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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Drake Taggart

Hogwarts Staff

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Apr 4 2018, 03:36 PM
Halfway through breakfast Drake stopped and took a quick head count. Finding that his professors had come through brought the first smile to appear on the man’s face in days. At least now, with all the students in The Great Hall there would be no hunting down of stragglers.

As soon as The Board of Governors had laid down the law Drake had told his staff. He’d told them what they were expected to do and they knew how unhappy he was with being forced into anything. It didn’t matter what side of the divide he came down on, his thoughts about the event were of no importance. Drake Taggart was simply a man who did not like his hand to be forced.

As the students were finishing Drake stood, a quiet sigh escaping him as he did. As he had on his first night the Headmaster stood before the students. He smiled but his eyes failed to light as they had that evening.

“I suspect you all know of the event taking place in Hogsmeade today - The Egg Hunt.” He paused a moment as his rebellious side reared. How he wished he could just go back to his seat. Leave the students to it. Tell The Board and the damn Minister to go screw themselves. He couldn’t do it though. He wanted this job he had only just begun. “What you don’t know is that you are all to attend.”

Drake held his hands up at the barrage of noise blasted his way as students complained to each other and loudly. “It is out of my hands. Those higher than I want you all in attendance.” He wouldn’t lie to them, that would be disrespectful. He informed them when their voices were dying down.

“In a moment your Head of House will move to The Entrance Hall. On my word you too will leave this room and line up by House. We will walk to the village together; first Gryffindor with Professor Morrigan, second Hufflepuff with Professor Hart, third Ravenclaw with Professor Gray and finally Slytherin with Professor MacLeod. To ensure no one skips out of line the remaining members of staff will flank the lines. Please do not try to skip out, I have no desire to punish anyone today.”

He threw a glance over his shoulder and nodded at the four Heads of House who knew their task. Drake turned back to the students. “You will all be on your best behaviour today. Troublemaking will be dealt with severely.” Though he wasn’t a hard man there could be a certain harsh edge to Drake at times and there was then as he looked over his students. He really didn’t want to punish any one of them and when it came right down to it he was on the side of any grumbler. Still, he was their Headmaster, if any stepped out of line he’d deal with it.

After making his own way to the door Drake turned and now he did manage that happy, enthusiastic smile he wore so well. “Merlin’s sake just try to enjoy yourselves. You never know you might actually like it and - there’s chocolate.” He finished with a shrug as he turned and motioned for them to get up and follow and hoped remaining professors would help hurry the kids along. Of course Drake knew there would be those who would find a way to remain behind, break off on the way or disappear once they got there. He could only do his best though and try to get as many there as possible. He wouldn't even bat an eye or show he had noticed if his own staff took their leave so how could he really stop the kids?

When all were ready Drake led the way out the doors and down the steps. Estel joined him there matching her speed to his long strides as they now both walked the school to Hogsmeade. Along the way there wasn’t much incident, just a few of the more annoyed students needing a stern telling off. Drake could only hope that was all it would take the rest of the day and that too many hadn't already managed to scamper. He well knew just how sneaky kids could be when they were determined.

After leading them through the village Drake walked straight towards a large field where a big section of fencing had clearly been recently removed. The field though not so full of people yet seemed quite full anyway. There was a white tent covered in decorated eggs where people could get refreshments. A smaller tent had a sign for face painting on the side. He noticed the paddock that must be for the lambs and chicks of the petting zoo. Tables had been set up all around the edges except at and near the further side of the field which remained free. Drake could just make out the trail there and had to assume someone had cleared that up a bit too.

They walked in so far before Drake turned and held up his hands to stop those behind. Here was a fine place to wait for this event to kick off. Spotting some of his professors walking along their house groups having words with students they felt required Drake moved to do the same.
Mar 17 2018, 06:02 PM
It was Drake’s official first day and though only a couple of hours had passed Drake could not be happier with how it was going. Having gotten up at the crack of dawn he and Estel had set off to explore the grounds only going back to the castle in time for breakfast. A pleasant enough meal had passed and then Drake had done what he liked to do best - he’d met some students. Interacting with the kids was the whole point of being a professor Drake felt and he was never happier than when he was doing just that. Whether it was just a passing chat, teaching or helping he was always willing to provide company for them.

With his two new professors due any minute Drake and Estel left the castle once again but didn’t go far. Only to the gates which Drake opened before placing himself and his pet off to one side. Everything was going perfectly Drake felt, the students were in good spirits and thanks to the ruckus at dinner the night before he was already getting to know his professors.

