. She is rather slender, though not to thin as to be unattractive and plenty of curves for her small frame. She doesn’t smile often unless with her friends, but when she does it changes the often stern and harsh lines of her face into a softer, kinder look. Do not let that fool you however. Her smile could be friendly, if you are the right person or if she wants something from you. It is far more likely however, that her smile means you are in for a nasty surprise if you don’t get away from her. Aly isn’t overly tall, but she isn’t as short as her cousin Amber either. Just because she is small of stature, doesn’t mean anything. She is small, smart, and very dangerous in her own way.

Dressing Style:
Aly wears whatever is comfortable, which is generally based on her mood. She will wear jeans, shorts, and t-shirts, (It should be noted that the clothing is the ONLY thing Aly finds acceptable from muggles) or full length gowns, depending on the situation. Almost everything she wears is accompanied by high heels, wedges, or high heeled booties, which are her preferred footwear. She will wear sneakers if the occasion calls for it, such as school.


Character Description:
Unless you are family, or are considered a friend, the only way Aly is seen is cold, distant, uncaring, and generally mean, more often, very mean if not outright cruel. She has toned her cruelty down quite a bit, in the interest of not getting expelled from school, but she is still mean and nasty to nearly everyone she meets.

Aly is violently protective over those that she cares for or claims as friend, case in point she WILL go after anyone that goes after her cousin, whether said cousin asks for the help or not. She knows Amber can fend for herself, but sometimes Aly likes to give an extra reminder, that Amber isn't to be messed with, though it doesn't help as much as she would like, both she and her cousin are still harassed, maybe not every day, but it happens.

Aly is not all mean all the time, she can actual be very gentle and sweet, even caring, when she wants to be. She can also be very charming and flirty, she generally reserves this side for tormenting suitors her grandfather throws at her, but since she has several guy friends, she has also been known to playfully flirt at them too. She generally gets brushed off or receives massive eyerolls, as it is well known that she isn't seriously flirting with them...or is she?

Aly has a set circle of friends, it is very small and tight knit. She has known these people since her first year, when they were all each other had against the harassment and bullying they were subjected to. A bond like that doesn't break easily, and Aly has high hopes the friendship with stand the tests of time. Where one if them is, the others are generally not far behind and that usually means trouble for someone.

Extremely neat and organized, will not start class work until she has everything she needs, exactly how she wants it. Her room and school space is always clean and neat, otherwise she gets very cranky.
Lifts her brow a lot, such as when curious, annoyed, or spoken to by someone that she has no intention of answering, such as a muggleborn or someone else beneath her.
Chews the inside of her cheek when concentrating on school work or some other project that requires a good deal of thought.


Does not trust people

Ice Cream
Ballroom Dancing
Being alone
Cats - preferably large cats, but small ones are okay too.
Tall men who can dance well
Rain, with or without a storm.

Large crowds
Muggles and muggleborns, most half bloods as well
Showing her emotions
Canned beverages


Wand: 8.5" Mahogany, Dragon Heartstring. Surprisingly short but sturdy, yet still remains flexible, ideal for transfiguration.

Strength: Transfiguration, Potions,
Weakness: Defense, Charms

Family and History

Father: Roland Penrose
Mother: Jalissa Penrose
Siblings: Andrew Penrose - Aly refuses to acknowledge him
Grandfather Reginald Penrose
Grandmother Marlina Penrose

Pet: Chance - Large, shaggy haired, black cat. Half Kneazle, hates everyone but Aly.


Born into a marriage of convenience, Aly was largely ignored by her mother and had been given over to the care of a nanny, as was her younger brother who was born two years later. As they grew older the siblings, though there was a mutual caring, were fairly distance from one another. Aly was far more prone to harass her brother rather than care about him, in truth he really just annoyed her, and it only got worse, the older they became.

For whatever reason, when Aly was eight, her father decided to take more of an interest in her. Aly was never quite sure if it was because she had finally started showing magical abilities, or that she seemed to absorb everything he said when he had taken her to the family shop one day. Aly’s father, and his father and grandfather before him, owned a shop in a back corner of knockturn alley. It was a small shop that dealt in fine quality potions and the herbs used to create them. Most of the potions were on the darker side but legal enough that no one ever said anything about it. The real merchandise was always kept hidden, unless a customer knew exactly how to ask, and had exactly the right amount of money.

Needless to say Aly, even at her young age, had been fairly shocked when her father offered to take her to work with him that day. She had been so curious and excited, but she knew her father well enough to know how to act and behave around him. He allowed her to touch certain things and ask certain questions, as long as she didn’t bother him when there were customers in the shop. He had been quite impressed with her ability to remember the things he told her and thus started her interest in potion making, and by association, herbology.

