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Hadley Baxter


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Mar 14 2015, 01:50 AM
She was going to be in so much trouble if she were caught.

She wasn't exactly the best at sneaking about, and this really went against her norm, but she had to see it. She didn't understand it honestly, it wasn't the first time she had ever seen it, but she had been thinking about her father all day, she had been downright miserable and it was noticeable apparently. Several classmates had asked if she was alright, which had annoyed her even more, but she had brushed it off as being tired from studying. Exams were coming so she was pretty sure most believed her.

They didn't know, they didn't need to know. She never spoke of her father, or her family to anyone. It was better not to delve into such things, it caused questions and she didn't like giving answers to those questions. She wasn't ashamed of her father, not at all, but there was enough prejudice going around, she didn't want to deal with having to defend her father to people that didn't know him.

She frowned as she snuck down the hallway that lead away from the security of her commonroom. She had a blanket wrapped around her as the halls were often chilly at night, and the tower where she was headed was even colder she was sure. She carried with her a book and a few sheets of parchment as well as a couple muggle pencils. They made less noise than a quill, though they were awkward to use at times, they would suffice for what she wanted.

Having made it to the base of the Astrology tower she hid in the stairwell for long moments, or minutes, she couldn't tell, until she was certain no one had seen her or followed her. She then made her way up the stairs as silently as possible as she knew the Astrology Professor's office was also at the top off the classroom. He was an alright professor, though he was the Slytherin Head of House and would surely take a nasty chunk off her house for being out, so quiet was safer. She finally came to the classroom and held her breath as she gently pulled open the door and listened. She didn't hear anything, and saw no one, perhaps she would be lucky enough to do her thinking and viewing without getting caught.

She slipped off her shoes and carried them in her hand as she tip toed across the classroom and out on the balcony where the moon shone huge and bright in the clear night sky. She let her breath out in one soft puff, she hadn't realized she had been holding her breath until then. She sat her shoes down, her socked feet were cold but forgotten as dark eyes stared up at the moon, glowing brightly there, teasing her and tormenting her father.

It was a love, hate relationship she had with the moon. It was just a beautiful thing to behold, especially when it was as full and close as it was right then. It was so very large above the school that she felt she could reach out and touch it if she tried. She took out her Astrology book and set it on the railing, opening it to the information about the moon and it's affects on the magical world. The page she had marked was one she had read many times since receiving said book, the pages pertaining to werewolves. She frowned as she pulled the blanket around herself more tightly, catching the pages of her book before the wind could rustle them, then looked up at the moon again.

"I hate much.", she whispered to the wind and was unsurprised when tears stung her eyes. She wiped her hand over her face then gathered her book and sat on the balcony floor. She pulled out the sheets of parchment and pencils and started writing to her father as she often did, ever so often looking back up at the moon. Was her father alright? Had he taken his potion? Was he alone or was her aunt there with him. She never knew, and as she wrote she knew he would probably give her vague answers as always, but she always asked anyway.

"Stupid moon.", she muttered softly as she sniffled again and continued her letter. As she often did when she was focused on something, she lost track of time and zoned out.
Mar 6 2015, 03:08 AM
Saturday. Hadley loved Saturdays, well most of the time anyway. Today was one of those days she wasn't sure of yet. it was overcast to a point and they slow pattering of rain had only stopped an hour or so ago but the air was still damp and crisp as she walked toward the Quidditch pitch, broom in hand, her dark hair pulled back into a loose ponytail.

It was her normal routine, ever since she had realized she liked to run. She would run for a while, then fly around the pitch until she was either hungry or tired. She usually then resigned herself to an afternoon of study or spending time with a friend or two. She was really pretty simple, which if she gave herself the time to think about it, would be very sad for her age.

She made her way into the locker room to change into her running clothes, a pair of close fitting sweatpants and a t-shirt under a thin, gray, hooded jacket. It was chilly but she would warm up soon enough. She spent twenty or so minutes warming up and stretching, then started her run around the pitch. She had lost count of how many times she had made the run, but she usually went around about four times, and did so once a week, unless she was upset over something. With the weather being so grim, she seriously considered giving it only one lap, two at the max, because with her luck it would start pouring as she was mounting her broom later.

She was about halfway around the pitch on her first run when she zoned out. She let her mind wander as she run, her body moving on auto pilot as each foot fall took her further around the pitch. She thought about her schoolwork, her classes, her friends. She thought about her father at home, and even thought about her mother briefly, but that just made her hurt and angry, so she pushed that thought aside and forced herself to pick up the pace. A harder run generally stopped her mind wandering anywhere but on the beat of her heart, the regulation of her breath.

It was some time later as she was about half way around for her second lap, that she realized she wasn't alone. She wasn't sure who it was, but she was generally not bothered while she ran, as she never bothered anyone else. The other houses used the pitch to practice sometimes, or other student came out to play friendly games, but she just ran and rarely ever looked up at anyone, so she was never of any interest to them. She assumed this would be the same instant. However as she continued to circle, this person continued to be still, she supposed waiting on friends.

Yet still she ran closer, it wasn't like she could avoid doing so without being rude, and finally recognized said person. The boy was a Slytherin, Tim Morrigan if she remembered correctly. She didn't know him very well, though they spoke in classes on occasion, as they were in the same year. He had never actively sought any interaction with her as he was usually with his other friends, and she was a Ravenclaw. The two houses did not always get along so well, but when she was close enough she slowed some, in the off chance that he did speak, she wanted to give herself time to stop and not by pass him by accident.

She was nothing if not polite and courteous, regardless of how out of the ordinary the interaction might be.
Jan 28 2015, 10:02 PM

Hadley Baxter
14 | Ravenclaw | Straight | Single

Hadley is your standard Ravenclaw. She is very much into learning and studying but doesn't mind having fun too. She plans to be a Mediwitch after leaving Hogwarts so she tends to pay most her attention to Potions, Charms, and Herbology.

She has a werewolf for a father, a secret that she keeps a tight grip on as she feels she could never trust anyone enough to relay that information to. Any questions about her family are generally deflected or ignored if she can help it.

Looking for:
Friends: Every girl needs a few right? Guys or girls, doesn't matter to her so long as said person is friendly and respectful.
Enemies: She goes out of her way to avoid confrontation but she is half-blood so I suppose if someone wanted to bother her about it she would deal accordingly.
Other: There is always the option for romance, though she isn't looking for it, and probably wouldn't realize it was in front of her unless she was hit with it. Could be fun I suppose.
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