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Levi Mitchell

Law Enforcement

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Feb 8 2018, 10:11 AM
Another busy day in what was shaping up to be another busy year. Normally the Auror Department was kept on their toes, always busy but ever since the riot the previous summer someone had been ripping it. Levi had even had to bring in mandatory overtime to ensure all shifts were sufficiently covered. The Aurors didn’t complain about that, extra money was always good and the big man was taking his turn too. But the work was getting to everyone, even Levi.

It was because of his workload that he had forgotten to take two bottles of potions with him that morning and was now stuck at four foot tall and slightly chunky. His latest job had demanded he go undercover and no one could disguise themselves quite like an Auror. Sure now he had his own facial features and hair but that morning when the transformation had first been completed the Auror was completely unrecognisable.

He stomped his way up the stairs to his flat and hoped that Portia had decided to hang out for the day. She’d been spending more time at his flat, staying over, he’d even given her a key. It was nice to come home to someone there though Levi knew it was selfish of him to want it. It was a hard, often lonely life being the partner of an Auror, Head Auror at that. A loud sigh sounded from him as he took the last step and opened the door.

His jacket he hung on the coat rack though he’d have to remember to fix that later, after he’d sorted out his own height and build. Stepping into the living room his face broke in the first real smile of the day. Portia was there and Levi could not be happier. Well, he could have been if he were completely himself and could go straight over and kiss her. As it was he wanted the potion first, he felt distinctly not himself without his commanding build.

“Just a second. I’m a midget.” Levi told her jokingly while be walked into the kitchen then began searching cupboards.

Portia Douglas
Jul 10 2017, 03:11 PM
It had been a long, boring day for Levi and it wasn't even halfway through. His morning had been filled with meetings and his early afternoon on paperwork. Just as he was thinking about popping down to the Atrium and apparating to his grandparents house for food the word came. A man previously found guilty of a crime was now, thanks to new evidence, innocent.

It hadn't been Levi's case. He hadn't arrested the man but still, as Head Auror it was his job to give the man, or since he was missing his family the good news. It also fell to him to take whatever bollocking may come with the delivering of said news. People did like to shoot the messenger after all.

To the Atrium he went then but a lunch of his grandmothers cooking would sadly have to wait. Disapparating beside the fountain the Auror soon appeared on a dirt road in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere. It was of course somewhere, exactly where Levi wanted to be. The Sannesley house wasn't too far of a walk.

He set off, his tan hiking boots disturbing the ground causing small dust clouds to hide his souls. Soon enough the bottom of his stonewash jeans were as dusty as a forgotten home and the heat forced him to take his jacket off. The white t-shirt he wore gleemed in the sunlight as his bare arms appreciated the warmth.

Soon the house came into view and Levi quickened his pace, springing up the steps he made the door in what he guessed would be record time. The house was huge and to Levi very off-putting. He could never see himself living in such a place - how on earth did they keep it clean?

His large hand he curled into a fist and knocked the door once... twice... three times. Taking a step back the Auror clasped his hands behind his back as he waited for and answer.

Pavon B Sannesley

(Thought we could be mean to poor Pavon - have him show Levi the way the try to listen at the door?)
Jul 10 2017, 12:47 PM
Sitting in his office Levi was just beginning to enjoy his moment of quiet. It was a rare thing in life, rarer still in the life of an Auror. He must appreciate it when it came around because he never did know when it might happen again. Leaning back in his chair he put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes.

It was right then, just as he was thinking of how he could spend his upcoming time off with Portia a memo landed on his chest. "Damn." he uttered when he opened his eyes and spied the offending parchment. With a flick of his wrist the memo was opened and the words read. "Damn." he repeated before standing and leaving his office.

To the Auror headquarters he went - a large room with desks partitioned off from one another. Usually, though he was now Head Auror, Levi spent most of his time in this room. He liked being with his fellow Aurors. For years they'd worked closely together becoming close collegues and then friends. Why should that change just because he got a promotion? He was still the same guy afterall.

The room itself was mostly empty of bodies as Levi had known it would be. He'd seen every callout come in and decided who would go on the call. Knowing just who he was left with the large Auror smiled. Time to make someone's day.

Popping his head over one of the partitions he grinned. "How's desk work treating you, Lockhart? How do you feel about just jumping back into the job?" Of course Levi shouldn't even be asking such a thing. Lockhart had just returned from medical leave and the rules stated he'd to spend a certain amount of time on desk duty before being allowed back in the field. Luckily for him though Levi knew only too well how boring that time could be and how uneeded it mostly was.