While this was Aly’s new routine, and her father expected her to be intelligent even at her young age, it was well worth it to be away from her brother and mother. Aly cared less for her mother than she did her brother, but her brother spent so much time around their nanny that he was spoiled, coddled, and doted on so much that it made her ill. Another perk of her father’s interest in her, she would never had called it caring or love, was that she was trained how to be a lady early, and presented at several dinner parties and gatherings. Her mother was often in attendance as well, but Aly avoided her at all costs if she was able. The woman never wanted anything to do with her and even being a child, Aly was inclined to return the favor. It was at one of these parties after she had turned ten, that her brother was dragged along as well. Aly had protested to her father, but he had been inclined to give the boy the chance to prove himself as a respectable Penrose. Aly wasn’t convinced, but she said nothing else about it and instead found that there were other youngsters there as well. Aly was less than impressed until she was introduced to her cousin Amber and a couple of others that her father deemed safe for her to be near. She was fine until she was told to stay with them and as one of the oldest, was to watch them.

Needless to say Aly had been several shades of furious, but no one would have known it. She was polite and respectful to any adult that came near, and was civil to her cousin, less so to the other brats she was keeping an eye on. Her cousin, Aly noticed, seemed afraid of darn near everyone that came near, save the one boy she stayed near. She didn’t care one way or the other really, but after a while she got used to being cordoned off with her cousin and any other kids. She didn’t really like any of them, and she wasn’t sure she liked Amber all that much, but she was at least not mean to the girl, or her friend. Any other kids were subject to her cruelty, and woe be to anyone that bothered Amber. She might not have knew her well or liked her much, but she was family after all.

Aly’s family got a great deal smaller just before she had to go off to school. Aly doesn’t remember most of what happened, or how the fight started between her mother and father, but it had something to do with her brother and some muggle kid. Something happened between them, father wanted to kill the boy, and her mother got in the way. The next thing Aly knew, was her mother had packed up herself, her brother, and the nanny, stunned her when she tried to help her father stop them, and took off. Her father was livid, as was she. How could any pureblood turn again her own kind, her own family, for those filthy mudbloods Aly never knew. It hadn’t even hurt that she lost her mother and brother, she still had her father. To this day Aly doesn’t understand why her father hadn’t hunted them down and killed them both. Nothing was worse than a blood traitor in Aly’s opinion.

The time finally came for Aly to go off to her first year at Hogwarts her father had high hopes that she would excel. Aly, though she was not in what she would call a loving relationship with her father, respected him enough to do her best in what he expected, for her to excel in potion making so that she could carry on the family business. Aly did not so much care about the family business, but the crafting of those potions her father made, was of the utmost interest to her. Like her father and most of the witches and wizards in her family, Aly was sorted into Slytherin, though the hat took it’s sweet time about it. The hat kept talking about Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, she promptly informed the hat that she would shred it into pieces if it dared put her in with those goodie goodies. A bit more deliberation and she was dropped into her father’s house of Slytherin, and she could not have been happier. She supposed Ravenclaw could have suited her, the hat was right in the fact that she was intelligent and yearned for more knowledge, but what Aly wanted was power, and the ability to decrease the muggle population.

First Year
user posted image

Aly’s first year was mostly uneventful, being a first year she had to deal with being harassed by the older students. She received a couple detentions, though she felt it was grossly unfair, as she had only been defending herself. Bloody muggles in charge of everything made it ridiculously hard to stay out of any kind of trouble, and having her last name did not help either. Not that she wasn’t quite proud to be a Penrose, and their name wasn’t exactly world known, but in certain circles her father and grandfather had made something of the family name. If Aly hadn’t been bred to hate, loathe, and despise muggles and their disgusting muggleborn offspring, her first year would have cemented that anyway. Aly had a bit of a mean streak, and used it at every opportunity to amuse herself, picking on and making fun of people who were beneath her. By the end of her first year Aly had maybe two people she would have called friend, and they were both boys, one her age, one a year ahead and both with very good pureblood lines, which was acceptable with her father. She managed to do well enough in potions that her father was impressed, and she found she had quite the aptitude for transfiguration as well.

user posted image

Aly’s second year was decently quiet, people seemed to remember she didn’t back down from a fight and those who joined the house as first years, learned quickly to stay away from her. She did her best to behave, but it was terribly difficult when pureblooded witches and wizards were being singled out left and right from the rabble they called professors. At this point Aly was doing much better with her potions class as well as Transfiguration and herbology wasn’t too bad either. She learned quickly that she did not like flying lessons, and though she managed to get through the class, she barely passed it, which did not make her father happy when she got home. For all her strengths, and lack of fear of heights, flying was definitely not her thing.

