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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Andrew Penrose


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Apr 1 2015, 10:45 PM
Andrew sat by the fire in the common room, the fore lighting his sharp features as his quill scratched against the parchment. His dark eyes seemed to turn caramel from the light of the fire as he stared at the parchment. He breathed a sigh and shook his head. He put the quill down and tore up the parchment, throwing it into the crackling flames.

What was the point? His sister was never going to talk to him, so why keep trying to send her letters. His cat, Rain, leaped onto his lap as he saw that Andrew's lap was cleared. Andrew smiled slightly and rubbed the cats ears. He stared into the fire. Though the flickering flames were giving off a nice warmth, he felt an icy numbness at the thought that the only reason his sister would ever talk to him was to hex him.

Andrew shook his head. Whatever. There were other things to think about. Like the homework, and Quidditch, and anything but his screwed up family. He looked down at the mangled blue-gray mess of fur in his lap as the cat let out a purr from being pet. He shook his head a bit and stared into the flames once more.
Mar 15 2015, 09:15 PM
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Mar 15 2015, 05:21 AM
Andrew Penrose

Full Name: Andrew Michael Penrose
Blood Status: Pureblood
Nationality: Welsh/Irish
Place of Birth: Herefordshire, Wales
Date of Birth: August 18, 2059
Age: 14
House and Year: Hufflepuff, 4th
Spoken Languages: Main: English Lesser Used: Welsh, Italian
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Large chocolate brown eyes they don't hide his emotions
Hair: Dark brown hair that ends below his ears when down, mostly worn up
Height: Drew is 5'5 and 150 pounds

Look Description: Andrew is pretty attractive, though he doesn't see it that way. He has dark hair that he'll often use gel to stand up. When his hair is down, it ends just below his ears. His skin is a dark olive tone. His eyes are the color of dark chocolate and nearly black around the edges. If you look closeley you can often see flecks of gold in his dark eyes. He has thin pale lips. He has a chiseled jaw and visible cheek bones. He is slender, but not that much. He is muscular, he has abs. Andrew often smiles, but when he doesn't his neutral expression can make him out to seem cold.

Dressing Style: When not in his school robes, Andrew is a casual dresser. He likes jeans and sneakers and his shirts are often either button ups or regular t-shirts. He likes solid colors, rather than graphic shirts or ones with multiple colors. He often wears bracelets on his wrists.


Character Description: Andrew is quite the oppisite of his older sister, Alyssa. Andrew is very kind and caring of others. He doesn't judge anyone on their blood or race or whatever, but on their heart. He has always tried to kind to his family, but most of his family, except for his mother hates him. He's always been a bit insecure because of that. Though Andrew is nice, he does have a short-temper. He earned it from growing up with his family. Small things tend to annoy him. Though most of his family hates him, Andrew loves his mother dearly. He always sends her stuff from Hogwarts and when he's home he always enjoys his time with her. Andrew has a few friends and is very kind to them as well, but loves the fact that he can joke around with them. He has a great sense of humor, often made up of either corny jokes or sarcasm, but his friends enjoy it. Andrew is honest. Almost too honest, most consider him blunt. When he doesn't like someone he's open with it and doesn't like them get him down. He an be considered mean because of this though. Andrew has always wanted a girlfriend. Though some of his friends make fun of him for being a bit lovey dovey, he doesn't care all that much. He wants to meet a nice girl who will be like his best friend. Though this is true, Andrew can still be a bit of a flirt. He is also loyal and protective to those he loves.

Quirks: Often bites his lip or tongue when nevous. Plays with his bracelets. Very organized. Fixes his hair too often.


Sarcastic (50/50 Weakness)


People who judge

Boggart: Andrew's biggest fear is loosing his older sister, Alyssa, forever. Though she hates him, he still loves her and doesn't like the fact that she ignores him.

Patronus: N/A

Patronus Memory N/A


Wand: Cherry, Phoenix Feather, 11", Surprisingly Springy

Strength: Potions, Charms
Weakness: Transfiguration, Defense Against The Dark Arts

Family and History

Father: Roland Penrose
Mother: Jalissa Penrose
Siblings: Alyssa Penrose
Grandfather: Reginald Penrose
Grandmother: Marlina Penrose

Pet: A loyal screech owl named Dive and a blue-gray cat named Rain

Background: Early YearsAndrew was born into a intresting family. His parents had only married for the simple convenience of them both being Purebloods, and his older sister hardly spoke to him. In fact, she harrased him more then talked to him. Even though this was so, Andrew still loved still loved his family more than anything. But these flaws would come up again as Drew got older.

