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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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 Anya Greens
Anya Greens
 Posted: Sep 14 2014, 12:49 AM
Anya Greens
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Warding | 2nd year
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13-September 14

Anya Greens
user posted image

Full Name: Anastasia Alisa Greens
Blood Status: Pure-blood
Nationality: Swedish, English
Place of Birth: Gothenburg Sweden
Date of Birth: February 14, 2057
Age: 18
Spoken Languages: Swedish, English

Eyes: Grey
Hair: dyed dark brown
Height: 5'5"
Dressing Style: Anya prefers jeans and a loose t-shirt. She hardly ever dresses formally. When she does, it tends to be because she has to. She is not picky about her hair and will wear it up or down. It just depends on how she feels that day. But whatever she is wearing, she has a pair of boots to go with the outfit. She enjoys wearing them and has many types (though no cowboy boots). She has never told anyone why she wears them.

Personality: Anya is logical. She thinks of every possibility before jumping into a situation. Anya hates to be unprepared. She is very organized in all that she does, mainly because she dislikes the idea of losing something. She prefers to work alone. She is generally an introverted person by choice. It is not because she is shy that she does not speak to others but instead because she sees no need to socialize. If a person cannot keep her interested in a conversation she will rarely talk to them again.

Character Description: Anya is not a trusting person. If someone she likes crosses her, she will make sure they regret it. How she does so varies on what they did to permanently upset her, though the statistic of her seeking revenge is very low seeing as how so few had actually earned her trust. Generally Anya hates physical confrontation; she prefers using words to solve her problems instead of direct action. She finds direct action to be caused from a lack of emotional control. And Anya refused to have a lack of control in her life. Anya rarely associates with people. She does make some exceptions if a person can hold a decent discussion about a topic Anya enjoys or for some odd reason amuses her to the point of capturing her attention. If a person can manage that feat, then they pose the risk of catching Anya’s curiosity. Once her curiosity is acquired it is hard to shake. Anya is a loyal friend to those she deems worthy. She will protect them in anyway necessary. The teen will go to great lengths to ensure her friends happiness also. Anya is a vegetarian.

-Chews on her tongue
-When really nervous she will stutter, but will generally try to prevent speaking before she actually stutters.
-when upset she will write in cursive
-Hates face make up, but loves eye make up
-When angry her Swedish accent will slip out or she will sometimes revert back to speaking in her native tongue.

-Very focused
-strong willed
-Eager to please despite how she acts
-Highly Intelligent and applies it to all tasks

-She is very snarky and tends to push people away
-She is horrible at herbology
-Will go to great lengths to find out something
-When extremely angry she will verbally tear a person down, spilling all of their dirty secrets. Sometimes she will even say things she does not mean. Though it has only happened a few times in the past.
-Romantically insecure

-The majority of her classes
-Discussing a topic she enjoys
-Visiting Sweden with her parents
-exercising just enough to stay in shape
-Having a good Conversation

-over exercising
-canned food
-loud people
-overly sweet food
-people who cannot take a hint
-teachers that ramble about a topic not related to the lesson

Wand: Willow, Demiguise Hair, 12 ½ inches
Magical Strengths: Potions, History of Magic, Charms, and Hexes
Magic Weaknesses: Herbology, Divination, Healing Spells, light spells
Patronus Memory: The Memory of her mother baking her chocolate (trying to get her to eat it) after a long fight.
Patronus: sparrow

Family and History
Family Name:Greens
Father: Valdemar Yngve Greens
Mother: Sonia Sibylla Greens (nee Svendsen)
Siblings: none
Pet: cat named Vilma
user posted image

Two Russian wizards Aleksey Grigory and Elena Vladimir were on vacation in Goteborg Sweden, when Elena had gotten pregnant and Aleksey promised to help her care for the baby. They planned to have the child in Sweden so no one would discover they were having a child out of wedlock. Instead, when they brought the kid home they would claim her to be a child they adopted from a pureblooded family. However, Aleksey left Elena in her third trimester; deciding he was not ready for a family. Elena, an unwed and first time mother, did not know how she was going to raise or support her baby. At first, she decided to keep the baby. She bought all the necessary materials: baby books, high chair, crib, clothes, and toys. She even came up with a name for either gender. But after the baby—a girl—was born. Elena decided she didn’t want it. If she kept it the child would take everything from her; her life, her future. It already destroyed her relationship. And Elena realized she had never hated anything more than she hated that thing . She would not call it her child. It was not her child. But she couldn’t let it up for adoption; then it could go to anyone. Something of her blood had to be given to another pureblooded family—even if the child would not share any relationship to her family. Elena would have to find a decent pureblood family. Not for the child’s sake, but for her own. How could she live with herself knowing that some muggleborn or half-blood raised her flesh and blood? It would sully her family’s pureblood name.

