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Jul 7 2016, 03:59 PM
Daniela sighed, flipping through the list of applicants yet again; occasionally she crossed a name off the list. Interns were useful to have around the hospital, she admitted that. It helped to have them fetch the medicines, deliver notes, and she personally enjoyed giving them tough questions to answer. But not all of them were easy to work with, especially with those that just recently graduated from the University; in fact some were down right aggravating. So, to circumvent the brash acting interns, Daniela suggested looking at some of the younger students interested in healing; the first-third year university students in particular. It would definitely be a new thing, but Daniela figured if they had a successful run, it could possibly substitute some of the university classes and give the students a more hands on experience. Sure the university had its own little hospital – but St. Mungo’s had far more variety of illnesses and other magical maladies. The students would get to interact with expert Healers and a diverse range of issues early on – they would be far more prepared for the hustle and bustle of the hospital.

So far though, Daniela has not found a lot that she would like to take on. There were a few that she liked, but not nearly enough for her to feel confident in. Of course these interns would be required to undergo far more training than if they had just graduated; but if a little extra training was all they needed, then Daniela felt like it was a risk worth taking. Plus she had a few more files and interviews to go through – most that she has seen so far were third and second years.

Looking at the application currently in front of her– one the university was nice enough to supply her with – Daniela skimmed over the basics. This applicant was a first year and one she had told an intern to contact. The girl had decent NEWT scores and had nothing that made her stand out. Except for the fact that she looked friendly. Not the friendly that someone gave off to get a job, but a genuine kindness that seemed hard to find in the overly competitive atmosphere of the university. In fact this applicant reminded her very much of her friend Ana.

At a knock on her office door, Daniela flipped the file closed. This would be taking a gamble but if these younger students had the right stuff, she was positive that it would all be worth it. They would receive more training and St. Mungo's would in return get better healers later on. “Come in!”

Cassie Eckloe
May 30 2016, 11:55 PM
Daniela hummed as she made her way into the Three Broomsticks. It had been a while since she caught up with her friend Anastacia and the brunette figured it was about time they did. Besides, given the past few stories the blonde had told her, Daniela was sure that the other witch had a busy year. Not that working at the hospital was any better, there had been a few nightmarish cases that Daniela had to deal with; regardless, the brunette would still prefer St. Mungos over the school. She honestly could not fathom why her friend would decide to work at Hogwarts over the hospital. There were just too many kids for her. Then again that could be the very reason her friend decided to work at the castle.

Either way, it was good to see her friend. Daniela needed to get out of the hospital; people would start thinking she lived there. And the brunette was sure her friend probably felt the same way, no matter how much she enjoys working at the castle. Some time away from work would do them both good.

Daniela opened the door, looking into the somewhat crowded pub for a seat. The pub was not packed by any means, but there was still enough people to surprise Daniela. She had figured that it would not be terribly busy around this time, but apparently she was wrong. The brunette decided on a table in the middle of the room, for no other reason that it looked like a good spot to sit and people watch while she waits on Ana to arrive. Once she sat down she began to look around, just listening to the mindless chatter as she waited.
Apr 12 2015, 12:02 PM
Daniela made her way into Yuri's little shop, she never liked the name--it always sounded so boring, despite the adequate alliteration. But he was a fun fellow to hang out with, and it helped that he spoke Russian. So few people did here after all.

"Yuri!" She called ignoring the few straggling customers giving her a strange look. They seemed surprised that she was calling out to the sometimes rude shop owner, but it hardly concerned the Ukrainian born witch, so she glared them.

"I need books, preferably anti-venoms and obscure poisons," She hollered out in Russian. She doubted Yuri was a fan of people yelling in his store, but since she could not see him, she figured he was probably in the back....or was just wandering around his shop. She only spoke in Russian to prevent pesky eavesdroppers from listening in; anyone shopping at his store could not be trust....except her of course....and only around those of magical abilities.
Feb 27 2015, 10:39 PM
Daniela sighed as she made her way down to the Emergency wing. It had been an extremely long day for her and it would continue to get longer. One of the ER healers had to call in for a family emergency which resulted in her having to run a double shift. The brunette normally did not mind doing an extra shift, the pay was good and she got to meet interesting people--people she normally would not meet on her floor.

Besides it was not like Daniela had anyone waiting for her at home, so she never had to worry about cooking meals or worrying a loved one. The brunette knew that some of her coworks had a hard time juggling work and home life; she was just grateful to not be one of them.

She mingled with a few of the interns, listening to how their day was and how they have liked working at St. Mungos so far. A few of the interns mentioned being interested in her specialty, and she was happy to talk to them about it. However the peacefulness of the wing soon turned sour when patient was rolled in.

Since she had nothing else to do, Daniela immediately jumped into the situation. "Alright, I need your name, occupation, and any known allergies." She told him, already pulling out a quill and note pad. She looked at him, trying to see if there were an immediate symptoms she could note. Since she saw none, Daniela assumed it was internal and forced down a sigh. Turning to one of the interns she told them, "Collect a few vials of blood and run a few of the usual tests on them."

Looking at the patient once more, she determined he was definitely a male and probably worked in a dangerous occupation. Leave it to her to get stuck with the Aurors on her double shift night; Daniela could not help but frown at the thought. "Do you know what could have brought you here?"
Dec 23 2014, 08:34 PM
Setting: during the Holidays at The Three Broomsticks

Daniela sat down at a table near the window as she awaited for her friend to come in. She had not seen Anastacia ever since she left the hospital and looked forward to seeing a friend. Though the brunette really did not understand the logic of leaving the hospital for a school, she respected her friend's decision nonetheless. Daniela did know that Anastacia had often wanted something just a bit more relaxing than the strain of a hospital shift.

Something she could not blame her friend for, especially with how hectic the hospital had been lately. It seemed that with the holidays right around the corner, people's idiocy just continued to skyrocket. Even the Auror department seemed to have an increase of injuries right now. So Daniela could definitely see why her friend wanted a less stressful environment...though the brunette was not sure if children would be considered less stressful.

The Ukrainian witch ordered a drink while she waited for her friend to come in. Thankfully she only had to wait a few short minutes for both her friend's arrival and her drink. "Hello, Ana!" She chirped, waving at her friend.
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