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It is July 2077.
This month brings highs of 19°C and lows of 12°C. Sunrises at 4.30am and sets at 10pm. The sun has still got it’s hat on, storms are likely and humidity is something all have to deal with.
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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Apr 3 2018, 03:12 PM
The four beautiful Unicorns seemed quite content in the paddock, allowing Rae to feed them apples that was resting within the palm of her hand. Around her ankles bounced the three young foals, who were pure gold in colour and hornless, who kept trying to catch the smaller of the three. It was just her luck that the Forbidden Forest was home to a herd of Unicorns and was, after a show of kindness and a sack of apples, easy to get the unicorns into the paddock for her lesson.

"Now there are some students coming, I promise they will be just as nice as me." She coo'd softly, stroking one of the fully grown unicorns who she had taken a particular liking too. Just as she finished talking she heard the chatter of students and, with a last pet to the unicorn, she turned to meet them at the entrance of the paddock.

"Hello Students." She called when they all arrived, a wide smile on her face. "As you can see, we will be studying unicorns in this lesson." She stepped aside so that the creatures were visible to the students. "There are four fully grown unicorns, pure white, and three foals, golden in colour."

One of the little foal's seemed curious as to the new arrivals and bounded over, nearly tripping over his front legs. While the other two stayed close to the older unicorns they did watch the approaching foal who stopped just behind Rae and peered up at the students. With an encouraging smile and a small pet to the little one's head she turned to her students again.

"As you can see, the foals are more friendly than the fully grown Unicorns. Fully grown Unicorns much prefer the touch of a women, so it may be difficult for any of you boys to get close to them." She gave a cheeky grin. "But if you show a little kindness and respect I'm sure we can tempt one over." Clearing her throat she gestured to the little foal by her side. "The foals, however, are much more curious and will allow anyone to touch them."

Raegan moved aside to pull the sack of apples, carrots and pears closer to the students, a burst of nervousness bubbling up, nervous about the reactions of her students. What if they thought this wasn't interesting? With a firm shake of her head she continued with her lesson, pushing her doubts aside.

"We will be taking a hands on approach today, after the lecture part of this lesson, and each student will be able to feed one of the unicorns. The sack here contains three different types of treats, you can try each one and see which one your unicorn prefers." It was always fun to see what treat the unicorns prefer, each one having a different preference.

"Now onto the talking part of the lesson." The part that she knew the students weren't going to be thrilled about, not when there were actual unicorns right in front of them. Rae certainly wouldn't be pleased with it. "Can anyone tell me what parts of the unicorn are used within the magical world and what for?"
Mar 14 2018, 05:16 PM
Rae was waiting by the Entrance Hall for her students to arrive. She had set up today's lesson and was waiting for her students to arrive so she could take them down, a sense of excitement taking root. She didn't have an extraordinary lesson planned for today, she always kept them for the older years as something to look forward to, but hoped that it would at least intrigued her students.

After a significant about of students arrived she went through a register, ensuring all students were present before offering a warm smile. "Welcome, Students. Today we will be looking at Fairies, in this particular case, forest fairies. If you'd follow me we shall make our way to where a group of them live." With that said she started to make her way across the grounds and towards the small woodland area where the fairies resided.

"Now fairies are vain, excruciatingly so, which means a good way to get them to leave their homes is to compliment them or to hold something up that will show their reflection." She moved towards one of the trees with a mirror, holding it up and waiting.

It took a few minutes and just as she heard some chattering behind her, out came a small human-like creature with large insect-like wings that were multicoloured. It hopped out of the tree trunk and onto Rae's palm, admiring itself in the mirror that was being held in her other hand.

"This is a fairy, aren't they pretty." She made sure to boost the fairies ego to ensure she stayed on her palm. "And your task today, which I assume will be easy, is to persuade a fairy to come out from their homes in order for you to sketch them." She gave a soft coo to the fairy who was bored with their reflection and had flown up to sit on Rae's shoulder as it looked over the students appraisingly.

"You should have a sketchbook with you, it was part of your book list, and a quill. Try and get a quick sketch of the fairies. Once that is done, observe them and jot down notes. This can be how they differ from fairy to fairy or what you think they would eat." She looked around at her students, hoping she hadn't overwhelmed them with tasks.

"Begin, class."
Mar 14 2018, 04:26 PM
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Mar 13 2018, 06:50 PM
Raegan Bellamy

Full Name: Raegan Jule Bellamy
Nicknames: Rae, RJ
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Nationality: British
Place of Birth: Oxfordshire, England
Date of Birth: 21 February ,2035
Age: 42
Spoken Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Mermish
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red
Height: 5’3

Look Description: Raegan has red wavy hair that, when not styled, falls to the middle of her back. She is always finding ways to style her hair, often using magic to keep it in place during her more extreme hair-do’s. When meeting new people, she often gets told that she looks quite child-like in her face, which she takes in her stride.

Dressing Style: Raegan loves fashion, something she picked up during her time in France, and on days that she has no work to do she will often get dressed up. She often couples her choice of outfits with scarfs, ranging from silks to cashmere wool. During her work she enjoys wearing smart clothes, such as suits, robes or smart dresses.

Raegan enjoys adding jewellery to her outfits, taking her time to pick out different pieces of jewellery to go with her outfits. She enjoys finding jewellery that has been imbued with magic, whether it is health or luck or protection. The only piece of jewellery she never takes off is a ring on her middle finger, right hand, that was given to her by her grandma.


Character Description: Raegan is a king-hearted women who enjoys looking after and caring for animals and magical creatures. Quite often she will curl up on a sofa, book in hand, and spend the entire evening just reading; she has lost a lot of days this way and doesn’t regret a single one of them. Rae will go out of her way to help people, finding herself being late to meetings because she had to go and help a stranger on the street with one thing or another.

