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 Caryn Taylor
Caryn Taylor
 Posted: Jun 6 2015, 12:34 AM
Caryn Taylor
5th Year
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6-June 15

Caryn Taylor

Full Name: Caryn Elizabeth Taylor
Blood Status: Halfblood
Nationality: British
Place of Birth: Bristol, England
Date of Birth: August 8, 2061
Age: 15
House and Year: Gryffindor, 3rd year
Spoken Languages: English
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark brown
Height: 5’2”

Look Description: Caryn is about average height for her age, maybe a little under. She had dark green eyes and dark brown hair that she keeps long. Some days, she may curl her hair. She is into wearing make-up.

Dressing Style: Caryn wears whatever she feels like wearing that day. Sometimes, she’ll dress girly, and others she’ll wear the opposite. Her favorite color to wear is black. She thinks it makes her eyes brighter. She’s not really into wearing robes and complains about the school dress code. As soon as classes are over, she changes into her muggle attire. Though, if she's hot, she has no problem stripping down to her bra and panties.


Character Description: Caryn can be pretty spoiled and is one of those where she can be the best friend or the worst enemy. As long as she’s getting what she wants, she’ll be happy. If she’s being denied something she wants, she isn’t happy and the only one who can calm her down is her best friend Aiden. Oh, she doesn’t exactly throw tantrums, but she will throw glares around, and she has been known to shoot random stinging jinxes at people.

When she’s happy, she loves pulling pranks and just generally making trouble. She’s pretty good in that she doesn’t get caught very often, but when she does, she holds her head high and accepts any punishment given to her. The idea of hitting the detention record makes her smile. Some of her pranks may be mean-spirited and sadistic, but in her mind, those targets deserve it. As long as she’s having fun, she doesn’t really care.

One virtue Caryn lacks is modesty. She has no trouble admitting when she’s good at something, but she won’t admit when she’s bad at something. She also lacks physical modesty, having no trouble wandering around in her underclothes at home, and sometimes even at Aiden’s. Her parents are used to it and she’s never done it in front of Aiden’s parents.

Caryn is a confirmed trouble-maker. If she’s not pranking, she’s stirring up something in another way. It’s best not to let her get bored. Boredom makes bad things happen. At least, that’s her favorite excuse. It hasn’t gotten her out of trouble, but she doesn’t care. She’s only being honest.

Caryn is a rebel. It stems from a drastic change from letting her be a child to trying to turn her into a mini-adult. The easiest way to get her to do something is to have an authority figure tell her not to. After that happens, she almost can’t do whatever it is fast enough. No smoking? She had her first cigarette at ten. (It’s not something she does often, but once in a while, she has no problem with it.) No drinking? She got drunk for the first time at twelve. No sex? She’s done all but the last step last year. (She personally felt she was too young last year. She doesn’t know if that will change or not any time soon. Depends on the situation mostly.)

Quirks: She smirks when she thinks she may have gotten away with something and she pretends to bite her nails when nervous.

Strengths: Independent, Decisive, Enthusiastic, Self-assured, Adventurous

Weaknesses: Impatient, Talkative, Imaginative, Can be pushy, Can be moody

Likes: Pranking, laughing, having fun, spending time with her best friend, goofing off in class, annoying authority figures, ice cream, chocolate, potions, the colors green and black, and being outside

Dislikes: Being bored, being cooped up inside, having to be still, being told what to do, people who think they’re better than she is, having to do homework, classes, the color orange, pumpkin juice, rabbits

Boggart: Caryn’s greatest fear is losing those she loves. There’s aren’t many of those, as she doesn’t really get along with her family.

Patronus: Caryn’s patronus will be a fox, because she is sly and sneaky.

Patronus Memory The thought that will help her cast it is the one time she and Aiden pulled a prank on her maternal grandfather. It was hilarious, but he was livid. They had to hide for two hours until he left, but they were laughing too hard to care that they were in a tree when it started raining.


Wand: 9 ½ in., Austrailian Blackwood, manticore hair, flexibile

Strength: Transfiguration, Charms
Weakness: Astronomy, History of Magic

Family and History

Father: Jonathon Taylor (Muggleborn), 40, Obliviator for the Ministry after retiring from playing with Puddlemere United for a few years, alive
Mother: Elizabeth Davis (Pureblood), 36, On board of a few charities, alive
Siblings: None

Pet: None

Background: Caryn generally had a happy childhood until she turned about six or so. At that point, etiquette was forced on her and she hated it. Why wasn’t she allowed to play like other children? It wasn’t fair and she hated it. That was when she first started acting out. She thought her maternal grandfather would save her, but she soon learned that it was his fault she was forced to learn that boring stuff.

