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 Aliana Alcove
Aliana Alcove
 Posted: Sep 13 2014, 11:23 PM

Aliana Alcove

user posted image

Full Name: Aliana Michelle Alcove
Blood Status: Half-blood
Nationality: British-Russian
Place of Birth: Chekhov, Russia
D.O.B: Oct. 10, 2058
Age: 16
Spoken Languages: English, Russian

user posted image

Eyes: Grey-blue eyes.
Hair: Red
Height: 5’3”

Dressing Style:
Aliana dresses casual, preferring jeans and a t-shirt with her hair up over robes. She sometimes wear her glasses although prefers to stick with muggle contacts. When it is hot out she will wear a hat. Likes to have her socks not match her outfit, and always wears sneakers unless required to wear formal footwear. When having to wear formal clothing she prefers dresses and short, slip on heels. She always has at least one bracelet on her.
user posted image

Aliana would be categorized as Bubbly. She prefers to be an optimist rather than a pessimist. She always gives a person the benefit of the doubt. Generally shy around those she does not know, Aliana tends show sporadic bursts of outgoingness or terrible introversion. To most of the people, it seems as if she is just moody; she likes you half of the time and she doesn’t the other half. Instead, Ali tends to have an internal argument of sorts: should she talk to them or should she not? Could she force herself to talk to them? Although it takes quite a bit of time for Aliana to feel completely comfortable around a person, they generally have her complete trust. Once a person acquires it, she wears everything on her sleeve: her emotions, her fears, her hopes and ambitions, even her thoughts. Nothing becomes a secret when it corresponds to her. Now if you are on the side she dislikes, well how she reacts depends on her mood for the day.

Character Description:
Aliana is a curious person who will push any boundary needed to acquire what she wants to know. She is shy, but very passionate about certain situations (which really vary depending on her belief). If passionate enough, she might just argue with anyone about it. She can be very snarky and rude when furious. But that is rarely the case as she is generally really overly cheerful. But she does have her somber days. She is very photogenic and loves to take pictures. However, only her closest friends know about her little hobby.

-During an Awkward moment, Aliana will make a silly face generally making it even more awkward.
-When bored she will start to twitch her nose and attempt to see how long she can stare at it until she gets dizzy. If in class and bored she will start doodling on a piece of paper.
-Aliana tends to bite the inside of her cheek when she is contemplating something
-She tends to always carry snacks around in her bag
-Twirls a pen/quill when she is working on homework
-When she promises something she always does a pinky promise
-Loves taking Pictures when not in school (including some in costumes)

user posted image

-She is very strong willed. She doesn’t mind help from another person but she does not need someone’s help.
-Aliana is a very loyal person and will literally take a secret to the grave.
-Very outspoken, though sometimes it is a bad trait, Aliana sees it as a good thing. Her belief: There is plenty of time to make amends for saying something, but never enough time to live with regretting what you should have said and didn’t.
- Very friendly despite her shyness. Rarely will she ever say something bad about a person on the first meeting. And if she does, they must have pissed her off pretty badly.
-Can talk for hours about any topic with her willingness to learn about it or enthusiastically converse with someone on it. Though this strength only extends to those she feels comfortable around or if she really enjoys/ is curious about the topic.

-Very disorganized when it comes to school work. She tends to either lose the assignment or forgets to do it all together. Aliana always has to scramble to get the assignment done by the due date.
-Gets frustrated very easily; especially in Potions and History of Magic. However her frustrations are not limited to school—she hates having to explain something to a person and tends to become angry when they don’t grasp what she is trying to say.
-Shy when she first meets a person; tends to be “moody” and either she talks to them a lot or barely depending on the day.
-She has no sense of direction. Large places are a nightmare for her. Aliana always ends up getting lost or taking a wrong turn. She generally has to leave her dorm extra early just in case she gets lost on her way to a class.
-She is too trusting when she becomes familiar with a person. And it is easy for them to take complete advantage of her without her being any the wiser. However when something like that does occur (and it has) she becomes very cold and forms a grudge against the person.
-Once she acquires a grudge, it is hard to shake her of it. Very little can make her forgive the person; she might appear to be friendly and polite towards them after a little while, but she will not trust them with any information, whether it is about her or another person.
-She tends to doubt herself a lot. Whether she doubts the answers she got on her homework or her appearance. Aliana is very self-conscience.
-Aliana is absolutely horrible with names, mostly because she tries to become invisible when she is around a ton of people and therefore does not really commit any names to memory. She feels awful when someone greets her and she has no clue who they are, aside from a familiar face.

