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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Alex Ollivander


My Content
Sep 22 2014, 04:54 PM
A few weeks into his seventh year, and already Alex was noticing the pressure, the students just starting to get into the swing of things. O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s were, of course, very important, but it wasn't like he -- or any other student -- could survive without some sort of human contact. And that's why he was here in the empty classrooms instead of his common room or the library. Ads had been sent to all the Houses and put up on bulletin boards (at least, Alex hoped his friends and acquaintances had done so), explaining his service. Sort of.
Want homework help but don't want to bother your classmates?
Need a hand with other troubles, but unsure who to ask?
Come by for office hours and I'll see if I can help.
Starts this Friday after classes.
4th Floor, Look for the sign

Not the best notice, sure, maybe next time he'd remember to get his cousin to write him something instead.

Alex opened the door to "his" room for the first time in months, a small smile flitting across his lips. It was just as he left it -- a couple of transfigured cloths draped over the secondhand furniture he had smuggled into the castle over the last four years. With a flourish of his wand, the covers shook themselves off and zoomed towards a cupboard, revealing a number of usable, albeit musty sofas and desks and one solid oak teacher's desk with a matching wood swivel chair. A quick cleaning and freshening charm (and one counter-jinx when he somehow set a sofa on fire) later, and they were just as good as new. Well, Alex thought, looking at the patches on what must be the ugliest (but comfiest) sofa in existence, almost as good as new. He'd have to remember to track down a house elf later and ask if they could clean this room again this year.

After a few moments, he unloaded his bag onto the largest desk and grabbed a muggle "open" sign. Alex stepped back into the hallway and charmed it to stick on the wall outside the door. And then again when it didn't come out quite straight. After a few tries, he smiled to himself. "And there we go," he mused to himself with a grin.

Office hours were now open.
Sep 19 2014, 03:07 PM

Alex Ollivander
seventeen | ravenclaw, seventh year | bisexual | single

Blurb: Alex is rather friendly and patient, well known for being a just and reliable prefect. He's found most often making rounds or studying in the library or an empty classroom on the fourth floor(which he's pretty much co-opt as his own office).

Looking for: Friends, Enemies, Family, and everything else!
Friends: Alex is well acquainted with students -- especially the Ravenclaws -- keeping most people at a distance so to better help them. He has maybe a handful of real, close friends, probably around his age (+/- a year) and from Ravenclaw or Slytherin.
Enemies: Bullies, mostly, especially repeat offenders. He wouldn't say he hates them, but he's probably sent a fair number to the matron a time or two.
Other: Alex is rather family oriented, but he has had partners in the past, both male and female. If he starts dating again, it would have to be with someone who understands that the N.E.W.T.s are kind of a big deal, so he won't have time to be the perfect boyfriend (or it could be someone who says they understand, but can't for dra~ma~).

Want to answer?
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Sep 19 2014, 02:20 PM

Location of Family Home: A large estate is located in Abingdon-on-Thames, which normally houses all members of the family, until they move out. It's currently used for all of the family save Werner, who generally sleeps in a loft above the shop, especially during the end of summer when there is a rush of incoming Hogwarts students coming for wand fittings. They also have a number of cottages and flats around the world (including Spain, Romania, China, Japan, and four across the Untied States), generally used by family members who are travelling abroad in search of wand components. Or just travelling.

Blood Status: Half Blood(ish)

Known Family Members: Perhaps one of the most famous Ollivander's has been Garrick Ollivander, known both as one of the greatest masters of wandmaking and the person to sell the brother wands to the Boy Who Lived and the Dark Lord. A truncated family tree can be found here.
Living today are:
  • Werner Ollivander (Half Blood), the current wandmaker and owner of Ollivanders Wand Shop
  • Werner's wife (???)
  • Werner's daughter ???, born in 2054 or earlier, graduated from Hogwarts and is now pursuing a career in writing
  • Wenzel Ollivander (Half Blood), Werner's younger brother, a wandkeeper and wand component collector
  • Aglaia Ollivander née Canavaras (Pure Blood), a Greek curse breaker
  • Iskander "Alex" Ollivander (Half Blood), Wenzel's son and Ravenclaw 7th year
  • Wenzel's other child (Half Blood), born in 2058 or later, currently a Hogwarts student not in Ravenclaw
  • Wibke Ollivander (Half Blood), Werner's younger sister. Currently works as a magical accountant at Gringott's, as well as the family's main investor. She's an arithmancy genius, who's written a number of books.
  • Wibke's child (???), born in 2058 or later, currently a Hogwarts student
  • Wibke's former partner (???) and the father of her child

Family History: Once a member of the Sacred Twenty-Eight, the Ollivander's have a special position in the United Kingdom, as the oldest wandmakers. Most of their information can be found here so this will just be information post-1998. Eventually, Adolf Ollivander took over his father's shop. Many of the stringent anti-pureblood reforms did not affect him because he was a half blood (through his father) and because you really don't want to mess with the person making your wands. Skipping a number of generations, the family enjoyed their modest lifestyle as shopkeepers and wandmakers right up until Reinhold Ollivander had three kids. And no idea how to portion up the business. Thankfully, Werner, Wenzel, and Wibke figured out the best way to divide the family assets -- Werner would take over the shop and wandmaking (as he was best), Wenzel would do most of the generally wandkeep and procure the cores and woods, and Wibke would take charge of investing the family money, to keep them both current, and respectable. The siblings are all co-signers and co-owners and co-whatevers, to keep the profits within the family. As of right now, Alex has shown the most promise as a wandmaker (especially since his older cousin never had the patience for it and preferred writing), and is slated to inherit most of the assets

Important Information: Even if most people can't recognize an Ollivander by sight, their name is a household staple, as the best and most respectable wand sellers in the country.