Third Year
user posted image

Aly’s third year wasn’t at all what she had hoped. School itself was alright, but halfway through the year the ministry raided her father’s shop. To this day she isn’t sure what was found, only that her father was taken away to Azkaban and was given over to the care of her grandparents. If her mother had cared where she was or wanted her she did not make it known. She had gone into hiding with other muggle sympathizers, which was fine with Aly, since she really wanted nothing to do with her, or the thing that was her brother. Aly spent the remainder of her third year fighting with herself. On one hand she wanted to curse and hex every muggleborn piece of trash she saw, especially those that had seen the Daily Prophet and felt the need to comment about it… On the other hand she still wanted to make her father proud. It was often a difficult battle, luckily she had some decent friends who kept her from snapping. Her cousin also had started her first year and so she was somewhat occupied getting to know the girl, though it was in small doses. There had been a rise in the harassment of purebloods since Aly’s first year, and with Aly’s temperament, act now, ask questions later attitude, her lack of patience, and her unmistakably rising cruelty, things tended to go downhill quickly.

When Amber had been attacked by some older students, who thought to bully her about her blood, her friend Tim had stepped in to help her. They were both injured and spent some time in the hospital wing. Needless to say when Aly found out about it she went into a silent rage and when on the hunt for those responsible. She never found out exactly who did it, but when she caught several students laughing about what had happened to the two first years, they hadn’t laughed for long. The hex she had put on those students had sent them all to the hospital wing right alongside her cousin, and she earned herself several nights of detention and a letter to her grandfather. The responding howler was well worth it, as the other students started to realize by the end of the year that it was wiser to not mess with Amber and her friend. Because of that entire situation, several of the older years decided to band together to watch out over the younger years until they could handle stronger defensive spells to protect themselves better. Aly gladly joined in this little group, and even got some assistance from a couple older years on how to control herself, or rather, how not to get caught getting her revenge so she didn’t get expelled.

The one thing she had not expected, or ever wanted to deal with again, was that her brother showed up at Hogwarts alongside her cousin. Luckily for her the little bloodtraitor ended up in Hufflepuff, an even worse tarnish on the Penrose name. It took every ounce of her willpower to stay away from him, and she actively did so every chance she got. If he ever came near her, and he did from time to time as apparently he wanted to mend the rift between them, she pretended he wasn’t there. She didn’t trust herself to hex him..she was afraid she might try to kill him. She promptly did her best to ignore the fact that she had a brother at all and everyone knew better than to bring it up.

Summer had been a nasty learning experience at home, but she also learned a great deal from her Grandfather, though he was cruel and unrelenting with his punishments, she had the scars to prove it, he was also a very knowledgeable and gifted dark wizard. She learned how to mask her emotions so that others could not tell if she was angry or not. She learned a great deal from her grandmother too, though she did not trust her at all, and made it known, the woman proved herself most useful to her. She taught Aly how to act and dress like a lady, taught her many things her grandfather could not, like how to use her feminine charms, which had taken weeks to find mind you, to her best advantage. Her grandfather taught her how to defend herself and their family, taught her how to fight when needed and her grandmother taught her how to be subtle and patient. As messed up as Aly’s childhood had been so far, she felt she was right where she was meant to be, and it was best for her.

Fourth Year
user posted image

Fourth year saw good things for Aly for the most part. She still did her part to protect the younger years when the need arose, and managed to keep an eye on her cousin, or rather, kept an eye on those who seemed to like targeting her. When Amber put a kid in the hospital wing, Aly could have cheered. The girl was tiny, not that Aly was much bigger or taller, but she was making a little bit of a name for herself and Aly was able to relax some. There were still those who tended to try and pick fights with the younger girl, and Amber was obviously learning to fend for herself so Aly didn’t watch her like a hawk anymore. They chatted from time to time but being in different grades they didn’t hang out much.

Other than that, her 4th year wasn’t overly eventful. She didn’t care for any of the electives really, but took up Care of Magical Creatures and Ancient Runes at her Grandfather’s suggestion during the summer break. He tried to convince her to take Arithmancy...her grandmother broke that conversation up by stunning them both and leaving them on the dining room floor. It was rather funny after the fact actually….

Aly had a bit of a crush thing going on with a boy in her grade for a while. It had been mutual but in the end they decided to leave it as friends. Aly wasn’t really ready to be bothered with it, and he seemed to be more interested in older girls anyway. It hadn’t bothered her much, but she had learned quickly how her grandmother’s lessons could be put to work, and found herself being a little more daring with her flirtations by the end of the school year. She wasn’t the prettiest girl in her house by a long shot, but a devious smile here, a glance of her eyes or a well placed wink got her the attention she wanted.

