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 Daniela Kirilenko
Daniela Kirilenko
 Posted: Sep 14 2014, 09:34 PM
Daniela Kirilenko
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Specialist for Magical Bugs and Diseases
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14-September 14

Daniela Kirilenko

user posted image

Full Name: Daniela Kalyna Kirilenko (nee Kovalenko )
Blood Status: Mix blood
Nationality: Ukranian
Place of Birth: Kiev, Ukraine
Date of Birth: December 17, 2034
Age: 40
Spoken Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English
Relationship Status: Happily Widowed.

user posted image

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown [currently]
Height: 5’9”

Look Description: Daniela often has a smile on her face. She is tall with a slender build. She changes her hair length and color whenever she feels like it.

Dressing Style: Daniela prefers to dress differently. She will usually be found wearing some type of elaborate dress. She loves to stand out in a crowd, which generally causes her to wear bright colors or eccentric dresses. She loves high heels and to be dressed more formally than casually (though there are times when people will see her wearing something casual).

Character Description: Daniela is a vegan. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and will do anything to protect them. She is very out-spoken towards anyone who she has felt done wrong to one of her loved ones, but not towards anyone who had done wrong to her. She is very perceptive and will usually always know when something is upsetting a person—whether it is a friend, family, or patient. She is a huge believer of giving back. If a person needs to vent, she will always offer her assistance. However, when she feels threatened, Daniela becomes snarky, smart ass like and harsh. There have been known instances where she has become verbally and physically violent with a person. One of her good moods can go south with even the smallest mention of her parents.

+Will often tap the side of her cheek when thinking
+Will think aloud
+Will clean her office at least twice a day
+Must run at least once a day

+Sharp witted

+ Pacifist at heart
+Smart ass

+Working in the Hosptial
+being helpful
+Standing out

+People who are rude to those she cares about
+Bitter food
+Anything that has animal products in it (Dairy, meat, eggs, etc.)
+boring people
+Muggles (not muggleborns however)

Wand: 14 inch cedar, Spriggan Horn shaving
Patronus: Yellow Mongoose
Patronus Memory: Swinging with her sister the summer before Akalena died.

School: Durmstrang Institute for Magical Learning (year 2046-2053)

Position: Specialist for Magical Bugs and Diseases at St Mungos
Former positions: Healer in the Ukraine

Family and History
Father: Danilo Kovalenko
Mother: Kateryna Kovalenko
Siblings: Akalena Kovalenko [deceased]
Pet: none


user posted image

Daniela grew up the older of two girls just outside of Kiev in the Ukraine, in a big family home. She grew up knowing of magic, but never really felt it to be all that special. As a child she was very serious, never seeing there to be a reason she should joke around or have fun. When she was seven, her parents became extremely active in the Ukrainian Ministry and often left her and the two month old Akalena with an incompetent nanny. Daniela, not trusting the fool of a nanny with her baby sister, took it upon herself to raise the infant. This only increased their bond as Akalena and Daniela grew older. Daniela was there for all of Akalena’s childhood milestones. She potty trained the little girl, taught her to walk, heard her first words and witnessed her first steps.

The two sisters were inseparable up until the time Daniela got her letter from Dumstrang Institute of Magical Learning. Akalena did not take kindly to her sister, care-giver, and best friend leaving her for 9 months to attend a school. As far as the younger sister was concerned, their parents could have taught both of them whatever they wanted to know about magic; or even hire professors to privately teach them. But Daniela wanted to leave and she wanted to leave badly. Daniela was tired of dealing with her never-stop-working parents and their obvious distaste for having two children to take care of. It was hard for Daniela to explain her younger sister her reasons for wanting to leave, and it took many pinky promises to Akalena that she would return safely. But she convinced the little girl towards the middle of August. With such a short time before school started, Daniela had to scramble to get the needed supplies.

While on the way to Dumstrang, Daniela began to have doubts. She realized she knew nothing about the school that would house her for the next seven years. What if she spoke a different language or dialect than the other students? Daniela repeatedly prayed that there wouldn’t be a language barrier between her and the school, she would surely fail otherwise. Her fears were assuaged when she heard other students walking past her room and realized she understood what they were saying. Her first year brought at Durmstrang was harder than she thought, even without a language barrier. She wasn’t use to working so rigorously with classmates. It was hard for her to be social with them. They were friendly and playful. Whereas Daniela was the exact opposite, she saw no reason to be playful or friendly. These were strangers to her, and the chances she would ever see them again after school was slim to none. For the longest time she preferred to be alone, working on her homework in the library. It was easier for her to focus if she was away from the crowds of people. But when she was forced to associate with them, Daniela couldn’t help but feel envious. They still held this innocence that she had never really had, but found often in Akalena.

