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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Mar 15 2018, 03:00 PM
It had been during the Winter Fayre that Mrs Selwyn had caught up with Gideon. Though he had been initially absolutely terrified the young boy soon warmed to the older woman as she asked questions about his day and seemed to properly listen to his answers. Very few adults treated him that way, as if what he had to say actually mattered. So far the only one he’d met was his own grandfather.

Then, just before taking her leave, the woman had made a request. Asked a favour of Gideon. He’d agreed immediately. It wasn’t difficult for what she was asking really wasn’t that much and could turn out good for him too.

So it was that when he had time, a couple of weeks after the Fayre Gideon pushed himself to do as he’d been asked. His shyness had held him back long enough, as had his homework, which he’d finally caught up on. He set off, leaving the cool common room in search of a younger boy he knew of but had barely spoken to.

After checking all the usual spots Gideon turned to looking in the disused rooms that seemed to fill most of the castle. Usually having to search so much would annoy him but with his homework out of the way and Mrs Selwyn’s kind words still ringing in his head Gideon found he didn’t really mind at all.

Finally the door he opened revealed the very boy he’d been seeking. “Hi Trystan.” With the younger students Gideon wasn’t all that nervous so could speak normally from the off. “I’m Gideon, Gideon Fawkes. Do you mind if I sit with you?” His voice was still on the quieter side.

It struck him then, as he stood half-in, half-out the door that he was hoping to do for Trystan what others had done for him. Sure, up until recently he’d always had Sasha but he always knew that if it wasn’t for some of the older students he would be in such a mess with school. He might even have begged to leave with Sasha gone if it wasn’t for older students convincing him how silly a notion that was. Really then he wasn’t doing a favour for Mrs Selwyn, he was repaying kindness shown to him by showing the same to another.

Trystan Morrigan
Nov 16 2016, 09:06 PM
Partner projects were a troublesome thing to Gideon, especially when the teacher chose his partner. It put him on edge, always expecting that he'd embarrass himself in some way at any moment. A nerve wracking experience he'd rather pass up but never got the choice.

When he arrived at the greenhouses early Gideon quickly set up while he remained unobserved. The plant they'd to work with was an Alihotsy. Or as Gideon liked to think of it - The Laughing Plant. Housed in a small pot the cutting already looked like a tiny seaweed monster in the Slytherins mind. Ever since he'd first seen the thing he'd imagined a monster, much larger but otherwise the same in appearance emerging from the lake one night. If he didn't manage to catch himself there his imagination would fill in the things next moves as it stomped to the wall then slithered into the stone exiting in the dungeon common room. Thinking of it in the presence of the ugly plant made it worse and Gideon shivered.

Around the pot he placed all he and his partner would require to run their various set tests on the plant. His parchment, ink and quill he placed in the space he'd left before the stool he sat himself upon. He was ready and all he needed now was his partner so they could get started. Sweat covered his palms as he kept throwing nervous glances at the door making him keep rubbing them on his robes. This was a nightmare for him and he sincerely hoped it got better and he didn't screw anything up.

Morrigan Keiner
Aug 4 2016, 05:32 PM
While he wasn't a regular at summer camp Gideon certainly wasn't a stranger. He popped up every now and again when his grandfather was busy or his father irritable with a hangover. Mostly he enjoyed his days spent at camp. It was great to be able to pick and choose what he wanted to do based on his own interests and he loved that did he feel like wandering around the university grounds he'd be left to it.

Today he was at camp because his grandfather was away on business. He had some item he needed to collect personally which would have him away from home all day. Gideon could have stayed home of course but even the thought of a day spent dodging his father was exhausting. Camp was the better place to be.

If he could just decide what it was he wanted to do. As he wandered the paths he looked at the parchment in his hand. There was the usual defence based activities but he didn't feel like being overly energetic. Then there was the flying lessons but his broom was far off at home. The art class looked interesting... outside too which was a plus... he wavered. Maybe he'd just go and have a peek to see what it entailed.

After checking the location Gideon set off. He kept to the path as best he could manage despite the rude people who congregated on it in groups. He wanted to scowl at them as he hurried past, make them know that someone had noted what ignorant individuals they were. He wanted to but he didn't, he just hurried on his way.

It was as he hurried along and took a glance at the parchment he still clutched that he felt something thud against him. A something that sent him tipping backwards without enough processing time to stop himself falling. The sound that left him when he hit the ground was completely involuntary. For a moment he lay where he was before his brain finally realised what he must have done.

"Oh no!" he sat up. Too fast he knew as he felt a dizzy wave overtake him. He swayed slightly with it. "I'm so sorry. Are you okay?" He asked the person he couldn't yet see properly. Boy he hoped it wasn't an angry older student. He was done for if it was an older student. Why was the world still spinning so alarmingly? He closed his eyes to try and stop it but couldn't tell if it even made a difference.

Abby Kantal
Nov 17 2014, 10:55 PM
Having found he'd seriously underestimated the amount of homework first years were given Gideon wasn't happy. Here he was sitting in the common room when he could be outside practising flying. It was good that his common room had no windows, the sight of the sun in the sky would only have distracted him. He was going to waste enough of his day in there without distractions.

On the coffee table before him was spread parchment and course books. None of them were any help in deciding where to start. The potions homework had seemed easy when he'd copied it down but proved to be complicated upon second glance. Charms homework was an essay on the use of a spell he'd yet to understand. His eyes picked out the history of magic essay that was just a title at that point.

An Important Figure In Hogsmeade

That itself would need some more work but for the moment Gideon hoped that getting the essay done would bring a better title. After putting all his other work and unneeded books into he bag Gideon settled down for the long haul. He stretched his legs out under the table then dipped his quill into the ink.

Writing wasn't coming easy and his quill hovered above the parchment, it dripped once. The words would come, he was sure the words would come. He opened the book to a random page about Hogsmeade residents. Maybe if he read something about the person he'd now chosen he would find the right words. The name was familiar but right at that moment his mind was annoyingly blank. He wrote it under the title.

Aberforth Dumbledore
Nov 16 2014, 11:00 PM
It wasn't fair. Really unfair. How was it that Gideon was struggling with the cutting and pruning of plants. It looked easy enough when the teacher demonstrated but there was something lost between his eyes and his brain.

The teacher, showing some lack in wisdom, decided that where he was sitting must be to blame for his lack of skill. So he was moved. Not beside another Slytherin though but beside a Gryffindor. Not just any Gryffindor but the one who happened to be a professors daughter. He was sure that should count against the girl.

Grumpily he threw his tools into his bag and moved dragging his feet all the way. When he stood beside Blythe he actually huffed. Wouldn't it have been better just to show him what to do a couple more times? How was being beside a different student going to help him?

He pulled out his tools again and got to work on the plant in front of him making a right mess of it.
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