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It is May 2077.
High temps reach 14°C while the lows stay nice at 7°C. Day begins at 5.30am and ends with sunset at 9pm. Rain is an almost constant with dry days being mostly clouded over.
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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Alora Bennet


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Jun 24 2015, 03:34 PM
b]Character’s Name: [/b] Alora Bennet
What would you like? (Signature, custom picture)
Name on Set? Where?: Alora Bennet, Top Center
Quote and/or Other Text (Optional): L'amour , de l'Alimentation , Magie
[.b]Face Claim:[/b] Odeya Rush
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Colors:Blue, gold, white.
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Jun 19 2015, 02:11 PM
Contact: Alora Bennet
Character Requesting: Jenelle Bennet
Relationship Wanted: Sister
Name: Jenelle Bennet
Age: 11
House or Occupation: Hufflepuff
Year: First
Background Information: Jenelle is a sweet child, makes friends fairly easily. Rest can be decided by who ever takes her. Note her and her sister fight sometimes, but mostly get along well.
Birthday: July 7th 2053
Other Information: 5'2 Shoulder length, straight brown hair. Ice Blue eyes. Pale skin. Wears a silver bracelet with a purple flower.
**Everything else is Taker’s Choice!
Link to Topic: N/A

Jun 19 2015, 01:02 AM
Alora was rather lost at this point. She had been uprooted from everything she had known and loved. Her family moved from their house on the Riviera, to some dump in the heart of London, all because her father had gotten some job offer. Of course the one place she found herself wandering to was the one place that reminded her of home. The lake stretched on before her and she straightened her long black skirt and blue floral blouse before plopping down on the sand. She kicked off her shoes and let her feet soak in the cool water. She sighed and decided she may as well sing something to take her mind off of things for a bit.
"Je lui dirai qu'il est de ce pays
Où son grand-père était bûcheron
Que dans son sang l'Orient coule aussi
Que les mélanges font de beaux enfants
Qu'il est fort et bien vivant

Je lui dirai qu'il est né de l'amour
Que nous l'attendions passionnément
Que chaque nuit s'efface au nouveau jour
Qu'il sera grand mais qu'il a bien le temps
Oh dieu qu'il a bien le temps

Et que la vie l'appelle que le monde l'attend
Que la terre est si belle et le ciel est si grand
Qu'il est beau, que je l'aime, qu'il est ma vie, ma joie
Qu'il est un parmi des millions d'humains
Mais bien l'unique pour moi

Je lui dirai qu'ici bas tout s'apprend
Le bien le mal et même le bonheur
Qu'il ne perde jamais ses yeux d'enfant
Devant trop de malheurs et de laideur
Qu'il regarde avec son coeur

Je lui dirai d'être sage et prudent
D'aller frôler les glaces et les feux
Qu'il goûte à tout mais sans jamais dépendre
Que trop peut être pire que trop peu
Oh bien pire que trop peu

Et que la vie l'appelle que le monde l'attend
Que la terre est si belle et le ciel est si grand
Qu'il est beau, que je l'aime, qu'il est ma vie, ma joie
Qu'il est un parmi des millions d'humains
Mais bien l'unique pour moi

Je lui dirai les chansons les poèmes
Qu'il n'y a pas d'amour sans histoire
Que le bonheur est un grain que l'on sème
Qu'amour et santé ne s'achètent pas
Et qu'on n'est riche que de ça

Je lui dirai qu'un jour une autre femme
Viendra l'aimer et qu'il l'aimera
Que j'en mourrai de bonheur et de larmes
Mais que nous serons là pas après pas
Que c'est la vie et sa loi

Et que la vie l'appelle que le monde l'attend
Que la terre est si belle et le ciel est si grand
Qu'il est beau, que je l'aime, qu'il est ma vie, ma joie
Qu'il est un parmi des millions d'humains
Mais bien l'unique pour moi

Qu'il est beau que je l'aime
Qu'au-delà du mystère
Il est ma plus belle raison de vivre
Ma réponse à l'infini"
((OOC: English Translation: ))
Jun 18 2015, 11:46 PM
Alora Bennet

Full Name: Alora Bennet
Blood Status: Pureblood
Nationality: France
Place of Birth: Marseille
Date of Birth: December 12 2058
Age: 15
House and Year: Slytherin, Fifth
Spoken Languages: French, English
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Deep Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 5ft 4in

Look Description: Alora is short and slender, with curly shoulder-length brown hair, and eyes that reflect the Riviera she lived by all her life.

Dressing Style: She wears anything from dresses to jeans and a blouse. She mostly wears dark shades of blue. She wears a light perfume that smells faintly of lilac and vanilla. She wears a small silver bracelet with a blue flower charm at all times.


Character Description: Alora is prideful, but has a kind heart. She is not afraid to use someone to help herself, yet she does not like hurting others. She always seems sweet on the outside, but when someone hurts her, she always finds a way to get back at them. She is loyal to her friends, but if one betrays her, she will destroy them. She will eat pretty much anything, but escargot. She is primarily right handed. She is mostly interested in guys, but is not opposed to dating another girl.

Quirks: She often speaks fully in French when excited, English being only a second language. She is a bit out of place in a school that is for both boys and girls, being from a school for girls only.

Strengths: Athletic, attractive, and studious. She is a good singer.

Weaknesses: Cannot play any musical instruments, not very strong, afraid of fire.
Likes: Reading, singing, animals, flirting, history.

Dislikes: Escargot, insects, idiots, dry heat.

Boggart: Dragon

Patronus: Fox

Patronus Memory The Riviera sparkling in the summer sun, the smell of fresh flowers, the feel of the sand between her toes, and a crowd of boys around her, catering to her every whim.


Wand: Willow, Phoenix Feather, 16in

Strength: Charms, DADA, History.
Weakness: Potions, transfiguration.

Family and History

Father: Pierre Bennet ((Pureblood 34))
Mother: Valara Benoir ((Pureblood 32))
Siblings: Jenelle Bennet ((Pureblood 10))

Pet: Snowy Owl: Angel

Background: Alora is the daughter of a Pureblood witch and wizard. From a young age Alora was seen to be a skilled singer. In between her time studying and exploring, she continued to sing often. She was a rather happy child, and when she did not get her way, she found a way to get it. When she was six she was caught in a large fire, while she was not injured, the experience left her with a strong fear of flames. Over the past few years she did fairly well in almost all her courses, excelling in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, and History of Magic and doing poorly in Potions. The time she spent with her family on holiday is held warmly in her heart, and she misses the beaches. Much of her time was spent relaxing, and inwardly laughing at the army of boys that would surround her at the beach. She felt as if she could wrap every boy around her finger. Her accent is thick, only just having transferred from Beaubatons. While there she was heavily involved in dueling, her skill lying in offensive and defensive magic. Her father was offered a job with the Ministry of Magic in London, and waited until Alora finished her fourth year to move. She made many friends in her old school, but she is not used to being around both boys and girls at the same time.
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