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 Caspian Lanchester
Caspian Lanchester
 Posted: Jun 13 2015, 07:45 PM

Caspian Lanchester

user posted image

Full Name: Caspian Bartholomeus Henry Wilhelm Lanchester
Blood Status: Pureblood
Nationality: English and German
Place of Birth: Heatherfield Hall, Yorkshire
Date of Birth: November 17th, 2056
Age: 20
Spoken Languages: English, German
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Grey
Hair: Dark blond
Height: 6'1"

Look Description: Caspian is on the taller side but certainly not the odd head towering in a crowd. He's in good shape, neither too bulky nor too lanky. His hair is blond, slightly longer, and curled at the bottom. The colour varies from lighter in the summer and gets a bit darker during the winter months. He has soft facial features yet rather defined cheekbones. He has a thin, rather pointy nose, and a small, plump mouth. His eyes are a bit cold which gives him an air of aloofness but it's often accompanied by a sly or daring smile hinting at the corner of his mouth which usually means he's up to no good. Many would probably agree that Caspian is quite a good-looking chap, and he knows it. He certainly enjoys the attention he gets from girls, and even from the occasional guy too. Whilst he's not really that way inclined, he's definitely not one to discriminate on whichever way his ego gets fed.

Dressing Style: His style is quite what to be expected of a spoiled brat; tailored and well-fitted. Generally he dresses well but since he is not a great fan of getting out of bed in the mornings, enough time is seldom reserved to getting properly dressed. At least not if he doesn't have to. He's more than happy to lounge around in a pair of trousers and a poorly buttoned shirt, but he will of course smarten up if the occasion calls for it. Colour-wise, Caspian was never one for colours and tends to prefers shades of greys, black and some darker, more desaturated blues.


Character Description: At first glance, Caspian is perceived as pretty aloof, arrogant and entitled, as spoiled children often are, and seemingly indifferent to the world around him. He is not one to seek out disagreements - generally he's a passive bloke, unbothered by most provocations. There are times when he gets angry, frustrated and annoyed just like any other person, of course, but he tends to nonchalantly dismiss whatever negativity is thrown his way.
On a closer look, Caspian has a certain sly charm about him. He's flirty, laid back and enjoys a good banter, and seldom would he be found engaging in any deep, serious conversations. He likes to steer clear of anything involving getting to personal and he’s a bad habit of avoiding committing to relationships whether they are friendly or romantic. Whilst he enjoys flirting, it will never be in pursuit of anything other than a no-strings attached relationship which will probably last no longer than a few weeks at most. To him the chase is always so much better than the catch.
Caspian is a bit of a heartbreaker and admittedly he kind of enjoys it, but he would never really set out to intentionally hurt anyone - although it has happened on occasions - he tends to be quite clear about it being a wham bam thank you ma'am sort of deal. This might stem from the fact that he is a bit of a prat but it’s mostly because he has a bit of a fear of getting attached or merlin forbid fall in love.
Caspian is a loyal and true friend though, to those who has managed to earn his trust and respect. It may take a while but his esteem once gained is then held almost unconditionally.

Quirks: Bad habit of smoking on occasions.

Strengths: Independent. Confident. Resourceful. Charming. Manipulative. Easy-going.

Weaknesses: Indifferent. Fear of commitment. Standoffish. Entitled. Prideful. Snide. Lazy.

Likes: Flying. Nighttime. Girls. Flirting. Jigsaw puzzles. Playing the piano.

Dislikes: People. Rules. Being told what to do. Mornings. Commitment.


Wand: Mahogany - Dragon heartstring - 13 ¼ - Inflexible

Strength: Quite an exceptional knack for Transfiguration as well as Charms.

Weakness: Terrible at Potioneering and Herbology. He also fails miserably at the patronus charm and seem to lack a certain strength in his defensive magic.

Boggart: Himself having ended up exactly like his father.

Patronus: Unknown. Has thus far been unsuccessful in his attempts to perform a full corporeal patronus.

