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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Alice Shaw


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Jan 2 2015, 12:30 PM

Alice Shaw
12 | Hufflepuff | Straight | Single | Half - blood

Looking for;
Friends: The people who she can trust and hang around with. She will be able to get along with them and be able to exchange jokes, help each other with homework etc.
Enemies: Mainly people she will not get along with. Either their personalities clash or they had left a lasting impression on her. However they will be few and far between.
Other: People that she will know by sight. They are neither her friends or enemies that she will see around the school on a daily basis. Whether it is in class or at free periods.

Name & Name
Proposed Interaction(s):
Dec 30 2014, 03:01 PM
Alice Shaw

Full Name: Alice May Shaw
Blood Status: Half - blood
Nationality: British
Place of Birth: Longton, Stoke - on - Trent, Staffordshire, England
Date of Birth: 27th January 2061
Age: 12 years old
House and Year: Hufflepuff 2nd year
Spoken Languages: English and a small amount of French
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Brown and Almond Shaped
Hair: Brunette and shoulder length. It is often left down when she isn't in classes. However her hair colour has been known to lighten in the sun
Height: 5" 1'

Look Description:
Alice will try to carry a confident air about her as she wants to move away from her nervousness that she developed as a child. Her hair is tied back to keep it from getting into her eyes when she is working in class. Her body structure is petite. She prefers to wear baggy tops and jumpers to reduce the clothes from hugging her form. These won't be in colours that would wash her out such as black or similar dark hues. Her coat colours are light pink, blue, and gray. Due to her skin colour she has been known to burn in harsh sunlight.

Dressing Style:
Alice will often chose to wear casual clothing than robes. Mainly because it is easier to mix and match tops with bottoms as well also being easier to get a hold of where she is living. Alice will occasionally wear robe but they will be hand me downs due to the Current position of the community. Her coats are often lightweight anoraks during the warmer months and duffel like coats during colder months.


Character Description:
Alice is a kind and friendly individual. She wishes to try to understand the situation surrounding the wizarding community in the united kingdom however her lack of knowledge in this area often betrays her. She is often nervous when meeting people however she will open up to them over a period of time when she gets used to being around than. She enjoy non nr looking around the library and hanging around in the common room during the winter months. She will usually try to finja warm spot close to the fireplace and where it is quiet. She will try to do her best in her classes whether she is struggling to understand the subject or not. Her attitude towards the wizarding world is a mixed bag of opinions from both sides. It is very hard for people to try her patience and if they do she will often cold shoulder them or lose her temper which isn't very often.

Alice will often have habit of quoting Dads Army and the Navy Lark in awkward situations as well as hum songs from the 20th century at quiet moment.
She will chew her nails/play with her hair when nervous. When bored she will doodle in margins on parchment or paper.

Strengths: (Minimum 5)
Her personality
Her Resourcefulness

Dust allergy
Cute things
Her temper
Attention span
Her stubbornness
Her nerves when in front of large groups of people.

- Chocolate
- Lavender
- The Who
- Queen
- Reading
- Kittens
- Drawing
- History
- Apples
- Snow

- Her Glasses
- The Twilight Saga
- Traffic Jams
- Icy Roads
- Quills
- Marmite Products
- Badly made cover songs
- Westerns
- Doughnuts

Boggart: A giant Spider -

Patronus: None

Patronus Memory None


Wand: Pear wood, 12 1/4 ' , Unicorn Hair, Slightly Springy

Strength: Charms and potions
Weakness: Transfiguration and History of Magic

Family and History

Father: David Shaw, 41 years old
Mother: Tracey Shaw, 38 years old
Siblings: None

Pet: A ginger and White tom cat named Sox that has caused various trouble for itself and its owner.

The Shaw Family have been into the Pottery manufacturing business since 1922. However with the family realising that running various potteries was becoming difficult they closed them in 1963. They mainly operated in the township of Longton owning various potteries in that area to produce Bone China and Earthenware.

Her Mother is from a Pure blood family the Billingsley's that were not well off after what had happened with the Ministry of Magic after the fall of Voldemort. They were mainly a neutral family that didn't want to get involved with any side during that time.

The Shaw family itself is a lower middle class family that has worked its way to be in the position it is today. With Alice's father working in a Pottery and as a guide in one of the local museums of Stoke. Her Mother used to work as a freelance journalist before she had Alice and stays at home looking after the house and occasionally Alice when she isn't at Hogwarts.
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