Daniela continued to make excellent grades up until her third year, never bothering to really socialize with people more than needed. It wasn’t until the last week of her third year when she was called out of class into the headmaster’s office that her focus on school changed. When she walked into the room, her headmaster welcomed her, and told her there had been an accident and she is needed with her parents. Dainela was ushered through the floo and was immediately hit with the smell of the sterile hospital. Fearing the worst Daniela ran up to the healers’ station and gave her last name, asking to see that person. Who would it be here in the hospital? She found herself praying it wasn’t her sister. But when the name and room number popped up on the screen, along with the word “Deceased” in bold letters, she felt her heart drop. Without as much as a word of goodbye or gratitude towards the nurse and ran to the room. When she saw her parents’ faces, void of any emotions, she let out a scream. Saying anything under the sun: What happened to her? Why didn’t you watch her more? You promised me she would be okay. I hate you and hope you burn in the deepest level of hell! I wish it was you that died instead of her! She even threw a few magical curses there way, some hit them; others just barely missed. After being forcefully restrained by several nurses, Daniela was taken out of the room. But she went kicking, screaming, and hexing the entire time. She was admitted to the hospital under extreme duress and emotional instability.

It took the hospital staff two weeks of continually sedating her, to realize what provoked her into “fits of rage”. When she was first admitted, they thought it was the loss of her sister that provoked her into attacking her parents. Not the general fact that she absolutely despised them. It wasn’t until a beginning healer named Mikhail, desperate to get her to speak to him for therapy, brought in her parents to see her. It got her to talk, but not the way he expected. It took one look at them for her to spiral into another of her fits. She hexed, threatened, and cursed them. Still wishing that they were in the deepest pit in hell, or given to dragons as a live meal. The healer, shocked to hear such harsh things from a 13 year old girl, asked her parents to leave and said he would contact them if he needed them again. She continued to scream horrid things to them, whether they could hear it or not. It took two other healers to sedate her once more. After fifteen minutes, she was deemed safe to talk to again. But, they never heard a word out of her for the rest of her 2 ½ month stay.

When the healers tried to release her back into the custody of her parents, Daniela threw yet another fit. She made it very clear that under no circumstance would she go back to that place. After much convincing, Daniela was allowed to stay at her grandmothers during the summer in London (where she learned how to speak English) and return to the Ukraine two weeks before the start of school and stay at a friends until the start of term. It took a little more negotiating with the headmaster to allow her to stay at Durmstrang, and not without explaining fully why she refused to live at her old address. The headmaster, although hesitant, allowed her to stay, but told her that she will be sent to the school near London if her grades drop even the slightest bit.

School started back up again, but Daniela was different. She talked more to her schoolmates. Her grades remained the same, but instead of detailed and long reports she normally did, they were short and to the point. She went to more of the parties hosted by the students and became close friends with everyone she talked to. She pretended to be happy and outgoing in public, but in private she was still very rude and cynical. Daniela discovered during the Christmas break that she really disliked being alone now. She hated her melancholy attitude, so she decided that when her schoolmates got back, she would never be alone. Daniela stuck to her self-promise, and stayed with her friends until the end of the school year. By the end of the year, her perky, happy, everything is great attitude became the norm for her. Whether she was alone, or surrounded by a crowd of people. There was only two days she ever allowed herself to wallow in misery on—both dealing with her deceased sister. Her last few years of school were good. She focused more on her friends and a little less on her grades, but never letting them drop down a grade. She continued to attend parties and socialize with friends.

As soon as school got out, Daniela moved to the southern part of the Ukraine and attended a local University that specialized in creating Healers. A year into her education, she fell in love with a muggle man named Marko. When they were getting pretty serious, she told him she was a witch. At first he seemed pleased by the idea. And for the longest time she was content to be with just Marko, but as he started to get bored of her and focused his attention on other girls, Daniela, hurt, focused her attention on other guys. She flirted, talked to and dated multiple guys, but never found one to officially date.

She spent the next three and a half years completing her healing license. Shortly after she started residency at the local Wizarding Hospital, she ran into Marko. They reconnected and even went on a few dates—Daniela found herself falling for him once again. So when he claimed he wanted her back and that he truly loved her, Daniela was elated. She was shocked he proposed to her, but Daniela—wanting a happily ever after—told Marko yes, not realizing the possible consequences of her decision.

