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 Kyna Donnelly, Divination Professor
Kyna Donnelly
 Posted: Sep 7 2015, 11:58 AM
Kyna Donnelly
Divination Professor
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7-September 15

Kyna Donelly

Full Name: Kyna Marie Donnelly
Blood Status: Halfblood
Nationality: Irish
Place of Birth: Waterford, Ireland
Date of Birth: August 5, 2026
Age: 50
Spoken Languages: English
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Green
Hair: Blond, red highlights
Height: 5’8”

Look Description: Kyna, while not the stereotypical spacey-looking seer, tends to look through anything occurring in the present. Usually smiling, she is quite pleasant. Her hair falls below her shoulders in thick waves.

Dressing Style: Kyna usually wears robes or dresses. She enjoys looking nice, but with minimal effort.


Character Description: Kyna isn’t very interested in what happens in the present, preferring to focus on what she sees happening in the future. That doesn’t mean that she’s particularly spacey, because she can appear to be quite intense. She’s usually comfortable around most people, but can distance herself if she’s seen something bad happening to someone. Generally, her visions concerning a person tend to happen as she’s touching them. Because of this, she tries not to touch anyone at all.

While not exactly shy, she isn’t very sociable. Not truly knowing how to talk to anyone outside of her family, she is often quiet when around other people. She is extremely awkward, not realizing that she may appear snobbish in some situations, and hopelessly simple in others. In still other situations, she may appear rude, having never truly learned how to be tactful. She is more at ease in a learning environment, whether it’s her learning from others more experienced or teaching children. She is quite whimsical, often acting in ways no one would expect from an adult, but when needed, she is able to focus on a problem on hand.

Quirks: Does NOT like her personal space being invaded. EXTREMELY superstitious.

Strengths: Confident, ambitious, generous, loyal, and encouraging

Weaknesses: Can be pretentious, domineering, melodramatic, stubborn, and vain.

Likes: Tea, tarot cards, crystals, candles, incense, personal space

Dislikes: alcohol, scorn, misbehavior, dullness, boredom, being crowded and people touching her

Boggart: Her family disappearing

Patronus: None

Patronus Memory: She's never been able to use one for that.


Wand: 12 inches, yew and stardust. Flexible, unique, mysterious. A Gregorovitch wand no doubt, with remarkable workmanship and beautiful... even if it does have a tendency to get as lost in dreams as its owner.

Strength: Divination
Weakness: History of Magic


School: Hogwarts, 2037-2044
House: Ravenclaw


Position: Divination Professor at Hogwarts
Former positions: None officially

Family and History

Father: Ennis Donnelly
Mother: Ailis Donnelly
Siblings: Fiona, older sister and Teagan, younger sister

Pet: Cat named Elan

Background: Kyna grew up as the middle child of Ennis and Ailis Donnelly. Her older sister Fiona was extremely smart and her younger sister Teagan was the bold one. She enjoyed her childhood, making up stories and acting them out with her imaginary friends. Well, her parents decided they were imaginary. Kyna would swear they were real. There was only one real dark spot in her younger years. Sometimes, while touching a stranger, she would see something either nice or horrifying, something her nightmares made up. Not knowing of her seer ability, she thought for a long while that she really was just seeing waking dreams and nightmares. She always had had a fanciful imagination. She never actually saw any of her visions come true. Luckily, this never happened when she touched family members.

By the time she was ten, she enjoyed the company of her imagination more than that of most people. While still the dutiful daughter her parents wanted and interacting with her family during times of forced togetherness, she was, more often than not, in her own world of her creation. She was the princess of her tower, without the need for a knight on his white horse to rescue her. She felt no need for a rescue since she’d made her world a peaceful place. The real world was often less peaceful, which only caused her to withdraw even more. In the muggle world, she’d most likely be diagnosed as a schizophrenic, but as things such as ghosts and clairvoyants are accepted in the wizarding world, she has never been tested.

At age eleven, like most magical children in the British Isles, Kyna went off for her first year at Hogwarts. While she did end up with Fiona in RavenclawHouse, they weren’t particularly close. (Teagan was later sorted into Gryffindor.) Kyna was too much of a dreamer for Fiona’s tastes. Kyna finally found her mental home in Divination class. The voices she often heard whispering to her weren’t all in her head, though a couple of them may have been. The majority, however, were the voices of the long departed, just returning to the world of the living for a small visit. Her visions weren’t nightmares. They were true visions. Knowing that, she decided she didn’t want to touch people and distanced herself from anyone who was likely to invade her personal space. She only had casual friends from then on, and when other girls started chasing boys, she kept to herself even more. She became more of a loner, often talking to the voices in and outside of her head. Most people seemed to think she was just talking to herself, which kept more away from her.

After graduating from Hogwarts, Kyna managed to travel around to other countries, learning how other cultures performed Divination. She was gone for twenty years, only returning to Ireland to visit her family for short periods. She did return home when she heard her father was sick. Fiona and Teagan had both married and had children, some of whom were still in school, and while they helped their mother as much as they could, it wasn’t enough. Kyna, unmarried and not a mother, knew that she would have more time than her sisters. She spent the next three years tending to her father, helping and comforting her mother, and revisiting those friends from her childhood. Her father died when she was forty, and she spent the next year at her mother’s side. Soon after that, one of her nephews mentioned that Hogwarts’ Divination teacher was retiring, and Kyna decided to apply for the job. She was hired at forty-two years of age, and has been teaching for six years.
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