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It is February 2077.
This month has highs of 6°C and lows of 2°C. The sun rises at 8am and sets at 5pm. Snow lessens while the wind turns to gales.
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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Maz Cowan


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Feb 9 2018, 09:17 PM
Closer to the end of the night than the start Maz was to be found on the balcony. Partly hidden in the corner she had a bottle of vodka and blackcurrant and a small plate of sandwiches on the wall beside her. She’d been surprised to find sandwiches at such an over the top occasion, she thought they’d have been too plain for the obvious show-off the night was. It was a nice surprise, especially for her stomach since she’d skipped dinner earlier. If a person wanted to spend the night drinking they didn’t go near a full meal, finger foods were the way to go.

Standing there for a long time she enjoyed listening to the music from inside while drinking and nibbling. Of course there had been others there too, they left her alone and she did the same for them. Except for that couple who had gotten a little too over-friendly in public that she’d growled at. When they looked around they didn’t see her which made it all the more hilarious when they rushed back into the ballroom after she growled again.

Going back inside wasn’t something she wanted to do having come outside to escape the other guests. During the night she’d flitted around people she knew chatting to this and that person but always the glares, the whispers… the rage building in her gut threatening to explode in a punch to someone’s jaw. She had always felt she was good at rising above when she needed. Choosing to strike out when she wanted to. That evening was proving some of her thinking wrong. It was difficult, very difficult. When she was with someone else it was fine, she could distract herself or play it off with jokes or sarcastic remarks. When she was alone she wanted to hit.

There was no way she could though and that really was a shame because some of the people in the house fully deserved a punch to the jaw simply because they were horrible people. Not just to Maz, in general. It wasn’t going to ruin her night or put a damper on it at all for that matter. She’d still get drunk, she’d still be merry and she’d have a damn good time. Even being there alone in the corner she was enjoying herself, she didn’t always need company.

Though, if good company presented itself to her as it did when Caspian walked onto the balcony she wasn’t going to pass it up. Grinning as he walked her way she drank from the bottle as yet unnoticed.

“Well look who it isnae.” She spoke from what could be now thought of as her corner, she’d claimed it at least for the night. “Ah dae hope yer oot here lookin’ fur me eh ask me tae dance cause by this point in the night it’s just plain rude that ye huvnae.”

Caspian Lanchester
Feb 3 2018, 05:35 PM
It was a rare thing for Maz to be on the Quidditch Pitch outside of team practice and games this past year. She didn’t have much time with homework, studying and her Head Girl duties but when she found she had a chance the girl didn’t wait. She’d run to her dormitory where she grabbed her room, the she’d run all the way to the pitch.

By the time she got there she was so out of breath she had to bend over hands on her knees and gulp in air. While she could run at speed Maz was not a long distance runner and though she would push herself to get to her destination she always regretted it. “Nae. Mair. Running.” Each word was punctuated by a huge intake of the cold winter air.

After some time when her throat stopped feeling like burning ice and her lungs no longer screamed Maz straightened. She placed a hand on the outer wall of the pitch to steady herself, grasped her broom more tightly then set off along the wall, round the curve and to the door. Finding it unlocked Maz frowned. It would be just her luck that one of the precious few times she’d been able to get out here someone would have beaten her to it. Well stuff them, they’d just have to share the space cause her heart was set on flying.

Though cold it was a great night for it. No wind blew and most of the snow had gone from the ground. Rain or more snowfall looked impossible nevermind unlikely on such a clear night. When she reached the pitch proper Maz looked up only to be momentarily distracted by the sky. A clear night was always great for looking up and trying to take it all in but no, she shook her head, she was here to fly.

Her eyes swept the sky now looking for whoever had the same idea as her. She found them quickly but it was hard to tell just who it was. They were up too high and it was much too high. There was no way she was taking a chance of ending up in the air with a person who might try to knock her out of it, she put her thumb and index finger to her lips and whistled loudly twice. “Ahoy there!” she shouted being in an oddly giddy mood. “Friend or foe!” It was easy to tell who was doing the shouting, there were too few broad accented Scots in the castle. Or so Maz believed at least.

