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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Keenan Marsden


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Dec 31 2017, 04:01 PM
As it was in muggle pubs in Scotland Hogmanay was the biggest night of the year for The Three Broomsticks and it's owner Keenan Marsden. From the moment he opened the doors the place pub was full of bodies and remained so a few hours later. The room was almost bouncing amid the laughter, raised voices, drinking and just all round merryment of those gathered.

Keenan and his staff (it was an all hand's on deck night) were kept busy as the music played. "Pint and tonic!" Keenan nodded once. "Coming right up!". It being a cheat kind of night Keenan used magic to fix the drinks - a practice usually banned in his establishment was sorely needed. No one would complain as they would any other night such was the impatience of his customers wanting to get back to their celebrations.

Finding himself with a minute to step back the barman did just that then took it further by stepping out. The cold air hit him like a wall bringing him to full wakefulness in an instant. He smiled and breathed it in deeply. Keenan glanced at his watch then quickly double checked. Eleven! Just how was it eleven o'clock already? The doors had opened at six! He turned and hurried back to the bar. An hour before the bell dropped was not the time for him to be having a break.

"Order!" He shouted finding the one word command didn't start as many scuffles as enquiring who was next. The door opened as he was directing his spells, from the corner of his eyes he first saw and then heard the people go quiet. A wave effect started at the door and spread out, soon it reached behind the bar.

SMASH! The glass breaking was the only sound as every person in the room stared at the figure before the closed door. Keenan glanced at the barman who'd let slip a glass, the man was chalk white and wide-eyed. He turned his gaze back on the newcomer and gulped. "Mister..." he coughed. "Mister Dorjan..." Keenan had served vampires before, he'd even spent evenings with them on his travels. This was different though. This vampire was legendary. This vampire was Dorjan. "What can I get you? I apologise we have nothing to your unique... tastes." Another gulp. "No call for it really." He managed a scared, weak smile.
Apr 13 2016, 04:15 PM
The longer nights were coming in and both Keenan and his till were glad of the fact. Lighter nights meant more people abroad in the later hours. More people in the late hours meant more seats in his pub were filled. Sure, he hated the mess customers brought but he'd come to realise there was nothing worse than an empty pub. Not that the pub was ever completely empty before closing but it did get quiet, too quiet.

So he decided, time to pull in the crowds. The very best and most popular magical band of the moment had been hired and were all set up in the corner where Keenan had magically raised the floor. The pumps were all full, fridges stoked and his new chef ready to go. All he needed now were the people. People who wouldn't come while he was still standing around in his DIY clothes and the door was locked. He knew he' forget something but he didn't know that something would be a clean shirt. With a sigh to and at himself he left for his basement quarters.

A short time later he was back, looking, as he thought himself, quite dapper in his purple shirt and freshly pressed indigo jeans. It just wouldn't do for the owner of the establishment to look grubby. Set a bad tone.

As the posters had gone out and the ad run in The Daily Prophet Keenan waited until eight on the dot, the time stated, before he pulled the doors open. Happily he took in the small crowd waiting there and was very pleased to see some younger faces. Not that he didn't appreciate the old, it was just nice to get some fresh blood about the place.

Half an hour later and the pub was bouncing. The music was great, people were laughing, dancing, singing and having fun. The spirits flowed fast and the food was marvelous. He and his staff were run off their feet but it was a good kind of busy. The best kind of busy, a busy that put gold in Gringott's. Finally it seemed, Keenan had done right.
Apr 12 2015, 01:40 PM
Mid-week was usually a lovely calm time for Keenan. The pub was almost always near empty and he got to close early. Hump Day one of the muggleborn customers had called it earlier. Hump Day. Keenan thought it over, he didn't like the little giggle the woman gave at the double meaning but he sure was getting the hump part of it. He had taken the hump as they said in these parts meaning he was in a bad mood.

And why shouldn't he be? Yes the pub was nearly empty, yes he'd be closing early but if that man dripped brown sauce on his floor one more time...

His hands grasped the bar, his short nails would have dug right through had it been flesh instead of wood. He watched the man his jaw set. The mop was at the ready sitting just by the hatch where he'd left it after cleaning a glob of the sticky brown mess from the floor just two minutes before.

There it went again. He watched as the drop seemed to fall to the floor in slow motion before splattering there. In an instant Keenan was out from behind the bar, spray and mop in hand. When the latest spill was cleaned he went back to watching and doing his best to keep his temper in check.

Storm was, as usual, sprawled before the fire but even the thought of sitting with her couldn't bring the usual smile to Keenans face. This messy eater of a man was his nemisis. His arch-enemy and no, Keenan would not be beaten.
Dec 9 2014, 11:12 PM

Keenan Marsden
25 | Pub Landlord | Straight | Single

Blurb: Keenan's a plesant enough person to be around. He's good natured and friendly. Often helpful, he will go out of his way for some others and is known to have helped a few of the older residents around their homes. He can be quiet at times but quickly snaps out of it when his attention is drawn. Like any good bartender he has an ever listening ear and sound advice for those propping the bar.

Looking for:
Friends: Keenan has some close friends and a lot of the more distant variety. He likes them all and would stand up for them if needed. A friend of Keenan's would always find a person to talk to in him and an adventurous spirit when needed. He's willing to try most things and often up for having a laugh.
Enemies: He doesn't tolerate any intolerance of anyone. Everyone is welcome in his pub and as his guest he demands they be respected while within his walls. A few crossed words and even crossed fists will go without much word or action (except a tossing out) but anyone showing discriminatory nature will be barred from his establishment and instantly become a person he dislikes. He can be civil to any person except this kind.
Other: His dog Storm is always with him. She is overly friendly to the point where she demands to be petted. But, if someone crosses her master she changes instantly and becomes very watchful of the person. If things go far enough she will let her distaste be known with a snarl as she moves beside her master.

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Dec 9 2014, 10:44 PM
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