She had then demanded to meet her father’s parents, certain that they wouldn’t be so cruel to a girl who only wanted to play, only to find out why she’d never met her other set of grandparents. They had died a long time before she was born. Both of her grandparents had been muggleborns who met in school and married soon after, settling in the muggle world. When her dad had been pretty young, his parents had been killed in a burglary gone wrong while he’d been hidden in a clothes bin in his closet. He’d heard everything that had happened and had developed a fear of muggles. That fear had slowly become a hatred. By the time Caryn was about to start school, it had bled down to her, though it was nowhere near as powerful as her father’s. For Caryn, it was more of an abstract idea. Nothing ever happened to cement the hatred for her personally, but on the other hand, it was something that was taught to her from the time she was young.

She then, in her words, suffered for five years before she was able to escape her strict home and gain some freedom in the form of school. Sure, school had its rules as well, but it was nowhere near what she had to deal with at home. She had no idea why etiquette classes had been forced on her for those five years. As far as she was concerned, a month was overkill on that. The day she was waiting for finally came. She got her Hogwarts letter. She was so excited! She hated being at home. Oh, nothing bad happened at home exactly. Her parents had just gotten so horrible! They expected her to be their perfectly behaved daughter, and when she wasn’t, she got grounded! Once, when she’d gotten upset and deliberately threw juice at a guest (they deserved it for going on and on about how adorable she was and how she was such a perfect little lady), they made her stay in her room for 3 days, with none of her toys. She had only been allowed to leave to eat and use the bathroom. It was absolutely inhumane in her view. Of course, that didn’t stop her from doing whatever she wanted. She just learned to wait until no one was watching her.

She had enjoyed the train ride to school, especially the sweets, which she’d only been allowed to have sparingly before. That was probably a wise decision on their parts, not that she’d admit it on the pain of death. She had no issues talking to anyone and everyone about what to expect when she got to school. Oh, she wasn’t asking about the academics. She was asking about secret passages, who she could get to buy her sweets in Hogsmeade, if she could sneak out to Hogsmeade, which teachers would let her get away with stuff and which wouldn’t. By the time the train pulled into Hogsmeade station, she felt very well informed.

The only time she panicked at all was during her sorting. How would her parents react to a Gryffindor daughter? Her father had been a Slytherin and her mother had been a Ravenclaw. A few days after, she’d finally made herself write home, fearing the response she’d get. She was relieved to get a quick reply stating that as long as she was happy, did well, and behaved, her parents would be happy for her. She decided that the issue of her behavior was all relative. As long as she wasn’t suspended or expelled, she would be fine.

She immediately made friends with the boy she’d sat beside at the welcoming feast, Aiden Flynn. He was a boy with a very similar mindset to her in terms of having fun and hating authority. After clicking and hanging out with each other for the whole of first year, they made sure they got together over the summer. Since then, it had always been the two of them, practically living with each other every summer.

During the previous school years, Caryn managed to keep her grades up high enough to advance, not caring about much more than that. She wasn’t very lazy by nature; it just seemed like there was so much more to do, and that more seemed to be a lot of fun compared to homework. She will be sure to apply herself much more for OWL year, knowing she needs the best grades to get into the best NEWT classes. And she knows she needs the best grades on her NEWTs to get a good job. She wasn’t the type of person that wants to depend on her parents for survival after school, and she would get bored just living off their wealth. Besides, their wealth would come with their rules, and she wanted to escape those as soon as possible.

Socially, she hadn’t limited herself to only hanging out with Aiden. As such, has a handful of other friends and more acquaintances from all different houses. After all, who cared what colors people wore when one just wanted to have a good time? She didn’t and thought anyone who did was severely stunted. The same went for blood status. She never bothered to ask, or even go out of her way to find out. As long as a person was in school or the wizarding world, that was enough for her.

In the middle of third year, Caryn found some exciting news. She actually had a cousin at school!

The next summer, her cousin moved in with her family. She enjoyed having him around. He kept her parents occupied. She had so much freedom! It was glorious!

Fourth year was interesting. She finished off the year already having a NEWT. There was an advantage to having a muggleborn father. Beyond that, not much happened.
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