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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Ailey Saunders


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Jul 1 2016, 01:04 PM
Hello all,

I will be away this weekend visiting the boyfriend's parents down on Cape Cod and might not have a chance to respond until Monday evening.

I hope all of you in the US have a nice 4th of July weekend. Eat ALL the cookout food and see ALL the fireworks...

~ Ashley

Jun 28 2016, 09:34 PM
Ailey Saunders grumbled as she dug the toe of her boots into the ground. Out of all the places she currently wanted to be at, Summer Camp was definitely not one of them. But her father insisted. “It’s safe,” he would say “you don’t have to be home alone!” It was as if he did not trust her. As if he knew that she had a muggle boyfriend in town. The thought made her angry. How could he not trust her? She had never done anything untrustworthy throughout her entire life! For the first time in years she ended up in a self-proclaimed verbal war with him. She doubted that her temper did not her at all, and now she regretted it.

If frustration looked like a person, it would be her. Her face was red from both tears and anger and her body was much more tense than it usually was. Typically, Ailey would be flailing around and talking with friends, but all she wanted to do was pout. She was supposed to spend this summer with her boyfriend Declan. They barely saw each other during the Easter holiday and now she was being torn away from him for the entire summer.

At least he won’t make me come here during the weekends…

Ailey watched a couple from her year sneaking away flirting and holding hands. She felt envious. A part of her wondered what it would be like if she would start dating someone from Hogwarts. But then the other part of her felt awful for thinking such a thing. She fancied Declan, a lot! But it was oh so difficult trying to keep up a relationship with him. Especially when he had no idea what she even was.

Throughout her last year at Hogwarts she fancied two people. Declan and her split up for a few months while Ailey figured herself out. The girl she fancied, Amber, was probably the complete opposite from her. They had a bit of a falling out after some light flirting. But the boy she fancied actually brought her on a date to Hogsmeade. They snogged. Then immediately she felt awful for Declan. There he was, far away, heartbroken over her fickle attitude. After a fairly decent amount of conversation the two decided to get back together. As it turns out, Declan fancied a girl in town- but nothing ever came of it because he didn’t want it to.

She did not expect to marry Declan. Her brain rarely ever thought those sorts of things. But everything felt different with him than it ever had with anyone else. And her father was ruining it all. It was unbelievable. Luckily she only had one year left of Hogwarts.

Amber Elison
Jun 28 2016, 05:58 PM
Ailey Saunders was absurdly bored. O.W.L exams were over, her friends were bickering about something or the other again, and she had finished packing her trunk- all of which left her with absolutely nothing to do. Boredom was her least favorite feeling, so after she paced the Ravenclaw Common Room for nearly an hour hoping that something would happen or that her friends would lighten up, she decided it was best to go exploring.

The fifth year- soon to be sixth year girl set herself at a briskly pace as she left the Common Room and made her way through the castle. The entire mood felt as if it had shifted overnight. Now that exams were basically over students were feeling less imprisoned and miserable. Herself included. Throughout the corridors pairs of students were talking excitedly amongst themselves, happy to be free from the burden of textbooks and quills for an entire two and a half months. She could not help but smile at everyone that she passed by.

Perhaps it was a chance at luck that the sun was shining. The temperature was perfect for both celebrating and exploring. Thankfully she had rid of her robes and uniform, trading them in for a flowy and flowery dress that reached to her knees and a pair of black combat style boots. She looked down at herself, admiring the change. If she had been forced to wear the entire Hogwarts uniform on a day like this she probably would have been overheated and stranded inside the Ravenclaw Tower. Small clusters of students stood at the edge of the lake, presumably trying to coerce the Giant Squid into showing itself. Choosing to isolate from being around a large group she decided to pursue the far end of the lake where trees met water.

A large smile crossed over her face as she began to skip, just because it felt as if today was a skipping day. Humming to herself she skipped over to her designated spot, ignoring the enticing sound of splashing coming from the other group. Out of her peripheral she could just make out the edge of a tentacle waving out of the water. For the first time in weeks she felt peaceful. Between debating politics and muggles with her less than open-minded classmates, to pouring all of her energy into her O.W.L. exams, the last few weeks were not easy for her. She was highly sensitive and wore her heart on her sleeve, both were quick to suck the energy from her when debating issues she was so passionate about. Was it really that difficult for others to try and find a common ground rather than choosing hostility and violence?

She shook the thoughts away. This moment was about her. Not about the state of the world. Not about some fourth year who could see no more clearly than a dusted Butterbeer bottle from the Hog’s Head. But it all still stressed her out.

Ailey peaked her head into the woods and listened closely for any sounds. This part of the Forest did not technically say it was Off Grounds nor was it dense like the rest of the Forest (not that she knew what it looked like in the inside….). Hearing no sounds or other voices she continued on. A small path had formed over the years indicating that it was not undiscovered, but due to the nature of grass growing in the middle of it, it seemed as if it was not used very often.

Ailey continued walking and humming, enjoying the quiet and the time alone. It was not long before she came upon a small clearing. A large rock stood close to the lake. Grinning, Ailey quickened her pace and ran for the rock. Without a moment’s hesitation she climbed on top of it and stood at the very tip. It was an excellent view of the lake. And if she turned around, it was an excellent view of the woods behind her! Oh how grateful she was to be at a place like Hogwarts. Ailey laughed to herself and sat down to close her eyes.

