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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Seventh Years 12

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Hufflepuffs 6
Ravenclaws 7
Slytherins 6

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Second Years 2
Third Years 2
Fourth Years 0

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Purebloods 31
Halfbloods 27
Muggleborns 14
Unknown 3
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Vampires 2
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Werewolves 1
Changeling 1

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Drake Taggart

Hogwarts Staff

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Jan 16 2018, 08:12 PM
Character’s Name: Drake Taggart
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Jan 16 2018, 12:53 PM
Drake Taggart

Full Name: Drake Taggart
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Nationality: Scottish
Place of Birth: Scotland
Date of Birth: May 1st 2032
Age: 45
Spoken Languages: English, Gaelic, Welsh
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Grey
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 6 foot 1

Look Description: Appearance is way down of Drake’s list of concerns but he does keep himself clean while not bothering to shave as often as he probably should. His shoulder-length hair is wavy and shaggy.

Dressing Style: Drake doesn’t take much effort with his clothing. Each garment is clean but most are old and weather worn. Drake’s clothes mirror his main hobby which is walking whether that be on flatland or hillier ground. Most trousers he own combats, his jumpers are thick woolen more often than not. The boots he buys are sturdy, hardwearing and great for the soles. The cloak he always wears he has owned for many years - a dark murky shade of green the cloak is magically charmed to be warm or cooling as needed.


Character Description:
Drake is a kind-hearted person who genuinely loves the work he does. He’s generally happy though not always outwardly so. He is contemplative and takes his time to think before he acts. Each task before him is well planned before being undertaken. Drake has never been interested in a serious relationship feeling that he could never make that strong a connection with another person.









Robes and formal wear

Boggart: Mermaid

Patronus: Polar Bear

Patronus Memory: When his first ever student successfully cast a charm he had taught.


Wand: VineWood, fairy wing and unicorn hair blend core, average length

Strength: Healing, Charms
Weakness: Arithmancy, Astronomy


School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Gryffindor


Position: Between jobs
Former positions: Drake has dedicated his life to magical education. Since leaving school he has travelled the world bringing magic to out of the way communities. He helped set up a charity that builds small schools in deprived areas. He has been both professor and Headteacher in a number of these establishments.

Family and History

Father: Alice
Mother: Grant
Siblings: Gina - older sibling

Pet: Estel. A purebred kneazle, this breed most resembles the ocelot. She’s the size of the largest ocelot and has all the same markings as the wild cat. As a kneazle she is fiercely loyal to her owner, intelligent and difficult to fool. She’s playful too when in the right mood and enjoys nothing more than a ball of wool being kicked around a room for her. Rarely does she leave Drake’s side and the two get into arguments on the occasions when she must be left. She and Drake have been companions since she was just three months old and have spent everyday together since. She is now five.

Drake grew up comfortably. The younger child of lower middle-class parents. Coming from mixed-blood parentage he has known of magic all his life. In his younger years he played with both magical and muggle toys. He was a happy, energetic child who loved to play outside.

Until his Hogwarts letter arrived Drake was homeschooled with both parents taking on the role of teacher to him and his older sister. At Hogwarts he was sorted into Gryffindor where he quickly made friends. Being an amiable person he soon made friends with people from other years and Houses to his own too. He quickly realised just how much he loved to learn and became quite a studious boy, but a boy who knew he needed downtime. He was made Prefect and later Head Boy. He worried, stressed and struggled over his exams but faired well at both OWL and NEWT level.

Leaving Hogwarts was a bittersweet moment. Drake couldn’t wait to tackle all the challenges adult life would throw at him but he hated to leave the castle behind. Though he’d never gone as far as to think of the place at home he had been happy there. After a short month at home he travelled to the United States where he earned his degree in teaching. It was during his gap year after his four years of study that he first started researching the issue of children with no magical teachings. Not only did it sadden him, he knew the danger. He had read of the phenomena of obscurus born from the repression of magic in children. It made sense to him that a lack of teaching would play its part.

Finding an acceptable charity that was trying to help the cause he signed up straight away and was soon sent on his way. Through his work he’s seen more of the world than most, even some of the more hidden areas. He’s helped children and adults alike by teaching them all he could - he constantly learned more along the way.

With his true strength being in charms and him finding himself in need there came a point when he decided he had to invent a spell. He knew going in that it wouldn’t be easy, it would take a lot of research and work… risk too. Drake is a determined man though and once set on a task does not allow himself to fail. It took five years of most of his spare time but finally he achieved his goal. He developed an auto-translate charm. Through something almost like Legilimency the charm is cast on their listener affecting the part of the brain sending signals to the ears. Any spoken language is translated into the casters native tongue. A slight change to the incantation and wand movement and the spell will work too on the speaker. A horrendously complex charm it has a high Ministry rating and a warning that only the most adept should attempt.

Through the twenty-three years he worked with the charity Drake rose high, both within the organisation and the schools. His name became known in the right circles. Five years after he began his work he was given the lead on a new school. He would oversee everything and then, when it was built, become Headmaster. After some negotiation he would also continue to teach. For eighteen years that school was his work, he put everything into it but as he had in school, he always ensured he had enough personal time.

When the call came from a friend to return to Britain Drake found himself suddenly homesick. A great urge to get back to what he’d known for so long took hold. It occurred to him also that he’d done all he could at the school, a fact he knew instantly was hitting him too late. It was time for someone else to take the wheel. A new person with new ideas was required. Within the week he had arranged a year’s break and was saying goodbye to the people he’d lived amongst for so long. It was another bittersweet moment for once again, though he’d never thought of the place as home he had been happy there. The time had been of enjoyment even when there were struggles.

Setting off for home he did so with hope for what he was leaving behind and what he would return to.
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