-Cold Weather
-Most fruits (Apples, bananas, pomegranates, grapes, blueberries, etc.)
-The Outdoors, though she doesn’t mind sitting down near a fire place and talking to people
-Seeing her family
-Visiting foreign places
-[When Alone] Posing for pictures.

user posted image

-excessively loud music
-Warm Weather
-Overly Cocky people
-Detailed Drawings
-Cooked vegetables
-Anything with 6 or more legs and can crawl on her skin (Yes even butterflies)
-Being tickled

Wand: Acacia, unicorn hair, 10 ¾ inches.
Strength: Charms, Defensive Magic, enchantments
Weakness: hexes, history, and potions
Patronus: fox
Patronus Memory: the first time she saw snow in Russia (that she can remember) and the resulting day of spending time indoors with her family playing muggle board games.

Family and History
Father: Derek Alcove
Mother: Ana Paddock Alcove
Siblings: none
Pet: owl named Coffee
user posted image

Derek Alcove, a pureblooded wizard, moved from London to Russia for his curse breaking job. While there while posing as a computer technologist, he met a muggle woman named Ana. The two quickly fell in love and within a six month time period, they got married and were content in their small cottage on the outskirts of Chekhov. After two years of marriage, Ana found out she was pregnant with a girl and the two new parents were over joyed by the fact and even more so when they brought her home from the hospital. Aliana, their new baby, had fiery red hair; far different than her parents dark chocolate locks. The new baby was the center of her parents’ world. She continued to remain in that position as she grew older.

When Aliana was five she started to show magical abilities. Things would float or disappear for some time. Her father, gone on a business trip was notified of the strange coincidences happening at home by his wife. She had continuously sent letters to him about Aliana’s development. He thought about if he should just tell his wife that she was just stressed. But after thinking it through he realized Aliana would still be doing magic. She was a child and had no control of it—and she wouldn’t until she got accepted to one of the magical schools—either Hogwarts or Durmstrang, depending on if he is relocated for work. So he began to tell his wife all about the wizarding world—how he was a wizard and that his real job was not as a computer tech but as a Curse Breaker. He also explained that all the strange accidents that happened were because of their daughter having magical abilities and that she would get a letter of acceptance to a wizarding school when she was eleven. Ana was not really thrilled about the prospect of her child being abnormal, and she was furious that her husband kept this important information from her. But despite how opposed to it she was, Aliana was still her daughter and she still loved her baby girl.

Throughout the years, Derek was periodically relocated. And it wasn’t until two months before her seventh birthday that her father asked her mother to pack up their things because he was being permanently relocated to London. It took a few months of convincing, and a lot of screaming from Aliana, but they finally moved to London. After a lot of arguing, Ana and Derek ended up settling down in a muggle neighborhood. Ana wanted to be in easy access to supermarkets and family oriented areas (such as parks). From all that Derek described to her, his wizarding world didn’t have much of that.