So Elena scouted out possible parents for the child. It took her two weeks, but she finally found the perfect couple to raise someone of her blood. They were a Swedish couple and they lived in a muggle neighborhood. The woman had blonde hair, just like her, with Aleksey’s green eyes and the man had her alabaster skin. They would do, the child would never suspect that she was not theirs…that is if they keep her. So the next night, Elena wrapped the baby up in a bundle and placed her in a carrier before setting her on their front porch. Elena placed a small envelope on the child’s blanket. She knocked twice before apparating a safe distance away. She watched as the door creaked open. She heard a woman’s gasp, and something in Swedish. As the woman picked up the baby, her husband came to the door. The woman was cooing to the sleeping child. The man smiled at his wife, before glancing down. He picked up the envelope and started to read aloud that the baby's name was Anastasia Alisa, or Anya for short; and if they choose to keep her they can pick up all of her things at 4187 Birches Street. The key will be under the rug.

Elena wasn’t too great at Swedish, and had to use a friend to translate her letter. But she figured that they got the message. And by the reaction of the woman, Elena figured that they would take in the spawn that shared her blood. With the baby given to a decent pureblood family, Elena figured it was time to return home to Russia. She never got in contact with the child.

The Swedish couple did decide to keep the child, and they thought Anastasia was the perfect name for the little girl. They went to the address just to see what the author of the letter meant by “her things”. They were surprised by how much stuff there was for the little baby; but they were also curious. Why would someone buy all this stuff for a baby and then dump them off at a stranger’s house?

For the longest time the couple, Valdemar Yngve and Sonia Sibylla Greens, had no clue if the child was muggle or magical. They figured it would be nice to have a witch for a daughter, but they would still love her all the same even if she could not do magic. However, they found out she was magical when she turned seven. Each night before bed, they would tell her about the magical world. She enjoyed the stories when for a little while. But after eaves dropping on one of her parents’ conversation she found out she was adopted and began to doubt everything her parents told her about magic. Anya was furious at her parents and had made sure that they knew it. It was the first time she had misbehaved. After that ordeal was over, she forced herself to believe that everything that happened around her or her parents that they called magic was purely coincidental. All of it could be explained logically.

user posted image

Her parents moved to Galway, Ireland when she was 10. Her mother, had grown ill and the family doctor had told her father that they should move somewhere with a little less of a chilly winter. So the family moved out of Sweden and into a more open and spacious home.

Anya couldn’t understand why they chose Ireland of all places. One would think that if you want warm winters you would move to Greece or another country farther south. But her father chose Ireland, probably because his company had a firm there. Anya had refused to speak to her parents two months after they moved. First she found out she was adopted and then she was relocated. But as the homesickness started to sink in, Anya reconnected with her parents—they were the only ones who could bring the Swedish Culture she knew and loved into Ireland…and she missed talking to them, not that she would admit that. The blonde child was still emotionally distant from everyone—excluding her parents—after the move since she found it hard to connect to people, and speaking English proved to be a tedious challenge for her.

It wasn’t until she was 11 that she finally believed in magic. She had received a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and she once again believed the stories her parents had told her about “magic”. It took her a while to adjust to the fact that magic existed, but it made it easier to explain the illogical coincidences that kept happening around her.

~First Year~

Anya remained silent most of her first year; her silence did not stem from her dislike of the students at Hogwarts Academy. Instead it stemmed from the fact that Anya still held her Swedish accent, as she still spoke her mother tongue at home, and barely used English, despite her being fluent with the second language. She spent most of her free time up in her dorm room, and when alone, practicing her English and trying to lose her accent. She had marginal success in the endeavor, trying her hardest to keep the Swedish accent out of her voice unless around those she loved dearly. It wasn’t until the end of her first year of school that she had finally adjusted her view on magic. Now, everything could be solved with logic…including magic.

~Second Year~

After many nights of practice at home, Anya finally lost her accent come time for her second year. She still did not manage to talk too much; either classmates or the other students of the Ravenclaw house. THowever, Anya was found to be residing in the Common Room more often than she had the year before, allowing her to interact a little more with her fellow housemates…or at least be recognized as a familiar face. Anya did slowly begin to breach out of her comfort zone and speak (at least a few phrases) to people outside of her house—mostly with those in Hufflepuff, since the risk of offending them and creating conflict was rather low. She began to speak more to a girl named Cassie Eckloe.