As he waited the man knelt beside his kneazle to scratch behind her ear. “What d’you think, Es, can we settle here?” The cat stared blankly up at the man as cats will often do. No matter, Drake’s mind was already made up and a letter would be drafted that evening. The mark of one year beside his employment could be scratched. He’d stay as long as it felt right, as long as he felt he was needed. It was becoming a habit this impulsiveness, first Abby and now the length of his stay. He’d have to level himself out, get back to taking the proper time making decisions. He would he was sure, when the excitement wore off.

Seeing his two new professor’s approach Drake stood, a bright smile already in place as he approached with Estel. “Welcome!” he greeted them enthusiastically before he got on with the introductions. “Of course you both know who I am so, Abby Declue meet Raegan Bellamy who is taking on the Care of Magical Creatures post. Raegan Bellamy meet Abby DeClue our new Divination professor.” After just a seconds break he added. “Oh and this is Estel my almost constant companion and with Professor DeClue is Igor, her seeing-eye bird.”

The man clapped his hands together. “So, that done I thought we’d start with a look around the grounds before we make our way into the castle where we can finish our tour with the staff room. Where, we will hopefully find some other professors… if not there’s always lunchtime.”

“Lead the way, Estel.” He told the kneazle who set off before them heading in the general direction of the paddock where magical creatures professors preferred to teach more often than not. As they walked he spoke, “Of course, Professor Bellamy I will ask that you choose a classroom that meets your needs - there are many available - but I do understand that care of magical creatures is an outdoors subject so you have use of all the grounds including just inside the forest where it’s safe but excluding the Quidditch pitch.” He chuckled. “I could imagine the students uproar if their precious pitch was to become covered in droppings.”

Abby DeClue Raegan Bellamy
Mar 2 2018, 02:52 PM
Drake strode into The Great Hall with Estel walking by his feet. His steps were long and soon he’d passed by all the sixth years gathered. It was his good luck he felt that just as he had become Headmaster the Apparition and Flying instructor positions had become available. He’d hate to be the kind of Headmaster who sat in his office all day and was only ever seen at meal times. That wouldn’t suit him at all.

“Grab a hoop!” He shouted while directing his wand at the ceiling where hula hoops appeared and fell to the students below. Drake himself swooped one from the air and waited, Estel sat in the corner of the room ready to watch the lesson. When all those assembled had their own hoop he told them. “Spread out! You have enough space if you can stretch your arms out like this,” his long arms he held out to either side at shoulder height, “and twist without touching anyone.” He twisted just to show them what he meant.

“Grab your wands!” Drake shouted when everyone had found their space. The students did and with a turn and a loud crack Professor Taggart disappeared only to reappear a second later inside the hoop he’d placed about five steps in front of himself. “So that is the end game. To travel from one place to another without splinching yourself.” His voice travelled well in the hall he was pleased to find.

Taking a step back out of his hoop the Headmaster clasped his hands behind his back. “Now first, has anyone been taken side-along apparition before? Or does anyone think they know what it takes to pull it off successfully?”
Mar 1 2018, 06:10 PM
Though the starting date that had been agreed on between the Board of Governors, Professor MacLeod and Drake himself as the first of the month Drake knew how important first impressions were. He didn’t want the students to be meeting him for the first time at breakfast still sleepy eyed from the night. So he had arranged it with Professor MacLeod that he would arrive the night before just as dinner was to start.

Keeping in mind his thoughts on first impressions Drake had actually taken a moment to think of his appearance. Robes were out. He was starting as he meant to go on. His combats were also out and he was annoyed by that. Instead he’d went shopping and found himself some pitch black straight cut jeans. They’d do though they were a bit less movable than he’d like. Having no idea what to wear with it Drake had asked a shop assistant, a most helpful shop assistant who chose for him roll-neck, v-necks (that he wasn’t too keen on) and cable knit jumpers - all black or brown in colour. He added some hoodies to the pile himself. While he was out he’d popped into a barbers for a haircut and a close shave that left just a thin goatee on his face.

Arriving at the school that night with just his travelling case and Estel he felt not really like himself at all. Though he was wearing his old cloak and boots with his new clothes it just wasn’t enough. The black roll-neck he’d went with was irritating at his neck, a fact he would have found out if he’d bothered to try it on. His appointment had been kept quiet, the Board feeling that was the best option and the announcement wouldn’t feature in The Daily Prophet until the next morning. The first the students would have heard of him was when Professor MacLeod announced he’d be arriving. At least he hoped she would.