For the first five years of his life, Drew was raised mostly by his mother and their Nanny. Though he always tried to reach out to his sister and father, they seemed to continue to ignore him. He was upset, but he thought they would eventually come along. In being raised by mostly a Nanny and his mother, Andrew was spoiled. But he never let it make him cocky or greedy. But it still angered his sister, which he didn't understand because she got their father all the time. He'd started taking Aly to work, and that's where Drew had lost hope of getting his sister and father to love him like he loved them.

He started showing signs of magic only a year later and that's when his father finally started to show an intrest in him. His hope had started to grow and he thought his father finally cared for him. His father took him, his sister, and his mother to one of the parties he never went to. Their parents had left Aly and Drew in a group of kids. Drew noticed his sister picking on the other kids, but wouldn't say anything. He met his cousin, Amber, here and hoped that they would end up closer than him and his sister. He hardly talked to anyone, but one Muggle boy came up to him and they started talking. It wasn't long before they became good friends. After the party, he and the boy began sending owls back and forth. But then his father found out.

His father saw one of his letters to the boy and confronted him, asking him why he'd never heard of him, as all the pureblood families were well known. Drew was forced to tell him that the boy was a Muggle, or well a Squib, as his mother was a witch and his father a Muggle. Drew was yelled at before his father went to his mother with the letter and started yelling. It was the biggest fight they'd ever had and he hid behind some furniture and watched them. He was shocked to hear his father say that he would kill Drew. His father wanted to kill him? Just because he was talking with a Squib? His mother quickly packed their Nanny and him up and left. He was sad to leave his sister behind, but wasn't as sad when she tried to help their father get him back to kill him.

Drew was only nine and he was already fatherless and sisterless. For the next two years Drew had a good life. Though he still missed his fsther and sister and had forgiven them both, he had fun. His mother was home a lot more and ended up letting their Nanny go. Though they still stayed friends, the Nanny never watched him again. Drew and his mother grew closer. It got better as well when he recieved his Hogwarts letter on August 18th. He was very excited. His mother took him to Diagon Alley to get his school stuff. When they'd gotten everything, including a wand, Drew was able to pick out an owl and a cat. He bought Dive and Rain and grew close with both animals.

Hogwarts Years: Drew went off to Hogwarts and was sorted with the other first years, which included his cousin, Amber. The hat was excited to see another Penrose and was shocked to find that he had few qualities of Slytherin like most Penrose. The hat debated putting him into Gryffindor, but enventually shouted out Hufflepuff. He was delighted when he noticed his sister sitting at the Slytherin table and made a metal note to try and talk to her that year. Drew was a bit upset when Amber was sorted into Slytherin, but soon got over it when he made friends with his dormmates. He enjoyed his classes and did well in most of them. He soon learned from the Daily Prophet that his father had been taken to Azkaban. He sent an owl to his mother about taking Aly in, but she said that Aly would never come. He refused to believe that his mother was right and tried to confront his sister about it, only to be ignored. He was also pretty sure she wanted to hex him. Though his friends knew him and Aly were siblings, they never mentioned it and neither did he, he was quite upset about her behavior toward him.

Drew's summer was quite boring. It was here where he began to enjoy drawing a lot more. He often would talk to his mother about his sister and why they hadn't taken her in. The answer was the smae everytime: she would never want to live with us.

Drew's second year was pretty fun. He enjoyed his classes and had fun with friends. He didn't try to talk to his sister again because he knew it would just get him hurt. He had tried talking to his cousin as well, but had learned quickly that Aly was protecting her so there was no way him and his cousin could talk. For his birthday he recieved a broom and was very excited. He enjoyed flying around the Quidditch pitch and playing mock games with his friends. He learned that he was a faily good Seeker. At the end of the year he signed up for Ancient Runes, Muggle Studies, and Astronomy.

Drew's third year was fun. He and his friends had fun in Hogsemeade and in his new classes. He continued to do great in all his classes and learned to live without speaking to his family in the school. He tried out for the Hufflepuff Seeker and got the position (change if needed). He had a good time with his friends and the Quidditch team. He soon developed a crush on a Ravenclaw girl, but was rejected when he tried to ask her out, as she had a boyfriend. He was a bit upset, but got over it quickly.

Over the summer his Mum had taken him on a trip to Italy and he and he had fun, he even learned Italian. He had fun and was having a great time, until he returned to Diagon Alley and saw his sister. He had taken a wrong turn into Knockturn Alley and was trying to find his way out when he ran into her. He was shocked and tried to talk to her until she stunned him. She shoved him into a shop and it took hours before someone found him and returned him to his mother. His mother was furious and sent a Howler tohis GGrandfather. He wasn't shocked when nothing happened and he felt that his fourth year wasn't going to be a good one.
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