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Cassie Eckloe


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Apr 20 2017, 08:18 PM
Another day, another dollar.

Well, not really. Cassie’s internship didn’t pay in money, not even American money. But it paid more than enough in experience. Just that day, she’d watched, and helped, with quite a few situations.

There was the guy who had somehow switched his hands and his feet. She’d been glad that she hadn’t giggled. That wouldn’t have been professional. There was the woman who had been in a splinching accident, having been so worried about getting to her cat who had been way too high in a tree, to hear her tell it. There was the sick child that she’d come upon the correct combination of potions to heal. There was even a woman who had given birth. Now that she could have done without seeing. She was pretty certain that she didn’t want to specialize in the maternity area.

And now it was time for her dinner break. She’d gone to the cafe and grabbed some food. Sitting at a table near a window, she absently ate as she looked over some of her university assignments. There were a couple of things she hadn’t understood from the lecture and was trying to figure them out by using her notes. Someone she could ask would have been great though.
Sep 19 2015, 08:41 PM
Happy 1 year anniversary, Remmy! I'm so very happy you're here!

*whispers* I haven't said it in-game, cause I'm too shy and waiting on you, but I'm pretty sure I love you...
Sep 19 2014, 09:06 AM

Cassie Eckloe
17 | Hufflepuff | Straight | Taken

Blurb: Cassie is shy and quiet, but once she feels comfortable with someone, those attributes melt away gradually. She’s really sweet and nice and would never say a bad word about anyone. She’s also really sensitive and empathetic.

Looking for: Friends mostly.
Friends: Cassie needs friends. She only has a couple that she considers close, and while that’s great, it doesn’t help break her out of her shell much.
Enemies: How would Cassie have enemies? She’s nice to everyone. But if she did, she might cry.
Other: Not sure of anything else for her.

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Sep 10 2014, 01:09 PM
Cassie Eckloe

Full Name: Cassandra “Cassie” Eckloe
Blood Status: Halfblood, raised muggle
Nationality: British
Place of Birth: West Somerset, England
Date of Birth: March 8th, 2057
Age: 19
House and Year: Hufflepuff, 6th year
Spoken Languages: English
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blond
Height: 5’7”

Look Description: Cassie usually has a smile on her face. Her hair is usually left down in waves.

Dressing Style: Anything pink


Character Description: Cassie is very shy, yet friendly.

Quirks: She has a habit of twirling her hair around her finger when she’s concentrating. She also does the hair-twirling when she’s nervous and has been known to bite her nails.

Strengths: Smart, hard-worker, loyal to a fault. Imaginative and sensitive, Compassionate and kind, Selfless and unworldly, Intuitive and sympathetic

Weaknesses: Easily annoyed with herself, a perfectionist. Escapist and idealistic,
Secretive and vague, Weak-willed and easily led

Likes: The color pink, unicorns, pillows (LOTS of pillows), good grades, and staying out of trouble

Dislikes: Dark colors, unhappy people, forgetfulness, not doing well, and being scolded.


Wand: 11.5" Yew, Unicorn Hair

Strength: Magical Theory
Weakness: DADA (She’s afraid she’ll hurt someone.)

Family and History

Father: Joseph Eckloe
Mother: Connie Taylor
Siblings: Colin Eckloe (half-brother)

Pet: None. Her dad’s allergic.

Background: Family History: Connie was of the American pureblood Taylor family, and Joseph is from the British muggle Eckloe family. Connie and Joseph met right after Connie’s graduation from the Salem Witches’ Institute. Connie was traveling as a gift from her parents. Joseph had just graduated with a degree in education from muggle university. He’d impressed Connie with his intellect. He was surprised to find out Connie was a witch, but after being shown the good things magic could do, he was fine with it.

The Taylors, upset at Connie’s defiance to marry a foreign muggle, as well as live in a different country, have nothing to do with either Joseph or Cassie, and Joseph is the last of his family line.

Personal History: Her mother died soon after she was born, so she was raised as a muggle by her father after had moved them to London in order to get a better-paying job. She was homeschooled until she was of age to attend Hogwarts. Her father had tried to put her in school, but pulled her out after her first bout of accidental magic. This involved another little girl who had stolen her crayons. Cassie had gotten upset and started crying. The next thing she knew, the Ministry of Magic had sent out a magic reversal squad, along with a couple of obliviators, to get all of the other children and the teacher off the ceiling. That was the last time she’d attended school. Her father had asked one of the Ministry people for help in finding a magical tutor to teach Cassie until she was old enough for magical schooling. He was given the name of several squibs and had chosen one within a week. Although raised as a muggle, she’s known about magic all her life.

She started Hogwarts at age 11. She was sorted into Hufflepuff almost immediately. Being shy, she was also quiet, trying to go from one day to the next unobtrusively. Staying unnoticed has been a great way of staying out of any kind of trouble. Unfortunately for her preference of not being noticed, she was afraid it wouldn’t stay that way long.

Unfortunately, she was right. Her new figure garnered a lot of attention from the male population, making her feel more insecure than she had already. Rumors that seemed to abound about her didn’t help at all. Luckily, she’d met a few people who looked past that and have become her friends. She hopes things remain that way.

During fourth year, Cassie really started coming out of her shell. She started socializing a tiny bit more. She even invited a friend home with her for Christmas. That ended up being a strange visit, because she learned her father had remarried and she had a half-sibling on the way. She wasn’t sure how to deal with it, as she hadn’t expected it at all. After getting back to school, she did her best to pretend her family situation hadn’t changed. Things changed the summer after though.

First of all, her half-brother had arrived. Second, her stepmother signed her up for cheerleading. Nothing could be worse. She was expected to show up, do silly chants, try to break bones doing weird movements, and then do them in front of people. At least the summer ended somewhat painlessly. And she hadn’t gotten too hurt, other than one sprain and more bumps and bruises.

If one asks Cassie what the best thing was about her fifth year, she’d say it was her classes. She was doing much better in school. She wasn’t as afraid of hurting anyone. In fact, she’d even decided what she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to become a healer and decided to apply herself as much as she could to classes and her spellwork.

Summer was pretty boring, all in all. Her stepmother had put her back in cheerleading, which she didn’t mind as much this time around. She had learned to be more outgoing, but she didn’t see the point of making friends in the muggle world when she’d be going back to school soon. That didn’t mean she didn’t hang around with others after practices. It was somewhat of a tradition to go out to eat after the last practice of the week. While she hadn’t gone the previous summer, she went this one and surprised herself by how much fun she usually had.

Cassie isn’t as shy as she used to be anymore. She may still be friendly, quiet, and always ready to offer a smile, but she will actually start conversations with people.

Her sixth year was quite bittersweet. She and Remmy were still together, but it was also his last year. She wasn’t looking forward to being at school next year without him. Between him and her best friend Anya, she had come out of her shell a bit more. She has actually started a few conversations. She’s more confident in herself and less self-conscious about her shape. She was also more confident in her ability with magic and has decided to try for a career as a healer.
Summer was more of the same. Pretending to know nothing about magic and cheerleading.

The worst thing about returning to school was Remmy breaking up with her. It was a major blow to her self-confidence. She understood that he would be traveling more than not, but that didn't make it easier. Somehow, while in her fog, she managed to get the required NEWTs to get into the healing course at the university.

It was her last summer of cheerleading and the first year of her adult life. She somehow landed an interview for an internship at St. Mungo's. Even more surprising, she got the job. It didn't pay and wouldn't until she finished university, but she got a lot of on the job training.

Her hospital hours were scheduled around her classes. She had no time for an actual life, but she didn't complain. She was on the fast track.
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