Derek was content with living in a muggle neighborhood. But he made sure to tell Aliana all about the magical world—about the creatures, the spells, the schools, all of it. And she seemed to enjoy it for the most part; eager to see this unknown world. Aliana thought she was lucky; she could choose to live in the magical world or the regular world. Or the muggle world as her father would say. As Aliana grew older, English replaced Russian as her native tongue. It was more commonly used, but her mother still spoken to her in Russian. She was still pretty introverted and preferred to be alone reading or exploring the outdoors. It wasn’t until she was around the age of nine did she start socializing more with the neighborhood kids. She began to play games like sardines, capture the flag, and tag. Although she became friendly and familiar with all of the kids who played the games, she became closest to a boy named Alex. The reason for their closeness was because Alex came from a wizarding family as well. She was hoping that he would go to Hogwarts, and that she would know a familiar face—sadly, Alex moved away the summer before Aliana turned 11. They still kept in touch through letters—usually by owl.

~First Year~

Aliana was ecstatic when she got an acceptance letter from Hogwarts. Her excitement continued until she was actually on the school grounds where her nerves over took her. She got sorted into Gryffindor, which seemed so odd to her at first. She wasn't brave, heck she was practically shaking in her shoes at the idea of talking to these strangers the school called her housemates! However when she actually looked back on the sorting in the comfort of her dorm room she realized the hat was right. After all, she wouldn't fit in with the other houses. It still did not quell her nerves when it came to talking with people. In fact, she remained silent most of the year, only really talking to a select few students within her house. When the school year ended, Ali realized she probably should invest more in the people around her, after all she would just keep seeing them until they graduate. So she made a new goal for the coming year: At least make one new friend to talk to.

~Second Year~

Aliana still did not manage to make the gap between her and the other students in her year any lesser. Although she did develop a few small connections with people here and there, she mostly stayed reserved. However she did form a few acquaintances with a few older housemates, who she found as very useful tutors. The redhead promised she would do better next year, and at least try to make friends with students in her year.

~Third Year~

Ali was partially successful during third year at making friends, mostly because of Care of Magical Creatures class. Being outdoors allowed her to enter a comfort zone of sorts which made talking to people easier. Ali began to socialize more with a fellow Gryffindor named Erick and a Ravenclaw named Claire during her Care of Magical Creatures class. The three students formed a study group to help with various courses and grew quite close to each other. Towards the end of the year, Aliana was rarely seen without at least one of those two.

~Fourth Year~

Aliana breached out of her quite a bit during her fourth year, meeting friends and a few 'Not fond ofs' from every house. She found two friends, Maz Cowan and Lottie Cane, who she really enjoys spending time with--mostly because they are always planning on, or actually getting into, trouble. This year, the redhead also learned (and remembered!) some of her quidditch teammates names, namely Mickey Crawford and Breanna Potter, which Aliana thought was a huge success in and of itself. She even met two 5th year hufflepuffs; one who enjoyed her love of photography, which made Aliana extremely happy, at least until the other girl mentioned starting a club which made the redhead nervous, and the other who enjoyed magical creatures as much as Ali did. However along wtih meeting friendly new faces, Aliana also met people she would prefer to never see again since they came off as horribly rude. This year Aliana also hit a growth spurt, and when she told her mother, found out it will probably happen again fairly soon.

~Fifth Year~

After a few advancements in terms of sociability during fourth year, Aliana all but retreated into herself again in fifth year. Although she still stayed close with the few new friends she made she didn't really bother to branch out more. She chose to focus on her studies since it was O.W.L year-particularly with Potions and Arithmancy which reminded her how much she hated maths and chemistry. She had also taken up to studying for A levels per her mother's request. Apparently she wanted to make sure Ali was well rounded in case she didn't find a job in the muggle world (like that would ever happen). The times she was not trying to scrap up an Acceptable she had spent on the Quidditch Pitch enjoying her time in the air.

~Sixth Year~

Sixth year was pretty much the exact same as fifth year; with the exception of Ali actually starting to study the day school started back up. She had managed to pass her O.W.Ls, getting an E in Potions which surprised her. But she was determined to continue passing all of her chosen classes which resulted in the redhead practically claiming a table in the left hand corner of the library by a window that she always studied on. Quidditch and the occasional Hogsmeade visit were pretty much all the socializing that Ali did.


user posted image
One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.

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