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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Jason Taylor

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Sep 20 2014, 09:11 PM

Jason Taylor
15 | Ravenclaw | Asexual | Single

Blurb: Jason dreams of being the outgoing, popular, king of the school. Instead, he has real issues talking when there are other people around which even causes him trouble answering questions in class. Getting to know Jason could be difficult as he’s almost completely lacking in social skills, but for those that do make the effort, he has the potential to be a very loyal friend.(Optional)

Looking for: Anyone who’s willing to put up with his idiosyncrasies and still talk to him.
Other: (Optional)

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Sep 14 2014, 03:32 PM
Jason Taylor

Full Name: Jason Ian Taylor
Blood Status: Muggle-born
Nationality: English
Place of Birth: Nottingham, England
Date of Birth: 4 April 2058
Age: 18
Spoken Languages: English
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 6’2”

Look Description: Jason is pretty tall and extremely thin; he still appears gangly, like his body is waiting on that last growth spurt to fully grow into itself. His dirty blonde hair is usually pretty shaggy as he spends almost no time taking care of it – and his piercing blue eyes shine with intelligence and the wonder he still feels toward the world around him. His posture is terrible; his shoulders are almost perpetually hunched and his eyes are on the ground, as though he’s trying to make himself smaller and unseen, or is afraid he’s taking up too much space.

Dressing Style: For the first time in his life, Jason is able to afford to purchase and own new clothes that are all his own – but he just can’t bring himself to care about all that. He tends toward muggle clothes whenever possible but he still buys second hand for the most part – as long as the clothing is functional and not falling apart, he’s happy.


Character Description: Jason is an extremely quiet and self-contained person. With his upbringing, he’s never been comfortable around other people and he is slow to make friends and quick to retreat away from groups or crowds. He does his best to maintain a low profile and just try to get through his day. He’s always had daydreams about being the hero and the center of attention, the most popular person around, but he’s long given that up as the fantasy it always was.

Quirks: While normally very quiet, Jason can become very loud and excitable when talking about something important to him. That, and he never goes anywhere without a book.

Strengths: Growing up around his parents, Jason has always been extremely alert for any signs that he’d done something to anger them; ever since, he’s always been fully aware of his surroundings to keep his eyes open for danger. Spending most of his life trying to stay out of the way and keep himself busy as developed into him being an extremely industrious person. He’s always been calm, intelligent, and fair-minded; traits that he’s nurtured over the years and takes great pride in.

Weaknesses: While he is proud of a lot of the traits that he’s developed, there are some that are less than ideal. His upbringing has left him nervous and jumpy – always expecting the worst and for people to get angry with him; meek, convinced that he doesn’t have anything to contribute; squeamish and withdrawn, always fearing what could happen next; and finally, it’s left him a complete pacifist – even unwilling to stand up for the things that he knows are important.

Likes: Jason loves reading and music. He’s always excited about learning and studying new things and trying to figure out how stuff works. In addition, he has a strong affinity for cats.

Dislikes: He is startled easily by loud noises and detests people in groups; regardless of whether they are large or small groups.

Boggart: His boggart can take several forms – most often involving negative interactions with his parents.

Patronus: None

Patronus Memory: None


Wand: Jason’s wand is made of lightly colored rowan and has a core of phoenix feather. It is 11 and 1/4 inches long and is rather springy.

Strength: Jason excelled in Potions and was an above average student in pretty much every area of theoretical magic.

Weakness: He struggles with the practical aspects of actually casting spells.


School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (2069-2076)
House: Ravenclaw


Position: Unspeakable, Department of Mysteries

Family and History

Parents: Ryan and Sara Taylor (Muggles)

Pet: When he moved into his own apartment after graduation, he excitedly went out and bought a black cat which he named Vader; before he discovered just how clumsy and accident prone the thing was.

