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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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 Rules: General
 Posted: Sep 4 2014, 11:26 AM

1. When registering you must have a working email address, though you may use the same email for multiple characters. Your Username should be your Character’s First and Last Name.

2. No OOC personal attacks, bullying, harassment, or provoking behavior will be tolerated. One warning will be given and will require an apology – any subsequent instances will result in suspension or banning. Staff Members have the final word on any given problems. Any issues that cannot be handled privately between those involved should be taken to them and NOT aired publicly on the boards. Any such posts will be deleted. Should you have an issue with one of the site Staff you may bring it up with any of the Admins.

3. Hacking other accounts will NOT be permitted and will result in instant banning with no second chances.

4. Advertisements of any form will be deleted and the poster banned, unless they are in the proper section.

5. Posts should be written in the third person and in the past tense. All posts must use proper English, use your best spelling and grammar. If you are unsure, type up your post in a Word document before putting it on the board. If you don’t have Word, OpenOffice is very similar and free to download. Text Speak is not permitted.

6. While this is a game and is meant to be fun, please remember that you are playing with other people, we ask that if you find yourself needing to take a break that you inform everyone that you are gaming with so that they are not left hanging. This could be as simple as a post in the Comings and Goings section or as personal as a Private Message to everyone you are gaming with and the Professors of your Classes.

7. For Character Art on the site:

- Avatars should be no bigger than 150x200.
- Signatures should be no bigger than 500x250.
- If a .gif is used as either an avatar or a signature, please make sure they do not flash with bright colors. Some people may not be able to look at these types of images.

8. All Characters must be Original Characters (with the quasi-exception of Site Canon Characters). Characters that are lifted from other published works (be they literature or other games) will be deleted when they are identified.

9. All special abilities here must be pre-approved by admin. Any ownership of a rare magical item must be pre-approved by admin. Only characters seventh-year and adult may become Animagi and must have Admin approval.

10. A player is restricted to playing no more than two canon characters at a time. Canon Families are important members of society and should be represented in play, as such, a player who goes inactive for three months without notice loses their canon character(s), which may become inactive and may be either replaced or put back up for adoption. Canon characters’ profile must go along with the family history which is posted here.

11. The Site is an English Language site. All posts must be in English, and any text spoken in other languages must be accompanied by a translation.

12. God-modding and Metagaming will not be tolerated.

13. Activity is required to remain on the active list. We will have bi-annual activity checks. Missing one activity check will render a player inactive. Missing two checks will render a player deactivated. During these checks, any account with a zero post count, unless newly made, will be deleted. For a player to return to the active list, they must either make a post in the Comings & Goings forum or contact an admin directly. A player can also request that a character be considered inactive or deactivated, or as an adoptable, if they no longer want to play that character.

14. Please verify that any Face Claims are not previously claimed before requesting them and try to select faces that are similar in age to the character they are representing.

15. Thread Titles should include notification of whether they are Open (to everyone) or Closed (you may include the characters involved at your discretion). Do not post into a closed thread without an invitation. The only exceptions to this rule are Professors who are expected to step in to threads where students are acting out and Aurors who are expected to step into threads where people are breaking the law. Professors and Aurors should contact the thread opener before doing so to ensure that there isn’t already a plan for another authority figure to already do so.

16. Updating profiles is encouraged though complete overhauls must have the Admin’s approval and a legitimate reason for such a complete change to an existing character.

17. The cut-off date for House points is the 1st of June. School threads can still be posted throughout June but any points given or taken in threads will not be added or subtracted until the next school year.
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