~Third Year~

Like the previous years, Anya did not talk too avidly with her housemates, though she had been known to become a little more...approachable than she had her first two years of Hogwarts Academy. The blonde still remained pretty much aloof, and had quite a few altercations with some of the older students of her house, insinuating their lack of intelligence, brutish nature, or even how badly they converse. However despite these few incidents, Anya still appeared as a "Shy, polite, foreign pureblood," girl to most of her housemates, and therefore was often overlooked or ignored by the muggleborn students. She did make some friends both in her house and in the Hufflepuff house. On the few times Anya would be talking to people outside the common room, she was usually since with a Cassie, who she got rather close to (at least by Anya’s standards), or other friends outside of her House. Eventually someone from Gryffindor introduced her to a 4th year named Lukas Becker whom she eventually ended up dating. The relationship was awkward for Anya, especially since she did not feel the usual relationship jitters that most of her dorm mates talked about. In fact she felt rather...bland. But dating was what normal people did, so she figured she should just stick it out--surely she would like him eventually. It was also during her third year at Hogwarts that she became a vegetarian, after a particular grueling Care of Magical Creatures class.

~Fourth Year~

Fourth year caused a huge confrontation between Anya and a muggleborn, Amelia, within her Dorm. The muggleborn got haughty with the current societal “status quo”—in Anya’s opinion—and the blonde decided to education her fellow housemate on her ignorance and the correct way to fix it. With the current society tensions, Anya could understand how the girl allowed the crazed notion of superiority to get into her head, but that did not mean Anya condoned it. In fact the blonde made it abundantly clear that her fellow housemate was a benighted fool who was no better than the past British purebloods with how much she focused on blood status.

Naturally this argument caused the remaining portion of the year to be a bit tense, with the Ravenclaw fourth years; particularly between Anya’s group of friends and the Muggleborn’s circle. Amelia was adamant that Anya was being rude and bigoted, whereas Anya knew the girl was just being immature. But to avoid even more pointless drama within the common room, Anya spent most of her time outside of the Ravenclaw dorm and with her friend Cassie.

The two continued to exchange verbal jabs at each other, but things began to grow heated after a Ravenclaw House party (which was oddly in one of the empty class rooms on the second floor than in the Ravenclaw Common Room). Anya's friend had roped her in to playing a stupid muggle game of Truth or Dare, in which Amelia dared Anya to kiss another boy--despite knowing that she was in a relationship with Lukas (not that Anya could really scrounge up any real romantic feelings towards him still....but she felt content with him).

Lukas ended up breaking up with her for 'cheating' on him. Part of her was furious that he thought she would cheat--she was not so primitive to do so! But she bit her tongue because she was pretty sure she would have said something derogatory in her retort. After that she made no further contact with Lukas, preferring to ignore his existence. She did however send Amelia to the Hospital wing with some nasty hexes and a very few well placed family curses.

Eventually the matter got settled, once the Ravenclaw Head of House stepped in to manage the problem. Ultimately the Head of House separated the girls, after a lengthy discussion of academic maturity and how to behave within the common room. Anya begrudgingly kept her mouth shut; the blonde knew it would not be too wise to aggravate her Head of House even further

~Fifth Year~

Anya spent the majority of her time studying for her OWLS; most of that time was spent with her fellow housemates studying, but she did spend some time with her friends in other houses. To reduce stress, Anya would regularly schedule times to relax and socialize with her friends outside of Ravenclaw—those who would be more willing to do some non-educational fun or even just relax. But studying for the OWLS still took up a large portion of her time, and therefore she did not have too much happen during her fifth year. She did find out that her ex apparently was now gay, but Anya just ignored it. He was a nasty blip on her life, one she wished could have been least she learned to not trust being content. But she should have known being content was all she could get out of dating a halfblood. Obviously she will need to be more selective in the future.

~Sixth Year~

Anya finally got to interrogate Cassie's boyfriend. Although she was not terribly fond of him, she did not dislike him either. The fact that he doted on Cassie and clearly adored the Hufflepuff (and tolerated Anya's threat) improved his standing in Anya's eyes, so she decided she would play nice with Remington; for Cassie's sake if nothing else. The blonde even managed to step out of the library and Ravenclaw common room to attend the Christmas ball, in which she got to talk to a sassy third year Slytherin; she sometimes thinks she should have hexed the brat, but those thoughts are generally fleeting. Although Anya adores her friend Cassie, this year grew especially tiresome as muggleborns seemed to step all over the Pureblood traditions that Anya was raised with--this led to a talk with a fellow 6th year Alyssa Penrose about forming a group for the pureblood students to get together. It is still a work in progress, but Anya believes the group would thrive given enough interest. Anya has decided to plan the first meeting during the Summer to get an estimated tally. This summer Anya also dyed her hair from the natural blonde, to dark brown. She decided it was time for a change.

Anya also disliked her Prefect status--why in the world would anyone want to listen to other's complain about their problems?--and told the Headmaster to find someone to replace her.


Thou are a bitter bird, said the Raven to the Starling

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