Aiden Flynn
Jan 28 2018, 09:38 AM
There had been a shock for Maz that morning as read the newsletter a fellow Hufflepuff had handed to her. Just before she got up and stormed out of The Great Hall she could be heard to mutter. “She f**kin’ promised, not in the bastard school!”

All day since she’d tried to grab a moment between classes, during break, after lunch… every time she did something got in her way and stalled her. A crying first year, a teacher wanting a message delivered like she was some kind of owl or someone annoying her in the already overwrought state. Once she made it up to the professor she wanted to see’s quarters only to find his door locked and him obviously somewhere else in the castle.

It just was not her day, not at all. Her aunt seemed to have disappeared too. Something she'd wished for many times before but annoyed her then.

Just before dinner and once again Maz was stomping her way up towards the tower. If the professor wasn’t in this time she thought she might just set fire to the place and have done. That would solve the problem - lovely cleansing fire.

She wasn’t in the best of moods by the time she reached her destination. The girl wasn’t lazy but after a day of classes who wanted to be climbing all the damn stairs again? Maz felt sorry for the Gryffindors as she had often in the past. She had to wonder why people just couldn’t build all on the flat instead of up, up and up beyond where anyone should have to climb.

After knocking on the door to the Astronomy tower Maz stepped back, the newsletter was clutched in her fist. A fist bearing dried blood after she'd missed another student and punched a wall earlier. She'd got them next punch though so not a total loss. “Professor? Kin ah huv a minute eh yer time please?” She was trying to be polite but as every word was forcing its way through her teeth she didn’t sound it.

Jethro Lancaster
Jan 24 2018, 07:22 PM
As soon as Maz saw Trystan in the entrance hall she knew she’d made a mistake when she started her search for him in the library. She jogged down the stairs and made her way over to him.

“There ye are. Ah’ve been lookin’ aw over fur ye.” A slight exaggeration. “Come way me.” She motioned with her head for him to follow. Her destination clear as she headed straight for the door leading down to their common room. They didn’t stop at the common room however, Maz carried on by. Only then did she explain.

“Ah dinnae know if Tim telt ye when he’s been teachin’ ye spells but ah said ah’d teach ye some other ways eh kickin’ arse.” She grinned at Trystan as they walked. “Took me a bit tae find a willin’ victim an’ sort a room.”

Maz opened the door she stopped beside and led them into what was usually an empty room. Now in the middle of the floor was a circle of cushions with an odd looking rug in between. Standing on the rug was a lean boy about Maz’s height. “That’s Dusty.” She introduced her fellow seventh year and Prefect. “Bit eh a dick-

“Hey!” Dusty exclaimed. Maz ignored.

“-when he gits carried away but decent enough people.” she finished. “Dusty this is Trystan.” She waved a hand in Trystan’s direction. “Unlike some people, he’s no a dick.”

“Maz!” Dusty snarled though it was clearly in good humour. Again Maz ignored him. She directed her attention to Trystan.

“The rug’s spelled tae be a soft landing, an’ the cushions wulnae move. The plan is Dusty attacks me, ah fend him aff an’ then you kin try the same way one eh us. Ah cannae promise ye wulnae git a bruise or two but we’ve cream fur that.” Maz bent slightly, bringing herself down to the younger boys level. “Listen, ah’ll admit, this is a bit selfish eh me but ah want tae leave school knowin’ you’ll be fine. Tim can teach aw the wee tricky spells dinnae ‘hink eh an’ aye ah’ll admit oan that he knows mair than me.” A big admission from Maz who prided herself on being a fighter. “Fur the dirty muggle tricks even less fowk ‘hink eh ah definitely know mair than him.” She grinned. There was always that. She may not be the best at duelling but she was a born fighter.