Everything with Marko became fast pace: moving in to his small house, the wedding, and his control over her bank account. She had no control outside of her job at the hospital. The happy life Daniela pictured became very short lived as the couple started fighting at least once a week. Daniela was growing discontented in her home. She started to rebel in small ways like becoming vegan. It was little changes she made, but she knew they irked her husband. He was an avid meat eater—so she, in a small retaliation, cut out not only meat but anything from an animal out of her diet. Her small rebellions still fueled her husband’s ire. By the time she was twenty-seven, only two years after they got married, Daniela was ready for a divorce; especially after Marko’s harsh words about her heritage and the hands he used to hit her. However, when she brought this up to him, he grew sweeter. Marko promised he would never harm her again. And like a fool, Daniela believed him. He hit her again a week later, and spouted of nasty things about her being a witch. But Daniela didn’t do anything to stop him. His beatings and verbal abuse became more prominent in her daily life; soon it became a normal thing. She finally toyed with the idea of killing him after her Thirtieth birthday, when a nasty beating led to her being hospitalized.

She began to think that maybe some of the older wizards she use to scoff at had the right idea. Maybe muggles were filth. She might have a muggle ancestor somewhere far back down her family line but that does not mean she had to like them, right? This man, the one she married and was supposed to love, was a vermin. Never before had she thought so lowly of a race. But Marko made her despise not just him, but all muggles. How could her next door neighbor not hear his harsh screams directed at her? Or hear the objects smashing against the walls? How could these stupid muggles not notice anything?

It wasn’t until she was Thirty-three that she actually killed him. Daniela was tired of the abuse and she was tired of the fighting; she was stressed at work and stressed at home. Daniela wasn’t planning on killing him when she first flooed home. No, all she planned to do was make him sign the divorce papers—against his will or not. But as she entered her home, she saw no sign of her abusive husband. Daniela walked towards her bedroom, hoping to get some rest before the nasty fight that was sure to come. But as she neared closer to her shared bedroom, she heard him and…another woman. Her plans of divorce immediately flew out the window. All she could think about was how much she wanted him dead. She slammed their bedroom door opened, and muttered the spell ’Avada Kedavra’. The other woman screamed, and ran to the phone—dialing 102. As she heard the girl speak, Daniela realized it was a muggle. And she toyed with the idea of killing her too; but decided it was not worth it. Daniela simply oblivated the girl’s memory entirely and threw her onto the street.

Everything after that was a blur of Daniela. A Ukrainian Auror arrested her for her husband’s murder. But someone—Daniela was not sure who—deemed her insane and so she was forcibly admitted to the Wizarding hospital of her Hometown to see the same healer that she had at the age of thirteen. She remembered her conversation with Healer Mikhail more clearly, though that might have been because of the potions given to her. Daniela remembered telling him about how much she hated Marko and every other muggle. When asked to explain why, she told him everything. How she met Marko, the arguments that led to the abuse, how her deceased husband promised her he wouldn’t ever hurt her again, her thoughts of killing him a few years back after her last stint in the hospital, and her plan to divorce him that same night. But what really got her fired up was the affair he had, the affair in their marital bed. Sure she did not love the man anymore nor did she care who he slept with; but having an affair in her bed had definitely been the breaking point.

Healer Mikhail told the Auror that she should not be tried for murder, but immediately placed in their custody to undergo extended therapy. It wasn’t after a lengthy discussion and the agreement that she was no longer allowed near any muggle district, was she allowed to stay at the hospital for treatment. Healer Mikhail worked extensively with Daniela, making her acceptable to join back into society—and regain her healing license. It took two years for her to be cleared. But certain things were deemed irrevocably damaged. She refused to eat anything that came from or had ingredients that came from an animal—it had apparently become an ingrained part of her daily life. She still hated muggles, but only muggles. She didn’t see muggleborns as an extension of muggles, which the healers thought would make her acceptable around the rest of wizarding society, despite how illogical it was. Apparently, since Muggleborns could do magic, they were therefore considered okay in her book. The healers couldn’t seem to shake her of her belief that muggles were below anyone who could do magic. Ultimately she was released because she was deemed harmless to the rest of the wizarding community—as long as she was not near muggles, no one was in danger. The healers made her swear once again to never enter a muggle area before they discharged her from their care, which didn’t take too much convincing.

user posted image

Daniela ended up moving to the UK. She moved in with her grandmother temporarily to improve her English and keep the elderly woman company in the rather large home. During winter the home reminded Daniela of the Ukraine, so when she would disappear for hours on end, the servants and her grandmother would assume her to be somewhere outside, revealing in past memories or simply trying to quell her homesickness.

She stayed with her grandmother until she passed away. Her grandmother left Daniela her estate and all of her fortune. With that money she went back to school to specialize in a Magical Diseases and eventually ended up working as a specialist for St. Mungos Magical Maladies and Injuries by age thirty eight.


The church is near but the road is icy; the bar is far away but I'll walk carefully

(Thanks April ! )

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