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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Annabel Childers


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Aug 2 2016, 03:21 PM
Annabel Childers

Full Name: Annabel Childers
Blood Status: Halfblood
Nationality: Scottish
Place of Birth: Glasglow, Scotland
Date of Birth: May 5, 2063
Age: 11
House and Year: 1st year and Gryffindor
Spoken Languages: English
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Height: 4’9”

Look Description: She has long blond hair and deep brown eyes. She is tall for her age but not overly so. Annabel is a normal 11 year old witch.

Dressing Style: She likes wearing comfortable clothes to explore in. For her parents dinner parties, she wears dresses or skirts and Mary Jane-esque style shoes. She wears very little jewelry, just earrings no piercings and no tattoos.


Character Description: Being an only child for now, she is very outgoing and social for only eleven. She likes being around her friends and family but also enjoys time to read potions and herbology books. Her mum is a {NPC} Potioneer. Her father being a muggle is a librarian.

Quirks: She has a weakness for rescuing stray animals

Strengths: Imaginative and Creative, Self-Confidence, Decisive, Hard-working and Decisive, Open-minded (Minimum 5)

Weaknesses: Arrogant, Judgmental, Overly Analytical, Impatient, and Stubborn (Minimum 5)

Likes: Potions, Books, Animals, and Herbology

Dislikes: Bullies, the color pink, dark colors and extremely bright colors, Abuse

Boggart: the grim which turns into a jack in the box

Patronus: (Optional for 3rd year and over)

Patronus Memory (Optional for 3rd year and over)


Wand: Hazel, Unicorn Hair, 11 ½

Strength: Potions (Strong area of magic)
Weakness: Transfiguration (Weak area of magic)

Family and History

Father: Jethro Childers
Mother: Caroline Childers
Siblings:None yet. I may add a brother or sister later if that is okay

Pet: Annabel is the proud owner of a white cat with bright green eyes.

Background: The Childers are a halfblood family from Glasgow, Scotland. Since the late 1700’s the Childers have been a muggle family until Jethro met a witch named Caroline St. Andrews. After 30 years of teaching at the local university he retired but still wanted to help educate minds so he became a librarian and also strived to make the muggle school system in Scotland more efficient. Caroline is an American witch who moved to Glasgow before her 11th birthday to attend Hogwarts. After a year and a half of courting the two got married. They met in Amsterdam when Caroline turned 21 and was taking her first tour of Europe. Five years into the marriage, they had been blessed with a beautiful baby girl named Annabel Elizabeth Childers.

Up until she turned four years old, she was to her parents a normal baby but things turned around when “strange” and “abnormal” things happened when she was angry, sad or just upset. Jethro and Caroline knew exactly what she was and Caroline could not have been more proud of her daughter. Anna’s parents are among the few muggle/witch couples who have made their relationship work and still be loving towards each other. While she is an only child, Annabel is a well behaved child and is not one to be babied because that is not how Jethro and Caroline raised her to be. Caroline had been teaching her all about potions and herbology as well as letting Annabel read her old Potions and Herbology texts.

She received her Hogwarts letter the day she turned 11, her parents were over-joyed and excited. Her parents took her to Diagon Alley to buy her school supplies as well as a familiar to take with her. She is looking forward to her first year at Hogwarts. To be able to learn to control her magic and make some friends.

Aug 2 2016, 02:30 AM
Hi there! I am completely new and trying to navigate this site
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