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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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 Boopsy, Hogwarts House Elf
 Posted: Jun 28 2015, 07:53 PM


user posted image

Full Name: Boopsy
Blood Status: House Elf
Nationality: Scottish
Place of Birth: Hogwarts Castle
Date of Birth: October 31, 1976
Age: 99
Spoken Languages: English
Relationship: Married


Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Ginger, shoulder length.
Height: 3’0

Look Description: Boopsy is short, only 3’0 when she is standing up straight. But the elf tends to slouch so she always appears shorter than she actually is. She has a few burn marks on the top of her left thigh from her first punishment for the first time she did not follow an order. Unlike most house elves, Boopsy has a short, stubbed nose. The reason for this remains unknown but is believed to be a birth defect.

Dressing Style: Warn down, raggedy pillow case is her main outfit. She wears bandages loosely around her neck that once belonged to her mother.


Character Description:
Boopsy is a kind elf who enjoys catering to children and is always happy to serve at Hogwarts. She is motherly to those seeking her guidance and will always do anything she can to help those in need. However she is not fond of people trying to free her and any who attempt end up on the wrong end of her broom, usually being hit with it. She likes to keep everything in order and as one of the oldest elves currently at Hogwarts most of the elves listen to her directions.

+Carries around a miniature broom with her. If it is not in her hand then it is within easy reach
+Refers to herself in Third Person

+Neat Freak
+Extremely Thorough

+ Perfectionist
+Overly Eager
+Spoils the Students
+Cannot handle criers—she does anything in her power to cheer them up because otherwise she cannot handle them.

+Serving at Hogwarts
+Cooking, particularly baking dessert
+When students come down to the Kitchens

+ Peeves
+Students trying to free her
+Doesn’t necessarily dislike her, but she still scowls whenever Hermione Granger’s name is mentioned—she remembers the days of SPEW.


Strength: Wandless and nonverbal magic (Only with House Elf Magic)

Weakness: Anything not related to House Elf Magic; she is not particularly adept at using elf magic to cook and therefore prefers to do the work herself.


Position: Hogwarts House Elf

Family and History

Father: Winston (deceased, 196)
Mother: Bloxy (deceased, 198)
Spouse: Lox, 104
Children: Mipsy, 76

Boopsy had been born at Hogwarts, to two house elves rather close to the end of their days. On orders to revitalize the House elf stock a bit—it was getting rather low as more elves got up in age—by the Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. Boopsy spent years following both of her parents around, learning all their house elf tricks that did not already come naturally to her.

When she was just eighteen summers Boopsy had the unfortunate chance to meet one Ms. Hermione Granger. With her mother deceased only a few months, the young house elf had no clue what to make of the small clothes that kept littering the Gryffindor common room, regardless of how many days had passed, but she knew that she would definitely not pick any of them up! So Boopsy went to one of the older house elves to seek guidance and it was ultimately decided that the Gryffindor Common Room would just not be cleaned by anyone except Dobby.

Hermione Granger had finally given up on her awful attempt at trying to free the House elves, and the years passed slowly by. Boopsy continued to serve at Hogwarts and even participated in the battle of Hogwarts with other elves. When asked why she had helped by the newly dubbed Headmistress McGonagall, Boopsy replied, “Boopsy serves the castle and the castle attacked. That command enough”. With that said before she ushered McGonagall out of the kitchen so that she could get to cleaning up the rubble with the other House elves.

Due to all the damage done to the castle there were many house elves which either died from collapsed walls or even from a few curses, Hogwarts was once again in need of more elves. There were some that were relocated from now dead families like the Lestrange, who had no heirs, to keep the elves from going insane. However there was still not that many, so McGonagall had allowed the remaining house elves to breed. Boopsy, wanting to do the best for the Castle, had found Lox—once an elf for the Lestrange Family— and the two quickly grew comfortable with each other and ended up having their daughter, Mipsy who serves the castle just like her parents do.

As the years dragged on, Boopsy continues to serve as a loyal house elf to the castle, talking to the various children who ‘snuck’ into the kitchens at night and doing all of her usual chores.


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