Is this Family open for use: Yes!
Family Owner: A Brilliant Loser (Alex Ollivander)
Sep 19 2014, 01:38 PM
Alex Ollivander

Full Name: Iskander "Alex" Ollivander
Blood Status: Half-blood
Nationality: British-Greek
Place of Birth: Pella, Macedonia, Greece
Date of Birth: December 21, 2055
Age: 17
House and Year: Ravenclaw, Seventh year
Spoken Languages: English, Latin, Greek, bits and pieces of other languages
Relationship Status: Sadly single


Eyes: Blue-green
Hair: reddish brown
Height: 5'11"

Look Description: Alex is rather tall, not lanky, but not particularly bulky either. Although he wouldn't consider himself pretty, or particularly handsome, Alex would admit that he's got a bit of roguish charm. He is supposed to wear glasses, which he does on occasion, but he tends to forget them on his desk. His eyesight's not that bad so it should be fine...

Dressing Style: As a student, Alex has to wear the Hogwsrts uniform and robes while in class. He prefers comfortable but classy clothes, especially jackets and boots. They tend to be more muggle-like, having lived in plenty of muggle-wizard communities, except his dragonhide boots. He really, really, cares for his dragonhide boots.


Character Description:
A low key sort of guy who generally goes with the flow, Alex is seen as the go to person when others need advice, more than willing to help his friends and classmates.

He has a surprisingly vicious streak, which often comes out when he sees bullying in the halls. Alex will often hex first, take points and then assign detention both to the trouble maker... and himself (because as a prefect, he really should follow rules) in that order.

He was actually a hat stall when he was sorted, as the Hat was unsure if he would thrive in Ravenclaw or Slytherin, only to eventually send him to the Nest because, while clever and cunning, lacked the ambition that would keep him from being eaten alive.

Alex has found that he works well under pressure, as his mind clears as adrenaline courses through him. This means he can be a devastating opponent when the stakes are high, like in a fight or duel, but in class, his practical work leaves much to be desired. He's good at making hair trigger decisions, but give him time and he tends to have problems coming to a decision.

■ Pen/Quill/Wand twirling - Alex has the rather uncomfortable habit of twirling long, slender objects between his fingers when his mind is elsewhere, such as reading text books or brooding near the Black Lake. This is fine when it's a writing instruments, but if he gets to thinking when holding his wand... Well, he became very good at some counter jinxes and augementi because of accidental magical discharges.

■ Patient
■ Compassionate
■ Resourceful
■ Wandlore
■ Intelligent

■ Reactionary
■ Stubborn
■ Vicious
■ Fur allergies
■ Indecisive

+ Wands
+ History
+ Pressure
+ Traveling
+ Foreign cultures and languages

× Sleeping
× School-level Quidditch (professional is okay though)
× Silence
× Pressure
× Thinking about the future


Wand: a springy 9 and 4/5 inch cherry wand with the heartstring of a physicist particularly clever female Chinese Fireball

Strength: Ancient Runes
Weakness: Arithmancy

Family and History

Father: Wenzel Ollivander
Mother: Aglaia Ollivander née Canavaras
Siblings: One younger sibling in another house

Pet: A raven named Buce - although it's really his mother's, the raven likes to hang out and is even willing to play owl.

Background: The great-great-grandson of Garrick Ollivander, Alex is the son of wandkeeper Wenzel and the stunning Greek curse breaker Aglaia. The two met in Greece a number of years ago when Wenzel was in the country looking for more wand wood. Instead, he accidentally locked himself in some ruins and probably would have died had that not been for Aglaia checking in on the tomb and finding him, which began a friendship then a
whirlwind romance. And then a shotgun wedding.

Thanks Iskander, you're the best mistake they ever made.

Plans were made for him to be born at St Mungo's but Aglaia refused to stop work until she had to. But a fire fight against thieves nearly caused her to have a miscarriage and a local doctor had to preform an emergency c-section in the wastes of Greece. Alex was born a month and a half prematurely.

Although there is the family manor in Abingdon-on-Thames, Alex spent several years of his childhood with his maternal grandparents in Greece as both of his parents continued to travel for their work. On occasion, he wouldbe able to follow after his parents on their adventures, but the lifestyle continued until the birth of his younger sibling. After that, the traveling became rarer as his family settled in the Ollivander estate, with Wenzel's older brother and his family.

The last six years, Alex had made a point to do well in classes and keep his head down at Hogwarts, ignoring the political turmoil rumbling around him in favor of self-study. His best classes tend to be more theory based - namely Ancient Runes and History of Magic - but he also has excellent marks in Potions and, surprisingly, Defense Against the Dark Arts (reflected in his O O.W.L.s, but his practicals in class tend to barely be acceptable). His worse subjects are Care of Magical Creatures (which he likes but had to drop in the first semester of his third year because of his horrendous allergies) and Arithmancy (which he barely passed but has since dropped in his N.E.W.T. years). From fifth year on, he has been one of his house's prefects, a job he ended up being well suited for.

He has an older cousin from Werner (female) and a younger cousin from his aunt Wibke the same age as his sibling. Being the first born male of the latest generation of Ollivander's, he's expected by his family father and uncle to continue the family tradition of wandmaking. It's not that he dislikes wandmaking - he spent the last two summers helping out at the shop and it was a blast - and the lore and history is so cool, but he... Isn't sure this is the life he wants. The only thing he's positive about is that he wants to survive his N.E.W.T.s year.
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