"Just got a memo. Young woman gone missing, presumed kidnapped. Come on, you know you're better than I at dealing with these families." He told the white lie as he showed Lockhart the name of the upperclass pureblood family on the memo.

Gilderoy Lockhart
Dec 1 2016, 07:21 PM
Having made arrangements with the school to interview one of the students Levi didn't bother going to work that day. Instead he was able to spend a peaceful morning in his flat catching up on all the little things he'd been far too busy to do lately. It was nice, relaxing in a busy kind of way and all too soon it was time for him to leave.

The winter chill bit into his exposed cheeks making him glad of the wooly hat his grandmother had knitted for his shaven head. A crunch on the frost the weak sun had failed to melt by lunchtime accompanied his every step but left no prints. The street was crossed quickly and soon enough Levi was in the pub, sweating in seconds thanks to the fire blazing in the hearth.

Making his way to greet Keenan the Auror pulled off his hats and gloves. His friend (for that's what he had become) greeted him with a welcoming smile. "Just a butterbeer today, Marsden." Levi ordered and the barman nodded. "One for the boy too." The fizz of the pump was music to Levi's ears as it had been since his first ever visit to the pub, it followed him through the back and into the office where Keenan had said he'd deliver the drinks.

It was a small room, just big enough for it's purpose of an office. It held one desk, two chairs and a full wall shelf that was fit to bursting with books and ledgers. Accounts Levi guessed, perhaps some secret recipes too. Not that he'd look to see, he wouldn't pry without cause but it was fun to guess. The doorknob pressed into his back and he smiled when he glanced down and spied the black nose pressing through. "Come on then." He told the big huskie as he opened the door. "He'll feel better with you here I'm sure."

Not that the boy had anything to worry about but he'd struck Levi as a nervous type. Which was why he'd gone to the trouble of setting up somewhere he knew the boy felt comfortable and why he was letting the dog stay. The big man sat himself behind the spotlessly clean desk watching the door. Storm soon joined him putting her head on his lap. Of course he had to pet her, it would have been unkind not to.

Pavon B Sannesley
Apr 3 2016, 07:33 AM
How many times now had Levi tried and simply not been able to take his annual leave now? Well no more! He deserved his time off. He was even being a good sport by not demanding the extra days that being Head Auror entitled him to. No, a couple of weeks was more than enough for the big Auror and he was damned sure he'd be getting them.

As soon as he'd awoken that morning he'd set off for The Ministry to have a word with his own superior. Some cross words had been uttered, voices raised but in the end, as Levi had been forced to point out, not giving him his vacation time was illegal. Everyone needed rest and he wouldn't perform his job to his usual high standard if he was needing some.

The bright, wide smile hadn't left his face since the office door had closed behind him. Two weeks! Two whole weeks! What was he to do with himself? What could he get up to? Of course he popped in to see his grandparents first and his grandmother made some lunch. It was nice to catch up with them, he'd seen so very little of their faces since the party.

Happy in the knowledge that they were both fine Levi had set off for home after eating his fill and being forced to take leftovers by the little old lady. Home, his home, the little flat he's purchased in Hogsmeade took him so much closer to Portia. The minute he appeared from nothing in the village it seemed the air changed. He imagined he could feel how close she was now, just a few feet away. But it was too early still, he'd wait until tonight to surprise her with his news. Two weeks off! It had seemed such an impossible thing.

His afternoon he spent cleaning the flat and sprucing himself up before it was time to get ready. Not that getting ready took very much effort, it didn't normally but took even less that day. All Levi had had to do was throw on his clean dress trousers, his kicked boots (because they were life) and tie the black bow he'd bought around his bare chest. What he had planned was really quite cheesy but hey, he was that kind of guy and he'd long accepted it.

The staring and giggling he saw and heard on his way across to the pub didn't bother him in the slightest. What he was doing wasn't for them so what other people thought didn't matter. The only person's whose opinion mattered to him was Portia and he didn't think she'd laugh at him.

Upon entering the pub the large man stopped to allow the customers there their time. He smiled good-naturedly the whole time and laughed at the few jokes shouted his way. Yes, he could see the funny side and had any other man had entered the pub dressed as Levi had then the Auror would be one of the one's laughing too.

He made it to the bar and smiled at the man behind. "Could you ask my lady to come downstairs, Marsden?" Soon after the question was asked the young woman who worked behind the bar was sent up to the guest rooms and Levi positioned himself in the middle of the room. He'd wait there, arms wide open, that bright smile still plastered across his face and he'd be the first thing Portia would see.

Portia Douglas
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