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Anastacia Geller

Hogwarts Staff

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Jan 6 2018, 08:34 PM
Anastacia didn't leave the castle on each of her night's off but she did make a point of doing it at least once a month. Even if she didn't realise it at the time the break from the castle was needed. Whatever she did, wherever she went the change was a good thing.

Having had the whole day off Ana had already spent enough time with her family. So after dinner she took her leave and apparated back to Hogsmeade. It was just a bit too early to go back to the castle according to her own rules about these things. The pub it was then. A comfortable place with friendly people.

She got a glass of juice at the bar then settled herself at the table to the side of the fire. The barman's dog came over for a quick pet before leaving Ana to it and lying down again on the rug before the hearth. The nurse loved the dog, a big softie of a thing. A highlight of coming into the pub for her was watching the silly thing greet everyone through the door.

It was nice to sit and relax with the magazine she'd brought along. It was a muggle one, a secret love. Real-life stories for real-life people. Or so it proclaimed on the cover. Ana had her doubts. Some of the stories were just too much to wrap her head round. No way could they be true. Still, she enjoyed them and there was an entertainment factor. Smiling she laid it out on the table and turned to the first drama filled tale of woe.

Jethro Lancaster
Sep 1 2017, 06:01 PM
Anastacia was back in Diagon Alley probably before anyone even noticed she had left. Giving Alex the bad news was one of the hardest things she'd had to do in her life but she was glad she'd done it. It was better for such news to come from a friend rather than a stranger. Her talk with the Headmaster had been brief but she was sure she'd included everything.

As she strode up the Alley she put all thoughts out of her head. Now was not the time for worrying about why, or how or even if it would happen again. No, now was the time to get her sleeves rolled up and get to work. She was doing just that, rolling up her second sleeve when she spotted Cassie.

The poor girl appeared to be at a loss, left to her own devices by the hospital healers. Ana understood what had happened - the healers in their haste had forgotten the girl didn't have as many years under their belt. She understood but she didn't like it.

"Come with me, pet." She told Cassie having approached her. "You work on the person beside me so I'll be right there if you need advice." It was silly that no one had thought to use Cassie. For though she didn't have as much experience as the rest she had plenty of it for dealing with the minor injuries.

Nurse Gellar knelt before a man who clutched his wife. A quick looked told her their injuries were nothing too serious but the woman couldn't walk with what looked a broken leg and the man couldn't help her with his dislocated shoulder. "Hello, I'm Ana and this is Cassie. We'll get you put back together in no time." Ana took the lead as the couple separated a bit, she chose to work on the man leaving Cassie the easier task of fixing the woman's leg. The other injuries - scratches and bumps - could be dealt with after the worst were healed.

Cassie Eckloe
Mar 1 2017, 05:26 PM
"Yes, Maz, you really can go. I'm not lying. You're healed and no longer need my care." Anastacia smiled fondly at the girl bouncing from foot to foot before her. "I want to see you back next week for a check-up but I don't even expect there to be any issues then. You are one hundred percent, completely, totally healed. Now go, before you miss another whole weekend."

The smile spread across the girl's face warmed Ana's heart. This was why she got into the stress filled job of being a healer in the first place, to see this. The happiness that came from fixing a person up and sending them on there way. Of course there were the times when that didn't happen but that didn't lessen the joy any when it did.

The girl took off with no further questioning and even before she was out of sight she was running. Ana was prompted to call after. "Just be careful on that ankle and DON'T GET IN ANY FIGHTS!" There was no response and really the nurse hadn't expected one to that command from that particular student. Maz Cowan was a fighter. Ana had known it from the very first time she'd met the girls years before.

Shaking her head wearing a happy smile she returned to her domain; the now empty hospital wing. It was a silly notion but Anastacia was certain she would feel the girl's absence for a time to come. The young Hufflepuff certainly had a presence. Taking in the room Ana's eyes quickly fell on the gifts Maz had left behind. She'd asked the nurse to fix them into gift baskets and give them out to those at St Mungo's who didn't receive much in the way of visitors or snacks. It was a task Anastacia was happy to take on, she always did like to keep herself busy.
Jun 23 2015, 10:35 AM
In a tent on the front lawn of the university grounds Ana was thanking some elfs. She always thanked the Hogwarts elfs and felt it was only polite to thank the ones employed by the university too. 'Thanks for all this.' She spoke meaning the set up of the tent; the two beds, cupboards with supplies and comfy looking seats for break. 'And the outside.' The harder types of chair had been placed before the tent, ten in total (she didn't expect many kids to be interested) and a long table in front of them. 'I'll be fine now, the others should be along any minute.'

Ana had had the idea that since she was going to be at the University to help with any emergencies that may occur she might as well make herself more useful. As useful as she could be. And she was dragging her old friend Daniela into her usefulness and Daniela in her turn was dragging along another. Anastacia was looking forward to meeting her.

She peeked outside the tent to make sure no students had arrived yet before ducking back inside to sort through her supplies and take what she thought she might need outside. She'd choosen simple, casual clothes to wear that day; a loose pair of dress trousers, a pale purple polo-shirt (loose fitting was the theme of the day) and, as much as sh disliked them - a pair of purple trainers. She'd much have preferred the clothes she wore on the hospital wing. Not a uniform in anyones mind except hers but she'd felt they'd be no good for the day.

Now, she was almost ready she just had to stop herself from panicking. Teaching couldn't be that hard surely! She dealt with most of these kids week to week. Oh Merlin she hoped Daniela arrived soon, it wasn't often that Ana got nervous or flustered about work, but, on the few occassions she did Daniela had been able to calm her. She sat down on one of the comfy seats and counted to ten.
Dec 7 2014, 11:16 PM

Anastacia Geller
33 | Nurse | Straight | Single

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Looking for: The new school nurse Ana has taken the position to slow her life down. St Mungo's was fast paced and as well as never seeming to get a minute to sit she felt she lacked any kind of social life. Which she did outside of work. She's a friendly woman who is kind to everyone she meets and will help any who needs it. She's far too trusting and spends a lot of her downtime dreaming.

Friends: Ana's a person who likes to have a lot of friends. She's an uplifting kind of person to be around and willingly lends a sympathetic ear to a friend. She loves partying and a good gossip.

Enemies: Ana doesn't want to make enemies and is nice to everyone but that doesn't mean that everyone likes her. She doesn't understand the need for unkind words or fights.

Other: Though not actively looking for love Ana is keeping an eye out. She likes to think she's playing the field and experiencing life but actually she hasn't had much time for that. Her friends have set her up with men in the past and if they haven't been totally unsuitable for her they were scared off after meeting her brothers.

Anastacia dreams of travelling the world and plans to spend the summer holidays doing just that.

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