Quirks: Rae will carry a notebook around with her wherever she goes, just to jot down anything she thinks, hears or see’s throughout her day.

Open-minded – Won’t judge anyone or anything based on first impressions and waits to get an overall view on things.
Kind/Caring – Will stop what she is doing to talk, listen or help anyone who needs it. Will make time for other people.
Forgiveness – She forgives easily, her mentality being that of ‘everyone deserves a second chance’.
Bi-lingual – She enjoys learning and has learnt a few different languages, due to her years travelling.
Loyal – She will stick by her friends and family no matter what, never betraying their trust.

Obsessive – Once she finds something she likes, she can obsess over it for years.
Perfectionist – She has a certain way of doing things and is never satisfied until it is done perfectly.
Messy – With everything that isn’t clothes or her hair, she is really messy with. She has a ‘organised chaos’ in which everything is everywhere but that she ‘knows’ where things are.
Rash – If something sounds exciting or interesting she will rush into it without thinking it through and not caring, or thinking, of the consequences.

Magical Creatures. Reading. Clothes. Jewellery. Spending time alone. Swiss Chocolate. Travelling.

Rude people. Winter (She much prefers warmer weather). Astronomy.

Boggart: Her half-Kneazle dying.

Patronus: Peacock

Patronus Memory: The first time she got to see a Dragon up close.


Wand: Apple Wood, Unicorn tail hair, 9’

Strength: Care of magical Creatures, Potions
Weakness: Charms


Hogwarts School - 2046 – 2053

House: Hufflepuff

OWL Results
Astronomy – A [Dropped at NEWT Level]
Charms - EE
Herbology - O
History of Magic – O
Potions - O
Transfiguration - O
Care of Magical Creatures – O
Ancient Runes – O

NEWT Results
Charms – EE
Herbology – O
History of Magic – EE
Potions – O
Transfiguration – O
Care of Magical Creatures – O
Ancient Runes - O


Position: Care of Magical Creatures Professor [2077-]
Former positions: Magizoologist in a Magical Creatures Reserve [2066 – 2076]
Former position: Employee at Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures in the Beast division [2063 – 2065]
Former position: Dragonologist in a Dragons Reserve [2059 – 2062]
Former position: Employee at O’Wise Owl store [2053 – 2054]

Family and History

Father: Bryce Aiden Bellamy (70)
Mother: Renée Mai Bellamy (Nee Clément) (68)
Siblings: Ivy-Jane (40), Gabriel (35)

Pet: Hugo – Half Kneazle Cat

Raegan is the oldest out of three children and was born to two loving parents. Her mother was originally born in France, in a small place near Versailles, and often took the children back to France to spend time with their grandparents. Therefore, from a very young age, Rae learnt to speak fluent French and adored the times she got to spend over at her Mémère and Pépère house. There was talk, when Rae was young, of whether or not to send her to live with her grandparents and attend Beauxbatons, like her mother, but the talks didn’t go any further than that. Just talks.

Growing up Rae would often sneak out of the house to go and explore the forest that was a few miles behind her house. She was always getting in trouble for sneaking out, getting lost from time to time, and coming home with dirt and twigs all over her clothes. When her sister was old enough she dragged her along on the adventures, both the girls getting sent to their room whenever they would get caught.

Getting her Hogwarts letter was an exciting time for Rae and she was excited to finally go and learn more about magic. Luckily for her, both parents were magical and already begun to teach her the basics of magic during her younger years. Upon arriving at Hogwarts, she was sorted into her dad’s house, Hufflepuff, and was excited to impress her father by living up to the family name.

During her time in Hogwarts she immediately was drawn to her Care of Magical Creatures class. She had always been fascinated by magical creatures when she was younger, often visiting a few magical reserves when visiting France. She did a lot of extra studying after classes and would volunteer to help feed and look after the creatures when the Professor had them as part of their lesson.

The rest of her years at Hogwarts were uneventful, she got through her years with pretty good grades and was proud of everything she accomplished. She didn’t stand out enough to get anything like Prefect or Head girl but it didn’t bother her too much as she just enjoyed spending time in her lessons and with her friends.

Once she had graduated Hogwarts she debated whether or not to go to university to study Magizoologist but decided that she would prefer to gain first-hand experience. This was why as soon as she left Hogwarts, she spent a year working in a small pet shop, earning money to finally have enough to travel wherever she wanted.

Rae travelled over most of the world, she stayed in a few places longer than others and soon was able to pick up a lot of different languages. While she was in Romania she met up with a man who worked in a Dragon reserve and had studied magical creatures before branching off into Dragonologist. She stayed and studied under him for a year, learning not just about Dragon’s but about the other magical creatures that he had studied before Dragons. Once the year was up she got a permanent job working in the Dragon’s Reserve, which she loved, and worked there for three years before becoming homesick.

After leaving her job she made her way home where she was offered a job at the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures in the Beast division, which she eagerly took. She enjoyed her job but wasn’t too thrilled with their view on some of the Magical Creatures and didn’t last as long in the job as she hoped she would, staying just over two years. She spent a year writing about her travels and all the magical creatures, finding out that she quite enjoyed writing and keeps it up as a hobby. During this time, she tutored younger children interested in Magical creatures and found she adored it.

It was as she was finishing up her third book that a friend she had made within the Department had told her about a spot opening in a Magical creature’s reserve that she ‘must’ take. Rae was a little dubious on whether or not she should take the job but went along and was exhilarated to see that it was a very open reserve that put the creatures first. She loved her job and stayed for as long as possible but she missed teaching and, after hearing of a position of Care of Magical Creatures Professor came up, she couldn’t resist applying for it.
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