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Alik Volkov


My Content
Apr 15 2015, 10:53 PM
Alik sat at a table in The Three Broomsticks Inn, a waitress kindly brought him a mug of beer. He thanked her and gave her a quick wink and smile. He quickly downed it, not wanting to be drinking when the rest of the Auror's showed up. He was excited to hear that a new case was brought to them, lately he felt things has run dry. Not that, being case free was a bad thing, he should be happy about it but it wasn't exciting. Plus a new case would give him a chance to shine a little and show off.

Before him sat a pile of paper and black folder with the Ministry Crest on it, he was tempted to open it up and begin reading what the new case was. Eh just a quick look wouldn't hurt He convinced himself. He quickly opened the folder, looking around to make sure no one was looking.

Hmm a dark arts dealer, murder, and recently seen near Knockturn Alley. Sounds like a interesting case and shouldn't be to hard. His eyes scanned the pages as quickly as possible. When just then a familiar voice called his name. Snapping the folder shut, he looked up to who it was.
Apr 12 2015, 10:29 AM

Alik Volkov
29 | Auror | Straight | Single

Blurb: Alik is a nice guy but can be a flirt and a charmer, its a trait that runs in his family. He believes firmly in doing the right thing and that honesty is best in any situation. He does have a tendency to hold grudges though which is his worst attribute and he struggles at times when it comes to being overly cocky about everything. He is a gentleman when it comes to the ladies. Alik has nothing against Muggles, or opinion when it comes to blood status.

Looking for: Friends, Enemies, Possible Relationship
Friends: Mostly everyone, Alik has no trouble being everyone's friend.
Enemies: eh, everybody has some.
Apr 11 2015, 07:59 PM

Alik Mikhailovich Volkov

Full Name: Alik Mikhailovich Volkov
Blood Status: Half-blood
Nationality: Russian
Place of Birth: Saint Petersburg
Date of Birth: January 3rd
Age: 29
Spoken Languages: English and Russian
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 6'3

Look Description/Dressing Style:

Alik is a very clean and well taken care of guy, but isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. When not at work he is fine wearing a pair of blue jeans and t-shirt but also prefers wearing a suit when he goes out in public. His father was very big on image so naturally Alik is the same way. He always wants to make the best impression. His face is almost always shaven but occasionally when work gets the best of him his face can become a bit scruffy. He has semi long blonde hair and light blue eyes. On his right arm he has a tattoo of a crow and the words in Latin "Vos can tantum adepto smarter per lascivio a smarter adversario". On days when its just him, he likes to spend it our doors doing something adventurous and productive. Occasionally he indulges in a nice drink at the bar.


Alik is a nice guy but can be a flirt and a charmer, its a trait that runs in his family. He believes firmly in doing the right thing and that honesty is best in any situation. He does have a tendency to hold grudges though which is his worst attribute and he struggles at times when it comes to being overly cocky about everything. He is a gentleman when it comes to the ladies. Alik has nothing against Muggles, or opinion when it comes to blood status.


- His right eye twitches when he gets mad
- He has a tendency to laugh in stressful or awkward situations
- bites finger nails
- cocky as hell and never thinks before he acts


- Active
- Bold
- Clever
- Honest
- Likable


- Sometimes overly Flirtatious, especially when drunk
- Blunt
- Overly Cocky at times
- Holds grudges
- Sometimes spends to much time trying to please everyone


- Black licorice
- Whiskey
- His Job
- The color Dark Blue
- Good friends


- Being Lazy
- Thunder Storms
- Rain
- Portkey Travel (Makes him sick)


Huge storm with loud Thunder and Lighting Striking the ground

Patronus: Fox

Patronus Memory: Any memory with his parents


Wand: Ash. Chimera Scale Fragment. 13½ inches.


- defensive magic
- offensive magic
- transfiguration


- dark magic
- healing magic
- non-verbal


School: Hogwarts Academy
House: Gryffindor


Position: Auror (4yrs)
Former positions: None

Family and History

Father: Viktor Mikhailovich Volkov (Muggle Born)
Mother: Natashka Ivanovich Volkov Bolgar (Half-Blood)
Siblings: None.

Pet: Black Owl, with white white patch over right eye, named Surii


Alik was born in St. Petersburg on January 3, to the parents of Viktor and Natashka Volkov. Alik lived in Russia with his family until he was three, and then his father got a business offer to work in London at the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

Alik spent most of his time with his mother who was a kind and caring person. She made sure he grew up having everything he wanted as long he worked hard to earn it. She always told him she was not going to tolerate a snobby child that was spoiled for doing nothing.

When it came to Alik's father, he wasn't home as much due to his job but when he was taught Alik how to fight, stand up for himself and be a "Man". A lot of time Alik and his father would spend hours discussing his fathers work, some was too secret for Alik to here but a lot of the time his father had some interesting stories. Alik figures it was in this time that his passion to be an Auror came about. Often Viktor was overly strict with Alik, so there was tension between Alik and his father but over all Alik was happy with both his parents.

During the summer they would take trips to see his Relatives on his fathers side in Russia but never his Mother's Family. Alik often asked why but he was always given the same answer, "It's not important." Soon Alik learned not to ask but it was always on his mind.

When Alik turned 11 he was accepted into Hogwarts Academy, his time there was great. He was put in the Gryffindor House and was very popular. Everyone loved Alik's charming character. He excelled in Potions and Poisons, Duelling & Defenses, Transfiguration, Herbology, and Charms. He received "Exceeds Expectations" on all his N.E.W.T.s in each subject. Which made both of his parents very proud.

Right after schooling Alik took a year off traveling to see the world. Once that stage of his life was over he immediately started training to become an Auror. He went through every training and test that was thrown at him, excelling in it all, with the help of his father who gave him personal tips and advice when things got rough.

During such training his Mother past away, which fueled his curiosity about his mothers side of the family even more. Using his training, he found out that his mother had a brother named Ivanovich Bolgar and that he had two cousins named Yuri and Sonya he had never known about. He was able to track down his cousins but decided against confronting them...yet, he would save that for a later time.

After successfully going through three years of training Alik was able to call himself an Auror, gaining several new friends. He now resides in a flat in London and spends most of his time on the job. His spare time he tries to get closer to the truth about his long lost relatives.
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