“Ye can caw this quits at anytime ye want… even noo. It’s your call.” She held a hand out to him, “Ye in?”

Trystan Morrigan
Jul 1 2017, 09:28 PM
It had surprised Maz to find that after the sun had fallen she didn't start to itch to get back to Jen's. She certainly didn't have any kind of feeling towards Jen's house or indeed her aunt, that wasn't why she tried not to stay out. It was the passing of the night. Maz had never been a great sleeper, not even when she was a small child. Sleep either eluded her or dreams plagued here, there was rarely a happy medium and even when there was it was restless.

Strange places made her troubles worsen. It had taken months for her to get used to sleeping at Jen's but that could have been chalked down to why she was there and her age. Then came Hogwarts and she had taken longer still to settle in her dormroom, to feel at ease within it's walls. Random nights staying over at another house without being blackout drunk were never going to pass quickly for her.

She'd tried to sleep, she really had. Her yellow and black pyjama shorts and t-shirts were put on in good faith. Her hair she had braided into two plaits that fell over each shoulder to stop it getting tangled. The bed had been laid in, she'd gotten herself comfortable and... it was all for nothing. Hours after they'd all turned in Maz lay wide awake with not even a hint of sleep to come in her body.

Things to think about were popping into her mind with far less frequency and she could devote fewer slow minutes to them after running through her favourite topics. Finally she simply lay on her back and stared at the ceiling, her mind blank, her eyes open.

Whit if they start shaggin'... really loudly?

"Fuck off." The girl told herself quietly. That was the problem with a blank mind, or at least her blank mind. Unless she worked at it the blankness never lasted long.

Whit if they've nicknames that they shout it each other?

"Stop. Just stop it!" A whisper of a hiss greeted this thought. She wanted to sleep. Just let her sleep. Why couldn't she just bloody sleep?

They might even be quite vocal aboot whit they-

"Am up. Am fuckin' up." Maz swung her legs round and from the bed before the thought could even be finished. Sitting on the edge of the bed she put her head in her hands. Why did she have to think like that? But she knew why. It came from years of worrying about the same things at Jen's. Blame could be laid at Jen's feet for so much in her life.

Peering up from her hands Maz looked around the room. There was literally nothing for her to do. Her book she had finished, drinking so late and on her own seemed pathetic and she wasn't hungry. The room was hopeless to her, it may as well have been empty. She glanced over at the window on which she'd neglected to pull the drapes. The moon was half-full, just how she liked and quite inviting really.

Maz quickly slipped on the trainers she'd brought in her bag, grabbed her jacket from the chair it rested on and walked with gentle steps to the door. She pushed it open a fraction to peer out before pushing it further and sticking her head into the hallway. Left and right she looked while she listened for any noise. Finding all quiet she slipped out and closed the door softly behind her.

It wasn't her house she was in, it wasn't even a relations. She had no right to be sneaking around in the dark but argued with herself that it was fine since she intended on going directly outside. She wouldn't even look in any rooms on the way. Sticking close to the walls she crept along using what little light made it through the windows and soon she'd managed to find the front door which thankfully wasn't locked. She wondered about that but chalked it up to either luck or just wizards being wizards.

After slipping on her jacket Maz took a deep breath of the cool air. After the hot day they'd made it through the night was mild. Not too hot and not yet as sticky as the days could be. A perfect time for a walk really. Maz set off, walking far enough from the house that she wouldn't be heard if she got a fright from some rustling critter but close enough to always keep it in sight.

Starting off she was quite rigid, annoyed by her lack of sleeping like a normal person and wary of her surroundings but soon she'd relaxed. This was no different to walking anywhere else and she had her wand anyway. She had not a care in the world as she went on her way singing quietly to herself and sometimes dancing a little for a step or two. The song she was making up on the spot, a childish sounding melody about comedic creatures in gardens.

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