Jalek Dronul
Jun 21 2016, 06:44 PM

Ailey Noelle Saunders
16 | Ravenclaw | Pansexual | In a semi-committed relationship

Blurb: Ailey Noelle Saunders is a true free spirit. Empathetic to a fault, she has no trouble trying to make sure that everyone around her is happy. This happy-go-lucky gal sees the world through rose colored glasses and struggles to make sense of any conflict that is around her. She is deeply wise and sensitive and just wants to see the best in everyone. It is very difficult for Ailey to say something bad about another person, but when she does, it is clear that something is deeply wrong. Ailey is fascinated by Muggles and learning more ways to improve interactions between muggle, muggleborn, and Wizarding Communities. Her goal is to travel the world to understand how other government policies surrounding Muggle Affairs function and to one day improve Britain’s policies.

Ailey has an on and off again muggle boyfriend that she met during the holiday between her fourth and fifth years. The two plan on “splitting” before she leaves for her sixth year at Hogwarts (or the elite private boarding school, as far as he knows). She has a small group of muggle friends back home in Ballycastle and is worried about leaving them behind.

Looking for: friends, acquaintances, a Hogwarts flirt, people to understand her

Jun 21 2016, 04:30 PM
Ailey Saunders

Full Name: Ailey Noelle Saunders
Blood Status: Mixed blood
Nationality: Irish
Place of Birth: Ballycastle, Northern Ireland
Date of Birth: 7th June, 2059
Age: 16
House and Year: Ravenclaw 6th year
Spoken Languages: English (with a smidgen of Gaelic) and French
Relationship Status: Summer fling with a Muggle boy but probably has a crush on one of her classmates.


Eyes: blue
Hair: light brown
Height: 1.5 cm

Look Description: Ailey Saunders has long light brown hair that has a poor habit of staying frizzy. She normally wears glasses that always sit crooked on her nose. Her fair skin is vulnerable to even the slightest of the sun’s rays, causing her to frequently use hats and sun blocking spells in order to stop herself from getting burned. She is shorter than most of her classmates.

Dressing Style: Ailey can frequently be seen wearing some sort of quirky hair piece or bow in order to make herself stand out from the original drab school uniforms.


Character Description: Ailey is friendly and enjoys spending time with her friends. Although she is shy at first, she tends to open up fairly easily and people find her easy to talk to. She is quirky and tends to go to the beat of her own drum; a true free spirit. She wants nothing more than to travel and see the world, especially how the rest of the Muggles and Wizarding populations interact (if at all). Ailey is wise but has a tendency to be easily distracted. She loves to read and to explore the castle grounds.

Quirks: Ailey does her own thing without worrying too much about judgement from others. She can be easily distracted which may sometimes annoy her classmates. She has a unique way at seeing the world.

Strengths: Empathetic, wise, strong people skills, unique, courageous

Weaknesses: Empathetic (she can be empathetic to a fault), distracted, susceptible to panic attacks, indecisive, and she has a tendency to wear her heart on her sleeve

Likes: Exploring, hanging around friends, learning, reading, and Muggles

Dislikes: sitting in a classroom, boredom, being alone, and having to make decisions

Boggart: A future boss telling her she has to do something mundane

Patronus: Fennec Fox

Patronus Memory Sitting on the cliffs watching the sunset with her best friend


Wand: Maple wood, phoenix core, 10 1/8 inches.

Strength: Defensive magic, herbology, and astronomy
Weakness: Transfiguration and divination

Family and History

Father: Glennon Saunders (Former Ravenclaw, former Chaser for the Ballycastle Bats, current broommaker)
Mother: Charlotte Barnes nee Lelievre (also a former Ravenclaw, moved back to France with her new husband and two youngest children)
Siblings: Jamison Saunders (auror in training, lives in London with best mate, former Ravenclaw, 6 years older than Ailey)
Felix Barnes (7 years younger than Ailey, lives with Ailey’s stepfather and mother in France)
Macey Barnes (8 years younger than Ailey, lives with Ailey’s stepfather and mother in France)

Pet: Ailey has a tuxedo cat named Arlo that she brings to Hogwarts with her.

Background: When Ailey was six years old her recently divorced mother moved her to France where she soon met a man named Felix Barnes Jr. Felix was working for a small private firm that required him to travel throughout western Europe. Felix and Charlotte fell in love and soon enough Charlotte was expecting a baby (Felix Barnes III). Felix was not nice- and Ailey suspected even at a young age that he was involved with Dark Magic. Ailey would spend all of her summer holidays back in Ballycastle with her father and brother, wishing that she could be there with them away from Felix. By the time she turned ten her wish had been granted. Her mother, realizing that Felix was not healthy for her, or her children, sent Ailey back to Ballycastle with her father and brother (not without any demands from Ailey, who insisted she wanted to go to Hogwarts instead of Beauxbatons).

Ailey lived with her father for a year before leaving for Hogwarts, only to return to France for one summer between her second and third years. During her summers in Ballycastle, Ailey frequently tried to make friends with the local Muggle children but often failed. They thought she was “strange” and “weird” and called her names. Nonetheless, Ailey was curious and still tried to make friends with them. For her entire life she had an avid interest in the interactions between Muggle and wizarding communities. Her favorite class at Hogwarts would turn out to be Muggle Studies and she hoped that one day she could join the International Confederation of Wizards to change some policy surrounding the two communities.

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