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 Emily Adams
Emily Adams
 Posted: May 22 2015, 02:33 PM
Emily Adams
6th Year
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22-May 15

Emily Adams

Full Name: Emily Grace Adams
Blood Status: Half-blood
Nationality: British
Place of Birth: Southport, England
Date of Birth: August 12, 2060
Age: 16
House and Year: Hufflepuff, 5th
Spoken Languages: English
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5’4”

Look Description: Emily is of average height with blonde hair and green eyes. She usually has a smile on her face, though she is just as often spacey-looking as she daydreams. She looks innocent, mostly because she is.

Dressing Style: Emily likes pretty clothes and cute shoes. She can also be seen wearing matching jewelry, if possible, or things she makes herself. She definitely prefers muggle clothes over wizarding attire. Robes just aren’t that cute.


Character Description: Emily is not always fully present. It’s just that there’s so many thought in her head that it’s hard for her to focus on one at a time. She’s smart and she gets good grades, but it takes her longer to do her schoolwork and homework because she gets distracted so easily. She really does try to stay focused, but it’s so difficult. She thinks daydreaming, zoning out, checking out, whatever one wants to call it started out as a defense mechanism but became a habit. There is a lot going on in her life. Apparently, there’s a catch-all excuse. She’s a teenager.

When it comes to her moods, she’s generally a pretty happy person. She doesn’t like not being happy, so she tries to ignore the bad side of life. She gets angry sometimes, but it doesn’t last. She’d really rather just forgive, though she can’t forget, and move on. She’s never been one to hold grudges. She gets sad sometimes too, but that’s even worse than anger. Sadness saps every bit of energy. So, when she gets sad, she likes to go outside. The sun always makes her feel better as long as it isn’t too hot. She can be seen as emotionless, but she’s really not. She just can’t really handle the strong emotions, so she’ll mentally take off to my happy place. That always calms her down until she can face life again.”

Oh, one thing that does bug her about herself is that she can be kind of gullible. she’ll believe almost anything. When someone tells her anything, it must be a fact.Why wouldn’t it? Why would they lie to her? But, it turns out that sometimes they just like teasing her. They’re not being mean about it or anything. So, she doesn’t mind it very much. What she does mind is that pretty much anyone is able to trick her.

Apparently, she got sorted into Hufflepuff because she has spades of loyalty. She’s not sure exactly what that means. She always thought spades were a suit of cards in a deck, though she heard there is a game by the same name. She’s pretty sure that would be capitalized though, because it’s like a title, right? She got off on a different track, didn’t she? Anyway, she doesn’t have many people she considers to be close friends outside of her family, but she would do almost anything for someone she cares about.

She’s also really patient. She may not be the quietest, but she can wait to get what she wants. It also helps her to deal with people who aren’t very patient. When waiting, she’ll just zone out until someone gets her attention. It helps with all kinds of situations. She’s just a laid-back, easy-going person who doesn’t get her feathers ruffled much.

She can be really sensitive. She gets her feelings hurt easily. But she doesn’t often show that on her face, nor does she dwell on it. Just give her five minutes and she’s over it. She tries to make sure no one can find her weak points. She knows that part isn’t very Hufflepuff-y, because stereotypically, they wear our hearts on our sleeves, but who said everyone had to fit neatly into stereotypes? The world would be quite a boring place if everyone was all the same.

Quirks: Playing with her hair, zoning out

Strengths: Forgiving, Friendly, Helpful, Honest, Open

Weaknesses: Unfocused, Passive, Vague, Naive, Gullible

Likes: Chocolate, jewelry, shoes, and cute clothes

Dislikes: Apricots, tangled hair, being angry, and getting yelled at

Boggart: “Oh, why this question? I found one of these once! It was so horrible. I’d opened a cupboard on a dare, and a huge acromantula crawled out at me. It was the scariest thing I’d ever seen. I started screaming like I’d never screamed before.”

Patronus: A Frog, because they’re so cute.

Patronus Memory Not sure yet.


Wand: 8 inch, Mahogany with a unicorn hair core, bendy

Strength: Charms
Weakness: Potions

Family and History

Father: Jonathan Adams (Halfblood)
Mother: Carol Smith (Muggle)
Siblings: 13 year old half-brother (unknown until her father left her mother for his mistress and married her.)

Pet: None

Background: From all the stories told about her in her baby days, Emily was easy. She didn’t mind being held and entertained by anyone, nor did she mind being left to entertain herself. She would babble at everyone and everything. She was most patient. She’d always gotten along well with her parents. She wasn’t a problem child, she wasn’t very demanding, she was just there in some ways. Her life remained relatively simple until the age of eight.

When she was eight, her parents divorced because her father found someone else. Emily was aware that there would be many changes, but not as many that had happened. That was the time of her life where she was angry and learned she didn’t like the feeling. That was also when she started daydreaming so much. She could easily zone out for half an hour or more. She found that it helped her to deal with the emotional upheaval and betrayal she’d felt. She actively avoided as much as she could, even though she couldn’t block out everything.

Her mother got custody, and Emily went along with it. It wasn’t like she wanted to be with her father anyway. While she did let go of the anger towards him eventually, she held him at a distance, never letting him too close.

Finally, it was time to go to school. Emily was put under the hat. You have plenty of loyalty. You don’t mind working for what you want and you do not expect instant gratification. You will do well in Hufflepuff, was what she heard, so off she went to the sea of yellow.

As the school years passed, she did spend as much time as she could with friends. She wasn’t sure any of those friends would be considered close exactly, but she tried. She decided that some of those friends would get annoyed because she just couldn’t focus on a conversation if a long story was being told. By then, she was so used to zoning out that it was no longer fully in her control.

By the time she hit fourth year, she’d garnered a bit of a reputation. Sweet and friendly, but out of it seemed to be the most common. It didn’t bother her though. What did bother her was people thinking she was dumb because of her daydreaming habit. She understood the school work pretty well. It just took her a little longer than most to finish the assignments. She still got pretty good grades though, and wasn’t that what mattered in the end?

Fifth year was harder than she expected. The classes were more difficult and the OWLs were horrible. But she did well enough to pass.
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