Patronus Memory: N/A


School: Hogwarts 2068 - 2075
House: Slytherin

O.W.L. Results
EE - Astronomy - Dropped at N.E.W.T. Level
O - Charms
A - Herbology
A - History of Magic
A - Potions
O - Transfiguration
EE - Ancient Runes
A - Divination - Dropped at N.E.W.T. Level

N.E.W.T. Results
O - Charms
A - Herbology
A - History of Magic
D - Muggle Studies
A - Potions
O - Transfiguration
EE - Ancient Runes


Major: Broom-making
Career Aspiration: Broom designer

Family and History

Father: Henry Lanchester
Mother: Wilhelmina von Württemberg
Siblings: None

Cousin: Penelope Montague-Farnese
Cousin: Ophiuchus Lestrange

Pet: None

Background: Tidings of a newborn is most often met with joy and jubilation but in the house of Lanchester, the arrival of a baby boy only drove a deeper wedge between the two parents. Henry, despising that his wife never learnt English, raged whenever she would speak to the baby in her native tongue. Wilhelmina consequently withdrew further into the solitude of her private chambers, seldom spending time with her son.

Caspian grew up in Heatherfield Hall but despite the beautiful nature surrounding the family estate, the manor is a cold and dreary place which has lost its former splendour to the effect of generations of neglect and malignant resentment, seemingly having poisoned the very essence of the house.
It wasn't a particularly happy home and being raised by nannies and governesses, Caspian had very little contact with his parents. He would take every opportunity he could though, to spend time with his mother, something which irritated his father greatly. Whilst showing no desire to want to get to know his son himself, Henry was strangely jealous of his wife's bond with their son, and he would keep them apart out of spite. Torn between obeying her husband's commands and caring for her son, Wilhelmina eventually resigned to her husband's domination at the cost of her relationship with Caspian.

Upon reaching the age of 11 it was time for Caspian to begin school. Whilst he may never have been showered with love, he was certainly always showered with money and material possessions so naturally his first trip to Diagon Alley was nothing short of a splurge. He got everything he could possibly want and need; books, the finest parchments, exquisite quills from exotic birds, potion equipment, clothes, an Ollivander wand, and best of all a brand new broomstick to mark the occasion. Flying and the love for broomsticks is in Caspian’s blood after all, and one simply cannot have too many brooms. Caspian was excited to begin school.

Arriving at Hogwarts turned out to be a massive disappointment however. Caspian found that his brand new, fastest on the market broomstick had been confiscated and let's just say a spoiled child does not look kindly on having his favourite toy taken away because of some silly old school rule. He was absolutely miserable and this mindset haunted the rest of his first year. Having grown up without siblings and in a cold and for the most part uncaring home, he was undeniably ill-versed in the ways of making friends and generally getting along with other people was a struggle. He fell into many disagreements and fights with other students.

Coming back for a second year Caspian knew what to expect out of school and he learned to adapt to get around and how to not get into any altercations with other students. One might say he took on a more passive approach, trying not to get involved in anything or downright ignore whatever was going on around him. And he realised it served him quite well. He was also finally allowed a broom at school and that definitely made his year a great deal better. Being such a skilled flyer, many suggested that he should try out for the Quidditch team but Caspian had no interest in participating in a team sport.

The years rolled on and Caspian faired well in school, and keeping out of trouble for the most part, but a few detentions here and there were inevitable. By his third year, he'd begun to discovered how many good-looking girls there were at Hogwarts and he quite enjoyed the attention they seemed to be paying him as well. Being completely oblivious in the art of wooing however made for quite a few awkward situations. Come fourth year though, Caspian had grown a great deal and become quite the little flirt. It wasn't until his fifth year that he actually started dating but he never entered anything serious. For the main part he kept to his friends and taking every opportunity he could to take his broom for a spin. But it did happen that go into some problems every now and then, ending up in detention a lot and cost his house a great deal of points for sneaking around the castle after hours. Being a night owl, set sleeping hours never did work well for him.

He graduated Hogwarts with good enough grades. Although having no real aspirations or desire to continue his education, Caspian still made the decision to go onto university where he enrolled in broom-making. It surely was better than staying at home butting heads with his father and besides, studying brooms could hardly be boring, right?

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