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With the muggleborns in charge, nothing has really changed since the Battle of Hogwarts. The sides have been switched with those bearing old family names being discriminated against. Once again the revolution is upon us. What side will go to the darkest places to get what they want? Will it be yours?

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Jason Taylor

Ministry of Magic

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Sep 28 2017, 03:16 PM
For the first time that he could really remember, things were going well for Jason and he wasn’t exactly sure what to do about it. He’d taken to the position in the Department of Mysteries like a duck to water; there weren’t words for how much he loved the work, it was interesting and there was always something new. At first he’d been worried that he’d struggle with not being able to talk about it, but he hadn’t considered the fact that stricture wouldn’t really count with the other Unspeakables so, really, it was just an awesome new job.

His new family had been emphatic that he hadn’t had to leave, but Jason just didn’t feel comfortable intruding on the people – especially when Caryn went back to school – so he’d saved up a bit and gotten a small apartment in downtown London, not too far from the entrance to the Ministry. It wasn’t the best neighborhood, but it was mostly quiet and he wasn’t too worried about anything since he had a magical security system.

He’d made it a point to keep up with his family – stopping in at least once a week, and leaving with entirely too much food. Still, he wasn’t much of a cook so he wasn’t about to start turning down the home cooked meals. What he hadn’t had a chance to do, was keep up too much with Lilli – she’d given him the number for her friends and he felt like the worst friend in the world that he wasn’t even sure she was still keeping in touch with them, but he was reasonably convinced she wouldn’t have just walked away from them.

Still, he’d given it a try and he was at least able to get a message to her; giving her his address and directions to get there as well as his phone number. From that point, it was just a waiting game, and hoping that she’d have the time to get back to him.

Lilli Duvall
Aug 13 2017, 07:43 PM
Jason shifted nervously as he waited for the train to arrive at King’s Cross station. There was a sizeable crowd of parents and families waiting for their charges to arrive. Off to the other side he spotted his Aunt and Uncle and considered going over to say hi and tell them what had happened, but he was still nervous about how they were going to react and he really wanted to talk to Lilli first. She hadn’t led him astray yet and he was pretty content in the knowledge that she wasn’t about to start just then.

He perked up at the sound of the train approaching, and smiled brightly as the red engine chugged into the station. He shuffled for a moment as he suddenly realized that he didn’t have any idea where his friend had been sitting or what she’d been up to. The mass of parents surged toward the train and Jason picked out a bench nearer the middle of the train to scramble on top of for a better view.

Lilli Duvall
Jun 30 2017, 02:21 PM
Jason wasn’t sure how he felt to be leaving Hogwarts for the last time. More than any other place he had lived, it felt like home and it felt really odd to think that he’d never be back again. There was a small part of him, as he turned to look back up at the school, that considered whether it might be worth enrolling in education classes at the University; maybe he’d be able to come back as a Professor. That thought didn’t last long though as he shuddered to think of what it would be like to have to stand in front of a class and teach. He didn’t mind tutoring occasionally, but that was one on one. Having the small horde of the classroom before him would have been too much; he was sure.

Reluctantly, he turned his attention back to the train and the crowd that was arrayed around it as the students said their goodbyes, joked with friends, and slowly filtered into the large red carriages. A slight chill that he couldn’t place ran down his spine and he stuck his hands into his pockets and looked around nervously. He felt like someone was watching him, though he couldn’t place why. He’d seen Lilli up ahead talking to someone else, and he’d seen his cousin and her friend chatting a distance away – that was pretty much everyone he knew.

The odd sensation persisted for a while, and Jason picked his way clear of the crowds and made his way over to lean against the side of the Hogsmeade Station. He kept his eye on the entrances to the train, waiting for an opening so that he could board and get out of the press of the crowd.

Jon Crawford
May 2 2016, 01:35 PM
Jason was almost shaking as he set out of his common room to see if he could find Caryn. The letter from home had been beyond unexpected; he didn’t even think his parents knew how to contact the magical world, and yet he’d received a letter from them which told him that was exactly the case. It was forwarded on through the Ministry and the Headmaster had apparently approved it – apparently he was going to be heading home early.

They hadn’t mentioned anything about his comment about finding out about Caryn and her family, and the Ministry had just included a note that an official would be coming to collect him just after dinner. He was going to have to talk to Caryn before he went and apologize for disappearing so suddenly and he had absolutely no idea what he was going to say to Lilli. She wasn’t going to be ok with this at all; since she already had an idea of what his home life was like. There was little doubt in his mind that she was going to hate him for it, but he’d pretty much come up with the plan to hide and hope that he could just apologize later.

Though, with his luck he was going to run into her first while he was out hunting for his cousin; and there was no doubt in his mind that she was going to be able to piece together what was going on just by looking at him. Hopefully, Caryn wouldn’t be able to pick up on it so easily having just met him.

Caryn Taylor
Feb 11 2016, 09:49 PM
It had been a week or more since Jason had joined Lilli and the other two Gryffindors at their table to write a letter off to her parents. For a couple of days he’d been anxious to the point that he’d almost gone over and asked her if she’d heard anything every morning. However, he really didn’t know her that well so in the end he’d done nothing. Then the days had become a week and now almost two and he couldn’t tell if she’d just not heard anything or if she’d forgotten to tell him that any news had arrived.

The more that he thought about that, the more he knew he could never say anything about that since she’d likely just look at him like he was being pathetic. Still, his eyes darted over toward the Gryffindor table before returning to his food and he started to work on planning out the rest of his day in his mind.
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