Summer after her 4th year was as close to fun as she was probably going to get with her grandparents. She was taken to several parties that were exclusively pureblood, and she was presented and introduced to many of her grandfather’s friends. She was also introduced to a few boys her age, apparently with the expectation that she would date one of them. She made a good show of it, but none of them were that interesting, they lacked something that she couldn’t place. It was terribly fun to pit them against each other for her attention though. As a late birthday gift her grandmother took her to France for a couple weeks before she had to go back to school.

user posted image

Aly’s fifth year was a good year for the most part. She performed admirably in both her favorite classes, earning top marks for both. She managed to keep her head above water in all of her other classes as well and even kept out of trouble for most of the year. She did sneak out with a few other students for a party in the woods, for which they all received a nasty round of detentions for, as well as letters home. It had been quite worth it however, as she had had more fun than she could remember at school. There was also an incident closer to the end of the year where several students, muggleborns of course, had come down with a nasty bout of itchy rashes, a rather simple potion Aly had created that found its way into several shampoo and conditioner bottles with a couple of her friend'd help. They were suspected of being the ones who did it, but there wasn't quite enough proof to say for certain if they did or didn't do it. They still received detentions for it, since the Headmaster felt they had to punish them for something they might have done, and letters were sent home again. She had received a letter from her grandparents about it, if one read between the lines one would have seen the slight pat on the back for her deed. It was only an innocent prank after will be kids and what not..the fact that it happened in response to muggleborns hexing some of her housemates had apparently been overlooked by everyone but the other house members.

Summer came too soon for Aly at the end of her 5th year. She had some solid friendships with a few of the guys in her house, and even one from Gryffindor who was fairly useful to her with her charm work. It didn't hurt that he was kind of cute and her flirtations worked on him easily enough, though like any other guy that wasn't part of her tight knit circle of friends, he was disposable if needed. She rarely hung out with or even dealt with girls, save her cousin and a couple of others. She didn't trust them much, but they were alright.

Over the summer there were several more parties, mostly dinner parties where she was now allowed to avoid the children. Her grandfather had deemed her competent enough to sit in on the more serious conversations. She sat like the lady her grandmother trained her to be, she listened and observed, spoke when spoken to, and smiled and laughed when appropriate. She charmed her grandparent’s friends easily enough, leaving them think she was intelligent but docile and gentle. She and her grandmother had often shared a silent look when these comments were made, and even her grandfather approved, though never in public.

Aly stopped growing sometime between the start of school and her 16th birthday but she didn’t care. Over the summer she may not have gained height, but she filled out very nicely in other areas of her body. She learned quickly that those curves and a change to her usual hairstyle and makeup earned her a lot more attention from the young men at the summer parties. She never openly flirted with any of them, subtle hints and glances, a smile here and there maybe, but she never let any of them have what they wanted. Her grandmother had taught her that the best way to catch the best man, was to make him earn her, and that was what she fully intended to do. She liked to play with the boys at her grandfather’s parties, though she did have her eye on a couple of them as they were acceptably in either Slytherin or Ravenclaw. They had good families and having plenty of money didn’t hurt anything either.

Aly spent her summer before her sixth year learning more about the family business, and as always etiquette lessons from her grandmother. By now she and her grandmother were on terms of trusting each other, though she still felt the woman was going to abandon her and her grandfather, as her mother had done, but her grandmother showed no signs of the weakness in her mother’s veins.

Before long it was time to shop for new school supplies and board the train, both locations she would be forced to be near muggleborns and their pathetic relations. She actually ran into her brother as she was going out of Knockturn Alley. From what she understood it had taken hours for their mother to find him. She had petrified him and dumped him in an abandoned shop when no one was looking. Well..she was sure someone saw it, but there weren't many people on Knockturn that cared what happened to a blood traitor. She had laughed about that all the way home, chuckling every so often until her grandfather demanded to know what was so fun. He scolded her severely, but there was amusement in his eyes afterwards so she took the scolding with a grain of salt and they never spoke of it again. She did amuse her friends with the story once they were back on the train, they had all got a laugh out of it. She looked forward to her sixth year for the most part. She would be glad to see her cousin again, to see if she had had a decent summer. She had sent her a few owls but honestly they both had seemed to be rather busy over the summer, it would be good to catch up with the only family she had that was near her age. Since Amber had proven long ago to be a very capable witch, Aly was more open to having some kind of relationship with the girl, she might even be willing to put up with her friend more...maybe.

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