Background: Jason was born to a well to do family in Nottingham. His father was a Professor at the University of Nottingham and his mother was a Doctor at the Queen’s Medical Centre. Their careers kept them out of the house and largely out of Jason’s life as he was growing up. They were forced to employ a seemingly never-ending string of nannies to care for their child as bizarre incidents happened with frightening regularity. The frustration of their jobs and the stress of caring for a child was too much for them and they became more and more withdrawn from Jason’s life – treating him as little more than an annoyance and hindrance when they were forced to deal with him at all.

They thought that they would finally have him out of the house when he came of age to go off to school but they found that wasn’t the case. Jason was severely bullied for being strange and different and – at the request of his school – he was withdrawn and his parents were forced to find and hire tutors for him. His tutors were amazed at his thirst for knowledge and single-minded drive to learn; but the strange occurrences continued, if not becoming stronger, and the ever changing string of teachers and caregivers continued.

On his eleventh birthday he received his invitation to attend Hogwarts, and Jason was soundly scolded by his parents for making up stupid pranks. It wasn’t until someone from the School came by to tell them about magic and what was required and would be expected that they came around. They jumped on the chance to have him out of the house for the majority of the year and readily agreed to send him off to the school.

As much as he would have liked it to be the case, his years at Hogwarts were not perfect. They were definitely better than being at home – as he found out every time he had to return to his parents’ care over vacations – but there were still a lot of problems. The bullying that he’d grown accustomed to during school before Hogwarts didn’t stop just because it was a school for magic. He was gangly, awkward, quiet, and withdrawn; in other words, he was a perfect target and a lot of the students took advantage of that.

It was a trade that he’d have made again and again, however, for the chance to learn to cast real magic. He’d read countless books about wizards and knights and it seemed like it was going to be his dream come true. As he was frequently reminded though, nothing is ever exactly as it is in dreams and there actually wasn’t a lot of difference between normal school and magical school. Classes, homework, exams, and bullying; Jason put up with it all and buried himself in his studies, posting among the highest grades in all of his classes. It seemed feasible that he might have been able to post the highest grades if he hadn’t had to struggle so hard to actually cast the spells.

Even as he enjoyed the grades that he turned out, his parents were always waiting at home to teach him again what a failure he was; how much of a freak and how there wasn’t anyone around that would actually care about him. It was a lesson that he very much took to heart and is one that he isn’t convinced he’s ever really going to get over. Regardless of how much Lilli Duvall – his best, and arguably only, friend – tried to convince him otherwise.

At the end of his sixth year, he discovered – purely by accident – that he had a cousin attending school with him. Caryn Taylor, a Gryffindor a few years behind him, and they hit it off reasonably well. She wrote home to her parents about him and he was surprised by a message from his parents that he was going to be pulled from school for some family emergency or another. He never found out the details – or if there even was an emergency – as they picked him up and dropped him off at a mental facility where he was quickly committed. The time passed in a haze of drugs and treatment for a non-existent illness until he was rescued by the aunt and uncle that he’d never met.

Jason spent the summer before his seventh year learning what it was to be a part of a family. It was a good experience, though not one that he was actually comfortable with. While he was grateful for the help and the rescue, he was more glad to be going back to Hogwarts for his last year. It was the place where he’d had the most stability for the most of his life. His last year was everything that he’d hoped for except that it was his last and he was going to have to figure out what he was going to do with the rest of his life.

A part of him wanted to go back to the muggle world and see what he could do there to help. However, the laws governing magic wouldn’t really allow that; not to mention the fact that his parents had seen to it that he didn’t really feel like he belonged there. On the other hand, he didn’t really feel overly at home in the magical world either. His Aunt and Uncle were very clear that they were going to cover any costs to send him to University so that he could get a good job – but he didn’t know what he wanted to do and was afraid of wasting all of their money and so much of their time.

Fortunately, his was rescued from this dilemma by the arrival of Jon Crawford; the Unspeakable approached him at the train back to King’s Cross after graduation and presented him with an offer that Jason was unable to turn down. Within days he’d begun his job at the Department of Mysteries and his home in research of the essence of so much of what held the magical world together. For the first time, he found he truly felt at home with where he was and what he was doing.
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