There wasn’t much time for him to think about this moment, no time to gather his thoughts. Which was just how Drake had planned it. He didn’t want to stop and think, not yet. He did take just a second though standing to the side of the open door to The Great Hall. Not once in his life did he ever expect he’d come back here. Now he was he was elated, it was already one of the happiest moments of his life. He set his trunk down and after taking his cloak off folded it up and placed it on top. The Caretaker would be along to take it to his office.

Drake stepped into the hall with a bright friendly smile in place, his warm eyes sweeping the room and the faces there as he walked and Estel walking right at his side. He noticed some of the students looking at the kneazle and could only hope they wouldn’t be afraid of her. With time they would see there was nothing to worry about, Estel would never harm a student. She’d be much more likely to protect them.

Reaching the staff table Drake walked along the front of it. “Professors.” He greeted them with a nod. Some of the faces he knew of course, the older one’s there that had been Professor’s in his own school days. Stopping before the empty Headmaster’s chair, his chair, Drake turned to the students. Estel sat upright at his side.

“Well, I’m not going to stand here and insult your intelligence by giving a long winded speech about who I am and what I intend to do. It’s simple - I’m Professor Taggart and I’m going to lead this school. Now don’t let me keep you from something much more important than I - your dinner.”

Having always wanted to do it and making sure more than once that he could Drake’s beamed with happiness when he clapped his hands once causing the filled plates to appear. He made his way to his chair and when he sat the kneazle lay at the his side her head on her paws as she watched the students. She was a creature much used to students of course but never so many at once.

“I quite enjoyed that.” Drake told his staff at large. “Think I’ll keep all my speeches short.” Meaning what he said that dinner was more important than he Drake got to business, putting whatever caught his eye on his plate.
Jan 25 2018, 07:16 PM
Almost a month into the new year Drake had arrived home. Having received a letter from a friend during the festive period he’d made arrangements and left as soon as he could. To say his parents were overjoyed to see him would have been a huge understatement. Drake had deliberately not told them, not to surprise him but to save him the inevitable onslaught of family members that would have ensued. Had he informed his parents of his intentions he’d have arrived at their house to find there was barely space to move for bodies.

Instead of that he spent a pleasant afternoon with his parents just catching up before they got in touch with his sister. She’d arrived that evening and a small, pleasant family dinner was had. It was the perfect welcome home and each of them beamed when Drake informed them so.

His night was restless, he had a meeting in the morning. One he could not even begin to guess the outcome of. It had all seemed so simple reading his friends letter all those weeks ago. Being back in Britain brought the reality to the situation. He was here thanks to some terrible, horrific circumstances and he was about to put himself out for judgement. It really wasn’t going to be easy.

He must have fallen asleep at some point for he woke to his alarm ringing shrilly beside his head. An hour of rushing about ensued before he apparated to the arranged meeting spot. His friend was there waiting, they hugged briefly before they went on their way.

Over two hours passed before the meeting was done and Drake exited with a huge smile on his face. They’d loved him and what was more important they’d loved his and his friends arguments. It had been a complete success. There was only one thing to do now. Drake turned on the spot and disappeared.

“Hogwarts.” He spoke with a gasp both at the sight of the castle that greeted him upon his appearance and at the cold he’d magicked himself into. His cloak would take a moment to assimilate, he wrapped it close as he let his eyes take the castle in. He hadn’t seen the place since he’d university all those years before. It looked as lovely as always and the man smiled at memories flooding his mind.

When his cloak started working as it should Drake turned from his spot on a hill near the village and trudged through the snow. Even in such conditions he was a fast walker and was on the street quickly. It wasn’t so bad there since free snow hadn’t fallen in days and someone had cleared the paths with magic. Drake stamped his boots dislodging the snow from them. A look around the street showed him how little some students cared about the weather. Groups of them hung about here and there, chatting, laughing and some running for handfuls of snow to push down a friends back. Drake smiled again.

Two students were nearby, a boy and a girl, the boy he vaguely recognised. He was the son of a friend and soon Drake was chatting to the two about school. He wondered aloud how the classes were and they informed him. He questioned their knowledge of after school clubs and they answered. When they got to joking he gave them some tips on pranks the professors had hated in his day and mentioned some of the activities that had been undertaken in his student days. It was a pleasant way to pass the time and an interesting enough conversation. It came to an end nicely with Drake sending his love to the boys parents and younger sibling with a message that he’d be dropping by soon.

He had a lot of catching up to do he realised as the students walked away back towards the castle. A lot of people to pop in on. He spotted a bench, made his way over quickly and sat in it before anyone else had the same idea. It was dry - some spell at work he suspected. He wondered then just how much his friends would have all changed. He’d kept up with many through writing but as to seeing them… that had been years. They had to be different. He was very different.
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